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an evil person fears someone even more evil (idiom)鬼怕恶人; 鬼怕惡人
behind someone's back背地
Call Someone...呼叫某人...; 撥打電話...
give someone a big head过奖; 過獎
give someone the eye抛媚眼
However strong you are, there is always someone stronger強中自有強中手; 强中自有强中手
Invite Someone邀请某人; 邀請某人
let down someone's guard放鬆戒備
send shivers down someone's spine發毛; 发毛
someone某人; 有人
someone else另外一個人; 别的人; 別的人; 另外一个人
someone on death row死囚
Someone on Windows LiveWindows Live 使用者
someone who does not easily get along with others落落难合; 落落難合
there is someone there有人
to attack someone by innuendo (idiom)含沙射影
to esteem someone's progress刮目相看
to flatter someone in a hundred different ways百般巴结; 百般巴結
to follow in someone's footsteps (literary)步武
to force someone to do something強人所難; 强人所难
to get someone drunk灌醉
to get someone involved in one's trouble帶累; 带累
to give someone a demerit or demerits記過; 记过
to give someone a hold on oneself授人以柄
to hand someone the swordhilt (idiom)授人以柄
to hit on someone搭讪; 搭訕
to inconvenience (someone or sb)勞煩; 劳烦
to let someone down挖牆腳; 挖墙脚
to look straight in someone's face正眼
to make a copy (and send it to someone)抄送
to make things difficult (for someone)为难; 為難
to part ways with someone各奔東西; 各奔东西
to pester someone again and again死乞白賴; 死乞白赖
to pose as (someone else)假冒
to punish (someone)懲辦; 惩办
to repay a debt or obligation in place of someone else代償; 代偿
to seduce someone away from something挖墙脚; 挖牆腳
to see someone in a new light刮目相看
to see someone off送行
to shift the blame onto someone else嫁祸; 嫁禍
to stand someone up放鸽子; 放鴿子
to take disciplinary action against (someone)惩办; 懲辦
to walk in someone's steps步武
use mouth (to reason with someone)動口; 动口

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Article ‧ of the Civil Code of France provides that “whatever” human act that causes damage to someone else obliges the one by whose fault it occurred, to compensate it《法国民法典》第 ‧ 条规定,“凡是”人的作为对他人造成损害的,过失方均有义务提供赔偿。
Extent of the Digital Divide A person living in a high-income country is over ‧ times more likely to be an Internet user than someone in a low-income country生活在高收入国家的人成为互联网用户的可能性比生活在低收入国家的人要高出 ‧ 倍。
In the absence of a definition of the offence or when the description of the acts or omissions with which someone is charged is inadequate, the Working Group considers that the requirement of a precise definition of the crimes- the key to the whole modern penal system- is not fulfilled and that the principle of lawfulness is thus violated, with the attendant risk to the legitimate exercise of fundamental freedoms如果不确定侵权行为的定义,或对所起诉的行为或不行为的描述不够充分,工作组即认为没有达到对罪行作出明确定义的要求,违反了合法性原则,将会影响人们合法行使各项基本自由权。 对罪行作出明确定义是任何现代刑法的关键。
The President (spoke in Spanish): Having just adopted the recommendation in paragraph ‧ on waiving the requirements of rule ‧ of the rules of procedure of the General Assembly to declare a meeting open, I would like to endorse the practical suggestion that has been made at previous sessions, that each delegation designate someone to be present in the meeting rooms at the scheduled time主席(以西班牙语发言):我们刚刚通过第 ‧ 段中关于放弃大会议事规则第 ‧ 条关于宣布开会的要求的建议,我谨赞成前几次会议上提出的切实可行的建议,即每个代表团指派专人在预定时间出现在会议室。
And when they do know someone- there is a sort of ‧ metre radius within which the neighbours know each other ‧ metres but no farther而他们确实认识某个人-那里存在着某种半径为 ‧ 米的范围,在这个范围内,邻居彼此熟悉,仅有 ‧ 米,不会更远。
The fact that someone professes to be a Catholic does not exclude attendance at other cults某人声称自己是天主教徒的事实,并不排除此人参加其他教派的活动。
As sexual harassment was not explicitly provided for in the Code, reports that someone (generally women) had been constrained to have sexual intercourse in order to hold a job or obtain a promotion, or was being threatened for not agreeing to the blackmail, were not always adequately dealt with by police stations由于法典中没有明确的性骚扰方面的规定,对于有些人(一般是妇女)为获得一份工作或晋升而被迫发生性关系,或者由于拒受敲诈勒索而受到恐吓的报告,警方不是总能做出适当处理。
If a woman is a leader there will unavoidably be occasions when she must displease someone, since she will be in charge of many people如果妇女当上了领导人,必然会出现她使某人不悦的情况,因为她将会管理许多人。
Given the enormity of the challenges that lie ahead, the need to have someone following events on daily basis and engaging the parties on a more regular basis is self-evident鉴于前面的挑战十分巨大,需要有人来每天跟踪事态发展并与各方开展更经常性的接触,这是不言而喻的。
Moreover, the criminal offences against Ms. Su Su Nway- besmearing the reputation of, and swearing at the authorities- are, in the absence of any convincing argument by the Government to the contrary- indicative of the intention of the Government to unduly restrict the freedom of opinion and expression of someone, who dared to take an action against the authorities of the State此外,对于指控Su Su Nway女士犯有的刑事罪--玷污当局的声誉和咒骂当局--政府并没有拿出令人信服的证据,这表明政府想要对那些敢于与国家当局针锋相对的人员的意见自由和言论自由加以不应有的限制。
Persons were interviewed individually and/or with someone they trusted; they were also told that their testimonies would be kept confidential这些人个别和/或同他们所信任的人一同接受访问;访问之前已向他们表明这些证词将予保密。
I am convinced that the wise choice of someone with the experience and requisite skills of Mr. Julian Hunte to preside over this historic meeting will guarantee the success of the session我相信,具有历史意义的本届会议由朱利安·亨特先生这样具有经验和必要能力的人来主持,定将取得成功。
“Even if Turkish Cypriots agree- and they would not- to the transfer of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus to someone else we would not consent to it埃杰维特先生说:“既使土族塞人同意--而他们是不会同意的--将北塞浦路斯土耳其共和国移交给什么人,我们也不会同意这样做。
This is because someone cannot simply be returned这是因为人员不可能简单地返回。
Someone steered you wrong, Mr. Bolton, when they told you about my speech at the University of Tehran博尔顿先生,你受了向你转告我在德黑兰大学讲话的人的误导。
Concern was expressed by some delegations that if international obligations only followed fulfilment of national obligations in the development compact proposal, then someone would have to make a judgement on this, raising the possibility of double standards on human rights being applied by donors但一些代表团担心,如果国际义务要在拟议的发展协约中的国家义务履行之后才履行,那么将需要有人裁定国家义务是否得到履行,这样一来,就会让捐助国有可能对人权实行双重标准。
He fell asleep in the hotel lobby and was woken up by someone kicking him在酒店大堂睡着了,然后有人把他踢醒。
The President: With regard to paragraph ‧ on waving the requirements to declare a meeting open, I should like to endorse the practical suggestion that has been made at previous sessions, namely, that each delegation designate someone to be present in the meeting rooms at the scheduled times主席(以英语发言):关于第 ‧ 段,即免除宣布开会的条件,我赞同前几届大会提出的切实建议,即每一个代表团指定一人按时到达会议室。
All you want is someone holding down the Turkish Right你 要 我們 奪走 土耳其人 的 權利
In fact, relevant laws provide detailed rules on how the decision-making procedure to place someone in a re-education through labour institution shall be conducted事实上,相关法律对于将某人送交劳动教养的决策程序作了详细的规定。
Thus, this is not someone who is the subject of investigation, but rather someone who had been arrested因此,他不是被调查的对象,而是被逮捕过的人。
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