pronunciation: IPA: 'ridəɸ        

Translations into Chinese:

  • 讀取器   
    A device that reads RFID tags and passes tag information in a digital form to a computer system.
  • 讀者   
    A device that reads RFID tags and passes tag information in a digital form to a computer system.
  • 读取器   
    A device that reads RFID tags and passes tag information in a digital form to a computer system.
  • 读者   
    A device that reads RFID tags and passes tag information in a digital form to a computer system.
  • 讀本   
  • 读本   

Other meanings:

A book of exercises to accompany a textbook.
person who reads a publication
A newspaper advertisement designed to look like an news article rather than a commercial solicitation.
(computer) reader
A device such as a card reader or microfilm reader.
A proofreader.
A lay or minor cleric who reads lessons in a church service.
reader (person)
(chiefly UK) A university lecturer below a professor.
A literary anthology.
A person who recites literary works, usually to an audience.
A person who reads a publication.

Similar phrases in dictionary English Chinese. (19)

all-in-one card reader萬用讀卡機
bar code reader条码读取器; 條碼讀取機
barcode reader條碼讀取機
BitLocker To Go ReaderBitLocker To Go 讀取裝置
card reader讀卡機; 讀卡器; 读卡器
dear reader看官; 看倌
electronic book reader電紙書; 电纸书
fingerprint reader指纹读取器; 指紋辨識器
for the benefit of the reader以飨读者; 以饗讀者
guide to the reader凡例
Log Reader Agent記錄讀取器代理程式
magnetic stripe reader磁条阅读器
power reader高级读者; 進階讀者
Queue Reader Agent佇列讀取器代理程式; 队列读取器代理
reader (software)閱讀器; 阅读器
Reader's Digest讀者文摘; 读者文摘
Reader's Letters讀者來信; 读者来信
smart card reader智能卡读卡器; 智慧卡讀卡機
Utility Reader公用程式讀取者; 实用工具读取者

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The book may be considered a first comprehensive reader on the topic of exonyms as well as the first tangible product of the Working Group on Exonyms该书堪称外来语地名专题的第一份综合读本,也是外来语地名工作组的第一个有形产品。
As mentioned by several delegations, the General Assembly needs a concise, analytical and reader-friendly report on the issues that the Security Council discussed during the reporting period正如一些代表团提到的,大会需要一份关于安全理事会在报告所述期间讨论 过的各种问题的简洁的、分析性的、方便读者的报告。
Providing training of life assistance and intermediaries such as sign language and tactile interpreters, note takers, readers and others- Lebanon提供生活助理和代理人员,例如手语和触感手语翻译、记录员、朗读员和其他人员。
The Advisory Committee must emphasize once again that efforts should be made to streamline the budget document and to make it accurate, transparent and reader- friendly咨询委员会必须再次强调,应当努力简化预算文件,使其准确、明白和易懂。
Takes note of the continuing efforts of the Secretary-General to make the Dag Hammarskjöld Library a virtual library with world outreach, making United Nations information and other acquired materials accessible electronically to a growing number of readers and users, and, at the same time, requests the Secretary-General to enrich on a multilingual basis the stock of books and journals in the Library, including publications on peace and security and development-related issues, to ensure that the Library continues to be a broadly accessible resource for information about the United Nations and its activities注意到秘书长继续努力促使达格·哈马舍尔德图书馆成为向世界服务的虚拟图书馆,使更多的读者和用户能以电子手段查索联合国的资料及其他所获材料,同时请他扩充图书馆收藏的多种语言书籍和期刊,包括关于和平与安全以及发展方面各种问题的出版物,以确保图书馆继续成为可以广泛查取有关联合国及其活动之资料的来源
In paragraph ‧ of document ‧ noted that the biennial support and programme budgets would benefit from being combined into one document, providing a more comprehensive presentation and a better understanding to the reader of the activities and resources associated with the drug control programme行预咨委会在 ‧ 号文件第 ‧ 段中指出,如果将两年期支助预算和方案预算合并为一份文件,提供较全面的介绍并使读者更好地了解与药物管制方案有关的活动和资源的情况,对这两部分预算来说都会是有好处的。
The reader may wish to consult a work from the UNEP International Environmental Technology Centre that, although directed at municipal solid waste, gives advice on environmentally sound practices尽管对于城市固体废料的环境无害实践已经给出建议,读者也许仍然希望与环境署国际环境技术中心商讨某项工作。
To help alleviate such constraints, ESCAP is developing an interactive training package consisting of a study guide, and a reader's and an instructor's manual, with the base material coming from UNCTAD为帮助减轻这些制约,亚太经社会正在研究一揽子互动培训,包括学习指南、学员手册和培训员手册,基本材料来自贸发会议。
In paragraph ‧ of its resolution ‧ the General Assembly requested the Secretary-General to ensure fully the issuance of all documents and publications of the Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA) in Arabic, which is most relevant to the requirements of the Member States of the region, as well as in the other working languages of the Commission, to meet the requirements of readers outside the region, as appropriate, and to report thereon to the Assembly by its fifty-seventh session大会在其第 ‧ 号决议第 ‧ 段内请秘书长充分确保以最关系到该区域会员国需要的阿拉伯文充分印发西亚经济社会委员会(西亚经社会)的所有文件和出版物,并酌情以委员会其他工作语文印发这些文件,以满足该区域以外读者的需要,并就此向大会第五十七届会议提出报告。
The Special Rapporteur also wishes to draw the attention of the reader to the joint statement of special rapporteurs, independent experts and chairpersons of the working groups of the special procedures of the Commission on Human Rights and of the advisory services programme, released at the end of their ‧ th meeting, held in Geneva from ‧ to ‧ une ‧ ( ‧ p特别报告员还希望提请读者注意人权委员会和咨询服务方案特别报告员、独立专家以及各特别程序工作组主席 ‧ 年 ‧ 月 ‧ 日至 ‧ 日在日内瓦举行的第十次会议结束时发表的联合声明( ‧ 第 ‧ 页)。
However, her delegation wished to express its reservations concerning the reference in the fourth preambular paragraph to the High-level Plenary Meeting of the General Assembly held in September ‧ and the corresponding footnote, which referred the reader to the ‧ orld Summit Outcome不过,她的代表团对序言部分第四段有保留,因该段提到 ‧ 年 ‧ 月举行的大会高级别全体会议以及相关的注,并请读者注意 ‧ 年世界首脑会议成果。
Reader, University of Bucharest布加勒斯特大学高级讲师( ‧ 年
Clarification was also requested concerning review of publications in terms of how they were disseminated, who the readers were and whether assessments were made of the impact of the publications还要求就出版物审查作出澄清,包括如何分发、读者对象以及是否对出版物的影响作了评价。
This amount is net of the contribution of the host Government ($ ‧ ) and would provide for (a) first perimeter or external security measures ($ ‧ ) such as fence, vehicle barriers and gates, bollards, pedestrian turnstiles with access card readers, exterior cameras and guard house; (b) secondary and internal building perimeters ($ ‧ ) for the purchase and installation of access control and surveillance equipment with necessary cabling, access card readers, central access control server and software licence, interior cameras with recorders and multiplexers; (c) installation of anti-shatter film on windows ($ ‧ ); (d) public address system ($ ‧ ); and (e) securing the underground garage ($该数额是扣除东道国捐款( ‧ 美元)后的净额,将用于:(a) 第一道外缘或外部安保措施( ‧ 美元),例如围墙、车辆阻挡装置和大门、护柱、装有出入卡读卡的行人旋转栅门、外部闭路电视摄像机和警卫亭;(b) 第二道外缘和大楼内周边安保措施( ‧ 美元),用于采购和安装进出控制和监测设备和必要的电缆、出入卡读卡、中央进出控制服务器和软件许可证和带有录像和多路转换功能的闭路电视摄像机;(c) 在窗户上安装防爆薄膜( ‧ 美元);(d) 公共广播系统( ‧ 美元);(e) 地下车库安保( ‧ 美元)。
The installation of card readers is a major component of this project along with the installation of vehicle barriers安装读卡与安装车辆栏障一样,是这个项目的主要部分之一。
Publications: In the period reported, ICEL published ‧ issues of Environmental Policy and Law: The journal for decision-makers, a world-leading journal devoted to informing readers concerning the development, negotiation and implementation of Agenda ‧ the MDGs, MEAs and IEG出版物:在报告所述期间,国际环境法理事会出版了 ‧ 期《环境政策和法律:为决策者服务的杂志》。 这是一份全球领先的杂志,专门向读者介绍《 ‧ 世纪议程》、《千年发展目标》、多边环境协议和国际环境管理规范的拟订、谈判和实施情况。
The Committee's concern is that reporting the aggregate value of the contracts in which fraud and/or corruption is identified, without a proper definition of the key terms, may confuse readers and create an incorrect perception of the value of the financial loss委员会的关切是,如果不对关键术语作适当的定义,就报告发现存在欺诈和(或)腐败的合同的总价值,可能使读者感到迷惑,造成对财务损失的错误看法。
The new strategy for the Library had allowed it to improve the exchange of knowledge and the links within the Secretariat, and its facilities for readers had also been enhanced, especially by the introduction of digital information哈马舍尔德图书馆的新战略使其改善了知识交流和秘书处内部的联系,而且图书馆的阅读设施也得到了改善,特别是推出了数字信息。
She stressed the importance of the United Nations Information Centre (UNIC) in Bucharest, which had provided services to about ‧ readers during the past ‧ months她强调了在布加勒斯特的联合国新闻中心的重要性,因为该中心在上一年向近 ‧ 位读者提供了服务。
* A survey showed that a high proportion of readers had very positive assessments of the Department of Public Information publication, Africa Renewal* 调查显示,大多数读者对新闻部的题为《非洲复兴》* 的出版物作出了非常好的评价。
They are publications intended for the Arab reader, with the aim of widening his horizons and strengthening his Arab and Islamic cultural identity这些出版物针对的对象是阿拉伯读者,目的是扩大他们的视野,加强他们对阿拉伯和伊斯兰文化的归属感。
Today I propose an urgent return to a new humanism on two fronts: first, within Islam, a humanism among Muslims- politicians, writers, readers- that can dampen sectarian violence and that can reach out to religious extremism to find common ground今天,我建议应当立即在两个方面走向新的人道主义:第一,在伊斯兰教中,在穆斯林--政治家、作家、读者之间建立人道主义,遏制派系暴力,引导宗教极端主义走向共同立场。
Changes in the structure of the reports and the lack of regularly updated data and indicators deprived readers of a clear picture of where progress was achieved and where problems were being encountered由于报告结构的改变以及缺乏定期更新的数据和指标,使得读者无法清楚地了解在哪些地方取得进展以及在哪些地方遇到了问题。
Readers should bear in mind the linkage among those complementary capacities since all the dimensions of state capacity are interrelated and essential for ensuring that the state performs its functions in an effective and efficient manner读者应牢记这些互补的能力之间的联系,因为国家能力的所有方面都是息息相关的,而且对保证国家切实有效履行其职能是必不可少的。
In addition, it was noted that those recommendations and explanatory material were included to ensure that readers and users of the draft Guide were provided with sufficient background information to understand the intersection of secured transactions law and insolvency law, and to ensure consistency between the two guides另外还指出,收入这些建议和解释性材料,是为了给指南草案的读者和使用者提供足够的背景情况,使其了解担保交易法与破产法之间的重叠处并确保这两个指南之间的一致性。
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