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New core topics include country of birth (in conjunction with place of birth); year or period of arrival at the current address; date of birth of last child born alive; household deaths in the past ‧ months; disability status; main source of drinking water; type of toilet; sewage disposal; fuel used for cooking; and the availability of information and communication technology devices新的核心议题包括出生国(与出生地相连);抵达目前居住地址的年份或时间;最后一个活产孩子的出生日期;残疾与否;饮水的主要来源;厕所种类;污水处理方法;炊煮用的燃料;可用上的信息和通信技术设施。
In a country where the Birth and Death Registration Act is not strictly adhered to and where there is no mandatory requirement for a job applicant to produce evidence of the date of birth, some workers may be employed in jobs for which, under the Labour Act, they do not meet the minimum legal age requirement在一个不严格遵守出生和死亡登记法和申请工作时无出示出生日期证据的强制性要求的国家,有些工人所从事的工作根据劳工法可能不符合最低法定年龄要求。
For child mortality, the target is to reduce mortality rate of children under ‧ years from ‧ per ‧ live birth in ‧ to ‧ per ‧ live births by ‧ in a ‧ percent reduction, and to ‧ per cent reduction from the baseline to ‧ by ‧ and ‧ per cent reduction from the baseline, to ‧ by ‧ and, similarly to reduce the mortality rate of children under ‧ year old from ‧ deaths per ‧ live births in ‧ to ‧ per cent ( ‧ deaths per ‧ live births) by ‧ and to ‧ per cent reduction from the baseline to ‧ by ‧ and to ‧ per cent reduction from the baseline to ‧ by ‧ and to expand national immunization coverage for children under one year against three diseases (diphtheria,whooping cough and tetanus) from ‧ per cent in ‧ to ‧ per cent in ‧ and to sustain that coverage during the years from ‧ to就儿童死亡率而言,目标是将 ‧ 岁以下儿童的死亡率从 ‧ 每 ‧ 活产 ‧ 人下降到 ‧ 每 ‧ 活产 ‧ 人,即下降 ‧ %,在 ‧ 之前比基线下降 ‧ %,即下降到 ‧ 人,在 ‧ 之前比基线下降 ‧ %,即下降到 ‧ 人;同样将 ‧ 岁以下儿童的死亡率从 ‧ 每 ‧ 活产 ‧ 人死亡在 ‧ 之前下降 ‧ %(每 ‧ 活产 ‧ 人死亡)在 ‧ 之前比基线下降 ‧ %,即下降到 ‧ 人,并在 ‧ 之前比基线下降 ‧ %,即下降到 ‧ 人,并扩大 ‧ 岁以下儿童预防三种疾病(白喉、百日咳和破伤风)的全国免疫覆盖方案,从 ‧ 的 ‧ %上升到 ‧ 的 ‧ %,并在 ‧ 至 ‧ 期间保持这一覆盖范围。
A number of delegations emphasized the value of a dynamic approach and keeping registration data up-to-date, in view of shifting populations and circumstances, including refugee births and deaths鉴于人口和环境的变更,包括难民的出生和死亡,若干代表团强调了动态性的方针和不断修订数据登记的重要意义。
A person born outside Tuvalu on or after the date on which this Constitution took effect is a citizen of Tuvalu by birth if on the date of his birth either of his parents is, or would but for his death have been, a citizen of Tuvalu.”如果在他出生时父母双方有一方是图瓦卢公民,或如果不是其死亡则便是图瓦卢公民,则《宪法》生效日期或之后在图瓦卢以外地方出生的人是根据出生地取得图瓦卢国籍的公民。”
b) in the case of a child who was born after the death of his father to a mother who did not have that status at the date of birth of the child, his father had that status at the date of his death; orb) 出生时父亲已亡故,母亲不具有永久居民身份,但其父在死亡时已获永久居民身份;或
At present ‧ entries for individuals do not contain a full name and date of birth; another ‧ have a full name and date of birth, but nothing else; and ‧ have a name, date and place of birth but no other identifiers, such as nationality, address or country of residence目前 ‧ 个个人条目未列出全名和出生日期;另外 ‧ 个条目列出了全名和出生日期,但是除此之外再无任何其他资料 ‧ 个条目列出了名字、出生日期和出生地点,但是却没有诸如国籍、地址或居住国等任何其他识别资料。
The birth rate and accordingly also the excess of births over deaths (births minus deaths) have decreased overall since ‧ but have remained roughly stable since the ‧ s自 ‧ 以来,整体出生率下降,因此出生超过死亡率(出生人数减去死亡人数)也在下降,但从 ‧ 年代起大体保持稳定。
The Committee notes that the State party has enacted domestic legislation to guarantee registration at birth (the Registration of Births and Deaths Act), but is concerned that some children are still not registered at birth and are not given a name until their baptism, which could be three or four months after their birth和经济、社会、文化权利委员会( ‧ dd ‧ )一样,委员会对教育部门预算拨款的减少和教育质量的下降表示关切。 委员会仍然关切的是:辍学率、留级和缺课率居高不下,农村地区儿童难以上学。
Perinatal deaths related to care during pregnancy and birth, and deaths of newborns, which accounted for just over one quarter of all deaths in this age group in ‧ ( ‧ per cent), increased in relative terms to almost one half of infant deaths in ‧ ( ‧ per cent在怀孕和出生期间与护理相关的产期死亡以及新生儿死亡在该年龄组所有死亡中只占四分之一强( ‧ %),但在 ‧ 婴儿死亡率相对而言增加了几乎一半( ‧ %)。
Household allowances are also granted to workers upon the birth of each of the first three children of a marriage that has been formalized in the presence of the Registrar of births, marriages and deaths or of a subsequent marriage if the death of the previous spouse was officially declared (article对于劳动者在户籍部门登记注册的婚姻内或配偶正常申报死亡后的后续婚姻内出生的头三个孩子,其在每个孩子出生时都可以享受劳动者家庭补助(第 ‧ 条)。
It is acquired by birth if at least one of the parents of the child holds Estonian citizenship at the time of the birth of the child or the child is born after the death of his or her father and if the father held Estonian citizenship at the time of his death公民资格由出生而获得,如果至少子女的父母之一在子女出生时具有爱沙尼亚公民资格,或子女是在其父亲死后出生,以及如果其父亲在死亡时具有爱沙尼亚公民资格。
The link between government and the village is the village mayor or pulenuu who is elected for a three year term and receives remuneration for administrative duties such as registering births and deaths and providing such information to the Register of Births and Deaths at the Justice Department政府和乡村之间的联系是村长或pulenuu,他们当选后的任期是三,并领受报酬,履行政管理职责,如登记出生与死亡,为司法部出生与死亡登记册提供资料。
In this regard, it is important to point out that the above Act makes special provision for women in connection with the enforcement of death sentences against them by stipulating that: “If it transpires that a woman sentenced to death is pregnant and she gives birth to a live infant, execution of the death sentence shall be stayed and the matter referred to the court which passed sentence in order for the death penalty to be commuted to life imprisonment.”在这方面,需要指出的是,上述法令在对妇女执行死刑问题上作出了特殊规定,即“如果得知被判死刑的妇女怀有身孕以及所孩子为活产,应中止死刑的执行,并将此事提交原审法院,以便将死刑减为终身监禁。”
In the case of the birth of a child within ‧ days from the date of dissolution or annulment of a marriage or from the date of death of the husband of the child's mother, the mother's former husband is recognized as the father of the child, unless it is proved otherwise如果自解除婚姻关系或宣布婚姻无效之日起或在母亲的丈夫去世之日起 ‧ 天内子,如无其他证明,母亲的前夫应被认定为孩子的父亲。
Adverse health effects in children include low birth weight, fetal growth retardation and congenital abnormalities, at birth; post-natal health effects include respiratory problems, increased risk of sudden infant death syndrome (cot death), reduced physical development, increased cognition and behaviour problems and an increased risk of childhood cancers对儿童的健康危害包括:出生时发育严重迟缓、体重低和先天畸形;出生后的健康影响包括:呼吸道问题,婴儿猝死综合症风险增加、身体发育缓慢、认知和行为问题多以及儿童期癌症风险高。
The Committee notes that the Births and Deaths Act provides for the registration of all children at birth and that recent initiatives have been undertaken to improve and facilitate the process of birth registration, particularly in rural areas. However, the Committee is concerned that many children are still not registered关于委员会确保受国内冲突影响地区的出生登记的建议,委员会欢迎缔约国在这方面所作努力,但认为需要作出更大努力以确保所有儿童,特别是属于最脆弱群体的儿童都得到登记。
The Programme of Action urged that by ‧ under-five mortality should be reduced by one third or to a maximum ofdeaths per ‧ births in all countries, and that under-five mortality should decline to below ‧ deaths per ‧ births in all countries by ‧ (para ‧ ), a goal consistent with the United Nations Millennium Declaration's goal of reducing under-five mortality by two thirds between ‧ and《行动纲领》敦促所有国家到 ‧ ,把婴儿和 ‧ 岁以下幼儿的死亡率降低三分之一,或把每 ‧ 个活产婴儿的死亡率降到 ‧ 个;到 ‧ ,所有国家把婴儿和 ‧ 岁以下幼儿每 ‧ 个活产婴儿的死亡率降到 ‧ 个以下(第 ‧ 段),这一目标符合《千宣言》中关于从 ‧ 到 ‧ ,把婴儿和 ‧ 岁以下幼儿的死亡率降低三分之二的目标。
Registration of newborns As explained in paragraph ‧ of the previous report, the Births and Deaths Registration Ordinance provides that the particulars of a child born alive in Hong Kong must be registered with the Births Registry within ‧ days of the birth正如上一份报告第 ‧ 段所述,《生死登记条例》(第 ‧ 章)订明,在香港活产的婴儿,其出生资料必须在婴儿出生后 ‧ 天内,在出生登记处登记。
The birth and death rates are ‧ births per ‧ of population anddeaths per ‧ of population, respectively人口的出生、死亡率分别为 ‧ ‰和 ‧ ‰。
In the ‧ s, child mortality rates were in excess of ‧ per ‧ births; by the ‧ s the figure had fallen to ‧ deaths per ‧ births, and in the ‧ s the infant mortality rate was down to ‧ per ‧ births, while the corresponding figure for children between the ages ofand ‧ was六十代婴儿死亡率超过每千例活产 ‧ 人,八十代婴儿死亡率为每千例活产 ‧ 名,九十代这个比例又下降到每千名新生儿有 ‧ 名死亡,每千名 ‧ 至 ‧ 岁婴儿中有 ‧ 名死亡。
This historic demographic transition from a state of high birth and death rates to one characterized by low birth and death rates will result, for the first time in human history, in the old and the young representing an equal share in the population人口由高出生率和高死亡率状态转入低出生率和低死亡率状态,这一具有历史意义的变化,将在人类历史上第一次使人口中的老人和青年所占比例实现持平。
At the current pace of decline in under-five mortality ‧ countries will not have met the goal of having an under-five mortality rate below ‧ deaths per ‧ live births by ‧ and ‧ countries will not have met the goal of reaching an under-five mortality below ‧ deaths per ‧ live births by照目前五岁以下儿童死亡率的下降速度 ‧ 个国家将无法实现至迟在 ‧ 使五岁以下儿童死亡率减少到每千名活产死亡 ‧ 人的目标 ‧ 个国家将无法实现在 ‧ 前使五岁以下儿童死亡率减为每千名活产死亡 ‧ 人的目标。
In ‧ the probability of dying between birth and the age of ‧ in the less developed regions was estimated at ‧ deaths per ‧ births- a level nine times higher than that in the more developed regions, where under ‧ mortality was estimated at ‧ deaths per ‧ (see table在 ‧ 期间,欠发达区域的出生到 ‧ 岁期间的死亡概率估计为每 ‧ 例活产有 ‧ 例死亡,是较发达区域的 ‧ 倍,较发达区域的 ‧ 岁以下死亡率估计为每 ‧ 例活产 ‧ 例死亡(见表 ‧ )。
As revealed by the ‧ and ‧ population censuses, the Lao PDR appears to have made progress in reducing maternal mortality- from a figure ofdeaths per ‧ live births in ‧ to ‧ deaths per ‧ live births in如 ‧ 和 ‧ 人口普查所示,老挝人民民主共和国似乎在减少孕产妇死亡率方面取得进展--从 ‧ 每 ‧ 例活产 ‧ 例降至 ‧ 每 ‧ 例活产 ‧ 例。
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