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  • 石屎森林   

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(idiomatic) An urban or other populated area containing a high density of buildings constructed of concrete or similar materials, especially one which lacks greenery and which seems unattractive, harsh, or unsafe.

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Articles ‧ and ‧ of the Native Communities and Agrarian Development in the Jungle and High Jungle Regions Act (Decree Law No ‧ ) stipulates that indigenous communities' land must be protected in accordance with Supreme Decree No第 ‧ 号法令(热带雨林及边缘地区土著社区和农业发展法)第 ‧ 和 ‧ 条规定,应依照第 ‧ 最高法令(农村土地地契和地籍特别项目组织运作条例)保护土著领地。
For climatic reasons, coca leaves are grown on the edge of the jungle or the high jungle in Peru; the main centres for processing drugs and shipping them to Colombia and the United States are also located there由于气候上的原因,可可叶要生长在丛林边缘或高原丛林内,而且那些加工和贩运毒品到哥伦比亚和美利坚合众国的主要贩毒中心也均位于那些地方。
Along the border with Ecuador progress is hindered by a huge expanse of dense vegetations, divided into the high jungle and lowland jungle, with badlands and hard to reach creeks, fast-running rivers and heavy precipitation在与厄瓜多尔交界地带,大片区域植被茂密,植被分为高地丛林和低地丛林。 劣地、人迹罕至的小溪、湍急的河流和大量降水都阻碍了行动的进展。
The President introduced the documents that would serve as the basis for the discussion on concrete measures, which comprised notes by the secretariat on the compilation of concrete elements and strategic elements ( ‧ ); a possible matrix structure for mapping interrelationships among SAICM actions ( ‧ dd ‧ ); comments on the compilation of concrete elements and strategic elements ( ‧ dd ‧ and Add ‧ ); the report of the African regional meeting ( ‧ ); a conference room paper on the next steps concerning the development of a strategic approach to international chemicals management; a conference room paper on possible options for the prioritisation of concrete measures and the report of the regional meeting of the group of Latin American and Caribbean countries主席向会议介绍了那些将作为就具体措施开展讨论的基础的相关文件,这些文件包括由秘书处就具体要点和战略要点的汇编编制的说明( ‧ );说明化管战略方针各项行动之间的相互关联的可能示意结构图( ‧ dd ‧ );针对具体要点和战略要点汇编发表的评论意见( ‧ dd ‧ 和Add ‧ );非洲区域会议的报告 ( ‧ );关于进一步拟定一项国际化学品管理战略方针的今后步骤的会议室文件;一份关于确定各项具体措施的优先顺序的可能备选办法的会议室文件、以及拉丁美洲和加勒比国家集团区域会议的报告( ‧ )。
These projects include: (a) construction of concrete stubs, which are being installed along the perimeter fence of the Detention Facility to prevent direct penetration by vehicles into the compound; (b) construction of high-speed bumps to deter any vehicular suicide attack along the main entrance to the Facility; (c) upgrading of the Arusha International Conference Centre to include the construction of concrete stub columns, the erection of barriers and motorized steel gates and the construction of speed bumps at main entry points, together with heightening of the main concrete wall along the main boulevard entrance; and (d) installation of a closed-circuit television surveillance system at headquarters这些项目包括:(a) 建造水泥礅,沿拘留所围栏排放,以防车辆直接冲入场院;(b) 在拘留所正门路前设置减速路障,以防任何人驾车携弹自杀攻击;(c) 翻新阿鲁沙国际会议中心,包括建造水泥礅,设置障碍物,铁门电动化,在各个主要入口设置减速路障,增高正门大道上的大水泥墙;(d) 在总部安装闭路电视监测系统。
The secretariat introduced the following documents that it had prepared at the request of the Preparatory Committee at its first session: Compilations of concrete elements and strategic elements, headings and sub-headings identified during the first session of the Committee ( ‧ ); A possible matrix structure for mapping interrelationships among strategic approach to international chemicals management actions ( ‧ dd ‧ ); Comments on the compilations of concrete elements and strategic elements, headings and sub-headings identified during the first session of the committee ( ‧ ); and Additional comments on the compilations of concrete elements and strategic elements, headings and sub-headings identified during the first session of the Committee ( ‧ dd ‧ and秘书处向会议介绍了它根据筹委会第一届会议提出的要求编制的下列各项文件:关于在筹备委员会第一届会议期间提出的各项具体要点和战略要点以及标题和小标题的综合汇编( ‧ );可用于列述和说明各项国际化学品管理行动战略方针之间的相互关系的示意结构图( ‧ dd ‧ );关于对筹备委员会第一届会议期间提出的各项具体要点和战略要点以及标题和小标题的综合汇编的评论意见( ‧ );关于对筹备委员会第一届会议期间提出的各项具体要点和战略要点以及标题和小标题的综合汇编的补充评论意见( ‧ dd ‧ 和 ‧ )。
The complainant added that he never informed the police about the incident in the jungle, for fear of being killed by members of FARE-DP申诉人又说,他从来不曾向警察报告丛林里发生的事件,因为担心被厄多人民军队员杀害。
The Committee remains concerned at persistent allegations of conflict between the Government and members of the Hmong minority who have taken refuge in the jungle or mountainous areas of the Lao People's Democratic Republic since委员会对不断有人指责政府与自 ‧ 年以来已经避居到老挝人民民主共和国丛林或山区的苗(Hmong)族之间存在冲突依然十分关注。
The international legal underpinning of human civilization is threatened with destruction; there is a trend towards rapidly enshrining the law of the jungle人类文明的国际法律基础面临遭到破坏的威胁;有一种迅速地将弱肉强食的丛林法则奉为神圣的倾向。
It is shocking and deplorable, indeed, for the United Nations Security Council to protect the interests of big countries at the sacrifice of small countries on the basis of jungle law though it is obliged to adhere to the principle of impartiality联合国安全理事会本应遵守公正原则,但令人震惊和愤慨的是,安全理事会以弱肉强食法则,保护大国利益,牺牲小国。
What logic could be used by the countries of the world to justify to their people the waging of a war, in contravention of international law and in grave and flagrant violation of the Charter, in order to pursue hidden objectives that give precedence to the law of the jungle over international legitimacy?违反国际法并公然严重违反《宪章》,发动一场战争,以寻求让弱肉强食规则凌驾在国际法制之上的隐藏目标,世界各国可以用什么逻辑来为这样做而向自己的人民提出辩解?
The suffering of the Palestinian people has become a testing ground for Israel's poisonous actions inspired by the law of the jungle巴勒斯坦人民的痛苦已经成为受到丛林法则启发的以色列的有害行动的试验场。
In today's world, where the law of the jungle prevails, the only ones that can champion justice are the strong在盛行弱肉强食法则的当今世界上,只有那些自身强大的国家才能够主持正义。
The soil of the slopes is thin as a result of leaching and can support only jungle vegetation经沥滤后的山坡地的土壤很薄,所以只能用于丛林种植。
On ‧ une ‧ according to reports, Noor Mohammad Khan was arrested by army personnel and taken to the Katsun jungle of Bandipora were he was allegedly shot dead年 ‧ 月 ‧ 日,根据收到的报告,Noor Mohammad Khan被军人带走,带到了Bandipora的Katsun丛林里,他在那里被杀死。
Here, he reminded me really of Nagaina in the short story Rikki-Tikki-Tavi, in Kipling's Jungle Book, where Nagaina said, “If you move, I strike在此他真是令我想起了吉卜林《丛林故事集》中短篇故事“Rikki-Tikki-Tavi”里的人物纳甘娜,她在故事中说:“你动,我就打;你不动,我也打。”
Furthermore, those arriving from the Democratic Republic of the Congo are more sickly than in the past and their children have had less access to education because these refugees have stayed longer in the jungle此外,从刚果民主共和国返回的难民与以前相比更为孱弱,他们的孩子更缺乏受教育的机会,原因是这些难民呆在丛林中的时间更长。
The report of the Committee of Experts refers to material that purported to be from nearly every state and division of the country on several hundred cases of forced labour, including forced portering, repair and maintenance of army camps and villages for displaced people, cultivation of paddy and other fields, road construction, clearing of jungle areas, “human minesweeping”, patrolling and sentry duty专家委员会的报告援引据称“来自全国几乎所有邦和省的几百件案件”的材料,都涉及强迫劳动,包括强迫搬运、修理和维持军营和流离失所者村庄、稻田和其他耕地的耕种、修筑公路、清理丛林地区、“人体扫雷”、巡逻和站岗。
Furthermore, United States military was showing utter disregard for the lives of the people demonstrating against the military exercises and was treating them like an enemy army or like wild beasts in the jungle此外,美国军队完全无视反军事演习示威者的生命价值,将他们视为敌军或丛林里的野兽。
In the approximately ‧ million square kilometres of our national territory, of which almost ‧ square kilometres are jungle, the lack of a State presence in many areas has been taken advantage of by terrorists在我们国家大约 ‧ 万平方公里的国土上,几乎有 ‧ 平方公里是丛林,许多地方缺乏国家存在的现状为恐怖主义分子所利用。
Yet, at the same time, we must continue to ensure that there are adequate safeguards to prevent abuse or a return to the law of the jungle然而,与此同时,我们必须继续确保提供适当的保障,以防止滥用或重返弱肉强食的状态。
Such a system cannot be replaced by “the law of the jungle” for the benefit of the powerful and, ultimately, of the only super-Power这样一个体系不能被符合强国、最终是唯一超级大国利益的“弱肉强食”法则所取代。
The concession is held by local businessman Floyd Thomas, through his company, Jungle Waters当地商人Floyd Thomas通过他的公司“森林之水”持有特许权。
Many took to the jungle, others went to Kathmandu, reportedly to avoid being apprehended or killed by the police许多人躲进了丛林,另有一些人流落到加德满都,据称都是为了逃避被警察抓走或杀害的噩运。
There are only two major antagonists: the Government in Luanda and the UNITA rebels in the jungles只有两个主要敌对方:位于罗安达的政府和身在密林中的安盟叛乱分子。
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