pronunciation: IPA: /pɚˈvɝt/ /pəˈvɜːt/ /ˈpɜːvɜːt/ /ˈpɝvɝt/ , SAMPA: /"p3:v3:t/ /p@"v3:t/ /p@`"v3`t/ /"p3`v3`t/

Translations into Tagalog:

  • bastos   
    (Noun  )
    sexually perverted person
  • manyak 
    (Noun  )
    sexually perverted person
  • manyakis 
    (Noun  )
    sexually perverted person

Other meanings:

(intransitive) To become perverted; to take the wrong course.
(transitive) To turn from truth, rectitude, or propriety; to divert from a right use, end, or way; to lead astray; to corrupt
to turn from truth
to misinterpret designedly
To misapply; to misinterpret designedly.
To put to a wrong use; to change the inherent purpose or function of something.
one who has turned to error
(transitive) To turn another way; to divert.
A sexually perverted person.
(dated) One who has been perverted; one who has turned to error; one who has turned to a twisted sense of values or morals.

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