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The report identifies management challenges in the Office, including “unclear leadership direction, inefficient coordination and undocumented work processes for some critical tasks” and recommends steps to improve internal coordination and communication, and to identify and document critical work processes报告确列出了人权高专办管理方面的挑战,包括“领导方向不明,协调效率低下,一些关键任务没有明文工作流程”,并建议采取措施改善内部协调和沟通,并确定和记录重要工作流程。
It should be mentioned that this exercise has been criticized by the person who is preparing this report, on the grounds that it aims to give direct coercive powers to arbitrators, enabling them to decree such measures without any judicial support or help; in other words, it aims to confer “jus imperium” on arbitrators with regard to interim measures or anticipatory measures or preliminary orders应当指出的是,本报告起草人对这种做法是持批评态度的,因为其目的在于赋予仲裁员直接的强制权力,使他们能够在没有任何司法支持或帮助的情况下颁布这些措施;换言之,这种做法旨在赋予仲裁员在临时或预防措施或初步命令方面的“统治权”。
Indeed, the effective use of national resources, trade, official development assistance for technical cooperation, and foreign direct investment are critical to creating a macroeconomic environment for supporting sustainable forest management的确,有效利用国内资源、开展贸易、将官方发展援助用于技术合作以及提供外国直接投资对于为支助可持续森林管理创造一个宏观经济环境是十分重要的。
The international community expects the Government of Turkey to terminate its illegal occupation and behave in a completely different and certainly more responsible manner, especially during the present critical period, when direct talks are being held between President Clerides and the Turkish-Cypriot leader, Mr. R. Denktash, in an effort to achieve a just and viable solution of the Cyprus problem on the basis of Security Council resolutions国际社会期望土耳其政府结束非法占领,并以完全不同和更加负责的方式采取行动,尤其是在目前这个关键时期,因为克莱里季斯总统正与土族塞人领袖登克塔什先生直接会谈,根据安全理事会有关决议,努力达成解决塞浦路斯问题的一项公正和可行的办法。
Some criticism of a general nature has been voiced with regard to articles ‧ to ‧ on State responsibility and to the parallel provisions of the current draft which consider aid or assistance, direction and control, and coercion on the part of an international organization有人对国家责任第 ‧ 至 ‧ 条并对现有草案的类似规定提出某些一般性批评,这些规定考虑到一个国际组织所进行的援助或协助、指挥和控制以及胁迫。
On Africa, the secretariat was critical of the Poverty Reduction Strategy Papers, and it was true that some problems had arisen in that connection, but appropriate measures were being taken on ownership, follow-up and costs, and the process was going in the right direction关于非洲问题,秘书处对减贫战略文件持批评的态度,的确,这方面出现了一些问题,但围绕所有权、跟踪和费用等问题正在采取适当措施,这方面的工作正朝着正确的方向进行。
An essential lesson from the experiences of countries that have successfully promoted growth and development is the critical role of active and well sequenced policies directed at promoting productive investment, developing human resources and an efficient infrastructure, enhancing institutional capacity, building technological capability, and supporting local enterprises, including linkages between large and small enterprises成功地促进增长和发展的国家的经验给人的一个基本教益是:积极、顺序安排得当的政策发挥着至关重要的作用,这些政策旨在促进生产投资,开发人力资源和高效率的基础设施,增强体制能力,逐步建立技术能力,并为本地企业提供支持,包括帮助建立大型企业和小企业之间的联系。
The Sámi Parliament also criticizes the fact that the municipalities of the Sámi area do not arrange sufficient services in Sámi directed at children and the young萨米议会还批评萨米地区的各市政当局没有针对萨米儿童和青少年安排足够的服务项目这一事实。
While the introduction of some flexibility may be a step in the right direction, there is the risk that these reforms and new facilities will not substantially alter traditional IMF conditionality which has been the subject of many criticisms in the past引进一些灵活性可能是朝正确方向跨出的一步,但是存在这些改革和信贷款机制不能实质性改变货币基金组织以往备受批评的传统条件的风险。
ESA recognizes that the efforts of major space agencies are now heading in similar directions and are reaching the critical mass needed to attain concrete developments with respect to space missions欧空局认识到主要空间机构的工作目前正朝着类似的方向前进,并且达到了在空间飞行任务方面取得实际进展所需的临界量。
This paper certainly agrees that the meaning of the `expected' incidental loss of civilian life or damage to civilian property weighed against the `anticipated' concrete and direct military advantage are the critical issues in this debate本文件当然地认为,将“预想”的具体和直接军事利益同何种含义的“预期”附带平民生命损失或平民财产损害进行权衡,是讨论的核心问题。
That was an opportunity missed at a crucial moment for the world community to give direction and to address the critical issues confronting us all这是国际社会指出方向、处理我们所有人面临的关键问题的关键时刻,但这个机会错过了。
While the International Tribunals have played an important role by providing a direct form of accountability for perpetrators of gender-based crimes, it is critical that States recognize their responsibility and have the capacity to enforce law, end impunity, prosecute perpetrators of violence and provide redress and compensation to survivors of gender-based violence各国际法庭发挥了重要作用,对犯有基于性别罪行者提供一种直接的问责形式。 但是各国必须认识到各自的责任,建立起执法能力,结束有罪不罚的现象,将实施暴力者送交法办,并为基于性别暴力的幸存者提供补救和赔偿。
The focus of the project is directed towards protection measures for mission-critical ICT services这个项目的重点是对至关重要的信通技术服务的保护措施。
While the slight increase in ODA levels in recent years, especially as compared to the declining levels attained in the late ‧ s, is a step in the right direction, participants emphasized the need for renewed and strengthened efforts by donor countries to meet as expeditiously as possible their commitments on ODA targets contained in the Programme of Action in view of the critical role of ODA in financing development in LDCs and the slow and geographically concentrated increase in private capital flows官方发展援助水平近年来略有提高,特别是相对于 ‧ 年代后半期下降的水平而言,这是向正确方向迈出的一步,但与会者强调,鉴于官方发展援助在最不发达国家发展融资方面的关键作用,鉴于私人资本流动增长缓慢且地域集中,需要捐赠国作出新的和更强有力的努力,以便尽可能迅速地达到《行动纲领》所载的官方发展援助目标。
Moreover, an increasing portion of recent increases in official development assistance has been directed to emergency relief, particularly to countries deemed critical for security reasons in the perception of donors再者,近年增加的官方发展援助,越来越大的部分用于紧急救济,特别是捐助者认为从安全的角度看来处于非常严重的国家。
It is critical that post-crisis transition interventions will also include direct assistance to girls and women who have been victims of violence or sexual exploitation危机后过渡时期干预措施还必须包括向遭受暴力或性剥削的女孩和妇女提供直接援助。
With respect to the question of Palestine, my delegation reaffirms the critical necessity of resuming talks with a view to opening direct negotiations between the principal parties to the crisis关于巴勒斯坦问题,我国代表团重申恢复谈判极其必要,以便在危机的主要当事方之间开始进行直接谈判。
The present GATS negotiations are expected to deliver direct development dividends to developing countries as part of the Doha Agenda by providing economically valuable market access and national treatment commitments by developed countries in terms of mode ‧ for a critical mass of categories of persons of interest to developing countries, including persons other than those with high skills当前的服贸总协定谈判作为多哈议程的一个组成部分,可望对发展中国家产生直接的发展利益,由发达国家通过方式 ‧ 就对发展中国家具有利益的许多种人员,包括非高技能人员提供了具有重要经济价值的市场准入和国民待遇承诺。
Indeed, Israel's declared intention to continue settlement construction represents a direct affront to the international and regional efforts, in particular the efforts of the United States at this critical juncture, aimed at creating a climate appropriate for resumption of peace negotiations的确,以色列宣称有意继续建定居点是对国际和区域的努力的直接冒犯,这些努力,特别是美国在此关键时刻所做的努力,都是为了恢复和平谈判创造适当的气氛。
Such support was noted to be critical to ensure that all States Parties could continue to have direct responsibility and involvement in the management and direction of the implementation process有人指出,要确保所有缔约国能继续直接负责和参与执行过程的管理和指导,这种支助非常重要。
Only the IMF was critical of it, although this stance was taken more from a position of institutional sovereignty rather than a direct criticism of human rights or the development compact只有货币基金对它提出了批评,但这一立场主要基于机构主权的立场,而不是对人权或发展协定的直接批评。
It was emphasized that to promote foreign direct investment (FDI) and other private flows it is critical for domestic policies in developing countries to create a good climate for investment both domestic and foreign有人强调,要促进外国直接投资和其他私人资本流动,发展中国家实施旨在为国内外投资创造良好条件的国内政策至关重要。
Freedom House is an NGO with its headquarters located in New York. But curiously, the force of its criticism and attacks has always been directed to the developing countries. It builds on rumours and unconfirmed stories, constructs lies and distortions, calls black white and produces extremely unhealthy influences自由之家是一个总部设在纽约的非政府组织,但令人难以理解的是,该组织攻击指责的矛头从来都是指向发展中国家,它道听途说,捏造事实,混淆是非,影响恶劣。
In elaborating the Guide to Practice on reservations, the Commission has endeavoured to adopt consistent vocabulary in this regard (the criticisms directed at it by R. Riquelme Cortado- op. cit., note ‧ p ‧ appear to be based on a translation error in the Spanish text在拟订关于保留的《实践指南》时,委员会努力在此方面使用前后一致的措辞(R.Riquelme Cortado对此提出的批评-同前,注 ‧ 第 ‧ 页--似乎基于西班牙文本中的翻译错误)。
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