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  • 临走   
  • 臨走   

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a poem to mark one's departure留别; 留別
on the point of departure临行; 臨行

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We wish, therefore, to thank Annick de Marffy for her expert leadership of the Division, a very able team, and for her dedicated services, and we wish her well on her impending departure因此,我们谨感谢安妮克·德马尔菲对该司--一支非常有才干的团队--的卓越领导以及她的献身服务,并就她将要离任致以良好祝愿。
However, such conversion post departure should not give rise to a presumption that the claim is fabricated and the immigration authorities should evaluate the genuineness of the conversion on a case-by-case basis taking into account the applicant's past and present circumstances然而,不能因为这种行为而假定庇护的陈述是捏造的。 移民部门应当考虑到申请人目前和过去的情况,在逐个个案的基础上评估信教的真实性。
None of the persons mentioned on the travel ban list, except Mohamed Salame, seen on ‧ ugust ‧ on his way to Abidjan, was on the airport's departure manifests除了发现Mohamed Salame于 ‧ 年 ‧ 月 ‧ 日前往阿比让外,旅行禁令名单所列人员未在机场离境人员名单上出现过。
These instruments enable Mexico to exchange information on prohibited goods prior to their arrival on or departure from national territory这些文书使墨西哥可以在被禁货物出入本国领土前交换这方面的情报。
Several speakers suggested that a retreat would be useful prior to the departure of each mission, though one participant strongly disagreed, citing time limitations一些发言人提出,在每个代表团出发前举行一次务虚会的办法很有用,但有一个与会者坚决不同意这个意见,提出的理由是时间有限。
Data would be collected on, inter alia, the number of refugees that were in the camps, anchorage areas for ships and boats, and the departure routes used by the refugees除其他外,将搜集营地中难民人数、舰船停泊地区、以及难民所用的离开路线等数据。
he ‧ programme represents a forward-looking programme of action for UNEP based on the lessons learned in the last ‧ years and the clearly articulated needs of member States, and takes as its departure point the international consensus embodied in the recent international conferences and the necessity of a results-oriented approach年方案是环境规划署的一项前瞻性行动纲领,吸取了过去 ‧ 年来所积累的经验,清楚地表明了成员国各种需求,并将最近各项国际会议所体现的国际共识作为出发点,将注重成果的方法的必要性作为出发点。
Recalling the briefing to the Security Council by the President of the Special Court for Sierra Leone on ‧ ay ‧ in which he stressed the need for a continuing international security presence to provide protection for the Special Court after the departure of UNAMSIL, and welcoming the Secretary-General's recommendations in this regard回顾 ‧ 年 ‧ 月 ‧ 日塞拉利昂问题特别法庭庭长向安全理事会通报情况时,强调需要继续派驻国际安保人员,在联塞特派团撤离后为特别法庭提供保护,并欢迎秘书长就此提出的建议
The ‧ ienna Convention on the Law of Treaties was an important point of departure for such an instrument; some of its provisions, particularly those concerning the capacity of States, persons representing the State, non-retroactivity, invalidity and, to some extent, termination and suspension, could apply mutatis mutandis to the formulation of unilateral acts年《维也纳条约法公约》是此一文书的起点;其中的一些条款,尤其是关于国家的能力、代表国家的人员、不回溯性、无效和某种程度的终止和暂停适用的规定都可准用于拟订单方面行为的工作。
Although the duty of cooperation was certainly part of the progressive development of international law, there was no apparent justification for a departure on that point from the articles on State responsibility尽管合作义务无疑是国际法逐步发展过程的一部分,但在这一点上没有明显的背离国家责任条款的理由。
Calls for greater coordination and cooperation among Member States in the area of health through the enforcement of international health regulations, such as vaccination of pilgrims going to the Holy Land, improvement of health conditions in addition to cooperation on health sensitization before pilgrims' departure through the media in their countries要求成员国通过执行国际卫生规定进一步加强在卫生领域的协调和合作,诸如给前往圣地朝圣者接种疫苗,改善卫生条件,另外加强卫生宣传方面的合作,在朝圣者出发前通过其国家的媒体进行提高认识的宣传。
iii) In the case of home leave following the return from a family visit travel under staff rule ‧ (a) (ii) b, normally not less than nine months of continuous service have elapsed since departure on the family visit travel三) 在按照工作人员细则 ‧ (a)(二)b作探亲旅行回来之后使用回籍假,自探亲旅行启程之日起,工作人员通常已至少连续工作满九个月。
As a special courtesy, it will be possible for those members of Permanent/Observer Missions in New York who will participate in the Second World Assembly on Ageing to fill out the accreditation forms, have them authorized by the Protocol and Liaison Service and be issued conference passes for Madrid before their departure for Spain作为特别礼遇,将参加第二次老龄问题世界大会的驻纽约常驻/观察员代表团成员可先填写核证表,再由礼宾和联络处核可,在出发前往西班牙之前发给马德里会议通行证。
Following the departure of the International Civilian Support Mission in Haiti (MICAH) in February ‧ the Organization of American States (OAS) assumed a major role of support for the negotiating process between the ruling party and the opposition, through the adoption, on ‧ une ‧ of resolution ‧ ( ‧ ) entitled “Support for democracy in Haiti”在 ‧ 年 ‧ 月海地文职支助团离去之后,美洲国家组织(美洲组织)于 ‧ 年 ‧ 月 ‧ 日通过题为“支助海地民主”的第 ‧ ( ‧ )号决议,担当了支持执政党和反对派之间谈判进程的重要角色。
The Assembly made that recommendation on the understanding that such a departure from the rules did not involve any permanent change in the relevant provision of rule ‧ of the rules of procedure, pertaining to the quorum for the opening of meetings, whereby the majority of members must be present for any decision to be taken大会提出该建议有一项谅解,即背离这项规则不涉及对有关开会法定人数的议事规则第 ‧ 条有关规定的任何永久性更改,该条规定大多数成员必须到会才能做出任何决定。
On ‧ ebruary, the Republika Srpska National Assembly adopted a conclusion on supporting the constitutional amendments in a significant departure from its decision of March ‧ by which it rejected the Final Award月 ‧ 日,塞族共和国国民议会通过了一项支持宪法修正案的结论,这一结论完全不同于国民议会 ‧ 年 ‧ 月关于拒绝《终局裁决》的决定。
The latter realization however, was an important contribution of the Washington Consensus as it marked a departure from the development policies of the earlier decades which encouraged deficit financing and loose monetary policies leading to inflation, an adversarial posture towards foreign investment, barriers on imports and exports, industrialization based on high tariff and non-tariff protection, expansion of state-owned enterprises and the like然而,后者的认识是华盛顿共识的重要贡献,它标志着对早几十年发展政策的偏离。 这些政策鼓励赤字财政和宽松的金融政策,导致了通货膨胀、不欢迎国外投资、进出口关税壁垒、基于高关税和免税的工业化、扩大国有企业,等等。
The Special Rapporteur noted that more restrictions and more severe sanctions had been imposed on departures from the Democratic People's Republic of Korea; instead of the previous practice of imposing fines, prison sentences are now being applied特别报告员指出,朝鲜民主主义人民共和国对离开本国实施了更加严格的限制和制裁;过去采用罚款的做法,现在则处以监禁。
The Committee commends the State party for providing pre-departure information and support services to overseas Filipino workers who migrate on a legal basis委员会赞扬该缔约国为合法移徙海外的菲律宾工人在出国前提供信息和支助服务。
d) Unaccompanied shipments shall normally be made in one consignment, and shall be reimbursed on the basis of the maximum entitlement provided under this rule for transportation by the most economical means, as determined by the Secretary-General, between the places of departure and destination of the authorized travel of the staff member or his or her family membersd) 非随身行李通常应一次托运,并应依照本条细则所规定的权利极限,按照秘书长所确定工作人员及其家属获准旅行的启程地点和目的地点之间,最廉价的运输方式,报销运费。
Based on the results of the sample review, the Panel determines that it will individually review claims for departure from Iraq or Kuwait without dates of departure and/or return in order to consider the issue of causation依据抽样审查结果,小组决定个别审查没有填报离开和/或返回日期的离开伊拉克或科威特的索赔,以便考虑因果关系问题。
However, by the time of the project manager's departure from Iraq on ‧ ecember ‧ this equipment and plant had been looted or destroyed不过,到项目经理 ‧ 年 ‧ 月 ‧ 日离开时,均已被抢劫或毁坏。
• Ships on arrival and before departure have to anchor at designated Immigration Anchorages where "face-to-face" checks of crewmembers are conducted by the relevant authority船只抵岸或离岸前必须在指定的移民检查锚泊地锚泊,船员必须接受有关当局“面对面”的检查
Moreover, national and international investigators and investigative bodies can access privileged information on migration contained in the databases of the Colombian immigration service, relating to foreigners who are being monitored and investigated for various crimes (including terrorism), with respect to their entry into, residence, location and activities in, and/or departure from Colombian territory此外,国家和国际调查人员和调查机构可以查阅哥伦比亚移民事务数据库所储存的关于因各种罪行(包括恐怖主义)而被监督和调查的外籍人入境、在哥伦比亚境内的住所、地点、活动和/或离境等有关移徙的特有资料。
• Confirmation of tickets and place of issue for staff on assignment to the Court at least two days prior to departure• 至少在出发前两天前确认派往法院工作的工作人员的机(车)票和出票地点
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