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  • 互用模式集   
    The set of modes that are available for a particular source or target, given the constraints (for example, topology, modes pinned on other sources and targets) of a VidPN.
  • 共同功能模式組   
    The set of modes that are available for a particular source or target, given the constraints (for example, topology, modes pinned on other sources and targets) of a VidPN.

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Key determinants of overall training costs include the current employee skill set, responsibility level, modes of training delivery and timing of training programmes决定总体培训费用的主要因素包括工作人员目前的技能水平、责任等级、实施培训模式和培训方案的时间安排。
Set the bluetooth adapter name. ‧ Set the bluetooth adapter mode. Where 'value ' is one of: ‧ off|connectable|discoverable设置蓝牙适配器的名称 。 ‧ 设置蓝牙适配器的模式。 其值“ value” 应该是下列之一 : ‧ off|connectable|discoverable
However, learning from past failed cooperation attempts in the system, the Inspectors recommend setting up a CEB-driven ICT coordination mechanism with clear agreement on its mandate, mode of financing, decision-making power and expected outputs, and with the reasonable assurance from CEB members that recommendations will be followed and implementation progress reported to their respective governing bodies不过,从联合国系统中以往失败的合作尝试吸取教训,检查专员建议设立一个由行政首长协委会推动的信通技术协调机制,明确商定其任务授权、筹资方式、决策权力以及预期产出,由行政首长协委会成员合理地保证将遵循有关建议并向各自的理事会报告实施进展情况。
Start project in Design Mode, regardless of the project settings以设计模式启动工程, 而不管工程的设置如何 。
The interest rate and mode of calculation shall be set so as to achieve that result应为取得这一结果规定利率和计算方法。
'Printerfriendly mode ' If this checkbox is enabled, the printout of the HTML document will be black and white only, and all colored background will be converted into white. Printout will be faster and use less ink or toner. If this checkbox is disabled, the printout of the HTML document will happen in the original color settings as you see in your application. This may result in areas of full-page color (or grayscale, if you use a black+white printer). Printout will possibly happen slower and will certainly use much more toner or ink“ 打印机友好模式 ” 如果启用了此复选框, HTML 文档的输出将只为黑白两色, 带有颜色的全部背景都将转换为白色。 输出更快, 也更省墨 。 如果禁用了此复选框, HTML 文档的输出将会按照您在应用程序中看到的原样色彩输出。 这将得到一整张彩色输出(如果您使用的是黑白打印机的话, 可能是灰度的) 。 输出更慢, 也会使用更多的墨水或墨粉 。
Allows you to alter the background to your presentation slides. Your options are Color/Gradient, (which lets you set either a plain color or one of many gradients) or Picture, which gives a dialog box to find the picture you want. Set the View mode: for this picture to Scaled, Centered, or Tiled您可更换幻灯片的背景。 您可从三种背景类型中加以选择 : 颜色 , 它允许您使用纯色或多种渐变效果作为背景 ; 剪贴画 , 它允许您找到硬盘中的矢量剪贴画作为背景 ; 图片 , 它允许您使用您喜爱的图片作为背景 。
He welcomed the setting up of the Global Forum on Migration and Development and urged developed countries to be more receptive to requests from developing countries for increased access to their markets under mode ‧ of the General Agreement on Trade in Services他欢迎移徙与发展问题全球论坛的建立,并敦促发达国家要更接受发展中国家提出的根据《服务贸易总协定》方式 ‧ 增加市场准入的请求。
Start project in User Mode, regardless of the project settings以设计模式启动工程, 而不管工程的设置如何 。
he GATS distinguishes between four different ways in which a service can be traded, known as “modes of supply”: Mode ‧ cross-border supply- where the service itself crosses the border from one country to another, for example, telecommunications, insurance; Mode ‧ consumption abroad- where individuals travel to another country to use the service there, for example, hospital service and tourism; Mode ‧ commercial presence- where a foreign company sets up a subsidiary or branch within another country, for example, water companies in the country, hospitals, banks and energy companies; Mode ‧ movement of natural persons- where individuals travelling from their own country to supply services in another, for example, nurses and construction workers总协定区分四种不同的办法交换服务,称为“供应模式”:模式 ‧ 跨境供应--服务本身从一国越境进入另外一国(例如电信、保险);模式 ‧ 国外消费--个人旅行到国外去使用那里的服务,例如医院服务和旅游业;模式 ‧ 派驻商业机构--一个外国公司在另外一国成立一个附属机构或分支,例如,一个国家的供水公司、医院、银行和能源公司;模式 ‧ 自然人的移动--个人旅行到另一国去提供服务,例如,护士和建筑工人。
c) Documents control: planning and coordinating the production schedule for documentation in accordance with the requirements of meetings, including the most cost-effective combination of in-house and temporary assistance staff and contractual resources; ensuring the timely and efficient processing of all documentation by means of forecasting, scheduling, setting priorities, deciding on the most cost-effective mode of work, monitoring and expediting the work required; arranging for the exchange of work between duty stations; coordinating remote translation for meetings held away from Nairobi and the electronic transmission of documentation; generating workload statistics; ensuring the entry of United Nations Office at Nairobi documents into ODSc) 文件管理:按照会议要求,规划和协调文件制作时间表,包括以最具成本效益的方法综合利用内部资源和临时助理人员及承包资源;通过预测、时间安排、确定轻重缓急、决定最有成本效益的工作方法、监测及加快完成工作,确保及时有效地处理各种文件;安排各工作地点间的工作交换;协调在内罗毕之外举行会议的远距离翻译和文件的电子传送;进行工作量统计;将联合国内罗毕办事处的文件输入正式文件系统
It was also explained that under a network system, different rules relating to unimodal transport could apply depending upon the different stages or modes of transportation when the loss, damage or delay occurred, while a set of uniform rules would apply in the case of non-localized loss or damage另外还解释说,按照分段责任制的做法,根据货物灭失、损坏或延迟发生的不同阶段或所涉及的不同运输手段,可以对单式运输适用不同的规则,而对于无法确定发生地的灭失或损坏则适用一套统一规则。
A culture of peace, according to the Declaration, is a set of values, attitudes, traditions and modes of behaviour based, inter alia, on respect for and promotion of human rights; commitment to peaceful settlement of conflicts; and adherence to the principles of freedom, justice, democracy, tolerance, solidarity, cooperation, pluralism, cultural diversity, dialogue and understanding at all levels of society and among nations根据《宣言》,和平文化是一整套基于尊重和促进人权;致力于和平解决冲突;以及遵守自由、公正、民主、宽容、团结、合作、多元化、文化多样性以及社会各阶层和各国之间对话与谅解的价值观念、态度、传统和行为准则。
Today, the set of values, attitudes, traditions and customs, modes of behaviour and ways of life covered by the concept of the culture of peace, which includes respect for life, full respect for human rights, rejection of violence, sustainable human development, conflict prevention and tolerance, solidarity, pluralism and acceptance of differences and understanding between nations and between ethnic, religious, cultural and other groups and individuals, are now integral components of almost all major initiatives at national, regional and multilateral forums和平文化概念包含尊重生命、充分尊重人权、摒弃暴力、可持续的人的发展、预防冲突和宽容、团结、多元化以及国家之间和族裔、宗教、文化及其他群体和个人之间接受彼此差异和相互理解。 今天,和平文化概念所涵盖的一系列价值、观念、传统习俗、行为模式和生活方式已成为国家、区域和多边论坛几乎所有主要倡议中不可分割的组成部分。
However, even that time frame was sufficient to set world politics in “cold war mode”, which lasted for over four decades and resulted in a gigantic waste of material and other resources at the expense of solutions to the problem of development但是,即使这样的时间长度也足以令世界政治进入“冷战模式”,这一模式持续了四十多年,造成物质和其他资源的巨大浪费,牺牲了解决发展问题。
Article ‧ nternational terrorism shall also mean those acts capable of creating a substantial risk that punishable acts will be committed against the physical integrity of persons or against any architectural structure, mode of transport or locomotion, or against the assets of persons and institutions within the Republic of Paraguay, perpetrated with the same objectives as those set out in article ‧ of this Act第 ‧ 条: 国际恐怖主义还指那些目的与本法第 ‧ 条所述目的相同的、很有可能导致以下结果的行为:对乌拉圭共和国境内居民的人身或建筑物、交通工具或旅行,或对个人和机构的财产,采取应加惩罚的行为。
As defined by the United Nations, the culture of peace is a set of values, attitudes, modes of behaviour and ways of life that reject violence and prevent conflicts by tackling their root causes to solve problems through dialogue and negotiation among individuals, groups and nations按照联合国所下的定义,和平文化是一整套价值观、态度、行为方式和生活方式,它摒弃暴力,通过处理冲突的根本原因来预防冲突,通过个人、群体和国家之间的对话和谈判来解决问题。
Other factors that are of relevance to the priority-setting exercise include the composition of a country's trade, the mode of transport most commonly used, and the level of concentration of a country's foreign trade与确定优先事项有关的其他因素包括一国的贸易构成、最常使用的运输方式、一国外贸的集中程度等。
Failure to set the limits for the carrier's liability at an acceptable level, as compared to other modes of transportation, might prevent some countries from joining the draft convention, unless they were given the possibility to apply higher limits for domestic or non-localized incidents of loss or damage, a result which was recognized as being contrary to the objective of achieving a high degree of uniformity给承运人规定的赔偿责任限额,如果与其他运输方式相比无法令人接受,就会影响某些国家加入公约草案,除非允许这些国家对本国发生的或未确定事发地的灭失或损坏事故适用更高的限额,而这样做又被公认为违背了实现高度统一性目标。
On the basis of the pan-Arab responsibility requiring that priority be given to the family and that its position as a tool to further development be strengthened, and recognizing the changes and challenges the Arab family has faced and will face, the effects of which transcend the general political and economic aspects to reach the very soul of the family and the non-material elements of its structure such as values, beliefs, modes of behaviour and lifestyle, the setting of an Arab Strategy for the Family that defines the features of improving its situation and affirming its functions in the light of these changes, has become a vital matter requiring the highest levels of attention and support by Arab decision makers整个阿拉伯世界均有责任重视家庭问题,并加强家庭作为进一步发展的工具的地位,且有责任认识到阿拉伯家庭所面临和将要面临的变革和挑战,这些变革和挑战所具有的影响超过了一般的政治和经济问题,直接接触到了家庭问题和家庭结构中非婚姻问题--如价值观、信仰、行为方式和生活方式--的灵魂,因此,制定一项具有能够改善家庭特征,确立家庭在这些变革中所发挥作用的阿拉伯家庭战略,成为一个至关重要的问题,需要得到阿拉伯决策者的最高层次的关注和支持。
Pause button stops selected transfers and sets their mode to delayed暫停 按鈕停止所選擇的檔案傳輸 並設定它們的模式至 已延遲 。
Perhaps the country-specific mode should be launched as early as the meeting set for ‧ uly或许定于 ‧ 月 ‧ 日召开的会议就应尽早采取国别模式
It has been suggested that one disadvantage of the network system set out in article ‧ of the Draft Instrument is that it is still necessary to establish when, and of course, during which mode of transport, the loss occurred, and whether any of the laws in force govern the situation mandatorily有人指出,文书草案第 ‧ 条所规定的联网制度的一个缺点是,仍然必须确定灭失是在何时发生的,当然还有是在哪种运输方式期间发生的,以及是否有任何现行法律强制性地管辖这种情形。
Sets the correction mode for digital audio extraction.‧: No checking, data is copied directly from the drive. ‧: Perform overlapped reading to avoid jitter.‧: Like ‧ but with additional checks of the read audio data.‧: Like ‧ but with additional scratch detection and repair. The extraction speed reduces from ‧ to设置数字音频提取的纠错模式。 ‧: 不查错, 直接从驱动器复制数据。 这应该能用于目前所有的驱动器, 因为它们自己带有硬件纠错功能。 ‧: 进行重叠读取, 以避免抖动。 ‧: 和 ‧ 类似, 但对读取的音频数据作额外的检查。 ‧: 和 ‧ 类似但带有额外的划痕检测和修复。 提取速度从 ‧ 到 ‧ 越来越慢 。
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