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  • 0 或 1 匹配   
    A menu item that allows the user to search for a pattern A to be represented in pattern B 0 or 1 times. Patterns could be strings, characters, etc. For example, if you want to find any strings that meet the criteria " AB 0 or 1 matches in string", then "CCC", "ABC" meet the criteria, while "ABCAB" doesn't meet.
  • 0 或 1 符合   
    A menu item that allows the user to search for a pattern A to be represented in pattern B 0 or 1 times. Patterns could be strings, characters, etc. For example, if you want to find any strings that meet the criteria " AB 0 or 1 matches in string", then "CCC", "ABC" meet the criteria, while "ABCAB" doesn't meet.

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This regexp item will repeat the regexp items it surrounds a specified number of times. The number of times to repeat may be specified using ranges. e. g. You may specify that it should match from ‧ to ‧ times, that it should match exactly ‧ times, or that it should match at least one time. Examples: If you specify that it should match any time, and the content it surrounds is abc, then this regexp item will match the empty string, the string abc, the string abcabc, the string abcabcabcabc, etc这个正则表达式项目将按指定的次数重复它所围绕的正则表达式项目。 重复的次数可以被指定为一个范围。 例如: 您可以指定它应当匹配‧次, 或者应当精确地匹配‧次, 或者至少应当匹配‧次。 例如: 如果您指定它应当重复任何次数, 并且它围绕的内容是abc, 那么这个正则表达式项目将匹配空字符串、 字符串abc、 字符串abcabc、 字符串abcabcabcabc, 等等 。
Enter the filename you are looking for. Alternatives may be separated by a semicolon "; ". The filename may contain the following special characters:? matches any single character * matches zero or more of any characters [... ] matches any of the characters between the braces Example searches: *. kwd; *. txt finds all files ending with. kwd or. txt go[dt ] finds god and got Hel? o finds all files that start with " Hel " and end with " o ", having one character in between My Document. kwd finds a file of exactly that name输入您要查找的文件名 。 多个文件用分号 “; ” 分隔 。 文件名中可以包含下列特殊字符 :? 匹配任意单个字符 * 匹配多个字符 [... ] 匹配方括号中的任意字符 搜索示例 : *. kwd; *. txt 查找所有以. kwd . txt 结尾的文件 go[ dt ] 查找 god 和 got Hel? o 查找所有以“ Hel” 开始, 以“ o” 结束的文件, 并且在它们之间只有一个字符 My Document. kwd 查找与这个名字精确匹配的文件
Page Set: Choose " All Pages ", " Even Pages " or " Odd Pages " if you want to print a page selection matching one of these terms. The default is " All Pages ". Note: If you combine a selection of a " Page Range " with a " Page Set " of " Odd " or " Even ", you will only get the odd or even pages from the originally selected page range. This is useful if you want to print a page range in duplex on a simplex-only printer. In this case you can feed the paper to the printer twice; in the first pass, select " Odd " or " Even " (depending on your printer model), in second pass select the other option. You may need to " Reverse " the output in one of the passes (depending on your printer model). Additional hint for power users: This KDEPrint GUI element matches with the CUPS commandline job option parameter:-o page-set=... ‧ example: " odd " or " even "页面集 : 选择 “ 全部页面 ” 、 “ 奇数页 ” 、 “ 偶数页 ” 可打印文档中匹配指定条件的页面。 默认值是 “ 全部页 ” 。 注意 : 如果您组合使用了 “ 页面范围 ” 和 “ 页面集 ” 中的 “ 奇数页 ” “ 偶数页 ” , 您将只会得到选中页面范围中的奇数偶数页。 此选项经常用于在单面打印机上打印双面文稿。 在这种情况下, 您需要进纸两次; 第一次进纸时, 选择“ 奇数页” “ 偶数页 ” (取决于您的打印机型号) , 第二次进纸时选择另一个选项。 您可能还需要在其中一次 “ 逆序 ” 输出纸张(取决于您的打印机型号) 。 高级用户的额外提示 : 此 KDEPrint GUI 元素可匹配 CUPS 命令行任务选项参数 :-o page-set=... ‧ 例如 : “ odd” “ even ”
Financial institutions are required to search their records for accounts or transactions involving these targets and report match to FinCEN the existence of any matches金融机构必须查找其记录中涉及这些目标的账户交易,并向金融罪行执法网报告是否有任何活动与此相吻合。
No man page matching to %‧ found. Check that you have not mistyped the name of the page that you want. Check that you have typed the name using the correct upper and lower case characters. If everything looks correct, then you may need to improve the search path for man pages; either using the environment variable MANPATH or using a matching file in the/etc directory未找到与 % ‧ 匹配的手册页 。 请检查您是否输入错了您想要访问的页面名称 。 您还应该注意是否正确输入了字母的大小写 。 如果所有内容都输入正确了的话, 那么您可能需要修正手册页的搜索路径, 此时应查看一下环境变量 MANPATH /etc 目录中的文件 。
This list shows your configured autobookmark entities. When a document is opened, each entity is used in the following way: The entity is dismissed, if a mime and/or filename mask is defined, and neither matches the document. Otherwise each line of the document is tried against the pattern, and a bookmark is set on matching lines. Use the buttons below to manage your collection of entities此列表为您显示了已配置的自动书签项。 打开文档后, 会按下列方式使用每项: 如果定义了 MIME 和/文件扩展名, 而这两项标准都无法与文档匹配, 则会跳过此项。 否则, 将会对文档的每一行比对模式, 并在匹配行上设置书签。 使用下面的按钮可管理您的自动书签项 。
Parents will enjoy a Baby Bonus of S$ ‧ cash if the baby is their first child, up to S$ ‧ cash and matching contributions if the baby is their second child and up to S$ ‧ cash and matching contributions if the baby is a third or fourth child如果婴儿是父母的第一个孩子,父母将享受 ‧ 新元现金育婴津贴,最多可达 ‧ 新元现金,如果婴儿是父母的第二个孩子,父母将享受对等捐助,最多可达 ‧ 新元现金,如果婴儿是父母的第三第四个孩子,父母将享受对等捐助。
Text Formats These settings control the appearance of text on printouts. They are only valid for printing text files or input directly through kprinter. Note: These settings have no effect whatsoever for other input formats than text, or for printing from applications such as the KDE Advanced Text Editor. (Applications in general send PostScript to the print system, and 'kate ' in particular has its own knobs to control the print output.. Additional hint for power users: This KDEPrint GUI element matches with the CUPS commandline job option parameter:-o cpi=... ‧ example: " ‧ " or " ‧ "-o lpi=... ‧ example: " ‧ " or " ‧ "-o columns=... ‧ example: " ‧ " or " ‧ "文本格式 此设置控制了打印输出的文本外观。 这仅适用于直接通过 kprinter 打印的文本文件 。 注意 : 这些设置对文本以外的输入格式无效。 从其它应用程序(如 KDE 高级文本编辑器) 中打印时也不受此设置控制。 因为这样的应用程序通常会直接向打印系统发送 PostScript, 特别是“ kate” 有其自己的方法来控制打印输出 。 高级用户的额外提示 : 此 KDEPrint 图形界面元素与 CUPS 的下列命令行任务选项匹配 :-o cpi=... ‧ 如 : “ ‧” “ ‧ ”-o lpi=... ‧ 如 : “ ‧” “ ‧ ”-o columns=... ‧ 如 : “ ‧” “ ‧ ”
The following is proposed: practice is any measure, method or activity; good practices are measures, methods or activities that match a specific objective or are suitable for a specific natural and human environment; and best practices are measures, methods or activities that perform best or achieve the highest impact according to predefined criteria assessed through a validation process特此提议:做法指任何措施、方法活动;良好做法指符合特定目标适于特定自然和人文环境的措施、方法活动;最佳做法则指根据经验证的预定标准,业绩最好、影响最大的措施、方法活动。
Top Margin. This spinbox/text edit field lets you control the top margin of your printout if the printing application does not define its margins internally. The setting works for instance for ASCII text file printing, or for printing from KMail and Konqueror.. Note: This margin setting is not intended for KOffice or OpenOffice. org printing, because these applications (or rather their users) are expected to do it by themselves. It also does not work for PostScript or PDF file, which in most cases have their margins hardcoded internally. Additional hint for power users: This KDEPrint GUI element matches with the CUPS commandline job option parameter:-o page-top=... ‧ use values from " ‧ " or higher. " ‧ " is equal to ‧ inch上邊界 如果您的應用程式沒有定義上邊界的話, 這裡可以讓您調整您列印輸出的上邊界 。 這個設定可用於文字檔列印, 或是 KMail、 Konqueror 等列印輸出 。 注意: 邊界設定不適用於 KOffice OpenOffice. org, 因為這些應用程式通常會自己定義輸出樣式。 另外像 PostScript PDF 檔, 通常也都會內建邊界設定, 因此也不適用於此設定 。 進階使用者的額外提示: 這個選項與以下的 CUPS 命令列選項參數是一樣的 :-o page-top=... ‧ 單位為像素, 設為 ‧ 則邊界為一英吋 。
Article ‧ If the quality of coal supplied by coal mining enterprises and coal trading enterprises to customers does not meet the national or trade standards or the requirements agreed upon in a contract, or the quality does not match the grade or the price, thus causing losses to customers, compensation shall be made according to law第五十四 条 煤矿 企业 和 煤炭 经营 企业 供应 用户 的 煤炭 质量 不 符合 国家标准 或者 行业 标准 , 或者 不 符合 合同 约定 , 或者 质 级 不符 、 质 价 不符 , 给 用户 造成 损失 的 , 应当 依法 给予 赔偿 。
HP-GL Print Options All options on this page are only applicable if you use KDEPrint to send HP-GL and HP-GL/‧ files to one of your printers. HP-GL and HP-GL/‧ are page description languages developed by Hewlett-Packard to drive Pen Plotting devices. KDEPrint can (with the help of CUPS) convert the HP-GL file format and print it on any installed printer. Note ‧: To print HP-GL files, start 'kprinter ' and simply load the file into the running kprinter. Note ‧: The 'fitplot ' parameter provided on this dialog does also work for printing PDF files (if your CUPS version is more recent than ‧.‧). Additional hint for power users: These KDEPrint GUI elements match with CUPS commandline job option parameters:-o blackplot=... ‧ examples: " true " or " false "-o fitplot=... ‧ examples: " true " or " false "-o penwidth=... ‧ examples: " true " or " false "HP-GL 列印選項 這一頁中所有的選項都只在您透過 KDEPrint 送出 HP-GL HP-GL/‧ 檔案給您的印表機才會用到 。 HP-GL 與 HP-GL/‧ 都是由 HP 開發出來, 用來控制「 筆繪圖裝置 」 ( Pen Plotting devices) 的「 頁描述語言 」 ( Page description language ) 。 KDEPrint 可以透過 CUPS 的協助, 將 HP-GL 檔案格式轉換並列印出來 。 注意 : ‧. 要列印 HP-GL 檔案, 只要開啟 kprinter 並將檔案載入即可 。 ‧. fitplot 參數也可以用於列印 PDF 檔( 如果您的 CUPS 版本大於 ‧. ‧. ‧ 的話 ) 。 進階使用者的額外提示 : 這些選項與以下的 CUPS 命令列選項參數是一樣的 :-o blackplot=... ‧ 例 : " true " " false "-o fitplot=... ‧ 例 : " true " " false "-o penwidth=... ‧ 例 : " ‧ " " ‧ "
The decisions on participation in the buyout programme would be guided by the interest in maintaining a workforce adapted to the Organization's needs, and decisions on the separation of staff would be based on a determination that the separation is in the best interests of the Organization and that at least one of the following criteria has been met: the staff member's skills no longer match United Nations competency requirements; the staff member's functions have become redundant or obsolete; alternative placement is unlikely to be found; retraining is not possible; or there are compelling health or other personal circumstances关于参加买断方案的决定,将以有利于保持一支符合本组织需要的工作人员队伍为指导,关于工作人员离职的决定,将以离职是否最符合本组织的利益为准,而且至少符合以下标准之一:工作人员的技能不再符合联合国的能力要求;工作人员的职能已经变得多余或者过时;不太可能找到替代职位安排;不可能再培训;或者有说服力的健康或者个人原因。
As to the system of payment to suppliers, the Secretary-General notes that delay in payment to suppliers may sometimes be caused by incomplete documentation provided by suppliers or difficulty in matching suppliers' invoices with United Nations documents owing to short or partial shipment or problems associated with the format of invoices至于支付供应商的方法,秘书长指出对供应商的付款拖延有时候是由于供应商的单据不全,或者是由于装载不足,分批装运或者发票的形式有某种问题,致使供应商的发票与联合国单据对不上号所造成。
If these checks reveal that a person or entity matches an entry on one of the lists, the particulars of that person or entity are communicated straightaway to the international or State authorities concerned and legal proceedings are immediately instituted如在侦查期间发现某一个人实体与名单上所列者相同,迅速向有关的国家国际当局检举,并立即依法起诉。
Job Priority Usually CUPS prints all jobs per queue according to the " FIFO " principle: First In, First Out. The job priority option allows you to re-order the queue according to your needs. It works in both directions: you can increase as well as decrease priorities. (Usually you can only control your own jobs). Since the default job priority is " ‧ ", any job sent with, for example, " ‧ " will be printed only after all those others have finished. Conversely, a " ‧ " or higher priority job will go right to the top of a populated queue (if no other, higher prioritized one is present). Additional hint for power users: This KDEPrint GUI element matches with the CUPS commandline job option parameter:-o job-priority=... ‧ example: " ‧ " or " ‧ " or " ‧ "任务优先级通常, CUPS 会根据“ FIFO” 规则对全部队列进行排队: 先进先出 。 任务优先级选项允许您根据需要对队列的顺序进行调整。 优先级可在两个方向进行调整: 您可以增加减少优先级。 通常您只能控制您自己的任务 。 由于任务的默认优先级为“ ‧ ” , 那么任何以“ ‧” 优先级发送的任务都将等待其它任务全部完成后才开始打印。 同样的 , “ ‧” 更高优先级的打印任务将会直接排到打印队列的开始位置(如果没有优先级更高的打印任务的话) 。 高级用户的额外提示: 此 KDEPrint GUI 元素可匹配 CUPS 命令行任务选项参数 :-o job-priority=... ‧ 例如 : “ ‧ ” 、 “ ‧” “ ‧ ”
Counterparties typically mitigate or hedge the risks associated with these contracts by entering into one or more “matchingor “hedge” contracts with third parties, the value of which fluctuates inversely with the value of the debtor's contract对应方一般通过与第三方订立一项多项“对冲”合同“套期保值”合同来减轻冲销与这些合同相关的风险,这些合同的价值与债务人合同的价值呈反向波动。
An aerosol, which emits a foam, mousse, gel or paste is sprayed (approx ‧ g) on a watchglass and an ignition source (candle, wax taper, match or lighter) is placed at the base of the watchglass to observe if ignition and sustained combustion of the foam, mousse, gel or paste occurs喷出泡沫、凝胶糊状物的气雾剂,将其喷洒到表面玻璃上(大约五克),并将一个点火源(蜡烛、小蜡烛、火柴打火机)放在表面玻璃的基座上,观察泡沫、凝胶冻糊状物是否发生点火和持续燃烧。
In the case of credit extended for the delivery of goods or services in instalments matching deliveries of goods or services, this approach results in the entire claim being treated as coming into existence at the time when the contract is entered into and not at the time of each delivery of goods or services若对应于货物服务的交付而为之提供分批贷款,则这种办法可能会产生这样一种情况,即整个债权被视为在订立合同时发生,而不是在每次交付货物服务时发生。
I am hopeful that investments in the socio-economic sphere will match or exceed the contributions that have been committed or those that will be discussed here today with the people who will speak after me我希望社会经济领域的投资能够与业已承诺同今天在我后面发言的人一道讨论到的捐助相当甚至超过这些捐助。
Through peer matching or buddy programs, immigrant and refugee youth are able to practice French or English, obtain assistance with their schoolwork and learn about Canadian culture through games and play with Canadian children通过同龄人配对搭档方案,移民和难民青年能够练习法语英语,在家庭作业方面获得帮助,而且能够通过与加拿大儿童游戏和玩耍了解了加拿大文化。
Pages per Sheet: You can choose to print more than one page onto each sheet of paper. This is sometimes useful to save paper. Note ‧: the page images get scaled down accordingly to print ‧ or ‧ pages per sheet. The page image does not get scaled if you print ‧ page per sheet (the default setting). Note ‧: If you select multiple pages per sheet here, the scaling and re-arranging is done by your printing system. However, some printers are independently capable of printing multiple pages per sheet. In which case you find the option in the printer driver settings. Be careful: if you enable multiple pages per sheet in both places, your printout will not look as you intended. Additional hint for power users: This KDEPrint GUI element matches with the CUPS commandline job option parameter:-o number-up=... ‧ examples: " ‧ " or " ‧ "單張多頁 : 您可以選擇在一張紙上印出多頁內容。 通常是為了節省紙張 。 注意 : 列印的圖片會根據一張紙上頁數的多寡來決定要縮小多少。 如果選擇一張紙上印一頁( 預設值) 則不會做調整 。 注意 : 當您選擇一張紙上印多頁時, 列印系統會自動幫您調整大小。 但是, 有些印表機自己就有單張多頁的功能。 這種情況下您最好使用印表機自己的設定選項。 如果您兩邊都使用此選項, 印出來的結果可能不會是您想要的 進階使用者的額外提示 : 這個選項與以下的 CUPS 命令列選項參數是一樣的 :-o number-up=... ‧ 例 : " ‧ " " ‧ "
In the case of matching with a person or an object, the prohibition or watch list, the system notifies the officer on duty一旦发现与禁令监测名单中的人员物件相符,该系统即通知值班警官。
This word was considered to be an " unknown word " because it does not match any entry in the dictionary currently in use. It may also be a word in a foreign language. If the word is not misspelled, you may add it to the dictionary by clicking Add to Dictionary. If you do n't want to add the unknown word to the dictionary, but you want to leave it unchanged, click Ignore or Ignore All. However, if the word is misspelled, you can try to find the correct replacement in the list below. If you cannot find a replacement there, you may type it in the text box below, and click Replace or Replace All这个单词被认为是“ 未知单词 ” , 因为它不和当前使用的词典中的任何条目相匹配。 它也可能是一个外来语的单词 。 如果该单词并非拼写错误, 您可以点击 添加到字典 将它添加到字典中。 如果您不希望将未知的单词添加到字典中, 但希望将它保持为原样, 请点击 忽略 或者 全部忽略 。 然而, 如果单词的拼写是错误的, 您可以尝试在下面的列表中寻找正确的词替换它。 如果您无法找到可替换的词, 您可以在下面的文本框中输入一个词, 然后点击 替换 或者 全部替换 。
Enabling this option will make the verifier update for each edit. If the verify window contains much text, or if the regular expression is either complex or matches a lot of time, this may be very slow启用此选项将使得每次编辑后都进行校验更新。 如果校验窗口包含的文字太多, 或者正则表达式太复杂或匹配的次数太多, 这样可能会很慢 。
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