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    A sample e-mail address used in Microsoft software and help files for demonstration purposes.

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an evil person fears someone even more evil (idiom)鬼怕恶人; 鬼怕惡人
behind someone's back背地
Call Someone...呼叫某人...; 撥打電話...
give someone a big head过奖; 過獎
give someone the eye抛媚眼
However strong you are, there is always someone stronger強中自有強中手; 强中自有强中手
Invite Someone邀请某人; 邀請某人
let down someone's guard放鬆戒備
send shivers down someone's spine發毛; 发毛
someone某人; 有人
someone else另外一個人; 别的人; 別的人; 另外一个人
someone on death row死囚
Someone on Windows LiveWindows Live 使用者
someone who does not easily get along with others落落难合; 落落難合
there is someone there有人
to attack someone by innuendo (idiom)含沙射影
to esteem someone's progress刮目相看
to flatter someone in a hundred different ways百般巴结; 百般巴結
to follow in someone's footsteps (literary)步武
to force someone to do something強人所難; 强人所难
to get someone drunk灌醉
to get someone involved in one's trouble帶累; 带累
to give someone a demerit or demerits記過; 记过
to give someone a hold on oneself授人以柄
to hand someone the swordhilt (idiom)授人以柄
to hit on someone搭讪; 搭訕
to inconvenience (someone or sb)勞煩; 劳烦
to let someone down挖牆腳; 挖墙脚
to look straight in someone's face正眼
to make a copy (and send it to someone)抄送
to make things difficult (for someone)为难; 為難
to part ways with someone各奔東西; 各奔东西
to pester someone again and again死乞白賴; 死乞白赖
to pose as (someone else)假冒
to punish (someone)懲辦; 惩办
to repay a debt or obligation in place of someone else代償; 代偿
to seduce someone away from something挖墙脚; 挖牆腳
to see someone in a new light刮目相看
to see someone off送行
to shift the blame onto someone else嫁祸; 嫁禍
to stand someone up放鸽子; 放鴿子
to take disciplinary action against (someone)惩办; 懲辦
to walk in someone's steps步武
use mouth (to reason with someone)動口; 动口

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No, like a ghost who can rip someone to pieces right in front of you不是 冷?? 还 不? 够? 还 要? 齐 心 朝 一? 个 目? 标 前? 进
Someone once said that goals are dreams with deadlines有人曾经说过,目标就是有时限的梦想。
I never imagined you' d worry like this about someone else' s child我? 没 想到 你?? 这 么? 关 心? 别 人 的 孩子
I am supposed to know whom I am shooting at when I aim at someone当我瞄准某人时,我理应知道我将向谁射击。
Stakeholder pension rules also allow family or friends to contribute towards someone else's pension, which may help the large number of women who are carers利益有关者养恤金规定也允许家属或朋友替他人缴纳养恤金,这对大多数充当照料者的妇女来说可能有助益。
I do not know how they accept this- they kill someone, shed crocodile tears over him and then attend his funeral我不知道他们如何接受这一点--他们杀了一个人,流下鳄鱼眼泪,然后去参加这个人的葬礼。
They are providing help in the belief that Russia, as one of the major nuclear powers in the world, still represents a threat to someone他们之所以提供这种帮助,是认为俄国作为世界上的核大国之一,仍然对有些国家构成威胁。
Someone' s coming有人 來 了 !我 覺得 這 不公平
National consultations were held in ‧ by the Forced Marriage Unit of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (a joint Unit of the Home Office and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office) on whether to make the forcing of someone into marriage a specific criminal offence年,大不列颠及北爱尔兰联合王国的强迫婚姻部门(是内政部和外交及联邦事务部的一个联合部门)就是否将强迫某人结婚确定为具体的犯罪行为举行了全国协商。
Desktop Sharing allows you to invite someone to share your session with you, or can enable you to log in remotely to your machine from another location. You would then use a VNC client like & kde; 's Remote Desktop Connection application to control your desktop over the network. This is extremely useful if you want someone to help you perform a task桌面分享能讓您邀請某人來分享您的工作階段, 或是讓您遠端登入您的機器。 接著您就可以用 VNC 的客戶端程式, 如 & kde; 的遠端桌面連線應用程式等來從網路上控制您的桌面。 如果您要讓其它人協助您執行某個工作時, 這個功能會很好用 。
This is someone else' s shoes Yes I have returned to the people這 是 別人 的 鞋 我 得 還給 人家 呀
“McLarty, dressed in a bespoke suit and with impeccable manners, entered with the sense of urgency of someone who had interrupted something of capital importance to deal with us“麦克拉蒂进来衣冠楚楚,很有礼貌,但看其匆忙的样子,好像中断什么头等大事来跟我们周旋。
We have overcome the opponents who have said that HIV was not a problem in their country, that it was someone else's problem我们克服了反对派认为艾滋病毒在其国内不是问题,而是别人的问题的说法。
Someone wrote your nick in a message有人在消息里用了您的昵称Name
But when there is someone recalcitrant, do you not give him a slap?但是如果有人顽固对抗,你就不会给他一记耳光吗?
The report states that “anybody who was born in [Cambodia] will be given Cambodian nationality including: (a) children who have foreign fathers or mothers who were born in or have been legally living in [Cambodia] (b) children who have been born from unknown fathers or mothers, and were found by someone else in [Cambodia] shall be considered as born in [Cambodia]” (para报告指出,在柬埔寨出生的任何人将拥有柬埔寨国籍,包括:(a) 父母是外国人但出生在[柬埔寨]或一直合法居住在[柬埔寨]的孩子。 (b) 父母身份不明的孩子被人在[柬埔寨]发现应视为在[柬埔寨]出生(第 ‧ 段)。
As someone who is immersed full-time in global AIDS politics and practice, I can tell the Council that its deliberations on AIDS have been enormously helpful作为一个处理全球艾滋病问题的政治和做法的全职工作人员,我可以告诉安理会,安理会关于艾滋病的辩论是极其有益的。
The law defines the crime of domestic violence, provides for detention of six months to one year for the aggressor, and adds a third to the penalty if assault and battery results in serious injury or death, when the crime is committed by a relative or companion of the victim or by someone that has lived close to the victim法律对家庭暴力罪行作出界定,规定对施虐者实行 ‧ 个月至 ‧ 年的监禁,而若罪行是由受害者亲属或伴侣,或与受害者一起亲密生活的某人的侵袭和殴打造成的严重伤害或死亡,则将加重三分之一的惩处。
Ernest C.A. Ndukwe expressed his views from a regulator's perspective, as well as that of someone from a developing countryrnest C.A. Ndukwe从监管者和发展中国家代表的角度阐述了自己的观点。
Sid, someone must be worried sick looking for them希 德 , 有人? 会 很? 担 心 在? 寻 找他? 们
It' s simply someone to talk to有人 簡單 地 某人 到 責備
The Team also recommends that there should be an agreed process whereby Member States notify the ‧ ommittee when someone on the List is detained, and share internationally any useful information that results from their investigation监测小组还建议应有一项商定的程序,当清单所列的人被扣留时,会员国可按此项程序通知 ‧ 委员会,并在国际上分享对他们进行调查所产生的任何有用的资料。
If i were meant for someone upon birth, i' d like to meet him now如果 我 是? 为 某人 而 生, 我 想 立刻 就? 见 到 他
In his last report, he therefore repeated his recommendation that “in particular and as a matter of urgency (), the Government should take the necessary steps to ensure the immediate and full realization of the rights to physical liberty, integrity of the person and the human dignity of detainees, including the prohibition of arrests without a warrant (except when someone is caught in the act of committing an offence) and the beating, ill-treatment or torture of persons deprived of their liberty, and that violations of such prohibitions should be suitably punished” ( ‧ para为此,他在上一份报告中重申他的建议,“政府亟须采取必要步骤,确保立即充分实现被拘留者的人身自由权、人格权和人的尊严权,包括禁止无逮捕证捕人(除非在作案现场抓获),禁止对被剥夺自由者施以殴打、虐待或酷刑,违者应受到适当惩罚”( ‧ 第 ‧ 段)。
It was often possible to outsource credit appraisal and monitoring, as well as the provision of business services such as business plans, accounting, marketing, etc. Business services made SMEs more creditworthy or attractive to investors, but the experts noted that someone must pay for these services常常可以做到将信贷评估和监督以及提供诸如商务计划、会计、销售等商务服务承包给外单位。 商务服务使中小企业更具有信用或对投资者更具有吸引力,但专家们指出,必须有人来支付这类服务费。
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