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  • 0 或 1 匹配   
    A menu item that allows the user to search for a pattern A to be represented in pattern B 0 or 1 times. Patterns could be strings, characters, etc. For example, if you want to find any strings that meet the criteria " AB 0 or 1 matches in string", then "CCC", "ABC" meet the criteria, while "ABCAB" doesn't meet.
  • 0 或 1 符合   
    A menu item that allows the user to search for a pattern A to be represented in pattern B 0 or 1 times. Patterns could be strings, characters, etc. For example, if you want to find any strings that meet the criteria " AB 0 or 1 matches in string", then "CCC", "ABC" meet the criteria, while "ABCAB" doesn't meet.

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The Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare (STPS), through the agency of the National Employment, Training and Skills Development Service (SNE), has a number of tools in the fields of information, linkages and matching, training and specific forms of support for the securing of jobs or productive activities targeting particular sectors such as women, young persons, vulnerable groups, indigenous communities and the promotion of equitable access for all劳工和社会福利部通过国家就业、培训和技能发展机构,在信息、联系、协调和培训领域提供了一些工具,为确保诸如妇女、青年、弱势群体、土著社区等特殊群体的就业和生产活动提供了具体的支助、并促进实现所有人机会平等。
In Tanzania, we strive to match the goodwill extended to us, whether through debt relief or bilateral assistance我们在坦桑尼亚努力配合不管是通过减免债务还是双边援助向我们表示的诚意。
The purpose of employment fairs is to bring seekers of labour and seekers of employment together in one place with the aim of matching one another and of enabling both parties (enterprises and job seekers) directly to choose the individuals (or the jobs, according to the case) meeting their expectations就业招聘会的目的是将应聘方和招工方聚集到同一个地方进行洽谈,并让双方(企业和应聘人员)直接选择符合期望的个人(或者工作,依各自情况而定)。
Where developing countries choose to adopt such fiscal incentives, some experts from developing countries consider that they should continue to have, as a treaty negotiating aim, the inclusion of a “matchingor “tax-sparing” provision in treaties with capital-exporting countries which have a foreign tax credit system发展中国家有些专家认为,如果发展中国家决意采用此类财政奖励手段,作为一项条约谈判目标,它们应继续将“对应”“免税”规定列入与实行国外税额减除法的资本输出国缔约的条约中。
Human resources management regimes and the competences in the public service must always be matched with the challenges that are facing or will face the public service公共服务方面的人力资源管理制度和胜任能力必须经常能够应付公共服务正在面临将要面临的挑战。
That shock is matched by a determination that such cowardly acts of aggression will not be allowed to undermine or jeopardize the maintenance of our peaceful and harmonious society在感到震惊的同时,我国人民决心不允许这种懦怯的袭击行为破坏危及维持我们的和平与和谐的社会。
UNRWA has been introducing revisions to improve and adapt course content and curricula to match developments in host countries; however, necessary equipment, tools and teaching aids need to be upgraded or purchased, and additional education facilities need to be constructed and renovated近东救济工程处开始着手修订和调整课程内容和课程表,使其配合东道国国内发展,然而,必要的设备、工具和辅助教材都需要升级添购,还需要兴建和整修更多教育设施。
This regexp item will repeat the regexp items it surrounds a specified number of times. The number of times to repeat may be specified using ranges. e. g. You may specify that it should match from ‧ to ‧ times, that it should match exactly ‧ times, or that it should match at least one time. Examples: If you specify that it should match any time, and the content it surrounds is abc, then this regexp item will match the empty string, the string abc, the string abcabc, the string abcabcabcabc, etc这个正则表达式项目将按指定的次数重复它所围绕的正则表达式项目。 重复的次数可以被指定为一个范围。 例如: 您可以指定它应当匹配‧次, 或者应当精确地匹配‧次, 或者至少应当匹配‧次。 例如: 如果您指定它应当重复任何次数, 并且它围绕的内容是abc, 那么这个正则表达式项目将匹配空字符串、 字符串abc、 字符串abcabc、 字符串abcabcabcabc, 等等 。
Advice alone will not consolidate peace; certainly not if it isn't matched with either material or policy assistance仅靠咨询意见巩固不了和平,若无物质政策援助的配合,这一点是笃定的。
Attempts to address the issue of impunity- such as the reopening, before a military court, of the Ankoro trial, concerning crimes against humanity committed in November ‧ have not been matched by a real commitment from the Transitional Government to stop, prevent or even condemn continued human rights violations为解决有罪不罚问题进行了努力,例如在军事法庭恢复对 ‧ 年 ‧ 月发生的危害人类罪行的安科罗审判,但过渡政府没有配合这种努力做出实际承诺来制止、预防甚至谴责继续侵犯人权的行为。
For example, the “ ‧ per cent target” for official development assistance (ODA), has been repeatedly advanced without at any point matching the commitments being made by donor countries and agencies to move towards reaching this target (or even to avoid slipping further back例如,为官方发展援助制定的“ ‧ %的指标”曾被反复提出,但捐助国和捐助机构为达到这一指标(甚或为避免离指标越来越远)所作的承诺从未相配。
Print Job Billing and Accounting Insert a meaningful string here to associate the current print job with a certain account. This string will appear in the CUPS " page_log " to help with the print accounting in your organization. (Leave it empty if you do not need it.) It is useful for people who print on behalf of different " customers ", like print service bureaux, letter shops, press and prepress companies, or secretaries who serve different bosses, etc. Additional hint for power users: This KDEPrint GUI element matches with the CUPS commandline job option parameter:-o job-billing=... ‧ example: " Marketing_Department " or " Joe_Doe "打印任务计费和统计 在此插入一个有意义的字符串, 以便将当前打印账户关联到确定的账户。 此字符串将会出现在 CUPS 的“ 页面日志” 中, 这样可以帮助您的组织进行打印统计 。 (如果您不需要这一功能的话, 请将此留空 。) 另外一种常见的情况是, 人们需要为不同的“ 客户” 打印, 如打印店、 出版公司、 为不同老板服务的秘书, 等等 。 高级用户的额外提示 : 此 KDEPrint GUI 元素可匹配 CUPS 命令行任务选项参数 :-o job-billing=... ‧ 例如 : “ Marketing_ Department” “ Joe_ Doe ”
Subsidies hardly work, with the exception of some direct forms of support such as helping SMEs to gain access to distant trade fairs or to specific sources of market-matching information补贴通常没有多大的作用,除了某些形式的直接支助以外,如帮助中小企业参加海外的交易会获得某些具体的市场牵线搭桥信息来源。
For example, cross-checks and electronic and manual matching have been conducted in order to identify duplicate or overlapping or competing claims as mentioned above比如,采取了交叉核对和以电子及人工手段进行名称匹配的方法,以查找上述各种重复索赔、重叠索赔和竞合索赔。
Some developing countries, including East Asian newly industrializing economies (NIEs), have been able to achieve sharp increases in shares of world manufacturing value added that have matched or exceeded increases in their shares of world manufacturing trade有些发展中国家,包括东亚的新型工业化经济体,在世界制成品增值中所占份额猛烈增加,达到超过它们在世界制成品贸易中所占份额的增长速度。
The area effect capability of air-dropped cluster munitions is not matched by current precision weapons, or by large unguided unitary bombs, which serve different purposes空投集束弹药产生大面积杀伤效果的能力是目前的精准武器未制导的大型单一炸弹所无法比拟的,后两种武器服务于不同的目的。
The recommendations match the content of the Bill and should help to raise ethical and professional standards in the financial sector and to prevent the deliberate or inadvertent use of banks by dishonest customers这些建议同法案内容相似,而且应有助于提高金融部门的道德和业务标准,并防止不诚实用户有意无意利用银行。
• Increasing information-sharing on procurement matters within the United Nations common system with a view to unlocking significant potential cost and efficiency savings- estimated at ‧ to ‧ per cent, or $ ‧ million to $ ‧ million- including through such steps as more systematic matching between vendors and destinations where goods and services are being used, vendor consolidation, redefinition of specifications and stronger enforcement of contract compliance• 在联合国共同制度内进一步分享有关采购事务的信息,以期通过降低费用和提高效率,实现可观的节省(估计为 ‧ %至 ‧ %,即 ‧ 亿至 ‧ 亿美元),可采取的办法包括在供应商和货物与服务使用地点之间作更有系统的匹配,供应商整合,重新界定规格以及更严格地确保合同得到遵守。
Member States further agreed to work towards matching the number of women deployed to peacekeeping missions to the actual percentage of women in their national military or police services, and also agreed to review the qualification requirements for the recruitment of women to military and police services in order to remove those that discriminate against women (for example, biometric requirements会员国还同意做出努力,做到部署到维持和平特派团的女性人数比例同本国军队警察部门中的女性实际比例一致,并同意审查军队和警察部门招募女性的资格规定,以取消那些歧视女性的规定(例如,生物测量规定)。
We are all capable of delivering eloquent speeches with apparent moral force, but we do not all have the same political will, courage or raw power to match our words我们都有能力发表慷慨激昂的雄辩的演讲,但是我们并非都有同样的政治意愿、勇气实力来兑现承诺。
On the positive side, a few developing countries, including some East Asian NIEs, have been able to achieve sharp increases in their shares in world manufacturing value-added, which have matched or exceeded increases in their shares in world manufacturing trade从积极方面来看,一些发展中国家,包括一些东南亚新兴工业化经济体,在世界制造业增加值中的份额大幅度增加,这些增加达到或者超过了其在世界制造品贸易中的份额的增加。
Career development is the systematic process of matching as closely as possible the needs of the individual at each phase of his or her career with the needs of the Organization for the mutual benefit of both职业发展是一个在互利基础上尽量使每个工作人员在每个阶段的职业需要与联合国的需要相配合的系统过程。
In the case of credit extended for the delivery of goods or services in instalments matching deliveries of goods or services, this approach results in the entire claim being treated as coming into existence at the time when the contract is entered into and not at the time of each delivery of goods or services若对应于货物服务的交付而为之提供分批贷款,则这种办法可能会产生这样一种情况,即整个债权被视为在订立合同时发生,而不是在每次交付货物服务时发生。
However, as names are often transcribed and spelt in different, sometimes incorrect, ways, more powerful techniques have been developed which can find matches between words or phrases approximating each other但是,由于名字在抄录和拼写时常常有不同的方式,有时是抄错拼错,因此而开发了功率更大的技术,以找到相近的字短语。
A total of ‧ confirmed matches were identified, which related either to claims filed by the same claimant within the “bedoun” programme or to claims filed by the same claimant in different claim categories经查,共发现 ‧ 件相同索赔,这些索赔或是与同一索赔人在“贝都因人”方案中提交的索赔相关,或是与同一索赔人在不同索赔类别中提交的索赔相关。
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