Translations into Xhosa:

  • ndiyakuthanda 
    (Phrase  )
    affirmation of romantic feeling

Other meanings:

the expression you can say to express your love to somebody
An affirmation of romantic feeling to a lover or spouse.
An affirmation of affection or deep caring especially to a family member.
A platonic expression of inclination or liking to a friend.
affirmation of affection or deep caring
platonic expression of inclination or liking
An affirmation of romantic feeling, to a lover or spouse.

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Please remember that the & kde; project is not a commercial venture, but rather a project run by volunteers from all over the world. We would like to invite you to join the & kde; project and become part of this unique network of people. If you are a programmer you might consider helping us write & kde; applications. If you are an artist or have experience with graphic design, consider creating icons sets, color schemes, sound schemes and logos for & kde;. If you enjoy writing we would love for you to join our documentation projectNceda khumbula ukuba i & kde; projekti
Your final score is: %‧. I guess you need more practiceInqaku lakho lokugqibela ngu: % ‧ Ndithekelela ukub ufuna uqeqesho oluninzi
When I do a ls, first I select with the mouse the desired text, press Ctrl; C, then I make the target application active, point the mouse to the relevant part and press Ctrl; V. Alternatively, highlight the text by dragging with the & LMB; down and paste by clicking with the & MMB; (or both buttons if you are using a ‧ button mouse with ‧ button emulationXa ndisenza i Yi, kuqala ndikhetha nge mousedesired okubhaliweyo okufiunwayo, cinezela Ctrl; C, ngoku ndenza isicelo setekeni sisebenze, yalatha imouse kwiqela elililo kwaye cinezela Ctrl; V. Ngokuhambelana, phawula okubhaliweyo ngokutsala nge & LMB; phantsi kwaye cola ngoku nqakrzaza nge & MMB; (okanye omabini amaqhosha ukuba unamaqhosha amathathu okulkinganisela aliqela kwaye usebenzisa imouse enamaqhosha amabini
System Bell Here you can customize the sound of the standard system bell, i. e. the " beep " you always hear when there is something wrong. Note that you can further customize this sound using the " Accessibility " control module; for example, you can choose a sound file to be played instead of the standard bellSystem Bell Apha ungenza ngokusesikweni isandi sendlela esezantsi yentsimbi, ithetha ukuba i " beep " ungeva oko xa kukho into engalunganga. Qaphela ukuba ungenza ngokuphambili esi sandi usebenzisa u " Unikezelo " umnqongo wolawulo: u mzekelo ungakhetha ifayile yesandi emele ukudlalwa endaweni yesezantsi intsimbi
This will insert a text field, where you may write text. The text you write will be matched literally. (i. e. you do not need to escape any charactersOku kuzakufaka umhlaba wokubhaliweyo, apho unokwazi ukubhala okubhalekayo. Okubhaliweyo ozakubhala lizakutelekiswa ngamabomo (i. e akukho sidingo sokutsiba uphawu
If this box is checked, a password (entered below) is required only if any parameters are changed (i. e. the user can boot linux, but not linux single or linux init=/bin/sh). This sets the restricted option in lilo. conf. This sets a default for all Linux kernels you want to boot. If you need a per-kernel setting, go to the Operating systems tab and select DetailsUkuba le bhokisi ikhangelwe, igama (elingeniswe ngezantsi) lifunwa kuphela ukuba naziphi i parameters zitshintshiwe (ithetha ukuba. umsebenzisi angaqala linux, kodwa hayi linux eyodwa okanye linux init=/bin/sh). Oku kucwangcisa i umda ukhetho kwi lilo. conf. Oku kucwangcisa kwendalo yazo zonke i Linux kernels ofuna ukuziqala. Ukuba ufuna isicwangciso se kernel-nganye, yiya kwi Iindlela zokusebenza isithuba kwaye khetha Iinkcukacha
rpm allows you to use the--prefix option to select the folder you want to install to. For example, executing rpm-i--prefix=/users/myhome/kde package. rpm will install the package to/users/myhome/kderpm ikuvumela usebenzise i--isimaphambili ukhetho ukukhetha ulawulo ofuna ukulufaka ku. Umzekelo, iyaphumeza rpm-i--isimaphambili=/users/myhome/kde package. rpm izakufaka imaphla ku/users/myhome/kde
KDM-Dialog Here you can configure the basic appearance of the KDM login manager in dialog mode, i. e. a greeting string, an icon etcKDM-Inkangeleko Apha ungaqwalasela inkangeleko engundoqo yomphathi wegama elithile le KDM, ithetha ukuba. umtya wokubulisa, i icon njalo-njalo. Xa ufuna ucolo oluphangaleleyo lwenkangeleko ye KDM, bona i" Umgca " ne " Isiqalo " tabs
Here you can define the decimal separator used to display numbers (i. e. a dot or a comma in most countries). Note that the decimal separator used to display monetary values has to be set separately (see the 'Money ' tabApha ungachaza umahluli wokugqibela osetyenziswayo ukubonisa amanani (ithetha ukuba ichaphaza okanye isiphumlisi kumazwe amaninzi). Qaphela ukuba umahluli wokugqibela osetyenziswayo ukubonisa amaxabiso emali uzakubekwa ngokwahlukileyo (bona ' Mali ' isithuba
This determines the number of fract digits for monetary values, i. e. the number of digits you find behind the decimal separator. Correct value is ‧ for almost all peopleOku kugqiba inani lweqhekeza lamasuntswana amaxabiso emali, ithetha ukuba. inani lamasuntswana owafumanayo emva umahluli wokugqibela. Ixabiso elilungileyo ngu ‧ phantse kubo bonke abantu
This manual is copyright by Jost Schenck. It can be distributed freely, as long as this copyright notice is included. You may change it as long as you send me the changes or commit them to & kde; CVS. I 'll not be liable for anything resulting from the use of this manualLe ncwadi yi copyright ngu Jost Schenck. Inokuinikezwa ngokukhululekileyo, nje ukuba esi saziso se copyright siqukwe. Ungasitshintsha nje undithumele utshintsho okanye babophelele kwi & kDE; CVS. Andizukujonga nayiphi na into ephuma kusebenziso lwale ncwadi
run dpkg-i packagename. deb for every package you want to installyenza dpkg-i packagename. deb yempahla nganye ofuna ukuyifaka
The Phrases tab lets you define the automatically generated lines that are added to message replies, forwarded messages, and the character that is added in front of quoted text. There are special & percnt;-denoted characters that will insert certain values, which are also displayed at the top of the Phrases section. You can add reply phrases in languages other than your default & kde; language using the Add... button. You can then choose between different languages with the Language drop down box. This will only work for languages whose i‧n package you have installedAmabinzana icandelo likuvumela uchaze iilayini ezijikeleziswa ngokuzenzekelayo ezidityaniswe kwimpendulo yomyalezo, imiyalezo esiwe phambili, nokubhaliweyo okuphindiweyo. Kukho ezithile & percnt;-denoted abasebenzi abazakufaka amaxabiso athile. Ezi ziboniswa ngentla kwi Amabinzana icandelo: % D ukufaka umhla, % S ukufaka umxholo, % F ukufaka umthumeli, %% ukufaka uphawu lepesenti % _ ukufaka isithuba, ne % L ukufaka ulwaphulo lwelayini. Ungadibanisa amabinzana empendulo kwiilwimi ezingaphandle kokungagqibekanga kwakho & kde; ulwimi usebenzisa i Ulwimi iqhosha. Oku kuzakusebenza kuphela kwiilwimi ezine i‧n package oyifakileyo
I am pleased to meet you.Ndiyavuya ukukwazi.
KPPP could not prepare a PPP log. It is very likely that pppd was started without the " debug " option. Without this option it 's difficult to find out PPP problems, so you should turn on the debug option. Shall I turn it on now?KPPP ayinakulungiselela ushicilelo lwenkqubo lwePPP. Kuqhelekile ukuba ipppd yaqala ngaphandle ko " kulungiswa kweempazamo " ukhetho. Ngaphandle kolu khetho kunzima ukufumana iingxaki ze PPP, ngoko ke umele uvule ukhetho lolungiso lweempazamo. Ndingayi vula ngoku?
Lets you see and change & konqueror; 's shortcut key bindings, i. e. the associations between actions such as Copy and keys or combinations of keys such a Ctrl; V. If you do this take care not to duplicate an existing shortcutIkuvumela ubone kwaye utshintshe i & konqueror; izibophelelo ezingundoqo, ithetha ukuba. izayamaniso phakathi kweentshukumo ezinjenge Khuphela nezitshixo okanye izayamaniso zezitshixo ezinjenge Ctrl V. ukuba awuqhapeli ungaphindi ezimfutshane ezisele zikhona
Here you can see a list of key bindings, i. e. associations between actions (e. g. 'Copy ') shown in the left column and keys or combination of keys (e. g. Ctrl+V) shown in the right columnApha ungabona uluhlu lwezibophelelo ezingundoqo, oko kukuthi usondelelwano phakathi kweentshukumo (umzekelo '. khuphela ') kubonisiwe kumhlathi osekhohlo kunye nezitshixo okanye indibaniselayezitshixo (umzekelo. CTRL-V) eboniswe kumhlathi osekunene
Enter the root filesystem (i. e. the partition that will be mounted as/at boot time) for the kernel you want to boot hereNgenisa indlela yefayile yengcambu (ithetha ukuba. ulwahlulo oluzakunyuswa njenge/nge xesha lokuqala) ye kernel ofuna ukuyiqala apha
Browse addresses (BrowseAddress) Specifies a broadcast address to be used. By default browsing information is broadcast to all active interfaces. Note: HP-UX ‧ and earlier do not properly handle broadcast unless you have a Class A, B, C, or D netmask (i. e. no CIDR support). ex: x. y. z.‧, x. yKhangela incwadi zedilesi (BrowseAddress) Ikhankanya idilesi yosasazo ezakusebenziswa. Ngokungagqibekanga ulwazi lokhangelo lwencwadi lisasazwa kulolonke ujongano olusebenzayo. Qaphela: HP-UX ‧. ‧ ngexesha ayiphathi usasazo ngendlela ngaphandle ukuba Unodidi A, B, C, or D netmask (i. e. akukho xhaso CIDR). ex: x. y. z. ‧, x. y. ‧. ‧ Do not translate the keyword between brackets (e. g. ServerName, ServerAdmin, etc
In the next section I will step you through most of the configuration options of & kdeprint; with & CUPSKwimihlathi elandelayo ndizakukusa ngapha kwezininzi iinketho zoqwalaselo lwe & kdeprint; nge & CUPS
Fonts are a difficult topic on X Windows. In this section we 'll cover some problems that are frequently reported by people using & koffice;. Some problems are not just & koffice; s fault, but depend on your system configuration, which is why you may need to modify system configuration files in order to solve them. If you do n't have access to the root account on your system, please ask your system operator about this and point him or her to this manual. As the topic of fonts is too complex to cover all of it here, you may want to consult the Font HOWTO from which I 've taken the following information. You will find more details thereImigca sisihloko esinzima kwi X Windows. Kweli candelo sizakugquma ezinye iingxaki ezixelwa rhoqo ngabantu abasebenzisa i & koffice;. Ezinye iingxaki ayizo & koffice; impazama, kodwa kuxhomekeke kuqwalaselo lwendlela yakho, kulapho unokufuna ukuguqula kancinane iifayile zoqwalaselo zendlela ukuze uzisombulule. Ukuba awunanikezelo kwityala lengcambu kwindlela yakho, nceda buza umsebenzisi wendlela yakho malunga noku kwaye umalathe yena okanye yena kule ncwadi. Njengoko isihloko semigca sinzima ukugquma zonke ezayo aopha, ungafuna ukudibana ne Umgca HOWTO apho ndithathe khona ulwazi olulandelayo. Ungafumana iinkcukacha ezininzi apha
She loves him.Uyamthanda.
Example: ~/mp‧/Staind/Lost Love/Staind-Lost Love. m‧uUmzekelo: ~/mp‧/Staind/Lost Love/Staind-Lost Love. m‧u
Check this if you want a volume label for your floppy. Please note that Minix does not support labels at allVolume label, maximal ‧ characters
You are not authorized to access the requested resourceAwuvumelekanga ukuphumeza lenkonzo
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