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  • 100% 堆疊直條圖   
    A column chart subtype that compares the percentage that each value contributes to a total across categories.
  • 百分比堆积柱形图   
    A column chart subtype that compares the percentage that each value contributes to a total across categories.

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a Posts financed by the grant from the regular budget, shown under the RB column in this chart for transparency, but reflected in the XB column in the detailed staffing tablea 由经常预算补助金供资的员额,为透明起见,在本内列于经常预算栏,但在详细员额配置表内列于预算外栏。
The projected revenue increase to $ ‧ million is based on the substantial increase in the number of visitors coming to the United Nations, which is expected to reach ‧ million following implementation of the new visitors' experience (see Visitation, chart II, fourth column预测收入增加到 ‧ 万美元,基本上是假定到联合国参观的人数会大量增加,预计在实施新参观经验后将达到 ‧ 万(见二,第四栏)。
In-stack measurements with the aim to determine emission factors were executed为了确定排放系数,在简易炉的烟囱内进行了排放系数测量。
On ‧ ebruary, during a search operation of Wadi Hamul- the valley where the eight rockets were found on ‧ ecember- a UNIFIL patrol discovered five rockets in their casings that were placed in a small stack on the ground and hidden among bushes, approximately five kilometres north-east of Naqoura月 ‧ 日,在Hamul山谷( ‧ 月 ‧ 日在该山谷发现八枚火箭)的搜索行动中,一支联黎部队巡逻队发现了五枚带有外壳的火箭,这些火箭在地上码成一小,藏匿矮树丛中,位于纳古拉东北约五公里处。
Calculated on the basis of mass of the POP content within the waste, minus the mass of remaining POPs in the gaseous residues (stack emissions), dived by the mass of the POP content within the wastes, i.e根据废物中持久性有机污染物含量的质量,减去气体残留物(烟囱排放物)内余下的持久性有机污染物的质量,除以废物内持久性有机污染物含量的质量算出,即
Approximately ‧ to ‧ steel water pipes extracted from the ground were stacked along the road沿路堆放着从地下挖出的大约 ‧ 至 ‧ 根钢水管。
Difficult layout with stacks of tiles难玩的堆栈布局Name
The validation process should also include an assessment of other relevant stack gas concentrations identified in annex ‧ to decision XV/[...] and a comparison with maximum levels stipulated in relevant national standards or international protocols/treaties核可过程还应包括评估本报告附件四中所确定的其他相关的烟道气体浓度,并将之与相关的国家标准或国际议定书/条约中所规定的最高浓度值进行比较。
Theoretical studies have been carried out on the detection of gas plumes emitted from the stacks of an industrial facility已对探测工业设施烟囱排放的烟云进行了理论研究。
Under such optimal combustion conditions and with optimal abatement techniques, releases in stack gases of organic compounds can be minimised通过此类最佳燃烧条件和最佳减污技术,可尽量减少有机化合物的烟道气体释放物。
Kabul, by and large, is peaceful, and the Karzai Government has survived the heavy odds stacked against it喀布尔基本上已处于和平之中,卡尔扎伊政府经受住了对它的严峻考验。
m) Creation of stacks of bathymetric profiles around the margin of the submitting Statem) 制作提交国大陆边缘周围的测深剖面图集
The Taliban instructed these men to pile the bodies like wood stacks (“kode”塔利班命令这些男子将尸体象柴那一样起来。
Widget Stack部件Widget name. This string will be used to name widgets of this class. It must _ not _ contain white spaces and non latin‧ characters
Bench-scale tests with PCBs showed PCDD levels in scrubber water and stack gases in the part per trillion (ppt) range对多氯联苯的实验室测试表明,在洗涤水和烟道气中多氯二苯并对二恶英的水平为万亿分之几的范围。
Still, unfortunately, we strive to attain peace by stacking up arms and heaping up security paradigms然而不幸的是,我们是在通过积聚军火和提出一个又一个安全的模式来追求实现和平。
You ever just take a stack of pages and toss it in the trash?你?? 来 不 把?? 团 成 一? 团- 扔 进垃圾箱? 垃圾箱?-?? 来 不
f) To inspect for instances of improper storage or stacking and maintenance of inadequate recordsf) 检查是否有存放或码放不当的情况以及记录不周的情况。
The barrier is a complex of ‧ metre-high walls, trenches up to ‧ metres deep, earthen and concrete mounds, double walls, fences with electronic sensors, asphalt two-lane patrol roads, a trace strip to detect footprints and a stack of six barbed-wire coils障碍物是由 ‧ 米高的墙、 ‧ 米深的壕沟、土制和混凝土制土墩、复壁、装有电子感应器的栅栏、巡逻用双车道柏油马路、查脚印的示踪带以及大量的 ‧ 圈带刺铁丝网组成的综合体。
This should be supplemented by regular spot checks using manual stack-sampling methods此外还应用人工检查烟囱的方法进行定期抽查。
On ‧ arch ‧ uberef entered into a contract with a Japanese construction firm (“the constructor”) pursuant to which, among other things, even short chimney stacks (“short stacks”) would be replaced by two tall chimney stacks (“tall stacks年 ‧ 月 ‧ 日,Luberef与一家日本建筑公司(“建造商”)签定了一项合同,其中规定,除了其他事项以外,甚至短烟囱(“短烟道”)也将换成两套长烟囱(“长烟道”)。
Where different design types of packages that have been designed for stacking are to be loaded together, consideration shall be given to their compatibility for stacking with each other如果设计用于堆叠的不同设计型号包件将一起装载时,必须考虑到它们是否适合互相堆叠在一起。
It has accumulated weapons of mass destruction in an arsenal primarily stacked with nuclear, biological and chemical weapons它已聚积大规模毁灭性武器,主要是核武器、生物武器和化学武器。
However, we also know that very little has been achieved in practical terms to improve the plight of women and girls, and that the odds stacked against them remain as high as ever然而,我们也知道在改善妇女和女孩的艰难处境方面并没有取得很大进展,她们的处境比以往任何时候都更加不利。
“They loaded everything they could and drove off towards the south and the Ethiopian border,” he added, pointing to stacked chairs and mattresses left behind in front of a day-care centre他还指着一家托儿所前所留下成堆的椅子和床垫说:“他们把一切可以装上卡车的东西都装上了,朝南方和埃塞俄比亚边界开去。”
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