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  • 石屎森林   

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(idiomatic) An urban or other populated area containing a high density of buildings constructed of concrete or similar materials, especially one which lacks greenery and which seems unattractive, harsh, or unsafe.

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The Committee remains concerned at persistent allegations of conflict between the Government and members of the Hmong minority who have taken refuge in the jungle or mountainous areas of the Lao People's Democratic Republic since委员会对不断有人指责政府与自 ‧ 年以来已经避居到老挝人民民主共和国丛林或山区的苗(Hmong)族之间存在冲突依然十分关注。
In North Kivu, FDLR controls many gold-mining pits based in the jungle west of the town of Lubero在北基伍地区,解放卢旺达民主力量控制着卢贝罗镇以西丛林地区的许多金矿矿场。
I' m still not sure what happened... with all that dodgy business back in the jungle我 仍然 不確定 在 叢林 裏發生了 甚? 麽 詭異 的 事情
In today's world, where the law of the jungle prevails, the only ones that can champion justice are the strong在盛行弱肉强食法则的当今世界上,只有那些自身强大的国家才能够主持正义。
Although it was true that globalization could lead to greater inequalities, accepting globalization did not mean accepting the law of the jungle or anarchy虽然全球化会导致更大的不平等,接受全球化不是要接受无法无天和弱肉强食。
We are not in a jungle, after all我们毕竟不是生活在丛林之中。
Mr. Ntakirutimana (Burundi), noting that the Democratic Republic of the Congo had gone through a difficult period where the law of the jungle had been the order of the day in many areas, said that the country's authorities should be encouraged to achieve their goal of peace and developmentNtakirutimana先生(布隆迪)提到刚果民主共和国困难的过去,他提请注意,在刚果民主共和国,弱肉强食的规则曾经在许多方面大行其道,这个国家的当局值得同情与鼓励,应鼓励他们在自己开辟的道路上继续前进,这条道路就是和平与发展之路。
What was shown on television was evidence that the law of the jungle prevailed and confirmed the characteristic arrogance of Israeli behaviour电视上展示的东西是“弱肉强食”的表现,也是以色列固有的傲慢行为的证明。
Mothers went into the jungle in attempts to bring their sons home母亲们深入丛林中,试图将他们的儿子带回家。
“Sanity has won over insanity and the rule of law has prevailed over the law of the jungle“理智战胜了疯狂,法治战胜了丛林法则。
For a period of ‧ years, the mobile surgery programme had used telemedicine when operating in the Ecuadorian Amazon jungle and the high slopes of the Andes and Pacific coastal plains十一年来,移动外科手术方案使用远程医疗在厄瓜多尔亚马逊丛林、安第斯山脉高坡和太平洋海岸平原进行手术。
Similarly, our daily work will become more transparent and focused when we have streamlined the jungle of reports and meetings同样,一旦我们精简了繁琐的报告和会议之后,我们的日常工作将变得更加透明,更加集中。
If we allow the advancement of ideas that would tend to give yet more power to the powerful, making it easier for them to exercise their policy of domination using our Organization for that purpose, we would be contributing directly to legitimizing the law of the jungle in the system of international relations如果我们允许推动这种倾向于使强者获得更多权利的想法,使强者更容易为此目的利用本组织推行其征服政策,我们将直接帮助使丛林法则在国际关系制度中合法化。
The concession is held by local businessman Floyd Thomas, through his company, Jungle Waters当地商人Floyd Thomas通过他的公司“森林之水”持有特许权。
Apparently, the man had been found dead in the jungle显然,丈夫是被发现死在丛林里的。
Their task is essential for mankind, considering Colombia's rich biodiversity and its ‧ square kilometres of jungle, which are threatened by illicit drugs考虑到哥伦比亚丰富的生物多样性及其 ‧ 万平方公里正受到非法毒品威胁的丛林,他们的工作对于人类必不可少。
In Thailand, most of the mine suspected areas were and are located in the tropical jungle and on dangerous slopes and terrain在泰国,被怀疑为雷区的大多数地区位于热带丛林中,具有危险的斜坡和地形。
Is it and are we ascending towards upholding the values of democracy, justice and the rule of law, or are we descending into tyranny, the law of the jungle and the imposition of the policies of fait accompli?我们是走向弘扬民主、正义与法治的价值,还是退回专制、丛林法则以及推行既成事实的政策?
The Colombian Forester Families Programme to combat the felling of tropical forests and the Amazon jungle provided for a Government subsidy that had allowed ‧ families to replace illicit crops by alternative crops与砍伐热带雨林和亚马孙丛林作斗争的哥伦比亚森林家庭方案规定了一个政府补贴,使 ‧ 户家庭得以用替代作物取代了非法作物。
The report of the Committee of Experts refers to material that purported to be from nearly every state and division of the country on several hundred cases of forced labour, including forced portering, repair and maintenance of army camps and villages for displaced people, cultivation of paddy and other fields, road construction, clearing of jungle areas, “human minesweeping”, patrolling and sentry duty专家委员会的报告援引据称“来自全国几乎所有邦和省的几百件案件”的材料,都涉及强迫劳动,包括强迫搬运、修理和维持军营和流离失所者村庄、稻田和其他耕地的耕种、修筑公路、清理丛林地区、“人体扫雷”、巡逻和站岗。
The Jungle Waters mine in close proximity to Gbapa (see ‧ para ‧ ) is being reopened目前正在重新开启Gbapa附近的丛林水源矿(见 ‧ 号文件,第 ‧ 段)。
Should it proceed to do that, it would be sending an effective message to our sub-region that what is appropriate for us is the rule of the jungle, and that principles of international law have absolutely no relevance to our region如果它这样做,那实际上是向本分区域发出一个信息,即对我们适用的弱肉强食规则,而国际法原则跟我们这个区域毫无关系。
The use of economic sanctions with a view to changing the political systems of the targeted countries undermines the very basis of international relations and takes the world back to the law of the jungle使用经济制裁以改变目标对像国的政治制度,破坏了国际关系的基础,使世界倒退至丛林法则。
It is shocking and deplorable, indeed, for the United Nations Security Council to protect the interests of big countries at the sacrifice of small countries on the basis of jungle law though it is obliged to adhere to the principle of impartiality联合国安全理事会本应遵守公正原则,但令人震惊和愤慨的是,安全理事会以弱肉强食法则,保护大国利益,牺牲小国。
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