pronunciation: IPA: dʒuːt /dʒuːt/  

Translations into Chinese:

  • 黄麻   

Other meanings:

A plant of the species Corchorus capsularis or Corchorus olitorius cultivated for its long, soft, shiny vegetable fibres.
The coarse, strong fiber of the East Indian plant, Corchorus olitorius, used to make mats, paper, gunny cloth etc.
The plants from which this fibre is obtained.
A fibre extracted from a jute plant.

Similar phrases in dictionary English Chinese. (7)

bimlipatim jute洋麻(植物)
burlap (jute fiber)麻袋
china jute塘麻
congo jute野锦花
tossa jute吐沙牌黄麻
velvetleaf (Abutilon avicennae), plant of the jute family
white jute白黄麻

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Jute and Jute ProductsB. 拟订《 ‧ 年国际黄麻黄麻制品协定》的后继协定
“Draft provisions of the International Agreement on Jute and Jute Products“ ‧ 年国际黄麻黄麻制品协定条款草案”
Membership of the Group shall be open to all States which are interested in the production or consumption of, or international trade in jute and jute products and to any intergovernmental organization having responsibilities in respect of the negotiation, conclusion and application of international agreements, in particular commodity agreements本组织的成员资格向所有在黄麻黄麻制品的生产、消费和国际贸易方面有关系的国家开放,也向所有在谈判、缔结和实施国际协议,特别是商品协议方面负有责任的政府间组织开放。
The Council shall consider issues relating to price instability, and supplies of jute and jute products for export with a view to finding solutions therefor理事会应审议稳定价格的问题和黄麻黄麻制品出口的供应问题,以便寻找解决这些问题的办法。
Attached to this letter are two promissory notes, each dated ‧ ebruary ‧ in the total amount of ‧ ( ‧ ) issued for the “final measurement” of the Jute Farm Debuni project信后附有为“最后检验”Jute Farm Debuni项目签发的两份期票,日期均为 ‧ 年 ‧ 月 ‧ 日,总额为 ‧ 伊拉克第纳尔( ‧ 美元)。
To modernize the production of jute with a view to reducing cost of production, improving, inter alia, its unit yield and its quality with a view to increasing net farm incomes and for the benefit of [importing] [producing] and [exporting ] [non-producing] countries在世界黄麻经济的所有重要方面,为各成员国之间的磋商、国际合作和政策制订,提供一个有效的框架; 促进国际黄麻黄麻制品贸易的发展和多样化; 鼓励私营部门参与黄麻业的发展;并 促进改善黄麻市场的结构状况; 建立和加强对使用黄麻产品好处的认识,它是一种有益环境、可更新、可以生物降解的天然纤维; 鼓励提高黄麻黄麻制品的竞争力和质量; 保持和扩大黄麻黄麻制品现有的市场并开拓新的市场; 改进市场情报工作,确保提高国际黄麻市场的透明度; 开发黄麻的新的最终用途,包括新的黄麻制品,扩大对黄麻的需求; 鼓励[出口国][生产国]和[进口国][非生产国]增加黄麻黄麻制品的加工和附加值; 实现黄麻生产的现代化,降低生产成本,特别是提高单位产量和黄麻的质量,以便增加净种植收入,使[进口][生产]和[出口][非生产]国都能受益; 开发黄麻制品生产的新技术,特别是提高黄麻制品的质量,降低生产成本; 制定黄麻的生产和消费政策,保证世界需求和供应的平衡发展; 促进和开展各种方案和活动,增加发展中国家黄麻生产国从黄麻上取得的收入,从而缓解那些国家的贫困; 开展人力资源开发的特别发展方案,特别是在黄麻业以妇女为对象,增加她们的就业机会和收入; 在黄麻业引进采用信息技术。
It provided support to silk production (Cambodia) and strengthened the supply side in mushrooms and peaches (Lesotho), mangoes (Haiti) and jute production (Bangladesh国贸中心为蚕丝生产(柬埔寨)提供支助,并加强了蘑菇和桃子(莱索托)、芒果(海地)和黄麻生产(孟加拉国)的供应方面。
The Council shall take such measures as are considered necessary to give publicity to and information about jute and jute products理事会应采取认为必要的措施,宣传黄麻黄麻制品及提供有关信息。
a) The Group shall undertake an annual assessment of the world jute situation and related matters in the light of information supplied by members and supplemented by information from all other relevant sources, including periodic evaluation reports by donorsa) 研究组将根据成员提供的资料及从所有其他相关来源得到的材料,包括捐助人的定期评估报告,对世界黄麻的形势和相关问题进行年度评估。
Formerly European Association for the Trade in Jute Products前欧洲黄麻制品贸易协会。
The Group shall also encourage national institutions in producing member countries, to improve data collection in the jute sector and to diffuse the results to all interested parties研究组还应鼓励各生产成员国的国家机构改善黄麻业的资料收集工作,并将结果散发给所有有关方面。
To improve market intelligence with a view to ensuring greater transparency in the international jute market in collaboration with other organizations including the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations在世界黄麻经济的所有重要方面,为各成员国之间的国际合作、磋商和政策制订提供一个有效的框架; 促进发展黄麻黄麻制品的国际贸易,保持现有市场,发展新的市场,包括推出新的黄麻制品和开发新的最终用途; 提供一个私营部门能够积极参与黄麻业发展的论坛; 在黄麻业解决减贫、就业和人力资源,特别是妇女发展的问题; 通过提高生产力、质量和促进新加工程序和技术的应用,促进改善黄麻业的结构状况; 建立和提高对使用黄麻产品好处的认识,它是一种有益环境、可更新、可以生物降解的天然纤维; 与包括联合国粮食和农业组织在内的其他组织合作,改进市场情报工作,确保提高国际黄麻市场的透明度。
Requests the Secretary-General of the United Nations to establish the text of the International Instrument of Cooperation on Jute and Jute Products ‧ in Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian and Spanish请联合国秘书长确定《 ‧ 年黄麻黄麻制品国际合作文书》的阿拉伯文、中文、法文、俄文和西班牙文文本
The Organization shall collect, collate and, as necessary, publish such statistical information on production, trade, supply, stocks, consumption and prices of jute, jute products, synthetics and substitutes as is necessary for the operation of this [Agreement]本组织应收集和整理为执行本[协定]所需的关于黄麻、黄麻制品、合成品和代用品在生产、贸易、供应、储存、消费和价格方面的统计资料,必要时并予发表。
Consideration of important issues concerning jute and jute products such as the issues of price instability, supplies and competition with synthetics and other substitutes开展研究和开发、产品多样化、技术转让、市场促销和降低成本的项目,包括人力资源的开发; 整理和传播与黄麻黄麻制品有关的资料,包括市场信息; 审议同黄麻黄麻制品有关的重要问题,如稳定价格和供应的问题,以及与合成品和其他代用品竞争的问题等; 开展国际黄麻经济动态、黄麻生产和营销经济学,世界黄麻经济的短期和长期发展趋势,以及有关问题的研究; 鼓励私营部门的参与,建立投资人、购买者和销售人的论坛;和 促进扩大黄麻黄麻制品的使用,解决环境方面的关注。
[“Non-producing” member means either a member which does not produce any raw jute or a member which does not produce raw jute in any commercial quantities, with [and whose] imports exceeding its exports of jute and jute products, and which has declared itself to be a non-producing member][“非生产国成员”,指不生产任何黄麻的成员,或不大量商业性产生黄麻,且其黄麻黄麻制品的进口超过出口,并已宣布自己为非生产国的成员]
The Council shall elect for each jute year a Chairperson and a Vice-Chairperson, who shall not be paid by the Organization理事会应为每一黄麻年度选出一位主席及一位副主席,本组织不给薪酬。
The past two years have witnessed the termination of two international commodity agreements- namely the ‧ nternational Agreement on Jute and Jute Products, and the ‧ nternational Natural Rubber Agreement最近两年中,有两项国际商品协定已经终止--即《 ‧ 年国际黄麻黄麻产品协定》和《 ‧ 年国际天然胶协定》。
The Conference will have before it a draft text of a new agreement ( ‧ ) prepared by the secretariat of the International Jute Organization, which the International Jute Council, at its twenty-eighth session in February ‧ agreed should be forwarded to UNCTAD as a basic document for the renegotiation本次会议将收到国际黄麻组织秘书处拟订的新协定草案文本( ‧ ),国际黄麻理事会其 ‧ 年 ‧ 月第二十八届会议同意将该草案作为重新谈判的基本文件提交贸发会议。
The Provident Fund Scheme framed under the Act initially applied only to six schedule industries, viz., (i) Cement, (ii) Cigarette, (iii) Iron and Steel, (iv) Electrical, Mechanical or General Engineering Products, (v) Paper and (vi) Textile (cotton, wool, silk and jute) with effect from ‧ st November依据该法制订的储蓄基金计划最初只适用于六种计划内行业,即(一)水泥;(二)雪茄;(三)钢铁;(四)电气、机械或一般工程产品;(五)造纸和(六)纺织(棉、毛、丝和麻),自 ‧ 年 ‧ 月 ‧ 日生效。
The Council shall annually assess and review the world jute situation and outlook, including the state of competition with synthetics and substitutes, and shall inform members of the results of the review理事会应每年评价和审查世界黄麻情况及前景,其中包括同合成品及代用品进行竞争的情况,并应将审查结果通知各成员。
Despite the problems and uncertainties experienced by the world jute economy, it was accepted that these problems could be overcome, given time, resources and an appropriate institutional framework尽管世界黄麻经济遇到了各种问题和不确定因素,但仍认为,假以时间、资源和适当的体制机构,这些问题是可以克服的。
Given the Instrument's flexible provisions on amendments, he hoped that the International Jute Council would take expeditious action to ensure that it entered into force as soon as possible由于文书关于修正案的灵活规定,他希望国际黄麻理事会迅速采取行动确保文书尽快生效。
Jute products” means products made wholly or almost wholly of jute, or products whose largest component by weight is jute黄麻制品”指全部或基本全部由黄麻制成的产品,或以重量计算大部分为黄麻的产品
The Executive Director of the International Jute Organization emphasized that the Conference was of particular significance in several respects国际黄麻组织执行主任强调,这次会议在几个方面都很重要。
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