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To this end, the following activities are planned: (a) the International Development Law Institute will provide the main framework for off-the-job legal training in East Timor through one-week training sessions conducted every month up to the end of ‧ (b) judges, prosecutors and public defenders will provide on-the-job training through their work in the serious crimes prosecution units (where international staff are teamed up with East Timorese) and through special panels for the trial of serious crimes; and (c) the training of court registrars, clerks, bailiffs and other administrative personnel will take place in the first three months of为此目的,已计划开展以下活动:(a) 国际发展法学院将直至 ‧ 年底每月举办一周训练班,它是在东帝汶开展业余法律培训的主要框架;(b) 法官、检察官和公设律师通过在重大罪行起诉股(国际工作人员和东帝汶人在这里一起工作)工作和在审判重大罪行的特别小组工作,接受在职培训;和(c) 将在 ‧ 年头三个月培训法庭书记官长、办事员、法警和其他行政工作人员。
Their focus is to strengthen institutional capacities at the national and local levels and to create an enabling environment for effective public, private and civil society partnerships其重点是加强国家和地方一级的机构能力并为有效的公共、私营和民间社会伙伴关系创建有利的环境。
Efforts are now under way to address urgent issues, including: strengthening the capacity of developing countries to acquire and integrate biotechnology safely into sustainable development programmes; providing forums for private and public institutions and civil society to consider policy options and discuss controversial issues at national, regional and international levels; and establishing innovative mechanisms and special funds for research on the critical needs of poorer countries现在正努力处理紧迫的问题,包括:加强发展中国家获得生物技术并将其安全融入可持续发展方案的能力;为私人和公共机构以及社会团体提供论坛,以审议政策的选择,并在国家、区域和国际一级讨论有争论的问题;并建立创新机制和特别基金,研究较穷国家的关键需要。
The information requirements ‧ of the following institutions were examined for this paper: the ‧ elements of the World Bank ‧ the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) ‧ the Asian Development Bank ‧ the Inter-American Development Bank ‧ and the African Development Bank ‧ he information requirements of the funders fall into two broad categories: those that apply to funding for public sector institutions, defined as governments and non-governmental organizations; and those that apply to funding for private sector entities本文件审查了下列机构的信息要求:全球环境基金 、世界银行的一些组成部分 、 欧洲复兴开发银行 、 亚洲开发银行 、美洲开发银行 和非洲开发银行 。
The Health Mapping Project is an initiative of the WHO Collaborating Centre for Health Promoting Water Management and Risk Communication, located at the Institute for Hygiene and Public Health at the University of Bonn, Germany保健制图项目是世卫组织促进健康、水资源管理和风险交流协作中心的一个倡议,该中心设在德国波恩大学卫生和公共健康研究所。
The report was widely disseminated immediately after its submission and later received renewed public attention due to a press release on the country specific information submitted to the CEDAW committee by Javnstøðunevndin, the Gender Equality Commission, which is a national Faroese human rights institution由于就两性平等委员会(Javnstøðunevndin)提交给消除对妇女歧视委员会的具体国家资料举行了一次新闻发布会,该报告在提交之后立即得到广泛分发,再度引起公众注意。 两性平等委员会是法罗群岛的一个国家人权机构
The authorities were involved in a constructive partnership with civil society organizations to enable them to participate actively in the human rights protection process, and non-governmental organizations played an important role in human rights education and public awareness and ensured that the actions of Government institutions were consistent with the stated objectives当局与民间社会组织建立了建设性的合作伙伴关系,使这些组织能够积极参与人权保护进程,非政府组织在人权教育和公共宣传方面起着非常重要的作用,并能保证政府机构的行动与已公布的目标相一致。
Requests the international community to provide, inter alia, technical assistance to support national efforts to strengthen human and institutional capacity aimed at preventing corrupt practices and the transfer of assets of illicit origin, returning such assets to the countries of origin and formulating strategies for mainstreaming and promoting transparency and integrity in both the public and private sector请国际社会提供技术援助等,支持各国努力加强人力和机构能力,以防止腐败行径及转移非法来源资产的活动并将这些资产退回来源国,并制定战略促进公、私部门中的透明度和廉正并将其纳入主流
Acknowledges that the reporting process should encourage and facilitate, at the national level, public scrutiny of government policies and constructive engagement with relevant civil society actors, conducted in a spirit of cooperation and mutual respect, with the aim of advancing the enjoyment by all of the rights protected by the Convention, and in this context encourages States parties to engage with national human rights institutions and civil society while preparing their periodic reports and their follow-up确认报告程序应在国家一级鼓励和促进公众监督政府的政策,政府应本着合作和相互尊重的精神与有关民间社会行为者进行建设性接触,目的是促进人人享有《公约》保护的人权,并在这方面鼓励缔约国在编写定期报告和采取后续行动中与国家人权机构和民间社会进行接触
Regard shall also be had to whether wages are paid for hours worked, at piece rates or as a share of the employer's profits, sales or revenues, and steps shall be taken to ensure that workers on piece rates are not put at a disadvantage.” Article ‧ stipulates that the system for setting the minimum wage must apply to all workers other than those serving the State or its institutions, whose earnings are set under a public budget还应该注意到时计工资、件计工资、以及与雇主利润、销售额或收入分成支付,应采取步骤确保以件计工资的工人不被置于不利的地位。” 第 ‧ 条规定,最低工资制定方法必须适用于除服务于国家或国家机构以外的所有工作人员,为国家或国家机构服务的工作人员的工资按政府预算确定。
Article ‧ paragraph ‧ provides: “The section hands down decisions on applications for annulment filed on grounds of breach of forms of action, either appropriate or prescribed on pain of avoidance, overstepping or wrongful use of authority, against acts or regulations of the various administrative authorities, or against administrative decisions by legislative assemblies or their organs, including the mediators instituted within such assemblies, the Court of Accounts and the Court of Arbitration, and the organs of the judiciary and the High Council of Justice, concerning public contracts and the members of their personnel.”第十四条第 ‧ 款规定:“法庭下达裁决,裁定基于违反诉讼形式的理由―― 不论是以适当的还是有时效的回避、越权或者不法滥用权利的理由―― 对各类行政当局的法案或条例,或对立法议会或机关,包括在立法议会内建立的调解机构、账目法院和仲裁法院,以及司法机构和高等司法委员会机关涉及公共工程合同和其工作人员的行政决定,提出的要求废止的上诉。”
Guatemala has a national coordinator for the reduction of natural or man-made disasters- an institution comprising offices and entities from the public and private sectors that work together on risk management and mitigation危地马拉设立了国家自然或人为灾害减灾协调部门,该机构由共同负责管理和减少风险的公私部门办事处和实体组成。
Specifically, the Government noted that article ‧ of the Constitution provides that “The Department of Public Prosecutions shall institute public proceedings on behalf of society and shall also supervise criminal investigation matters and ensure the enforcement of the criminal law, the prosecution of offenders and the execution of judgements”具体而言,科威特政府提到,宪法第 ‧ 条规定:“公诉部应代表社会提起公诉并应监督刑事调查事务和确保执行刑法、起诉肇事者和执行判决”。
The Committee commends the State party for the establishment of (a) special courts on domestic violence in Tegucigalpa and San Pedro Sula, in ‧ (b) the National Women's Institute, as the national machinery for the advancement of women, in ‧ and (c) the Special Public Prosecutor's Office for Women, in委员会赞扬缔约国:(a) ‧ 年在特古西加尔巴和圣佩德罗苏拉成立了家庭暴力特别法院;(b) ‧ 年成立了全国妇女协会,作为负责提高妇女地位的国家机构;(c) ‧ 年成立了妇女问题特别检察官办公室。
• Strengthening of specialized and differentiated care for work with adolescents, raising awareness and defining action strategies with public institutions加强青少年工作,给予其特殊和具体照顾,与公共机构一起开展工作。
In relation to women's participation in the country's public and political life, described in Article ‧ of the Convention and Recommendation ‧ of the Committee, in addition to the reform to the Federal Code of Electoral Institutions and Procedures (COFIPE), which resulted in greater female presence in the Chamber of Deputies (their share rose from ‧ per cent to ‧ per cent), other activities have been undertaken to increase the number of women in decision-making posts and public positions关于《公约》第 ‧ 条和委员会对墨西哥提出的建议 ‧ 所说的妇女对国家公共生活和政治生活的参与,除对联邦选举制度和程序法的改革使女议员在众议院中所占比例从 ‧ %上升到 ‧ %外,还采取了其他有助于增加决策机构和公共职务中的妇女人数的行动。
The United Nations Research Institute for Social Development defines social policy as comprising public policies and institutions that aim to protect citizens from social contingencies and poverty and, ultimately, to enable them to strive to achieve their own life goals联合国社会发展研究所将社会政策界定为包括旨在保护公民不受社会突发事件和贫穷影响,并最终使他们能够努力实现其生活目标的公共政策和制度。
On behalf of the International Development Law Institute (IDLI), it was stated that IDLI, which promoted the rule of law and good governance and the use of legal resources in the development process in developing countries and countries with economies in transition, fulfilled its mandate through training, technical assistance, research, and publication国际发展法学会(发展法学会)代表在发言时说,发展法学会促进发展中国家和经济转型期国家在发展进程中实行法治、良政以及利用法律资源,通过培训、技术援助、研究和出版物履行其任务。
Such expertise could provide advice to public and private institutions involved with transit transport corridor issues in other parts of the developing world这类经验可供其他发展中国家参与过境运输走廊问题的公营和私营机构借鉴。
It has initiated capacity-building activities for national institutions, both governmental and non-governmental, through training sessions on the administration of justice and human rights, international humanitarian law, and ethics, aimed at public structures, criminal investigation officers, teachers, army officers and journalists人权专员办事处开展行动,为公务员、司法警察、教师、军官和记者举办关于执法、人权、国际人道主义法、道德伦理等训练班,以加大政府和非政府机构的力度。
The current process of calling for nominations involves posting the relevant documents for nomination on the United Nations Public Administration Network (UNPAN) web site, sending them to permanent missions to the United Nations, government ministries or other government agencies in charge of public service in Member States, institutional partners of the Division for Public Administration and Development Management, United Nations Development Programme country offices, UNPAN regional centres and the regional commissions目前号召提名的程序包括以下几步:在联合国公共行政网网站上公布提名的相关材料;把材料送交各国常驻联合国使团、在会员国主管公共服务的部委或其他政府机构、公共行政和发展管理司的伙伴机构、联合国开发计划署国家办事处、联合国公共行政网区域中心及各区域委员会。
International assistance for the establishment of a rule of law regime and dispensation of justice in post-conflict societies, therefore, should help set up credible local institutions and build up their public image and acceptance因此,为在冲突后社会中建立法治制度和执行司法提供的国际援助应该帮助建立可信的地方机构,并且树立其公共形象和可接受性。
However, while the contribution of academic institutions was welcome, the Secretariat had primary responsibility for producing the two publications不过,虽然我们欢迎学术机构为此出力,但编制这两份出版物的首要责任在于秘书处。
The Ministry focused primarily on the elaboration of an institutional strategy on domestic violence, which was incorporated in public safety policies内政部将主要重点放在制定一项处理家庭暴力问题的机构战略,并将其纳入公共安全政策中。
Partnerships among Governments or involving public and private institutions can play a key role in providing the required training在提供必要的培训方面,政府间合作进行或让公私机构参与,能够发挥关键作用。
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