pronunciation: IPA: dʒuːt /dʒuːt/  

Translations into Chinese:

  • 黄麻   

Other meanings:

A plant of the species Corchorus capsularis or Corchorus olitorius cultivated for its long, soft, shiny vegetable fibres.
The coarse, strong fiber of the East Indian plant, Corchorus olitorius, used to make mats, paper, gunny cloth etc.
The plants from which this fibre is obtained.
A fibre extracted from a jute plant.

Similar phrases in dictionary English Chinese. (7)

bimlipatim jute洋麻(植物)
burlap (jute fiber)麻袋
china jute塘麻
congo jute野锦花
tossa jute吐沙牌黄麻
velvetleaf (Abutilon avicennae), plant of the jute family
white jute白黄麻

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“Draft provisions of the International Agreement on Jute and Jute Products“ ‧ 年国际黄麻黄麻制品协定条款草案”
The Council shall make whatever arrangements are appropriate with the bodies mentioned under article ‧ paragraph ‧ in order to help ensure the availability of recent and reliable data and information on all factors affecting jute and jute products理事会应与第 ‧ 条第 ‧ 款中讲到的机构作出一切适当安排,帮助确保提供所有影响黄麻黄麻制品的因素,所有有关的最新和可靠数据和资料。
The International Jute Organization, established under the International Agreement on Jute and Jute Products ‧ and maintained in existence under the International Agreement on Jute and Jute Products ‧ shall continue in being for the purpose of administering the provisions and supervising the operation of this [Agreement]根据《 ‧ 年国际黄麻黄麻制品协定》设立,又根据《 ‧ 年国际黄麻黄麻制品协定》保留下来的国际黄麻组织,将继续存在,以实施本[协定]的条款,并监督本[协定]的执行。
Such clauses can be found in the International Agreements on Tropical Timber, Olive Oil, Coffee and Jute热带木材、橄榄油、咖啡和黄麻等国际商品组织的协定载有此类条款。
“Exports of jute” or “exports of jute products” means any jute or jute products which leave the customs territory of any member; and *imports of jute* or *imports of jute products* means any jute or jute products which enter the customs territory of any member, provided that, for the purposes of these definitions, customs territory shall, in the case of a member which comprises more than one customs territory, be deemed to refer to the combined customs territories of that member; and黄麻出口” 或“黄麻制品出口”,指离开任一成员的海关辖区的黄麻黄麻制品;“黄麻进口”或者“黄麻制品进口”,指进入任一成员的海关辖区的黄麻黄麻制品。
“Council” means the International Jute Council established in accordance with article“理事会”指根据第 ‧ 条建立的国际黄麻理事会
The first project was known as the Jute Farm Debuni project and involved land reclamation as well as the construction of main, secondary and tertiary irrigation and drainage systems, asphalt roads, houses and administrative buildings第一个项目称之为Jute Farm Debuni项目,涉及到土地填筑以及建造主要、二级和三级灌溉和排水系统、沥青路、房屋和行政楼。
d) Encouraging increased and further processing of jute and jute productsd) 鼓励更多地和进一步加工黄麻黄麻制品。
Although, with the advent of synthetics and other substitutes, jute had suffered a decline in developed countries as a packaging material, it still continued to be the most traded fibre crop after cotton and had also proved itself a very versatile and environmentally friendly crop whose full potential had yet to be realized尽管由于合成材料和其他替代品的出现,黄麻作为包装材料在发达国家用量减少,但它仍是棉花之后交易量最大的纤维作物,并且证明它还是一种用途很广、无害环境的作物,其潜力还没有充分挖掘出来。
Composition of the International Jute Council国际黄麻理事会的组成
i) In the case of jute-producing countries, the weighted average volume of production of ‧ per cent and the average volume of net trade of ‧ per cent of jute and jute products over the most recent three-year period for which relevant statistics are available一) 对于黄麻生产国,为掌握有关统计数字的最近三年加权平均产量的 ‧ %和黄麻黄麻制品平均净贸易量的 ‧ %
The IJO's achievements, if assessed in relation to the resources made available and against the background that it had been established following decades of neglect of the jute sector, were quite positive and deserved to be continued within the framework of a new agreement国际黄麻组织的成绩,如果用安排的资源来衡量,并考虑到它是在黄麻业数十年得不到重视的情况下成立的,可以说成绩是相当积极的,应在新的协定框架内继续下去。
Despite the problems and uncertainties experienced by the world jute economy, it was accepted that these problems could be overcome, given time, resources and an appropriate institutional framework尽管世界黄麻经济遇到了各种问题和不确定因素,但仍认为,假以时间、资源和适当的体制机构,这些问题是可以克服的。
The Council shall, within six months of the close of each jute year, publish an annual report on the activities of the Organization and such other information as it considers appropriate理事会应在每一黄麻年度结束后六个月内公布一份有关本组织活动情况的年度报告以及它认为适当的其他资料。
The Council shall make arrangements for the continuing consideration of other important issues relevant to jute and jute products理事会应作出安排,继续审议有关黄麻黄麻制品的其他重要问题。
The Consortium states that, pursuant to an agreement reached with SOLR in November ‧ the amount of ‧ (which represented the second half of the retention monies withheld on the Jute Farm Debuni project) was released by SOLR集团称,根据 ‧ 年 ‧ 月与SOLR达成的协议,SOLR释放了 ‧ 伊拉克第纳尔(对Jute Farm Debuni项目扣留的留存金的一半)。
[“Exporting member” means a member whose exports of jute and jute products exceed its imports of jute and jute products and which has declared itself to be an exporting member][“出口国成员”,指其黄麻黄麻制品的出口量超过其黄麻黄麻制品的进口量、并已宣布自己为出口国的成员;]
a) The Group shall undertake an annual assessment of the world jute situation and related matters in the light of information supplied by members and supplemented by information from all other relevant sources, including periodic evaluation reports by donorsa) 研究组将根据成员提供的资料及从所有其他相关来源得到的材料,包括捐助人的定期评估报告,对世界黄麻的形势和相关问题进行年度评估。
The Organization shall collect, collate, analyse and, as necessary, publish such statistical information on production, trade, supply, stocks, consumption and prices of jute, jute products, synthetics and other substitutes, and all other relevant information, as is necessary for the operation of this Instrument本组织应收集、整理和分析为执行本文书所需的关于黄麻、黄麻制品、合成品和其他代用品在生产、贸易、供应、储存、消费和价格等方面的统计资料、及所有其他有关资料,并在必要时并予发表。
As the legal successor to the International Jute Organization, the Group shall assume responsibility for all the assets and liabilities of the former Organizationc) 作为国际黄麻组织的法律继承人,研究组将对原组织的所有资产和负债承担责任。
Executive Director of the International Jute Organization国际黄麻组织执行主任
On ‧ ebruary ‧ two promissory notes in the total amount of ‧ ( ‧ ), representing the United States dollar portion of the remaining withheld retention monies on the Jute Farm Debuni project, were issued by SOLR and sent to the Central Bank of Iraq for its signature in its capacity as guarantor年 ‧ 月 ‧ 日,SOLR签发并送交有能力担保的伊拉克中央银行签署的两份期票,总额为 ‧ 伊拉克第纳尔( ‧ 美元),为针对Jute Farm Debuni项目扣留的留存金的美元部分。
The Council shall take such measures as are considered necessary to give publicity to and information about jute and jute products理事会应采取认为必要的措施,宣传黄麻黄麻制品及提供有关信息。
Jute products” means products made wholly or almost wholly of jute, or products whose largest component by weight is jute黄麻制品”指全部或基本全部由黄麻制成的产品,或以重量计算大部分为黄麻的产品
Article ‧ omposition of the International Jute Council第 ‧ 条 国际黄麻理事会的组成
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