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• A letter was sent to public institutions announcing the preparation of the report and attaching a set of survey guidelines on “gender-focused actions against discrimination” covering the years ‧ to ‧ in accordance with CEDAW rules向各家公共机构发去信函,告知起草本报告一事,根据消除对妇女歧视委员会的要求,收集在 ‧ 至 ‧ 年期间在促进两性平等消除性别歧视方面所做工作的资料。
“ ‧ ncourages all stakeholders to consider ways of allowing for further publicizing of the practices, products and fees of financial institutions and other money transfer operators so as to provide all appropriate information on the market“ ‧ 鼓励所有利益有关者考虑采取各种方法来进一步推广金融机构和其他经营货币转移业务者的做法、产品和收费情况,以便提供有关该市场的所有适当信息
For instance, within the area of governance, the United Nations system is already supporting initiatives which: promote the policy dialogue to widen development choices; strengthen the capacities of key democratic governing institutions for people-centred development; promote decentralization for stronger local governance and community empowerment; and increase efficiency and accountability in the public sector例如,在施政方面,联合国系统已经在支助拥有以下目的的行动:推动政策性对话,以增加发展选择;加强重要民主施政机构的能力,促进着眼于人的发展;促进下放权力,以加强地方施政和进一步把权力授予社区;在公共部门提高效率并加强问责制。
c) Strengthened institutional, technical and human resource capacity of national and subnational public administrations for improved public service deliveryc) 国家及其以下各级公共行政部门改善交付公共服务所需的机构、技术和人力资源能力得以加强。
The Subcommittee also noted with satisfaction the publication of Highlights in Space ‧ which had been compiled from a report prepared by COSPAR on space research and a report prepared by IAF on space technology and applications, and expressed its appreciation to COSPAR, IAF and the International Institute of Space Law for their contributions小组委员会还满意地注意到《 ‧ 年空间活动摘要》已经出版 ‧ 这本书是根据空间研委会编写的关于空间研究的报告和宇航联合会编写的关于空间技术和应用的报告汇编而成,并感谢空间研委会、宇航联合会和国际空间法研究所所作的贡献。
For the protection of the constitutional and lawful rights of citizens that have been violated by agencies of the State administration or by other organs and organizations that have public authority, the Constitution provides for the institution of the office of the Ombudsman为了保护宪法所保障的公民合法权利免遭国家政府或掌握公共权力的其他机关和组织的侵犯,《宪法》规定成立监察专员办公室。
Recognizes the important and constructive role that national institutions can play in human rights education, including by the publication and dissemination of human rights material and other public information activities during the World Programme for Human Rights Education, and calls upon all existing national institutions to assist in the implementation of human rights education training programmes across all relevant sectors of society, including during the first phase of the Programme ( ‧ ), which will focus on primary and secondary education认识到国家机构在人权教育方面可发挥的重要和建设性作用,包括在世界人权教育方案期间发行和传播人权资料和开展其他宣传活动,并呼吁所有现有国家机构在社会各有关部门执行人权教育培训方案,包括在方案的第一阶段( ‧ 年),该阶段侧重于中小学教育
On ‧ ugust ‧ with the approval of the Judicial Bureau of the City of Beijing, the Law Institute of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences established China's first government-approved legal aid institution to operate as a “law office”, the Oriental Public Interest and Legal Aid Office针对非法音像制品中暴力、淫秽内容危害青少年心身健康的问题,文化部及有关部门制定了一系列规章制度,开展集中整治,加强日常监管,为青少年的健康成长创造良好的社会文化环境。
The DSF, a useful tool, could be developed further to better reflect the investments undertaken with external credit; to better integrate exogenous shocks into debt sustainability analysis; to link the analysis of external debt with that of domestic public debt; and to reflect dynamically the quality of domestic institutions债务可持续性框架适应有用的工具,可予进一步开发,以更好地反映通过外部信贷作的投资;更好地将外部冲击纳入债务可持续性分析中;动态地反映国内体制的素质。
In ‧ remained concerned that traditional societal attitudes appear to limit children to freely express their views within the family, schools, communities, courts and other institutional settings, and recommended that Senegal strengthen its efforts to ensure that children's views are given due consideration, and undertake awareness-raising campaigns among the public at large, including traditional communities through religious leaders年,儿童权利委员会表示仍然关切的是,传统社会态度似乎有碍于儿童在家里、学校、社会、法院和其他机构环境下自由表达意见, 因此建议塞内加尔加强努力,确保对儿童的意见给予应有的考虑,对广大公众,包括通过宗教领袖对传统社区,开展宣传运动。
The creation of the Peacekeeping Best Practices Section focused attention on and provided tools for institutional learning and development, and the separation of military and police functions was instrumental in redefining the role of the United Nations police to better support the needs of public security institutions in post-conflict environments维和最佳做法科设立后,更加注重机构学习和发展,为其提供了工具。 军事职能和警察职能分开,有助于重新界定联合国警察的作用,更好地满足公安机构在冲突后环境中的需求。
Given the substantial public investments made in higher education, an appropriate balance has to be struck between institutional autonomy and accountability鉴于对高等教育投下的大量公共资金,必须在机构自主和管理责任之间找到一个适当的平衡点。
To achieve that aim it is necessary: (a) to know what to monitor (dynamics of environmental phenomena); (b) to assess and adopt monitoring techniques; (c) to set up a convenient monitoring system or systems; (d) to establish guidelines; (e) to build capacity; (f) to enhance partnerships among relevant national, regional and international institutions; and (g) to involve non-governmental organizations and the public为此有必要:(a)弄清对什么进行监测(环境现象变化情况);(b)评估和采用监测技术;(c)建立方便的监测系统;(d)制订准则;(e)建立能力;(f)加强伙伴关系(在有关国家、区域和国际机构之间);(g)争取非政府组织和公众参与。
Please provide updated data and statistics for the total number of abortions carried out in public and private health institutions in Albania请提供最新数据和统计资料,说明在阿尔巴尼亚公私卫生机构中的流产总数。
But as those institutions expanded operations in developing countries their conditionality became tighter and more complex, encompassing areas that were within the purview not only of other international organizations but also of national economic and social development strategies, such as restructuring and privatization of public enterprises, deregulation of markets, trade regimes, prices and marketing policies, the financial sector, and the agricultural and energy sectors但随着这些机构在发展中国家扩展业务,其条件规定变得更为严格、更加复杂,所包含的领域不仅属于其他国际组织的权限范围,而且也是国家经济和社会发展战略的内容,如公营企业的结构调整和私有化、市场管理放松、贸易制度、价格和营销政策、金融部门以及农业和能源部门。
In line with the Convention, those projects will focus on enhancing States' capacity to prevent and control corruption, including through the development and benchmarking of comprehensive anti-corruption policies, strengthening of the integrity, accountability and capacity of public institutions, in particular of prosecution services and judiciaries, promotion of integrity and accountability in the public and private sectors, prevention of laundering of the proceeds of corruption and recovery of assets根据该公约,这些项目将侧重于下列方面:加强会员国预防和控制腐败的能力,包括通过制订全面反腐败的政策并制订其基准;加强公共机构尤其是检察机关和审判机关的廉正、问责制和能力;在公共和私营部门促进廉正和问责制;预防清洗腐败所得和追回资产。
Gender perspectives are also integrated into three recent publications by the United Nations University focusing on African institutional reform, post-conflict peace-building in Africa, and inequality and social structures in economies in transition联合国大学最近的三份出版物中也有关于两性平等的内容;这三项出版物的主题是非洲体制改革、非洲冲突后的和平事业以及转型期经济体中的不平等和社会结构。
Also reaffirm that the stigmatization of people of different origins by acts or omissions of public authorities, institutions, the media, political parties or national or local organizations is not only an act of racial discrimination but also an incitement to the recurrence of such acts, thereby resulting in the creation of a vicious circle which reinforces racist attitudes and prejudices; such acts should be declared offences and crimes punishable by law还重申由政府机关、机构、媒体、政党或国家或地方组织通过行为或不作为对不同背景的人加以区分,不仅是一种种族歧视行为,而且是对这种行为的鼓励,从而形成一种恶性循环,支持了种族主义态度和偏见,应宣布这些行为为应受法律惩罚的犯罪和罪行
The Constitution, under Article ‧ specifies that the Civic Defender (CD) shall be independent state body who shall protect citizens' rights and monitor the work of public administration bodies, body in charge of legal protection of proprietary rights and interests of the Republic of Serbia, as well as other bodies and organisations, companies and institutions to which public powers have been delegated《宪法》第 ‧ 条明确规定,民事辩护人应当是独立的国家机构,应当保护公民的权利,监督公共行政机关、负责对塞尔维亚共和国的财产权益实行法律保护的机关以及拥有公共权力的其他机构和组织、公司和机构
d) The media strengthen the drive for mobilization and enhance the publicity about the Instituted) 媒体加强调动资源的工作和对研究所的宣传。
It noted in particular the creation of the independent German Institute of Human Rights, the setting up by the Federal Parliament of a Human Rights Committee as well as the publication of the Federal Government's biannual Human Rights Report, which in the future will give more attention to the internal human rights issues委员会尤其注意到联邦人权事务委员会设立起了一个独立的德国人权问题机构,以及联邦政府发表的两年期人权报告。 今后,这份报告将更多地注重阐述国内人权问题。
Moreover, there is a large body of knowledge in the public domain that is not accessible to developing countries and their firms and individuals owing to various factors related to the lack of human and institutional capacity, as well as costs而且,在公共领域存在着大量知识,由于与缺乏人的和机构的能力有关的各种因素以及费用问题,发展中国家及其公司和个人无法获得。
Future projects included raising female enrolment in tertiary institutions and universities and increasing the number of women in decision-making positions in both the public and private sectors未来的计划包括提高高等教育机构和大学的女生入学率,增加公有部门和私营部门决策层中的妇女数量。
At the domestic level, in addition to sound macroeconomic policies, some middle-income countries thus will need to develop and implement financing mechanisms and instruments that ensure the ability to continue to rely on sustained capital flows even when faced with external instability ‧ uch mechanisms could include: counter-cyclical guarantees issued by national or multilateral public financial institutions to mitigate investment risk and maintain an adequate flow of private capital under adverse financial conditions; bonds whose service obligations are indexed to the debtor country's capacity to pay (such as growth-linked bonds); and internationally traded and domestic local currency bonds that reduce exchange rate mismatches因此,在国内一级,除了稳健的宏观经济政策外,一些中等收入国家还必须制定和实施各种筹资机制和工具,确保即使在遇到外部不稳定情况时,仍有能力继续依赖持续不断的资本流动。 ‧ 这些筹资机制可包括:国家或多边公共金融机构为在不利金融条件下减轻投资风险和保持适当私人资本流量而发行的反周期担保、还本付息义务同债务国支付能力指数挂钩的债券(如与增长挂钩的债券)、以及用国际交易的国内本币债券减少汇率失调。
Reiterates its appreciation for the efforts of the Department of Public Information in creating a high-quality, user-friendly and cost-effective web site, noting that this is especially noteworthy considering the scope of the undertaking, the budget constraints within the United Nations and the remarkably rapid expansion of the World Wide Web, and reaffirms that the web site remains a very useful tool for the media, non-governmental organizations, educational institutions, Member States and the general public再次赞赏新闻部设法建立一个高质量、方便用户和高成本效益的网站,指出鉴于这项工作的规模、联合国预算拮据因素和万维网的迅速扩展,这种努力特别值得注意;重申网站对于媒体、非政府组织、教育机构、各会员国和一般公众来说仍是一种极其有益的工具
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