pronunciation: IPA: /ɜːɹb/ /hɜː(ɹ)b/ hɛːb , SAMPA: /h3:(r)b/ /3:rb/      

Translations into Telugu:

  • గుల్మము 
    Any green, leafy plant, or parts thereof, used to flavour or season food.
  • మూలిక 
    (Noun  ) (noun   )
    plant used in medicine

Other meanings:

Plant whose roots, leaves or seeds, etc are used in medicine.
(botany) A plant whose stem is not woody and does not persist beyond each growing season
slang: marijuana
plant used to flavour food
(euphemistic slang) Marijuana.
A drug prepared from the cannabis plant, that is smoked or ingested for its euphoric effect.

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