Translations into Chinese:

  • 沒門兒   
  • 没门儿   

Other meanings:

indicates astonished disbelief
absolutely not
indicates rejection
(idiomatic) indicates astonished disbelief
(idiomatic) indicates rejection or impossibility
In no way; nowise
(idiomatic) absolutely not; under no circumstances.

Similar phrases in dictionary English Chinese. (14)

have no way out無可奈何; 萬般無奈; 无可奈何; 万般无奈
in a plight with no way out窮途末路; 穷途末路
in no way绝不; 絕不
in no way conceding to未遑多让; 未遑多讓; 不遑多讓; 不遑多让
no two ways about it板上釘釘; 板上钉钉
no way (of doing sth)無緣; 无缘
no way of curing无法挽救; 無法挽救
no way of getting by民不聊生
no way out無路可逃; 无路可逃
no way to get by无以为生; 無以為生
sth one has no way of doing無從; 无从
to differ in no way from無異; 无异
to find no way out仰屋兴叹; 仰屋興嘆
to give sb no way out置之死地

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Security measures by Israel should in no way hinder access to humanitarian assistance以色列无论采取什么安全措施,都不应妨碍人道主义援助的提供。
Therefore, a limited set of core indicators, providing a common benchmark in the area of CR reporting, should in no way be understood as precluding additional reporting on these issues that provides useful industry-, enterprise- and location-specific information因此,利用有限的一套核心指标提供公司责任报告领域的共同基准,决不应当被看作是排斥有关这些问题的补充报告,因为这类补充报告能够提供有用的产业、企业和地点特定信息。
One way to separate the impact of the sanctions from the impact of the fighting is to consider four scenarios: (a) fighting and sanctions (current conditions); (b) fighting and no sanctions (April ‧ ); (c) no fighting and sanctions; and (d) no fighting and no sanctions ( ‧ early有一个方法可将制裁的影响与战争的影响分开,那就是考虑四个假设情况:(a) 战争和制裁(目前的情况);(b) 有战争无制裁( ‧ 年 ‧ 月);(c) 无战争有制裁;(d) 无战争无制裁( ‧ 年 ‧ 年年初)。
And even more surely, it in no way justifies the unconscionable murders of innocent Israeli civilians更令人确信不疑的是,它决不能成为肆无忌惮地谋杀无辜的以色列平民的理由。
It is clear that there is no single universal way of achieving social development显然,不存在单一的、普遍适用的社会发展道路。
In terms of legislative developments on the protection of children, the Criminal Code Amendment (No ‧ ) Act ‧ was passed by the House of Assembly in December ‧ to protect children from being sexually exploited or being preyed upon for sexual purposes by way of, but not limited to, the Internet environment关于保护儿童立法的进展情况,《 ‧ 年刑法修正法》(第 ‧ 号)于 ‧ 年 ‧ 月在众议院获得通过,以保护儿童不会因英特网环境等各种原因而遭受性剥削或遭受以性为目的的侵害。
The presumption postulated in article ‧ paragraph ‧ of the Vienna Conventions in no way prevents States and international organizations from expressly stating their acceptance of reservations that have been formulated《维也纳公约》第 ‧ 条第 ‧ 款所作的推定,毫不妨碍各国和国际组织明确表示接受提具的保留。
' If so, it follows that while positive international law does not forbid a state unilaterally to sever the relationship of nationality so far as the individual is concerned, even if the person affected possesses or acquires no other nationality, still a state cannot sever the tie of nationality in such a way as to release itself from the international duty, owed to other states, of receiving back a person denationalized who has acquired no other nationality, should he be expelled as an alien by the state where he happens to be.” John Fischer Williams, “Denationalization”, British Yearbook of International Law, vol ‧ pp ‧ at p如果这样,则由此可知,虽然实证国际法并不禁止一国单方面与当事人断绝国籍关系,纵使当事人并未具有或取得任何其他国籍,但一国仍然不能断绝这种国籍关系借以摆脱它对其他国家应负的国际义务,如果他被所在地国家当作外国人驱逐出境,该国应重新接纳被取消国籍但未取得其他国籍的人。” John Fischer Williams,“Denationalization”, British Yearbook of International Law, vol ‧ pp ‧ at p ‧ 。
It should thus be emphasized that the countries discussed in the respective sections in no way reflect the extent of the problem worldwide, as indeed violations of this right take place in almost every country, in spite of the emergence of an increasing number of national institutions which are working for the promotion and protection of human rights因此,应强调指出的是,有关章节讨论了若干国家的情况,但并不能反映出世界各地有关问题的程度。 事实上,尽管致力于增进和保护人权的国家机构越来越多,但这项权利几乎在每个国家都遭到了侵犯。
No way, Cot, did you hear him?- Shut up沒 門 卡特 你 都聽見 了 嗎?- 閉嘴
The two ad hoc Tribunals are pioneers, and their legacy must in no way be the subject of controversy两个特设法庭是先行者,其遗产决不应该成为有争议的议题。
But the members of the Panel believe it would be remiss of them if they failed to point out that no amount of systemic changes to the way the United Nations handles both old and new threats to peace and security will enable it to discharge effectively its role under the Charter if efforts are not redoubled to resolve a number of long-standing disputes which continue to fester and to feed the new threats we now face但小组成员认为,他们必须指出,一些长期存在的争端依然助长着我们当今面对的各种新威胁,并使之不断恶化,倘若不加倍努力解决这些争端,那么,无论联合国在处理和平与安全所面临的新老威胁的方式方面做出何种有系统的改革,都不足以使联合国根据《宪章》有效地行使其职责,而不指出这一点,将是他们的失职。
Thirdly, the panel of eminent persons can in no way present an excuse for the rest of us to sit back and wait第三,知名人士小组绝不能成为我们其他人消极等待的借口。
But the search for the root causes of terrorism should in no way hinder our joint action and our strict fulfilment of Security Council resolution但寻找恐怖主义根源的努力绝不能阻碍我们采取联合行动,不能阻碍我们严格执行安全理事会第 ‧ 号决议。
Conscious of the complexity of this challenging undertaking, we observe that without the true political will of all Member States, finding common ground in this exercise is in no way a simple task我们了解这一富有挑战工作的复杂性,意识到没有所有会员国的真正政治意愿,在这一工作上找到共同立场就绝非易事。
As the International Civil Service Commission had unfortunately not suggested any way of regulating the package for non-family duty stations at the common system level, there was no formal basis for harmonizing the conditions of service of peacekeeping personnel with those of the staff of the funds and programmes遗憾的是,对于在共同制度这一级对不带家属工作地点的待遇作出规范,国际公务员制度委员会没有为此而提出任何方法,因此,比照各基金和方案工作人员的待遇统一维持和平人员的服务条件就没有正式依据。
Indeed, there is no other way to address this problem; we must involve everyone in our community实际上,处理这一问题没有其他的途径;我们必须让社会中的所有人参与进来。
It is clear that there is no other way显然没有其他路可走。
Faced with Mr. Denktash's adamant opposition to consider credible ways to meet that deadline, I was left with no alternative but to terminate the process.” (para由于登克塔什先生坚决反对考虑可靠的办法来遵守这个最后限期,我别无选择,只有终止这一进程。” (第 ‧ 段)。
To achieve our goals and ensure that no child is left behind, we need to put in place mechanisms, strategies and the political will to accelerate action that will ensure in an integrated way the survival, development, protection and participation of all children为了实现我们的目标,为了确保不使任何儿童落在后面,我们需要建立机制,制订战略并拿出政治意愿,以便加快行动步伐,从而以全面的方式确保所有儿童的生存、发展、保护和参与。
The use of the no-use credited sectoral approach was also raised as a way to upscale the CDM mechanism他还提出,使用未用贷记部门办法作为扩大清洁发展机制的一种办法。
A fortiori the exercise of diplomatic protection in respect of a refugee, or a stateless person, should in no way be construed as affecting the nationality of the protected person为难民或无国籍人行使外交保护更不应理解为会影响受保护者的国籍。
The way I see it, the problem is that there is no paragraph clearly stating that all three issues were a package我的看法是,问题是没有哪一段明确指出过所有三个问题是个一揽子。
No offense, the way he was dressed, didn' t help.Not very subtle, this guy不大 行 是 那 普 勒 斯 風格
The very process of negotiations, the starting of which would in no way prejudice the outcome, is the very platform for designing an outcome acceptable to all of us in this room开始谈判绝不预设结果,而谈判进程本身正是一个设法寻找在场所有人均可接受的结果的平台。
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