pronunciation: IPA: 'ridəɸ        

Translations into Chinese:

  • 讀取器   
    A device that reads RFID tags and passes tag information in a digital form to a computer system.
  • 讀者   
    A device that reads RFID tags and passes tag information in a digital form to a computer system.
  • 读取器   
    A device that reads RFID tags and passes tag information in a digital form to a computer system.
  • 读者   
    A device that reads RFID tags and passes tag information in a digital form to a computer system.
  • 讀本   
  • 读本   

Other meanings:

A book of exercises to accompany a textbook.
person who reads a publication
A newspaper advertisement designed to look like an news article rather than a commercial solicitation.
(computer) reader
A device such as a card reader or microfilm reader.
A proofreader.
A lay or minor cleric who reads lessons in a church service.
reader (person)
(chiefly UK) A university lecturer below a professor.
A literary anthology.
A person who recites literary works, usually to an audience.
A person who reads a publication.

Similar phrases in dictionary English Chinese. (19)

all-in-one card reader萬用讀卡機
bar code reader条码读取器; 條碼讀取機
barcode reader條碼讀取機
BitLocker To Go ReaderBitLocker To Go 讀取裝置
card reader讀卡機; 讀卡器; 读卡器
dear reader看官; 看倌
electronic book reader電紙書; 电纸书
fingerprint reader指纹读取器; 指紋辨識器
for the benefit of the reader以飨读者; 以饗讀者
guide to the reader凡例
Log Reader Agent記錄讀取器代理程式
magnetic stripe reader磁条阅读器
power reader高级读者; 進階讀者
Queue Reader Agent佇列讀取器代理程式; 队列读取器代理
reader (software)閱讀器; 阅读器
Reader's Digest讀者文摘; 读者文摘
Reader's Letters讀者來信; 读者来信
smart card reader智能卡读卡器; 智慧卡讀卡機
Utility Reader公用程式讀取者; 实用工具读取者

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Such disclosure would be consistent with United Nations system accounting standard ‧ according to which “financial statements should have the qualitative characteristics required to make the information provided useful to readers这种披露符合联合国系统会计标准 ‧ 其中规定:“财务报表应具有必要的质量特性,使所提供的资料对读者有用。
The Special Rapporteur refers the reader to paragraph ‧ below特别报告员请读者参阅下列第 ‧ 段。
The Special Rapporteur continues to have the greatest doubts as to the utility of these “summaries” which are scarcely informative and risk giving harried readers a poor excuse for not consulting the relevant chapters特别报告员对此种“概况”是否有用仍然表示非常怀疑:这种“概况”几乎完全不能说明问题,反而会成为一些非常匆忙的读者不去阅读有关章节的不良借口。
The Ministry of Education and Science has supported the publication of the first Roma reader printed by a Roma NGO教育和科学部支助出版了由罗姆族非政府组织印制的第一部罗姆族读物。
The guide will focus on how to make optimum use of imperfect data, including by guiding the reader on how to conduct surveys, and quick analyses, while aiming put a long-term surveillance system into operation该指南的重点在于如何优化利用不完全数据,途经包括指导读者进行调查和快速分析,同时旨在将一套长期监督系统投入使用。
Rather than clearly stating that excision was a violation of human rights by the standards laid down in international instruments, it was wiser to let readers, in particular those most concerned, realize the seriousness of the problem by themselves比较明智的做法是,使读者、特别是直接有关的读者自己去认识问题的严重性,而不是直截了当地说明按照国际文书中规定的标准,女性切割是侵犯人权行为。
As mentioned by several delegations, the General Assembly needs a concise, analytical and reader-friendly report on the issues that the Security Council discussed during the reporting period正如一些代表团提到的,大会需要一份关于安全理事会在报告所述期间讨论 过的各种问题的简洁的、分析性的、方便读者的报告。
The methodology used in the study for evaluating a law is intended to give the reader an indication of how effective the law really is, in practice研究报告在评价一项法律时所采用的方法是要向读者表明该法律在实际中的真正实效。
The contributions to this discussion will soon be published in a reader讨论稿很快将以出版物形式出版。
The observer for Thailand explained that the summary in paragraphs ‧ to ‧ of that paper referring to Viet Nam, Thailand and the Lao People's Democratic Republic did not accurately reflect the present situation in Thailand and might mislead readers泰国观察员说,该文件第 ‧ 至 ‧ 段的概述提到越南、泰国和老挝人民民主共和国,但没有准确反映泰国的目前情况,因而可能误导读者
Information in paragraphs ‧ to ‧ of the document should have been combined with contents of section ‧ (Staffing requirements) to eliminate duplication and to avoid confusing the reader文件第 ‧ 至 ‧ 段的内容应该与第八节(所需人员编制)的内容合在一起,避免重复,以免给读者造成混乱。
According to information made available to the Special Rapporteur, the Irish newspaper market is broadly divided into two categories: newspapers (both Irish and British titles) which are distributed throughout the country, and newspapers which have a distribution pattern targeted at local readers根据特别报告员获得的资料,爱尔兰的报纸,无论是爱尔兰报纸还是英国报纸,都分为在全国发行的报纸和在发行格局上以地方读者为对象的报纸。
It follows a practice in private law treaties to provide self-contained rules of interpretation, without which the reader would be referred to general rules of public international law on the interpretation of treaties that might not be entirely suitable for the interpretation of private law provisions ( ‧ para它遵循了私法条约中的惯例,即规定自成一体的解释规则,否则读者将需要参照国际公法关于条约解释的一般规则,而这些规则可能并不完全适用于对私法条文的解释( ‧ 第 ‧ 段)。
In this regard, the reader may refer to documents ‧ of ‧ ay ‧ and ‧ of ‧ une ‧ which contain information on the incidents; and document ‧ of ‧ une ‧ in which the Government of Cuba submitted its views concerning the procedure followed in the investigation conducted by the International Civil Aviation Organization team on the violation of Cuba's territorial airspace and on the report of the investigation在这方面,可以查阅 ‧ 年 ‧ 月 ‧ 日 ‧ 号文件、 ‧ 年 ‧ 月 ‧ 日 ‧ 和 ‧ 号文件--它们通报了事件的经过。 另外,在 ‧ 年 ‧ 月 ‧ 日 ‧ 号文件中,古巴政府提出了关于国际民用航空组织(OACI)小组对侵犯古巴领空一事进行调查所采取程序和关于该调查报告的审议意见。
The reader is referred to the explanations given in previous reports请见前几份报告中的说明。
The information on corporate responsibility must be understandable to the reader关于公司责任的信息对读者而言必须易懂。
Takes note of the continuing efforts of the Secretary-General to make the Dag Hammarskjöld Library a virtual library with world outreach, making United Nations information and other acquired materials accessible electronically to a growing number of readers and users, and, at the same time, requests him to enrich the stock of books and journals in the Library, including publications on peace and security and development-related issues, to ensure that it continues to be a broadly accessible resource for information about the United Nations and its activities注意到秘书长继续努力促使达格·哈马舍尔德图书馆成为向世界服务的虚拟图书馆,使更多的读者和用户能以电子手段获取联合国的资料和其他获得的材料,同时请他扩充图书馆收藏的书籍和期刊,包括关于和平与安全以及发展方面各种问题的出版物,以确保它继续成为广泛取得联合国及其活动的资料的来源
For the time being, the Special Rapporteur would like to briefly recall that print media is a fundamental instrument for the dissemination of ideas and opinions and, at the same time, it educates the reader to develop a critical approach and to analyse the information provided特别报告员谨此简要回顾,印刷媒体是传播思想与见解的主要工具,同时,它们也可培养读者具有判断力,对所获得的资料加以分析。
Research on the impact of using environmental newspaper to carry out environmental education and awareness creation among readers- August-December• 研究利用环境报刊对读者进行环境教育和提高认识宣传所产生的影响。 ‧ 年 ‧ 月至 ‧ 月。
The Committee emphasized the importance of ensuring that general comments are reader-friendly, of reasonable length and readily understandable to a broad range of readers, primarily States parties to the Covenant委员会强调,必须确保一般性意见读者易于使用,篇幅合理,对广大读者、主要是《公约》缔约国来说通俗易懂。
Views were expressed on the assessed overview, in particular that it was comprehensive, concrete, action-oriented and reader-friendly大家交流了对被评估的概览的看法,尤其认为它内容全面、具体、注重行动并且易读。
In addition, the computerised Warnings Index terminal at most ports incorporates a swipe reader for reading and checking ICAO standard machine-readable travel documents另外,在大多数口岸配备的计算机化警告检索终端都装有读码,用来读取和检查符合民航组织标准的可以由机器读取的旅行文件。
It was felt that those words were not superfluous, even if they appeared in the definition of the term “communication” in draft article ‧ (a), as they helped the reader understand the scope of application of the draft convention already from its opening provision有与会者认为,尽管这些词语已载于第 ‧ (a)条草案中有关“通信”这一术语的定义中,但仍不是多余的,因为这有助于读者从公约草案开头的条文起就能了解公约草案的适用范围。
Their purpose is to help readers to understand the guidance document better其目的是帮助读者更好理解指导文件。
Add the following to the indicator of achievement: “the number of readers of the UN Chronicle, sorted by the official languages; and the number of times articles appearing in the UN Chronicle are cited in newspapers and journals”增加以下绩效指标:“;《联合国纪事》按正式语文分类的读者数目;以及报纸和杂志引用《联合国纪事》刊登的文章数目”。
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