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  • 临走   
  • 臨走   

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a poem to mark one's departure留别; 留別
on the point of departure临行; 臨行

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On ‧ anuary, I informed the Security Council of my intention to appoint Karin Landgren as my Representative in Nepal, and she took up her responsibilities following the departure of Mr. Martin月 ‧ 日,我通知安全理事会打算任命卡琳·兰德格伦担任我在尼泊尔的特别代表,她已在马丁先生离任后上任。
a) Updated human resources data, including on current and projected staff turnover, also taking into account the expiration of contracts, the number of staff departures and the identification of key positions where the problem of retention could arisea) 最新人力资源数据,包括目前和预计工作人员更替数据,考虑到合同期满、离职人数,并确定可能出现留用问题的关键职位
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Cuba, in its note of ‧ ovember, reminded the United States Government that in the immigration agreements signed between the two countries in September ‧ the two sides explicitly reaffirmed their common interest in preventing hazardous departures from Cuba that threaten human lives, while the United States pledged to discontinue the practice of granting provisional admission to Cuban migrants arriving on United States territory by irregular channels and to take effective measures to combat and prevent the use of violence by anyone attempting to reach, or having reached, the United States from Cuba through the forcible diversion of aircraft and vessels古巴共和国外交部在 ‧ 月 ‧ 日给美国政府的照会中回顾,两国在 ‧ 年 ‧ 月签署的各项移民协定中重申双方决意阻止冒着生命危险离开古巴的做法,而美国则承诺不再临时接纳通过非正规渠道抵达美国国境的所有古巴移民,并且采取有效措施,制止和阻止任何人使用暴力,通过强行使飞机和船只改变航向,从古巴抵达或意图抵达美国。
The situation resulting from the latest Israeli attacks continues to be critical despite the departure of Israeli forces from some Palestinian cities almost one month after the beginning of the assaults, and despite the lifting of the siege of the official compound of President Yasser Arafat in Ramallah a few days ago虽然在发生攻击行动近一个月之后,以色列军队从一些巴勒斯坦城镇撤出,虽然几天前,亚西尔·阿拉法特主席在拉马拉的官邸的包围被解除,但以色列最近的攻击行动造成的局势仍然非常危急。
The point of departure for our undertaking can only be the consensus reached at the ‧ eview Conference of the Parties to the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT), which constitutes an integral part of the package that made possible the indefinite extension of the NPT, along with the resolution on the Middle East adopted at that Conference我们努力的出发点只能是在 ‧ 年《不扩散核武器条约》审查会议上达成的共识,它是使该条约无限延期成为可能的一揽子计划的一部分,此外还有那次会议通过的关于中东问题的决议。
The concept of a pre-emptive strike or anticipatory self-defence based on the presence of an imminent threat would be regarded by many Member States as a significant departure from the principle of self-defence基于存在迫在眉睫的危险而先发制人进行打击或预先自卫,将被许多会员国视为对自卫原则的重大背离。
In order to facilitate the departures of Heads of State/Government from Headquarters, a motorcade desk will be set up on the first floor north of the Delegates' Entrance at the Security Command Post为了让国家元首、政府首脑顺利离开总部,将在一楼代表入口处北边安保指挥站( ‧ 房间)设有车队服务台。
We believe it is appropriate that this Arab Summit be held in Khartoum, as a new point of departure for Afro-Arab cooperation given the suffocating international changes and oppressive unilateral hegemony, particularly on the part of one country that believes itself to be the only one on the face of the earth and under the shade of the sky鉴于当前出现了令人窒息的国际变化和难以忍受的单边霸权,特别是有那么一个国家,它所奉行的那种单边霸权更让人难以忍受,它自诩为天地之间的唯一主宰,狂傲而自大,因此我们认为,在喀土穆举行本届阿拉伯首脑会议并将其作为非阿合作的一个新起点是合适的。
States admitting foreigners under different migrant categories usually gather information on their admission, but few countries collect adequate information on the departures of foreigners根据不同的移徙类别接纳外国人的国家通常在准许这些外国人入境时收集信息,但在外国人离境时收集适当信息的国家很少。
The situation in Afghanistan calls for immediate action on the part of the United Nations to fill the power vacuum left by the departure of the ruling Taliban from the capital, Kabul阿富汗局势要求联合国立即采取行动,填补掌权的塔利班离开首都喀布尔之后留下的权力真空。
Recalling the briefing to the Security Council by the President of the Special Court for Sierra Leone on ‧ ay ‧ in which he stressed the need for a continuing international security presence to provide protection for the Special Court after the departure of UNAMSIL, and welcoming the Secretary-General's recommendations in this regard回顾 ‧ 年 ‧ 月 ‧ 日塞拉利昂问题特别法庭庭长向安全理事会通报情况时,强调需要继续派驻国际安保人员,在联塞特派团撤离后为特别法庭提供保护,并欢迎秘书长就此提出的建议
From the first day of their departure, the city was the scene of fierce fights between UPC and the Lendu militias, which lasted until MONUC was able to broker a ceasefire agreement, on ‧ ay自他们撤离后的第一天起,该城市就成了刚果爱国者联盟和伦杜族民兵之间激战的场所,直到联刚特派团在 ‧ 月 ‧ 日斡旋下达成一项停火协定。
Pipeline asserted that prior to the departure of its personnel from Kuwait on ‧ ugust ‧ it had stored part of its tangible property at the Kharafi site office near East Ahamadi area in Kuwait and the remainder at a rented house in Salwa area in Kuwait City管道声称,它在其人员于 ‧ 年 ‧ 月 ‧ 日离开科威特之前,将一部分有形资产储存在科威特东Ahamadi地区附近的Kharafi工地办公室内,其余部分则储存在科威特城Salwa地区的一所租来的房屋内。
Prevention measures included pre-departure programmes developed with countries of origin, particularly the Philippines; and fliers that briefed temporary foreign workers on employment standards and rights in Canada保护措施包括与原籍国一同制定的离境前方案,特别是与菲律宾;以及加拿大关于临时外籍工人雇用标准与权利的宣传单。
Although the concept of the continental shelf in the Convention is a legal or juridical one, the basic points of departure and the terms used in the criteria for defining the outer limits of the continental margin are scientific: geodetic, geologic, geophysical or hydrographic虽然在公约中,大陆架是一个法律概念,但是在界定大陆边的外缘时,基本的出发点和各项标准中所用的术语都是科学的:涉及到大地测量学、地质学、地球物理学或水文地理学。
Moreover, General Assembly resolution ‧ (XVII) on Permanent Sovereignty over Natural Resources had prescribed the payment of “appropriate compensation” in the event of nationalization, expropriation or requisitioning, which was a significant departure from the phrase “prompt, adequate and effective”, although the General Assembly had failed to define it而且,关于对自然资源拥有永久主权的大会第 ‧ (XVII)号决议规定了在实行国有化、征收或征用时支付“适当的补偿”,这明显地远离了“立即、充分和有效的”的补偿,尽管大会没有对此加以界定。
In that regard, we feel that another good point of departure could be the suggestion made by High Representative Sampaio at the recent ministerial meeting of the Group of Friends of the Alliance of Civilizations that international organizations- be they universal or regional- develop their own work programmes for cooperation with the Alliance of Civilizations, in particular in the four thematic areas on which the initiative focuses在这方面,我们认为,另一个很好的出发点是高级代表桑帕约在近期举行的不同文明联盟之友小组部长级会议上提出的建议,即各国际组织,无论是全球性还是区域性的,应制定自己的工作方案,以便与不同文明联盟合作,特别是在该倡议关注的四个专题领域内合作。
The purpose of the TIR Convention is to regulate international transport of goods without intermediate reloading across one or more frontiers between a customs office of departure of one contracting party and a customs office of destination of another contracting party《国际公路货运公约》旨在制定一项跨越一缔约国离境海关和另一缔约国目的地海关之间的一个或多个边界没有立即重装的国际货物运输规则。
Until the departure of the inspectors from Iraq on ‧ ecember ‧ the Karamah enterprise was, by order of the United States, subject to ongoing monitoring by periodic visits of inspectors to the site and the use of monitoring devices such as cameras直到视察员于 ‧ 年 ‧ 月 ‧ 日离开伊拉克时为止,Karamah企业根据美国的命令一直受到视察员的定期前往视察,并使用诸如摄象机等监测工具不断进行监测。
On ‧ ugust, the day of the Special Envoy's departure, the Minister for Foreign Affairs and the Minister of the Interior of the Democratic Republic of the Congo jointly informed my Special Representative, Kamel Morjane, that the Government would thenceforth authorize the deployment of United Nations battalions to Mbandaka, Kananga, Kindu and Kisangani月 ‧ 日,特使起程这一天,刚果民主共和国外交部长和内政部长共同通知我的特别代表卡迈勒·莫尔贾尼,刚果民主共和国政府从此授权向姆班达卡、卡南加、金杜和基桑加尼部署联合国营。
The ASEAN Agreement on Disaster Management and Emergency Response, of ‧ requires the receiving Party to “facilitate the entry into, stay in and departure from its territory of personnel and of equipment, facilities and materials involved or used in the assistance”东盟 ‧ 年《关于灾害管理和紧急反应的协定》规定,受援方应“便利援助所涉或所用的人员和设备、设施和物资的出入境和境内停留”。
Turnover rates are based on the calculation of a standard labour turnover index, which is obtained by comparing the number of actual staff departures over the period from ‧ uly ‧ to ‧ une ‧ with the number of active staff as at ‧ uly更替率依据的是对标准劳动力周转指数的计算。 通过将 ‧ 年 ‧ 月 ‧ 日至 ‧ 年 ‧ 月 ‧ 日期间工作人员的实际离职人数与 ‧ 年 ‧ 月 ‧ 日的在职工作人员人数相比较,得出这一系数。
Discussions focused on the use of benchmarking as a useful departure point for policy analysis and for tracking progress and the impact and influence of policies会议讨论侧重于使用基准作为政策分析的有效的出发点,并且用来追踪政策的进展和影响。
The departure of persons to countries where there is widespread violence is regulated by the departmental committee on conditions in various countries对于将人送往暴力盛行的国家则由研究各国情况的部门委员会进行调控管理。
The Assembly made this recommendation on the understanding that such a departure from the rules did not involve any permanent change in the relevant provision of rule ‧ of the rules of procedure pertaining to the quorum for the opening of meetings, whereby the majority of members must be present for any decision to be taken但大会在提出这一建议时有一谅解,即这样做并不涉及永久改变议事规则有关开会法定出席人数的第 ‧ 条的有关规定,该条规定,任何决定必须在有过半数会员国出席时才能作出。
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