pronunciation: IPA: dʒuːt /dʒuːt/  

Translations into Chinese:

  • 黄麻   

Other meanings:

A plant of the species Corchorus capsularis or Corchorus olitorius cultivated for its long, soft, shiny vegetable fibres.
The coarse, strong fiber of the East Indian plant, Corchorus olitorius, used to make mats, paper, gunny cloth etc.
The plants from which this fibre is obtained.
A fibre extracted from a jute plant.

Similar phrases in dictionary English Chinese. (7)

bimlipatim jute洋麻(植物)
burlap (jute fiber)麻袋
china jute塘麻
congo jute野锦花
tossa jute吐沙牌黄麻
velvetleaf (Abutilon avicennae), plant of the jute family
white jute白黄麻

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Such distribution shall remain in effect for the full jute year, except as provided for in paragraph ‧ of this article分配结果将在整个黄麻年度内有效,但本条第 ‧ 款规定的情况例外。
“Council” means the International Jute Council established in accordance with article“理事会”指根据第 ‧ 条建立的国际黄麻理事会
At its ‧ th (closing) plenary meeting, on ‧ pril ‧ the Conference adopted the International Instrument of Cooperation on Jute and Jute Products ‧ (see part one above在 ‧ 年 ‧ 月 ‧ 日第 ‧ 次(闭幕)全体会议上,会议通过了 ‧ 年黄麻黄麻制品国际合作文书(见上文第一部分
Neither the Executive Director nor any member of the staff shall have any financial interest in the jute industry or trade, or associated commercial activities执行主任和任何工作人员,都不得在黄麻工业、贸易或有关的商务活动方面拥有任何经济利益。
The Organization shall collect, collate, analyse and, as necessary, publish such statistical information on production, trade, supply, stocks, consumption and prices of jute, jute products, synthetics and other substitutes, and all other relevant information, as is necessary for the operation of this Instrument本组织应收集、整理和分析为执行本文书所需的关于黄麻、黄麻制品、合成品和其他代用品在生产、贸易、供应、储存、消费和价格等方面的统计资料、及所有其他有关资料,并在必要时并予发表。
In addition, the Consortium submitted letters dated ‧ une and ‧ eptember ‧ from the Consortium to SOLR and from the Turkish Embassy in Baghdad to the Iraqi authorities, requesting the postponement of customs penalties and release of retention monies, including those withheld on the Jute Farm Debuni project此外,集团提交了 ‧ 年 ‧ 月 ‧ 日和 ‧ 月 ‧ 日致SOLR的信和土耳其驻巴格达使馆致伊拉克当局的信,要求推迟海关罚款和释放留存金,包括针对Jute Farm Debuni项目所扣留的。
To provide an effective framework for international co-operation, consultation and policy development among members with regard to all relevant aspects of the world jute economy黄麻”,指原黄麻、槿麻和其他同类纤维,包括肖梵夫花韧皮纤维、苘麻,和多雄蕊头丝麻; “黄麻制品”,指全部或基本全部由黄麻制成的产品,或以重量计算大部分为黄麻的产品; “成员”,指根据第 ‧ 款的规定,已通知接受或根据第 ‧ 款暂时适用的任何国家或国际组织; “联系成员”,指第 ‧ 款中提出的一切组织或实体; “特别表决”,指需出席并参加表决的成员所投票数至少三分之二的表决,但这些票数必须是由出席并参加表决的成员简单多数所投; “简单多数表决”,指需出席并参加表决的成员总票数半数以上的表决,但这些票数必须是出席并参加表决的成员半数以上所投; “财政年度”,指 ‧ 月 ‧ 日至次年 ‧ 月 ‧ 日止的期间; “黄麻年度”,指 ‧ 月 ‧ 日至次年 ‧ 月 ‧ 日止的国际黄麻作物年。
In the area of agroindustry, UNIDO promotes the use of biotechnology to develop suitable bioprocesses, including the use of green jute as a raw material in the production of pulp and paper在农产工业,工发组织促进使用生物技术来开发适当的生物工序,包括使用绿麻作为纸浆和纸张的原料。
The first project was known as the Jute Farm Debuni project and involved land reclamation as well as the construction of main, secondary and tertiary irrigation and drainage systems, asphalt roads, houses and administrative buildings第一个项目称之为Jute Farm Debuni项目,涉及到土地填筑以及建造主要、二级和三级灌溉和排水系统、沥青路、房屋和行政楼。
For example, Bangladesh, which has benefited from the Multi-Fibre Arrangement (MFA), in less than ‧ years has been able to develop, almost from a standstill, a clothing industry which has come to account for about ‧ per cent of its foreign currency earnings; by comparison, jute now accounts for only ‧ per cent of the country's foreign currency earnings, down from around ‧ per cent in the ‧ s例如,孟加拉国因得益于《国际多种纤维协定》,在不到 ‧ 年的时间内从几乎停滞不前的状况下发展了服装工业,赚取了该国约 ‧ %的外汇收益;相形之下,在 ‧ 年代约占该国外汇收益 ‧ %的黄麻,目前却下降到仅占 ‧ %。
Formerly European Association for the Trade in Jute Products前欧洲黄麻制品贸易协会。
In support of the claim, the Consortium provided a statement dated ‧ anuary ‧ from its executive director confirming that the amount of ‧ of the retention monies released on the Jute Farm Debuni project was being held in escrow为了证明其索赔,集团提供了其执行主任 ‧ 年 ‧ 月 ‧ 日的陈述,确认就Jute Farm Debuni项目释放的 ‧ 伊拉克第纳尔留存金暂交第三方保管。
* IJO is the International Jute Organization established under the表 ‧ 黄麻和同类纤维的净进口(千吨纤维当量
The Consortium states that, pursuant to an agreement reached with SOLR in November ‧ the amount of ‧ (which represented the second half of the retention monies withheld on the Jute Farm Debuni project) was released by SOLR集团称,根据 ‧ 年 ‧ 月与SOLR达成的协议,SOLR释放了 ‧ 伊拉克第纳尔(对Jute Farm Debuni项目扣留的留存金的一半)。
The Council shall consider issues relating to competition between jute and jute products on the one hand, and synthetics and substitutes on the other理事会应审查有关黄麻黄麻制品与合成品和代用品之间的竞争问题。
The Group may apply to be designated as an International Commodity Body (ICB) under article ‧ of the Agreement establishing the Common Fund for Commodities (CFC), for the purpose of sponsoring, in accordance with the provisions of these Terms of Reference, projects on jute and jute products to be financed by the Fund研究组可申请根据建立《商品共同基金》的协定第 ‧ 条第 ‧ 款,指定作为国际商品机构(ICB),以便根据本职权范围的规定赞助有关黄麻黄麻制品的项目,由商品共同基金提供资金。
The representative of India said his country was keen that the International Jute Council should continue to play a meaningful role in the jute economy印度代表说,印度非常希望国际黄麻理事会继续在黄麻经济中发挥重要作用。
To modernize the production of jute with a view to reducing cost of production, improving, inter alia, its unit yield and its quality with a view to increasing net farm incomes and for the benefit of [importing] [producing] and [exporting ] [non-producing] countries在世界黄麻经济的所有重要方面,为各成员国之间的磋商、国际合作和政策制订,提供一个有效的框架; 促进国际黄麻黄麻制品贸易的发展和多样化; 鼓励私营部门参与黄麻业的发展;并 促进改善黄麻市场的结构状况; 建立和加强对使用黄麻产品好处的认识,它是一种有益环境、可更新、可以生物降解的天然纤维; 鼓励提高黄麻黄麻制品的竞争力和质量; 保持和扩大黄麻黄麻制品现有的市场并开拓新的市场; 改进市场情报工作,确保提高国际黄麻市场的透明度; 开发黄麻的新的最终用途,包括新的黄麻制品,扩大对黄麻的需求; 鼓励[出口国][生产国]和[进口国][非生产国]增加黄麻黄麻制品的加工和附加值; 实现黄麻生产的现代化,降低生产成本,特别是提高单位产量和黄麻的质量,以便增加净种植收入,使[进口][生产]和[出口][非生产]国都能受益; 开发黄麻制品生产的新技术,特别是提高黄麻制品的质量,降低生产成本; 制定黄麻的生产和消费政策,保证世界需求和供应的平衡发展; 促进和开展各种方案和活动,增加发展中国家黄麻生产国从黄麻上取得的收入,从而缓解那些国家的贫困; 开展人力资源开发的特别发展方案,特别是在黄麻业以妇女为对象,增加她们的就业机会和收入; 在黄麻业引进采用信息技术。
The Council may invite any non-member country or any of the organizations referred to in article ‧ concerned with international trade in jute and jute products or with the jute industry to attend as observers any of the meetings of the Council or of its Committees理事会可邀请任何非成员国或第 ‧ 条所指的任何与国际黄麻黄麻制品贸易或黄麻工业有关的组织,以观察员的身份参加理事会的或其委员会任何会议。
The past two years have witnessed the termination of two international commodity agreements- namely the ‧ nternational Agreement on Jute and Jute Products, and the ‧ nternational Natural Rubber Agreement最近两年中,有两项国际商品协定已经终止--即《 ‧ 年国际黄麻黄麻产品协定》和《 ‧ 年国际天然胶协定》。
The IJO's achievements, if assessed in relation to the resources made available and against the background that it had been established following decades of neglect of the jute sector, were quite positive and deserved to be continued within the framework of a new agreement国际黄麻组织的成绩,如果用安排的资源来衡量,并考虑到它是在黄麻业数十年得不到重视的情况下成立的,可以说成绩是相当积极的,应在新的协定框架内继续下去。
In particular, proposals were made for the inclusion of non-timber forest products, products based on traditional knowledge (TK) and products made from natural fibres such as jute and coir具体而言,提出了将非木材森林制品,传统知识产品和天然纤维例如黄麻和椰壳制品列入以上范围的建议。
The maintenance period for the Jute Farm Debuni project was ‧ monthsute Farm Debuni项目维修保养期为 ‧ 个月。
The Group shall undertake studies related to the international jute economy as may be agreed to by the Councilb) 研究组应根据理事会的意见,开展国际黄麻经济的研究
[“Importing member” means a member whose imports of jute and jute products exceed its exports of jute and jute products and which has declared itself to be an importing member][“进口国成员”指其黄麻黄麻制品进口量超过其黄麻黄麻制品出口量、并已宣布自己为进口国的成员;]
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