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an evil person fears someone even more evil (idiom)鬼怕恶人; 鬼怕惡人
behind someone's back背地
Call Someone...呼叫某人...; 撥打電話...
give someone a big head过奖; 過獎
give someone the eye抛媚眼
However strong you are, there is always someone stronger強中自有強中手; 强中自有强中手
Invite Someone邀请某人; 邀請某人
let down someone's guard放鬆戒備
send shivers down someone's spine發毛; 发毛
someone某人; 有人
someone else另外一個人; 别的人; 別的人; 另外一个人
someone on death row死囚
Someone on Windows LiveWindows Live 使用者
someone who does not easily get along with others落落难合; 落落難合
there is someone there有人
to attack someone by innuendo (idiom)含沙射影
to esteem someone's progress刮目相看
to flatter someone in a hundred different ways百般巴结; 百般巴結
to follow in someone's footsteps (literary)步武
to force someone to do something強人所難; 强人所难
to get someone drunk灌醉
to get someone involved in one's trouble帶累; 带累
to give someone a demerit or demerits記過; 记过
to give someone a hold on oneself授人以柄
to hand someone the swordhilt (idiom)授人以柄
to hit on someone搭讪; 搭訕
to inconvenience (someone or sb)勞煩; 劳烦
to let someone down挖牆腳; 挖墙脚
to look straight in someone's face正眼
to make a copy (and send it to someone)抄送
to make things difficult (for someone)为难; 為難
to part ways with someone各奔東西; 各奔东西
to pester someone again and again死乞白賴; 死乞白赖
to pose as (someone else)假冒
to punish (someone)懲辦; 惩办
to repay a debt or obligation in place of someone else代償; 代偿
to seduce someone away from something挖墙脚; 挖牆腳
to see someone in a new light刮目相看
to see someone off送行
to shift the blame onto someone else嫁祸; 嫁禍
to stand someone up放鸽子; 放鴿子
to take disciplinary action against (someone)惩办; 懲辦
to walk in someone's steps步武
use mouth (to reason with someone)動口; 动口

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No, that' s the rules... for someone who understands the rules. which Bank don' t, because he already broke them不 , 這 是 懂得 規矩 的 人 使用 的 規矩班 克 拋棄 了 規矩 因為 規矩 已經 被 他 破壞 了
From the moment action was taken against someone who might be guilty, the prescription period was interrupted一旦针对疑犯采取行动,追诉时效即告中断。
What is it in the African culture that makes it difficult to accept that someone has died of AIDS?非洲文化中是什么东西使其难以接受某人死于艾滋病?
As someone who signed that bad peace as Foreign Minister, I must reiterate that I believe that we made the correct decision, and we, Bosnia and Herzegovina, as a sovereign State and Member of the United Nations, invited the international community, including through the establishment of the Office of the High Representative, to help turn our situation into a good peace我作为外交部长而签署了这种不好的和平协定,必须重申我认为我们作出了正确的决定,波斯尼亚和黑塞哥维那作为一个主权国家和联合国成员国,请国际社会包括通过建立高级代表办事处而帮助把我们的局势转变成良好的和平。
It feels like you' re waiting to find someone in the VlP room who' s, who' s so fantastic... just the way she is, that you don' t need to fix her我 感? 觉 像 您 等待 找到 某人 在 VlP 房 里? 谁 是 , 是 很 意想 不到 的... 她 是?? 样 的
I do not know how they accept this- they kill someone, shed crocodile tears over him and then attend his funeral我不知道他们如何接受这一点--他们杀了一个人,流下鳄鱼眼泪,然后去参加这个人的葬礼。
Everyone knows that the opposition leader is a staunch opponent of the peace process and of the legitimate restoration of the rights of Palestinians, as well as someone whose aim is to inflame feelings and incite anger and violence among the Palestinian people众所周知,反对党领导人坚决反对和平进程及合法地恢复巴勒斯坦人的权利,旨在激起巴勒斯坦人民的情绪并在他们中间煽动愤怒和暴力的一些人也是这样。
Unfortunately, I need someone to do it in ‧ seconds不幸 我 要 你 在 ‧ 秒 內 破解
Desktop Sharing allows you to invite someone to share your session with you, or can enable you to log in remotely to your machine from another location. You would then use a VNC client like & kde; 's Remote Desktop Connection application to control your desktop over the network. This is extremely useful if you want someone to help you perform a task桌面分享能讓您邀請某人來分享您的工作階段, 或是讓您遠端登入您的機器。 接著您就可以用 VNC 的客戶端程式, 如 & kde; 的遠端桌面連線應用程式等來從網路上控制您的桌面。 如果您要讓其它人協助您執行某個工作時, 這個功能會很好用 。
In most cases, the terrorist is an ideological fanatic whose personality has been substantially altered, turning him into someone who kills indiscriminately恐怖分子通常是狂热信仰者,摇身一变成为杀人不眨眼的无情杀手。
Someone (probably you) changed the vacation script on the server. KMail is no longer able to determine the parameters for the autoreplies. Default values will be used有人(也许是您自己) 改变了服务器上的休假脚本 。 KMail 无法确定自动回复的参数 。 将使用默认值 。
Before I continue, allow me to introduce someone sitting in the gallery在我继续发言之前,请允许我介绍坐在观众席上的一个人。
As someone bluntly put it, “globalization is the reformation of what we used to call capitalist imperialism”正如有人直率地表示的:“全球化是我们过去所说的资本帝国主义的改头换面。”
Secondly, they explained that even if the law does not provide for the involvement of a judge in decisions to send someone to such an institution, avenues, including judicial ones, are available against such decisions第二,他们解释说,即使法律没有规定法官参与将某人送交劳动教养的决定,但也仍然可以获得对这种决定提出异议的途径,其中包括司法途径。
In Africa, they say that when you give someone a name...... they become your responsibility在 非洲 , 他??? 为 一旦? 当 你?? 别 人 起了 名字...那 么 你 就 要? 为 那? 个 人?? 责 。
Someone could have held his head underwater, but housekeeping said the stopper in the bath had been broken for months也 有可能 是 有人 把 他的? 头 摁 在 里 面但 清 洁 工? 说 浴缸 塞 已? 经 坏 了 好 几? 个 月了
In practice, these critical and fundamental issues are not found in the current concept of governance and none of their components ever come to the surface, unless someone wants to use one to impose political conditions on a State or group of States in the South事实上,在现有的施政概念中找不到这些重大、根本性的问题,其相关问题从未触及,除非有人想利用其中某一问题将政治条件强加于某个或某一组南方国家。
If i were meant for someone upon birth, i' d like to meet him now如果 我 是? 为 某人 而 生, 我 想 立刻 就? 见 到 他
It criminalizes not only taking or giving of illegal gratification, but also criminal misconduct, that is, procuring or obtaining for someone any unfair advantage or benefit它不仅把接受或提供非法报酬定为刑事罪,而且把为他人谋取/获得不公平的利益或好处等刑事上不当行为也定为刑事罪。
While noting that the State party has placed the issue of forced marriage on its political agenda for the past few years and that it approved a law, on ‧ arch ‧ that established sanctions of imprisonment for those who coerce or attempt to coerce someone to contract marriage and provides for the annulment of such forced marriage, the Committee is concerned at the extent of those practices and the scope of the phenomenon of forced marriage in Belgium委员会注意到,在过去的几年里,缔约国已经把逼婚问题列入政治议程,并于 ‧ 年 ‧ 月 ‧ 日批准了一项法律,其中规定,强迫或企图强迫他人结婚者可判处徒刑,逼婚无效。 但委员会对比利时逼婚的程度和范围感到关注。
I' ve been looking for someone like you for a long, long time我 花了 很? 长 很? 长 的?? 间 才? 寻 得了 你? 这 么 完美 的 人
Sexual violence consists of a number of different acts, such as forcing her to perform undesired sexual acts or performing any sexual activity that the female finds degrading and humiliating: attempted rape, rape and aggravated rape, being forced into sexual activity with someone else or for money or for goods性暴力包含若干不同的行为,如强迫非自愿的性行为,或从事女性认为有辱人格和带侮辱的性活动;强奸未遂、强奸和严重的强奸行为;为金钱或物品被迫于人从事性活动。
Someone who has sold his technology and services to terrorists and rogue states他 也 曾 向 恐怖 分子 和 流氓? 国 家出售 他的 技? 术 和服? 务
Their houses and fields have been looted and burned or taken over by someone else; such infrastructure as there was has been destroyed, and their personal possessions have been taken他们的住房和田地遭到掠夺或烧毁或是被他人抢占;原有的基础设施被毁,其个人财产被抢走。
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