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  • 0 或 1 匹配   
    A menu item that allows the user to search for a pattern A to be represented in pattern B 0 or 1 times. Patterns could be strings, characters, etc. For example, if you want to find any strings that meet the criteria " AB 0 or 1 matches in string", then "CCC", "ABC" meet the criteria, while "ABCAB" doesn't meet.
  • 0 或 1 符合   
    A menu item that allows the user to search for a pattern A to be represented in pattern B 0 or 1 times. Patterns could be strings, characters, etc. For example, if you want to find any strings that meet the criteria " AB 0 or 1 matches in string", then "CCC", "ABC" meet the criteria, while "ABCAB" doesn't meet.

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UNOPS, therefore, expects to match or exceed the overall estimated income for因此,项目厅预期相应达到超过 ‧ 年的估计收入总额。
Throughout the debate and the consultations in which we have been involved, Canada has recognized the need for adaptation, while emphasizing the need to maintain, match or enhance the benefits of existing arrangements在我国参加的所有辩论和磋商中,加拿大都认识到必须适应新形势,但同时强调,必须维持现有安排的利益,提供同等的利益增强这些利益。
Where there may be a potential match between a visa applicant and an individual listed on the MAL, further enquiries must be made before a visa can be granted, or, if it has already been granted, to consider whether it can or must be cancelled对于签证申请人与警示名单所列个人可能相似的情况,在给予签证之前必须作进一步调查;对于已给予签证的情况,则考虑是否可以必须予以吊销。
One policy conclusion of this finding is that policymakers should carefully assess the ICT programmes they are promoting, which should match the needs of the country, sector or firms从这一研究结果得出的一项政策结论是,决策者应当认真地对其所宣传的信通技术方案进行评估,确保其符合国家、行业公司的需求。
Perform a case sensitive search: entering the pattern 'Joe ' will not match 'joe ' or 'JOE ', only 'Joe '执行区分大小写的搜索: 输入模式“ Joe” 将不会匹配“ joe” “ JOE ” , 只能匹配“ Joe ” 。
Due to adjustments in Internal Revenue Matching Fund contributions and utilization of the budget stabilization or rainy day fund, the shortfall had been reduced to $ ‧ million, which had been made up through budget cuts ‧ he revised budget has given priority to funding for negotiated salary increases for Government employees, and to provide for a recently approved health insurance contract which covers Government employees, retirees and their dependents通过调整国内税收对等捐款的缴款额和动用稳定预算备用基金的资金,并通过削减预算,短缺额减为 ‧ 万美元。 ‧ 订正预算优先考虑为谈判达成的政府雇员加薪提供经费,并为最近批准的涵盖政府雇员、退休人员及其家属的医保合同提供经费。
However, there have been some changes in the rate of achievement of delivery targets by some divisions, which has led to mid-year division-level adjustments in both income and costs in order for the overall estimated income for ‧ to be matched or exceeded但是,一些司的交付额指标完成率有所变化,导致在收入和费用方面进行了年中司一级调整,以便达到超出 ‧ 年总估计收入。
Predictability has improved in some programme countries, however, due to budget support performance assessment frameworks containing “guaranteed tranches” and increased multiyear programming by a few donors to match costed medium-term expenditure frameworks or sectoral plans by programme countries但是,有些方案国家已经改善了可预测性,原因是预算支助绩效评估框架含有“保证部分”,有些捐助者增加了多年方案拟订以配合已计算费用的中期开支框架,方案国家的部门计划。
• Increasing information-sharing on procurement matters within the United Nations common system with a view to unlocking significant potential cost and efficiency savings- estimated at ‧ to ‧ per cent, or $ ‧ million to $ ‧ million- including through such steps as more systematic matching between vendors and destinations where goods and services are being used, vendor consolidation, redefinition of specifications and stronger enforcement of contract compliance• 在联合国共同制度内进一步分享有关采购事务的信息,以期通过降低费用和提高效率,实现可观的节省(估计为 ‧ %至 ‧ %,即 ‧ 亿至 ‧ 亿美元),可采取的办法包括在供应商和货物与服务使用地点之间作更有系统的匹配,供应商整合,重新界定规格以及更严格地确保合同得到遵守。
In response to information requested under the provisions of Security Council Resolutions ‧ and ‧ which call for the freezing of the assets of persons or entities identified on the lists circulated by the Sanctions Committee, the financial institutions in Barbados have cross-checked the lists with the names of persons who transact business in Barbados and to date there is no indication of any match安全理事会第 ‧ 和第 ‧ 号决议要求冻结制裁委员会分发的名单上所指明的个人实体的财产,并要求提供相关信息。 根据这些要求,巴巴多斯金融机构将此名单与在巴巴多斯有商业交易的人的名单加以核对,迄今还没发现对上号的名字。
i) Identifying the strengths of existing programmes or projects possessing the capacity to produce comparable monitoring data and matching them with the needs of potential programmes in regions highlighted for attention through the gaps analysis一) 查明拥有编制可比监测数据的现有方案项目的实力,并通过差距分析使之适合于明显需要关注的区域潜在方案的需求
For example, the “ ‧ per cent target” for official development assistance (ODA), has been repeatedly advanced without at any point matching the commitments being made by donor countries and agencies to move towards reaching this target (or even to avoid slipping further back例如,为官方发展援助制定的“ ‧ %的指标”曾被反复提出,但捐助国和捐助机构为达到这一指标(甚或为避免离指标越来越远)所作的承诺从未相配。
The Office will be responsible for compiling and issuing the compendium of posts, reviewing the applications to the compendium and submitting interested and qualified participants to the respective departments or offices, and conducting matching exercises to place the participants following evaluation by the programme managers人事厅将负责编印员额汇编,审查对汇编所列员额的申请,并把感兴趣和合格的参与者名单送交各自的部门办事处,并在方案管理人员进行评价之后进行配对工作。
• Natural persons will be required to show proof of address if their personal identification document does not give their address or the address does not match the one mentioned in the contract* 如果自然人的个人身份证件没有列出地址所列地址与合同所列地址不符,需出示地址证明。
Tiles can slide, but you can connect only in ‧ lines instead of ‧ This option changes the rules to the point where it almost becomes a completely different game. When it is active, you can only remove the tiles if they can be connected by a line consiting of only two segments instead of the customary three. However, you are allowed to slide the tiles on the board, if the row or column where they are placed has some empty space. To make a sliding move, you have to click on the tile containing the column or row that can slide, and then on the matching tile. If there are two possible sliding moves, you will have to click on one of the two connecting lines to chose your preferred move使牌可以滑动, 但您只能在 ‧ 条线以内连接牌而不是 ‧ 条此选项会更改牌点连接的规则, 使其几乎变成另一种全然不同的游戏。 启用此项后, 您在连接牌时只能用一条包含两个节段的连接线, 而不是通常的三段。 然而, 版面上的牌可以滑动, 前提是牌所在的行列有空余。 要实行滑动, 您需要在有空余的行列上点击一张牌, 如果存在以上两种可能的滑动方式, 您就可以点击其中之一完成您想要的滑动 。
If the new opportunities are such that the capabilities they require do not match the capabilities of the poor, then either non-poor workers will seize the opportunities, or perhaps the opportunities will not be seized at all如果新机会所要求的能力不是穷人所具备的能力,那么不是非贫穷工人抓住这些机会,就是或许彻底失去这些机会。
The possibility also exists to explore the idea of matching funds- parallel contributions; that is, co-financing of reconstruction projects in which a business could contribute the same amount that a donor Government does to finance disarmament, demobilization or reconstruction projects还可以研究对等捐款--并行供资的设想;即共同资助重建项目,其中一个企业可以捐出捐助国政府为资助解除武装、复员重建项目所捐款的同等数额。
Match International Centre was involved in a number of other activities, including financial assistance received from or given to the United Nations, field-level collaboration and joint sponsorship, as explained belowMatch国际中心参与了一些其他活动,包括从联合国获得和给予联合国财政援助、外地一级的协作和联合赞助,说明如下
This increase in allotments was matched by an increase in expenditure: for regular resources, $ ‧ or ‧ per cent of the allotment; for other resources, $ ‧ or ‧ per cent of the allotment在拨款增长的同时,支出也相应出现增长:经常资源增加 ‧ 美元,即拨款的 ‧ %;其他资源增加 ‧ 美元,即拨款的 ‧ %。
iv) Continuing to strengthen the Committee's role in facilitating technical assistance for implementation of resolution ‧ including by engaging actively in matching offers and requests for assistance through such means as assistance templates, or other information submitted to the Committee四) 继续加强委员会在推动执行第 ‧ 号决议的技术援助方面的作用,包括利用援助模板提交给委员会的其他资料以及其他手段积极为寻求援助方与提供援助方牵线搭桥
While the policy and operations of the United Nations system have improved with regard to coordination and coherence between humanitarian and development activities, it has not always been matched with corresponding changes in the way the intergovernmental system or donors deal with the financing of activities during the critical period of transition虽然,在人道主义与发展活动之间的协调一致问题方面联合国系统的政策和业务已有所改善,但在政府间系统捐助者如何处理为关键过渡时期活动供资的问题方面并没有经常配合相应改变。
One distinct advantage that glass ionomer fillings have over amalgam is that they closely match the tooth color and, for this reason, they are often used for anterior teeth or where aesthetics is important玻璃离聚体填料与汞合金填料相比有一个非常明显的优点,那就是玻璃离聚体填料与牙齿的颜色非常匹配
The AFP coordinates an Australia-wide response to this list, running the names and other details in it through Australian law enforcement databases and reporting any matches or related intelligence to the FBI Legal Attaché based in the US Embassy in Canberra澳大利亚联邦警察协调全澳大利亚对该名单的反应,在澳大利亚执法数据库中过验名单和其他详情,并向驻坎培拉美国大使馆的联邦调查局法律专员报告吻合人物有关情报。
To date, the competent services have not called in for questioning any listed individual or individuals with matching names至今为止,主管部门没有查到清单所列人员与这些人同名者。
These improvements demonstrate the flexible nature of this framework convention, which constantly allows the States parties to match new military advancements and technologies with further appropriate measures and restrictions meant to ensure that injuries of civilians or damage to their property are kept to a minimum- taking into account both military requirements and humanitarian law上述改善表明这一框架公约的灵活性,使缔约国能不断地对新的军事发展和技术配备进一步的适当措施和限制,以便在兼顾军事要求和人道主义法的同时,保证将对平民的伤害或者对他们的财产损坏保持在最低程度。
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