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Efforts are now under way to address urgent issues, including: strengthening the capacity of developing countries to acquire and integrate biotechnology safely into sustainable development programmes; providing forums for private and public institutions and civil society to consider policy options and discuss controversial issues at national, regional and international levels; and establishing innovative mechanisms and special funds for research on the critical needs of poorer countries现在正努力处理紧迫的问题,包括:加强发展中国家获得生物技术并将其安全融入可持续发展方案的能力;为私人和公共机构以及社会团体提供论坛,以审议政策的选择,并在国家、区域和国际一级讨论有争论的问题;并建立创新机制和特别基金,研究较穷国家的关键需要。
• Strengthening of specialized and differentiated care for work with adolescents, raising awareness and defining action strategies with public institutions加强青少年工作,给予其特殊和具体照顾,与公共机构一起开展工作。
An implementing act and regulatory measures in all public institutions will be needed in order to guarantee strict compliance with constitutional provisions on the subject为确保严格遵守《宪法》的相关规定,所有公共机构都需要一项适用法和若干规范措施。
Alternative mechanisms, including partnerships, have shown that they can play an important role, but the State and public institutions are pivotal actors since they are ultimately responsible for the satisfaction of citizens' basic needs建立伙伴关系等其他机制表明它们可以发挥重要作用,但是国家和公共机构仍然是关键的行动者,因为最终是由它们负责满足公民的基本需要。
The freedom of expression and association are enshrined in the Polish Constitution and all public institutions are obliged to respect it言论和结社自由是波兰《宪法》规定的权利,所有公共机构都有遵守的义务。
Along with establishing security, the core task of peacebuilding is to build effective public institutions that, through negotiations with civil society, can establish a consensual framework for governing within the rule of law在建立安全的同时,建设和平的核心工作是建立有效的公共机构,通过同民间社会谈判,建立一个各方同意的、在法制范围内施政的框架。
The survey was made in January-May ‧ and involved presenting a questionnaire covering wages, job content, motivation, responsibility, changes of position and attitudes towards gender equality to ‧ employees of eight companies and institutions (four public institutions and four private companies年 ‧ 月至 ‧ 月展开调查,向 ‧ 个公司和机构(四个公立机构和四个私人公司)的 ‧ 名雇员发放一个涵盖工资、工作内容、动机、责任、对两性平等立场和态度的变化的调查表。
The OSCE has considerable expertise in national minority issues, policing and the building of effective public institutions, which are so essential for the peaceful and sustainable development of Kosovo欧安组织在少数族裔问题、维持治安和建立有效公共机构方面,具备大量的专门知识,它们对于科索沃的和平与可持续发展来说极为重要。
In the area of governance, considerable progress had been made, but it was necessary to strengthen capacity-building of public institutions在治理领域确已取得相当大的进步,但仍有必要加强公共机关的能力建设。
Therefore, public institutional development needs to be interpreted as being subject to a dynamic process因此,有必要把公共体制发展解释为需要经过一个发展变化的过程。
The High Commission for Immigration and Intercultural Dialogue is the public institute competent in the fight against discrimination based on race, colour, nationality or ethnic origin移民及不同文化间对话高级委员会是一个负责打击基于种族、肤色、国籍或民族的歧视的公共机构
Its aim is to carry out pluri-disciplinary research programs and projects, with the object of broadening the awareness of public institutions and civil society regarding matters that are relevant to the development of the ethnic, cultural, linguistic and religious identity of minority communities少数民族事务研究院致力于完成多学科研究计划和课题,其目标是促使公立机构和民间社会以开阔的眼界审视与发展少数民族社区的民族、文化、语言和宗教身份有关的事务。
Its priorities now were to strengthen public institutions, improve federal relations, develop the judicial system and the public administration, improve the functioning of the multi-party system and strengthen the role of civil society当前最紧迫的任务是加强公共机构、改善各加盟共和国之间的关系、加强司法和管理制度、实行多党制及加强民间社会的作用。
Wages and salaries of employees of public institutions and organizations are set by the state, and it does not establish any differences in wages for equal work of men and women公营机构和组织任职人员的工资和薪酬是国家确定的,其中规定男女同工同酬。
g)- receives petitions and complaints regarding violations of the legal provisions concerning the principle of equality and non-discrimination from individuals, NGO's with activities in the field of the protection of human rights, other legal entities, public institutions; analyses the respective petitions and complaints, adopts the appropriate measures and answers within the term provided under the lawg) 受理关于个人、开展保护人权工作的非政府组织、其他法律实体、公共机构违反平等和不歧视法律规定的请愿和申诉;分析请愿和申诉,在法律规定范畴内拟定妥当的措施和答复
Nevertheless, some important elements that States need to consider in strengthening human capital in the public sector include: establishing human resources planning management systems and units; professionalizing the public service, including human resources management; enhancing the social value of service to the public; creating a learning culture in public institutions; and utilizing the best talent from underrepresented groups但是国家在加强公共部门人力资本时必须考虑一些重要的因素,其中包括:建立人力资源规划管理制度和单位;使公务员制度,包括人力资源管理,专业化;增进向公众提供的服务的社会价值;在公共机构内建立一种学习文化;和利用任职人数不足群体的最佳人才。
In the meantime, as called for by the Quartet, preliminary discussions are under way on new ideas proposed by the European Commission for facilitating aid financing and coordination to support Palestinian social and economic development and to strengthen public institutions and governance与此同时,应四方的要求,正在就欧洲联盟委员会为促进援助筹资和协调而提出的新设想进行初步讨论,以支持巴勒斯坦的社会与经济发展,并加强公共机构和施政。
a) Establishment of mechanisms and strategies for including issues related to the specificities of black population health in the academic and technical curriculum of health, research, and university extension program professionals to involve principally public institutions- universities, foundations, research institutes, development agencies, and technical health schools制定各种机制和战略,将黑人保健特有的问题纳入保健、研究和大学函授等专业人员的理论和专业课程,使各主要公共机构――大学、基金会、研究所、发展机构和卫生技校――都参与进来; 对传统人群,特别是前逃亡黑奴社群和发源于非洲的宗教社群开展研究; 优先研究黑人人口的保健问题,重点是精神障碍、精神损伤、最流行的疾病和机能失调; 由黑人人口保健技术委员会执行秘书处编写一本小册子,题为《黑人人口保健与单一保健系统――促进平等的肯定行动》。
Public institutions such as libraries and archives, museums, cultural collections and other community-based access points should be strengthened so as to promote the preservation of documentary records and free and equitable access to information应强化图书馆和档案馆、博物馆、文化藏品机构及其它基于社区的接入点等社会公共机构,以促进文献记录的保存和自由、公平地获取信息。
Every effort must be made to address a number of major challenges, including: (a) restructuring the armed forces into a professional force, with a view to minimizing the risks of relapse into conflict and instability; (b) strengthening national public institutions; (c) redressing social and economic inequities; (d) promoting broad and inclusive internal political dialogue; and (e) mobilizing internal and external resources, from bilateral and multilateral sources, to promote social and economic development and to ensure regular payment of salaries to civil servants and the military必须尽一切努力应对一些主要挑战:(a) 改组武装部队,使其成一支职业部队,以便最大程度地降低重新陷入冲突和不稳定的风险;(b) 加强全国公共机构;(c) 解决社会和经济不平等;(d) 促进广泛和具有包容性的内部政治对话;(e) 调动国内资源及双边和多边来源的外部资源,促进社会和经济发展,并确保定期支付公务员和军队人员薪金。
In advocacy and awareness-raising partnerships, the private sector partners with other stakeholders to advocate for issues; engage in public policy dialogue; support effective regulation; and strengthen public institutions and administrative capacity in order to bridge governance gaps, improve the enabling environment and support reforms at the local, national and global levels在宣传和提高认识伙伴关系方面,私营部门与其他利益攸关方建立伙伴关系:宣传各议题、开展公共政策对话、支持有效管理以及加强公共机构和行政能力,以便弥补治理缺陷,改善有利环境以及支持在地方、国家或全球各级的改革。
Lack of stability and security; violence, including gender-based violence; poverty, discrimination, democracy deficits, impunity and weak public institutions generally arose in situations of conflict and post-conflict在冲突和冲突后局势中,通常出现了缺乏稳定和安保;暴力行为、包括基于性别的暴力;贫穷、歧视、民主制度方面的赤字、有罪不罚以及公共机构薄弱等情况。
The idea of creating new public institutions is strongly resisted in some quarters建立新机构的想法在有些地方受到强烈抵制。
Independence and impartiality are of vital importance in the functioning and operation of the Ethics Office, as is the case of ethics and compliance offices in any credible public institution独立性和公正性对于道德操守办公室的运作和业务至关重要,这对于任何有信誉的公共机构的道德操守和合规事务部门都是如此。
· Local Institutions Reconstruction Project. This project seeks to rebuild the social fabric, to strengthen and establish cooperation between organizations of people affected by political violence (peasant and native communities) and private and public institutions, and to provide training in democratic leadership for men and women地方体制重组计划:旨在重建社会组织,巩固和建立那些负责管理受到暴力政治影响人群(农村群体和土著居民)的机构之间的协调关系,巩固和建立公共机构与私立机构之间的协调关系,形成领导机制和民主的领导风范。
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