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  • 互用模式集   
    The set of modes that are available for a particular source or target, given the constraints (for example, topology, modes pinned on other sources and targets) of a VidPN.
  • 共同功能模式組   
    The set of modes that are available for a particular source or target, given the constraints (for example, topology, modes pinned on other sources and targets) of a VidPN.

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he GATS distinguishes between four different ways in which a service can be traded, known as “modes of supply”: Mode ‧ cross-border supply- where the service itself crosses the border from one country to another, for example, telecommunications, insurance; Mode ‧ consumption abroad- where individuals travel to another country to use the service there, for example, hospital service and tourism; Mode ‧ commercial presence- where a foreign company sets up a subsidiary or branch within another country, for example, water companies in the country, hospitals, banks and energy companies; Mode ‧ movement of natural persons- where individuals travelling from their own country to supply services in another, for example, nurses and construction workers总协定区分四种不同的办法交换服务,称为“供应模式”:模式 ‧ 跨境供应--服务本身从一国越境进入另外一国(例如电信、保险);模式 ‧ 国外消费--个人旅行到国外去使用那里的服务,例如医院服务和旅游业;模式 ‧ 派驻商业机构--一个外国公司在另外一国成立一个附属机构或分支,例如,一个国家的供水公司、医院、银行和能源公司;模式 ‧ 自然人的移动--个人旅行到另一国去提供服务,例如,护士和建筑工人。
You can select the default graphics mode here. If you intend to use a VGA graphics mode, you must compile the kernel with support for framebuffer devices. The ask setting brings up a prompt at boot time. This sets a default for all Linux kernels you want to boot. If you need a per-kernel setting, go to the Operating systems tab and select Details选择默认的图形模式 。 如果您打算使用某个 VGA 图形模式, 您必须在内核中编译进帧缓冲设备的支持。 如果使用 询问 设置, 在启动时会显示提示并要求输入模式 。 该选项为所有要启动的 Linux 内核设置默认值。 如果您需要单个内核的设置, 请到 操作系统 页中选择 细节 。
Bilateral/plurilateral requests exhibit similar features, calling for enhanced commitments on: Modes ‧ and ‧ (e.g. for all subsectors mentioned in the annex, for a specific set of sectors, or for a minimum cluster of commitments as per understanding); Mode ‧ (e.g. eliminating certain sectoral and horizontal limitations); and Mode ‧ (e.g. seeking greater freedom for intra-corporate transferees and contractual service suppliers双边/复边要求有着共同的特点,要求在以下方面作出进一步承诺:方式 ‧ 和方式 ‧ (例如,附件所涉及的所有分部门,以及一系列具体的部门,或根据各项谅解作出最低限度的一揽子承诺);方式 ‧ (例如,消除某些部门和横向限制);方式 ‧ (例如,为公司内部的转移者和合同服务商争取更多的自由)。
If you are in the Grown-up mode, clicking on this button will set up the Kid mode. The Kid mode has no menubar and the font is bigger in the statusbar如果您处于少儿模式中, 单击此按钮将转设为幼儿模式。 幼儿模式下没有菜单栏, 而且状态栏的字体也较大 。
The Ministerial Declaration calls for commitments to be made for Modes ‧ and ‧ at existing levels of market access and sets out specific types of commitments for Mode《部长宣言》呼吁在现有市场准入水平上作出关于方式 ‧ 和 ‧ 的承诺并定出关于方式 ‧ 的具体承诺类型。
Queued button sets the mode of selected transfers to queued. It is a radio button--you can choose between three modes已佇列 按鈕將所選擇的檔案傳輸模式設定為 已佇列 。 它是個單選按鈕-- 你可以在三種模式中選擇一種 。
Scheduled button sets the mode of selected transfers to scheduled. It is a radio button--you can choose between three modes已排程 按鈕將所選擇的檔案傳輸模式設定為 已排程 。 它是一個單選按鈕-- 你可以在三種模式中選擇一種 。
You can select the graphics mode for this kernel here. If you intend to use a VGA graphics mode, you must compile the kernel with support for framebuffer devices. The ask setting brings up a prompt at boot time您可以选择内核使用的图形模式 。 如果您打算使用 VGA 图形模式, 您必须在内核中编译进帧缓冲设备的支持。 如果使用 询问 设置, 在启动时会显示提示并要求输入模式
Delayed button sets the mode of selected transfers to delayed. This also causes the selected transfers to stop. It is a radio button--you can choose between three modes已延遲 按鈕將所選擇的檔案傳輸 模式設定為 已延遲 。 它也會令所選擇的檔案 停止傳輸 。 它是一個單選按鈕-- 你可以在三種模式中選擇一種 。
Developing countries have called for commercially meaningful offers in mode ‧ and a group of countries made multilateral requests on this mode consistent with the modal objectives of the negotiations set out in the Hong Kong Ministerial Declaration发展中国家呼吁提供模式 ‧ 方面有商业意义的报价,一些国家按《香港部长宣言》中确定的谈判的模式目标对这一模式提出了多边要价。
Set the bluetooth adapter name. ‧ Set the bluetooth adapter mode. Where 'value ' is one of: ‧ off|connectable|discoverable设置蓝牙适配器的名称 。 ‧ 设置蓝牙适配器的模式。 其值“ value” 应该是下列之一 : ‧ off|connectable|discoverable
Allows you to alter the background to your presentation slides. Your options are Color/Gradient, (which lets you set either a plain color or one of many gradients) or Picture, which gives a dialog box to find the picture you want. Set the View mode: for this picture to Scaled, Centered, or Tiled您可更换幻灯片的背景。 您可从三种背景类型中加以选择 : 颜色 , 它允许您使用纯色或多种渐变效果作为背景 ; 剪贴画 , 它允许您找到硬盘中的矢量剪贴画作为背景 ; 图片 , 它允许您使用您喜爱的图片作为背景 。
Output Settings: Here you can determine the number of copies, the output order and the collate mode for the pages of your printjob. (Note, that the maximum number of copies allowed to print may be restricted by your print subsystem.) The 'Copies ' setting defaults to ‧. Additional hint for power users: This KDEPrint GUI element matches with the CUPS commandline job option parameter:-o copies=... ‧ examples: " ‧ " or " ‧ "-o outputorder=... ‧ example: " reverse "-o Collate=... ‧ example: " true " or " false "副本数: 在此确定所需的打印份数。 您可以点击上下箭头增加或减少数字。 您也可以直接在框中输入数字。 高级用户的额外提示: 此 KDEPrint GUI 元素可匹配 CUPS 命令行任务选项参数 :-o copies=... ‧ 例如“ ‧” 或“ ‧ ”
Set this option to display the camera mode and program used to take the image设定此选项以显示图像拍摄时所的相机拍摄模式和程序 。
UNICEF also repeatedly communicated with other United Nations system organizations on the project, its rationale, advantages and mode of operation. It did so both in the formal setting of the three SAP-SIG meetings held in ‧ and ‧ and in the informal context of responses to queries from ICAO, IMO, IOM, ITU, UNESCO and WFP儿童基金会还就该项目、其理论基础、好处以及运作方式多次与联合国系统其他组织沟通,不论是在 ‧ 年和 ‧ 年举行的SAP-SIG(系统应用产品--特别兴趣小组)会议这种正式场合,还是在答复民航组织、海事组织、移徙组织、国际电联、教科文组织和粮食规划署的问询这种非正式场合。
The culture of peace is a set of values, attitudes, modes of behaviour and ways of life that reject violence and prevent conflicts by tackling their root causes to solve problems through dialogue and negotiation among individuals, groups and nations和平的文化是由一整套拒绝暴力并防止冲突的价值观、态度、行为方式和生活方式组成的,通过对话和谈判来解决个人、团体和国家间的问题以解决冲突的根本原因。
Sets the correction mode for digital audio extraction.‧: No checking, data is copied directly from the drive. ‧: Perform overlapped reading to avoid jitter.‧: Like ‧ but with additional checks of the read audio data.‧: Like ‧ but with additional scratch detection and repair. The extraction speed reduces from ‧ to设置数字音频提取的纠错模式。 ‧: 不查错, 直接从驱动器复制数据。 这应该能用于目前所有的驱动器, 因为它们自己带有硬件纠错功能。 ‧: 进行重叠读取, 以避免抖动。 ‧: 和 ‧ 类似, 但对读取的音频数据作额外的检查。 ‧: 和 ‧ 类似但带有额外的划痕检测和修复。 提取速度从 ‧ 到 ‧ 越来越慢 。
Since grantor identity is the usual means by which notices of security are retrieved, registrants and searchers require guidance on the correct mode of setting out the identity of the grantor on the registered notice由于设保人身份是通常来检索担保通知的手段,所以登记人和搜索人都需要有在登记通知中关于设保人身份正确输入方式的指导。
On the one hand, the Agreement sets out in considerable detail the content of intellectual property rights- the requirements for the grant of rights, the duration of protection, the modes of enforcement另一方面,《协定》相当详细地列出了知识产权的内容-- 授予发明权、保护期、执行方式等要求。
However, learning from past failed cooperation attempts in the system, the Inspectors recommend setting up a CEB-driven ICT coordination mechanism with clear agreement on its mandate, mode of financing, decision-making power and expected outputs, and with the reasonable assurance from CEB members that recommendations will be followed and implementation progress reported to their respective governing bodies不过,从联合国系统中以往失败的合作尝试吸取教训,检查专员建议设立一个由行政首长协委会推动的信通技术协调机制,明确商定其任务授权、筹资方式、决策权力以及预期产出,由行政首长协委会成员合理地保证将遵循有关建议并向各自的理事会报告实施进展情况。
Auto paste button toggles the auto-paste mode on and off. When set, KGet will periodically scan the clipboard for URLs and paste them automatically自动粘贴 按钮可启动和关闭自动粘贴模式 。 当设置了这项功能 , KGet 将会周期性扫描剪贴板上的 URL 并自动粘贴这些 URL 。
The methods of teaching the general baccalaureate at the secondary level are adapted to the distance-learning mode; the curriculum has three components: (a) basic training, which is structured around the content of the science and humanities subjects; in addition to their academic elements, these subjects include time for practical work, applications and creativity; (b) applied training, which includes a set of integrated multidisciplinary activities in the form of problem-solving and study assignments, as well as seminars and projects on the country's problems普通中学毕业会考的教学方法按照远程教育的模式进行了调整;课程包括三个组成部分:(a)基本培训,围绕科学和人性主题进行安排,除了其学术内容之外,这些课程还包括实习、应用和创造力课时;(b)应用培训,包括开展综合性多学科活动,采取解答问题和课堂作业以及组织国家问题讨论会和项目的形式。
c) Documentation management: planning and coordinating the document production schedule in accordance with the requirements of meetings, including determining the most cost-effective combination of in-house and temporary assistance staff and contractual resources; ensuring the timely and efficient processing of all documentation by means of forecasting, scheduling, setting priorities, deciding on the most cost-effective mode of work and monitoring and expediting the work; arranging for the exchange of work between duty stations; coordinating remote translation for meetings held outside of Nairobi and electronic transmission of documentation; generating workload statistics; ensuring the uploading of the United Nations Office at Nairobi documents onto ODSc) 文件管理:按照会议需求,规划和协调文件制作时间表,包括以最具成本效益的方法综合配置内部资源和临时人员及承包资源;通过预测、安排、确定轻重缓急、决定成本效益最高的工作方法以及监测和加快工作进度,确保及时和有效率地处理各种文件;安排各工作地点间的工作交换;协调在内罗毕以外举行会议的远距离翻译和文件的电子传送;进行工作量统计;将联合国内罗毕办事处的文件上传到联合国正式文件系统
The International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code is continuously being updated by IMO to accommodate new dangerous goods and to harmonize it with the United Nations Recommendations on the Transport of Dangerous Goods, which sets the basic requirements for all transport modes海事组织正在不断更新《国际海洋危险品准则》,以包含新的危险品,并使其同《联合国关于危险货物运输的建议》相一致,该建议对所有运输方式均提出了基本要求。
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