pronunciation: IPA: 'ridəɸ        

Translations into Chinese:

  • 讀取器   
    A device that reads RFID tags and passes tag information in a digital form to a computer system.
  • 讀者   
    A device that reads RFID tags and passes tag information in a digital form to a computer system.
  • 读取器   
    A device that reads RFID tags and passes tag information in a digital form to a computer system.
  • 读者   
    A device that reads RFID tags and passes tag information in a digital form to a computer system.
  • 讀本   
  • 读本   

Other meanings:

A book of exercises to accompany a textbook.
person who reads a publication
A newspaper advertisement designed to look like an news article rather than a commercial solicitation.
(computer) reader
A device such as a card reader or microfilm reader.
A proofreader.
A lay or minor cleric who reads lessons in a church service.
reader (person)
(chiefly UK) A university lecturer below a professor.
A literary anthology.
A person who recites literary works, usually to an audience.
A person who reads a publication.

Similar phrases in dictionary English Chinese. (19)

all-in-one card reader萬用讀卡機
bar code reader条码读取器; 條碼讀取機
barcode reader條碼讀取機
BitLocker To Go ReaderBitLocker To Go 讀取裝置
card reader讀卡機; 讀卡器; 读卡器
dear reader看官; 看倌
electronic book reader電紙書; 电纸书
fingerprint reader指纹读取器; 指紋辨識器
for the benefit of the reader以飨读者; 以饗讀者
guide to the reader凡例
Log Reader Agent記錄讀取器代理程式
magnetic stripe reader磁条阅读器
power reader高级读者; 進階讀者
Queue Reader Agent佇列讀取器代理程式; 队列读取器代理
reader (software)閱讀器; 阅读器
Reader's Digest讀者文摘; 读者文摘
Reader's Letters讀者來信; 读者来信
smart card reader智能卡读卡器; 智慧卡讀卡機
Utility Reader公用程式讀取者; 实用工具读取者

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Readers are encouraged to refer to the ‧ for further data and in-depth analysis of the issues outlined here, as well as for details about the statistical sources and methodology读者参考《 ‧ 年信息经济报告》以便获得进一步的数据和对本文所概述问题的深入分析,以及详细了解统计资料来源和系统方法。
Online readership surveys showed that ‧ per cent of readers in ‧ countries rated UNCTAD publications as being “very useful” in their work, meeting the target of ‧ per cent网上读者调查显示在 ‧ 个国家有 ‧ %的读者认为贸发会议的出版物对其工作“非常有用”,读者人数达到指标 ‧ %。
The Department of Peacekeeping Operations has identified the requirement to input data from bar-code readers维持和平行动部已查明需要通过条码阅读器输入数据。
Readers' responses are circulated among the staff involved in the production of the publications in order to bring the feedback to their attention答卷在从事出版物制作的工作人员中传阅,以便引起其注意这些反馈意见。
To make the report more comprehensive and reader-friendly, reference is made to articles and chapters rather than individual provisions under review为了使报告更加全面并提高其可读性,所参照的为条款和章节、而不是有关的具体条文。
e) Provide forms of live assistance and intermediaries, including guides, readers and professional sign language interpreters, to facilitate accessibility to buildings and other facilities open to the publice) 提供其他形式的现场协助和工具,包括提供向导、朗读员和专业手语翻译,以便于无障碍使用向公众开放的建筑和设施
The paper receipts had to be sorted by hand and the data manually keypunched into computers, since the document was not designed to be used with a computer card reader书面收据必须用手工进行分拣,数据也要通过手工打字输入计算机,因为在设计该单据时,并未考虑到将使用计算机读卡
The second paragraph of guideline ‧ refers the reader to guidelines ‧ to ‧ which indicate the criteria for distinguishing between reservations and interpretative declarations and the method of implementing them准则 ‧ 第 ‧ 段请读者参阅准则 ‧ 至 ‧ 这些准则表明了区分保留和解释性声明的标准以及实施这些标准的方法。
Mindful of the need of the reader to understand the basis of the Panel's decisions, those procedures, principles and decisions are re-stated below, together with further procedures, decisions and principles that the Panel has applied during its review of the third instalment part two claims如先前各批索赔一样并鉴于第三批第二部分索赔的复杂性和技术性,小组利用了独立损失理算师和会计师(“专家顾问”)。
Thanks to its availability in the six UN official languages, the website attracts many readers网站由于使用联合国的 ‧ 种正式语文,吸引了许多读者
The Special Rapporteur continues to have grave doubts about the usefulness of these “summaries”, which provide little information and risk giving readers in too much of a hurry a pretext for not referring to the pertinent chapters特别报告员对这类“摘要”是否有用仍持有很大怀疑,因为它们几乎没有什么信息含量,却可能给仓促的读者不读有关章节提供了不良借口。
The Ministry of Education and Science has supported the publication of the first Roma reader printed by a Roma NGO教育和科学部支助出版了由罗姆族非政府组织印制的第一部罗姆族读物。
Third, there is a series of books on self-protection topics that provide young readers with healthy food for thought第六条 中级人民法院和基层人民法院可以建立未成年人刑事审判庭。
Readers are advised to consult the full text of the listed court and arbitral decisions rather than relying solely on the CLOUT abstracts建议读者查阅所列法院裁决和仲裁庭裁决的全文,而不是仅仅依赖各法规判例法摘要汇编。
NewsNotes: Almost every issue of NewsNotes presents news items about the United Nations, as an attempt to help readers become aware of news but also learn about the UN through un-biased reporting《新闻》:几乎每一期《新闻》都有关于联合国的新闻条目,以此帮助读者不仅了解新闻,而且通过偏向联合国的报道来认识联合国。
With regard to the phrase “The corporation has ceased to exist”, which appears in the text both before and after revision, Kuwait refers the reader to its previous comments concerning the existence of the corporation and proposes that the text be redrafted, with the phrase “The corporation has been liquidated and its legal personality has lapsed” substituted for the aforementioned existing phrase关于修订前和修订后文本中均出现的“公司已不存在”一语,科威特请读者参看其前文关于公司存在问题的评论,并提议重拟案文,改用“公司已全部清偿且法人资格失效”取代上述现采用的短语。
These reports have sought to reconcile any statistical inconsistencies, but readers are cautioned to take note of the difficulties experienced when interpreting attached data本报告将努力对相互矛盾的统计数据进行调整,但调整的难度很大,因此,读者在解释相关的数据时应慎重。
Revision of the guidance note to make the MDG reports more reader-friendly was the first management response to findings from the assessment订正指导说明是管理层对评估结果作出的初次反应,其目的是使千年发展目标报告更方便读者
Vandana Shiva, “Biotechnology development and the conservation of biodiversity”, in Vandana Shiva and Ingunn Moser (eds.) Biopolitics: A Feminist and Ecological Reader on Biotechnology, Zed Books/Third World Network, London/New Jersey/Penang ‧ pandana Shiva, “Biotechnology development and the conservation of biodiversity”, in Vandana Shiva and Ingunn Moser (eds.) Biopolitics:A Feminist and Ecological Reader on Biotechnology, Zed Books/Third World Network, London/New Jersey/Penang ‧ p ‧ 。
The reader is referred to the first working paper for a presentation of the Human Genome Project and the questions it has raised in the fields of science, law and ethics关于人类基因组工程的表述可参阅第一份工作文件及其在科学、法律和道德伦理方面提出的问题。
“Live assistance” includes human assistance, such as guides and readers, and animal assistance, such as guide dogs“生活扶助”包括人工扶助,例如向导和解说员,也包括动物扶助,例如导盲犬。
Section ‧ contains comparative data and reader-friendly figures reflecting the disposition of all cases that were completed during the reporting period, including cases that did not result in the imposition of a disciplinary measure, and provides information on the practice of the Secretary-General in cases of possible criminal behaviour第四节载有比较数据和方便读者的数字资料,说明本报告期间结案的所有案件处理情况,包括没有采取纪律措施的案件,以及说明了秘书长对可能有犯罪行为的案件的做法。
Your selective presentation of our reply might mislead readers into thinking that the Singapore Government had made a sweeping and unfounded assertion against your office, which is not the case你有选择地引述我们的答复可以误导读者,使他们相信新加坡政府对你提出了全面的、没有根据的指控。
The report is arranged under headings that readers will recognize as corresponding to the four main sections of the outcome document of the ‧ orld Summit of September ‧ which in turn followed the structure of my “In larger freedom” report: development; peace and security; human rights, rule of law and humanitarian affairs; and strengthening the United Nations本报告按几个大标题编排,读者会发现,这些标题对应于 ‧ 年 ‧ 月通过的《 ‧ 年世界首脑会议成果》的四大分节,而成果文件则是依照我的《大自由》报告的结构。 这四个标题是:发展;和平与安全;人权、法治和人道主义事务;加强联合国。
In ‧ a hearing on the situation of women in film professions was supported, along with a “Female Directors' Guide” (Regisseurinnen-Guide) that was compiled in its wake. Support was also provided for the “European Female Conductors' Reader”“ (Europäische Dirigentinnen Reader) along with the Rheinsberg Forum of female authors年,为电影领域的妇女状况听证会以及刚刚编撰完毕的《女导演指南》(Regisseurinnen-Guide)提供了支助;此外还支助了《欧洲女司机读者》(Europäische Dirigentinnen Reader)和莱茵斯贝格女作家论坛。
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