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The CEDAW Committee must respect confidentiality in bringing any communication to the attention of the State party concerned (OP, art ‧ ) and this should be done “as soon as possible after the communication has been received” (rule委员会在提请有关缔约国注意任何来文时,必须保密(《任择议定书》第六条),并应该“在收到来文后尽快这样做”(《议事规则》第六十条第一款)。
We hope that the Commission will be able to start its work as soon as possible and we support the idea that UNMIBH will assist it even after the mandate of the JSAP has been completed我们希望,委员会将能够尽快开始工作,我们并且支持这样一种主张,即既便在司法制度评估方案的任务完成之后,波黑特派团将协助该委员会。
For example, in the Jiguamiandó and Curvaradó communities in the north-western department of Chocó, private companies cultivating African palm started establishing this plantation on the land soon after its inhabitants were displaced in ‧ as a result of a major military campaign by the army and paramilitary forces against guerrilla groups例如,西北部乔科省境内的Jiguamiandó和Curvaradó两个社区,当 ‧ 年由于军队和准武装力量为打击游击队展开了重大军事行动,在上述两社区居民离乡出逃之后,种植非洲棕榈树的私营公司很快就在这片土地上建立起了种植园。
In Iraq's view, it is more probable that the quantities of jet fuel lost were supplied to allied coalition forces aircraft soon after the end of the Iraqi presence in Kuwait伊拉克认为,所丢失的飞机燃料很可能是在伊拉克在科威特的存在结束以后不久供应给盟军飞机的。
As soon as possible after the communication has been received, and provided that the individual or group of individuals consent to the disclosure of their identity to the State party concerned, the Committee, working group or rapporteur shall bring the communication confidentially to the attention of the State party and shall request that State party to submit a written reply to the communication收到来文之后,如果所涉个人或集体同意向有关缔约国公布其身份,委员会、工作组或报告员就应尽早以保密方式提请缔约国注意来文,并应请缔约国就来文提出书面答复。
a) The person, or the party on whose behalf that person was acting, notifies the other party of the error as soon as possible after having learned of the error and indicates that he or she made an error in the electronic communication; anda) 该自然人或其所代表的当事人在发现错误后尽可能立即将该错误通知另一方当事人,并指出其在电子通信中发生了错误;而且
It looks forward to receiving as soon as possible the Secretary-General's recommendations after due consultation with the Governments concerned安理会期待尽早收到秘书长与有关政府妥善协商后提出的建议。
The first could take place as soon as possible after the arrival of the new Special Representative of the Secretary-General (well before the elections), enabling him to have a direct impact on the process from the outset第一次可安排在新的秘书长特别代表上任之后(远在选举之前)尽快举行,使特别代表能够一开始就对进程发挥直接影响。
A cross-sectional study of patients in treatment at public HIV clinics in Rio de Janeiro showed rates of response and adherence to ART comparable to reports from developed countries ‧ rimary ‧ drug resistance has remained low in Brazil ‧ his experience has been echoed in Côte d'Ivoire and Uganda, where ART was introduced soon after the advent of “triple therapy”, through the Accelerating Access Initiative在实施这项方案八年之后,巴西大约有 ‧ 患者接受了抗逆转录病毒疗法。 对在里约热内卢艾滋病毒公共诊所接受治疗的患者进行的一项跨部门研究表明,对抗逆转录病毒疗法的反应率和坚持率可与发达国家所报告的相比。, 在巴西,对 ‧ 型药品的原发性抗药性仍然不高。
The Conference heard the announcement of pledges by a number of Governments to one or more programmes and funds and took note of the fact that, while several Governments were not in a position to announce their contributions, they proposed to communicate their announcement of such contributions to the Secretary-General as soon as they were in a position to do so after the closure of the Conference在会上,若干国家政府宣布向一个或一个以上方案和基金认捐。 会议注意到,几个国家政府虽然当时无法宣布认捐,但提议在会议闭幕后可以认捐时立即向秘书长宣布此种认捐。
The MLC authorities received the Special Investigation Team in Gbadolite soon after they carried out their own investigation in Mambasa, which had resulted in the arrest of ‧ elements suspected of having committed the human rights abuses in Mambasa刚解运当局在巴多利特接见了特别调查队。 不久之前,他们在曼巴萨展开自己的调查,逮捕了涉嫌在曼巴萨侵犯人权的 ‧ 名刚果解放军成员。
Soon after the Convention on the Rights of the Child had gone into force in record time ‧ world leaders agreed to a set of ambitious, time-bound goals for child survival and development, with a priority for children caught up in armed conflict and violence, neglect, cruelty and exploitation and all of the countless other horrific consequences of poverty and discrimination在《儿童权利公约》以最快速度生效后不久,有 ‧ 位世界领导人商定了一套与儿童生存和发展有关的远大、具有时限的目标,其侧重点是陷入武装冲突和暴力、忽视、残酷对待和剥削以及贫穷和歧视所导致所有其他无数可怕后果的儿童。
As soon as practicable, but in no event later than the first monthly report after October ‧ each monthly report will indicate in the following order for each notice of parking violation: the license plate number; the date, time and location of issuance; the notice of parking violation number; and the violation and violation code一俟切实可行,但绝不迟于 ‧ 年 ‧ 月 ‧ 日之后的第一份月报,每份月报将按下列顺序列明违章泊车罚单的内容:车牌号、发出日期、时间和地点、违章泊车罚单号码、违章情况和违反哪项规章。
UNEP should continue efforts to ensure that executing agencies that are required to provide audit certificates in respect of moneys released from the Environment Fund do so soon after the end of the financial period环境规划署应当继续作出努力,确保应就环境基金发放的款项提供审计证书的执行机构在财政期间结束后早日这样做。
In India, the idea of human rights is embodied in the Constitution, which was adopted in ‧ soon after India's independence在印度,人权的思想体现在 ‧ 年印度独立之后很快通过的《宪法》之中。
Of these, only ‧ per cent had aborted for medical reasons or because of contraceptive failure; the remainder had cited reasons such as not being able to afford another child, not being ready to start a family or becoming pregnant too soon after the previous pregnancy而在这些妇女中,只有 ‧ %是因为医疗原因或避孕失败而堕胎的;其余的人说,堕胎的原因是没有能力再抚养一个孩子;没有作好养家糊口的准备;或与前一次怀孕时间相隔太短。
She conveyed to the participants her desire to meet all of them individually soon after her arrival in Geneva and expressed her support for their activities on behalf of the promotion and protection of human rights她向与会者说,她愿意到日内瓦后很快与每一个人见面,并表示支持他们促进和保护人权的活动。
Soon after the lifting of the restraint order on ‧ ctober ‧ she had taken a confrontational stance against the Government在 ‧ 年 ‧ 月 ‧ 日解除了拘禁令之后不久,她就针对政府采行了对抗的立场。
"Each State Party to this Convention undertakes to destroy, or to divert to peaceful purposes, as soon as possible but not later than nine months after entry into force of the Convention, all agents, toxins, weapons, equipment and means of delivery specified in Article I of the Convention, which are in its possession or under its jurisdiction or control“本公约各缔约国承诺尽快但至迟应于本公约生效后九个月内,将其所拥有的或在其管辖或控制下的凡属本公约第一条所规定的一切物剂、毒素、武器、设备和运载工具销毁或转用于和平目的。
Supports strengthening oversight of brokering in small arms and light weapons and believes that the group of governmental experts should begin its work as soon as possible after the conclusion of the Review Conference支持加强对经纪人在小武器和轻武器贸易活动方面的监督,认为审查大会结束后政府专家组应尽快展开工作
Article ‧ provides that: “As soon as pregnancy begins and until the end of the post-natal leave, de facto dismissal or dismissal resulting from previous legal proceedings shall not lead to the termination of a female worker's contract, unless the cause of such dismissal pre-dates the pregnancy; however, even in the latter case, dismissal shall not take effect until immediately after the end of the above-mentioned period of leave”第 ‧ 条规定“除非在怀孕前已确定解雇理由,自怀孕开始直至产后休假后,解雇或预定解雇不得导致终止女职工的合同;即使在这种情况下,应在上述休假后才予以解雇。”
Requests for consultations should be made as soon as possible after notification is received of enforcement activities affecting the requesting party's important interests, and they should be accompanied by an explanation of the national interests affected that is sufficiently detailed to enable full consideration to be given to the request在收到有关将影响请求方重大利益的执法活动的通知之后,应尽快提出协商的请求,并附上有关受影响国家利益的详细解释,以便对该请求进行充分审议。
The financial institution also has an obligation where the financial institution knows or suspects or has reasonable ground to suspect that the transaction or proposed transaction involves proceeds of criminal conduct as defined in the Proceeds of Crime Act, the financial institution shall, as soon as practicable after forming that suspicion, report that transaction to the Financial Intelligence Unit. The Schedule of the Proceeds of Crime Act若金融机构知道或怀疑或有充分理由怀疑一项交易或拟议的交易涉及《犯罪收益法》所指犯罪行为的收益时,它还有义务于产生怀疑后尽快将该项交易告知金融情报室。
Despite achieving democratic rule in April ‧ in the wake of a “people's Movement”, the country soon faced internal armed conflict after CPN(M) launched an insurgency in尽管该国在 ‧ 年 ‧ 月“人民运动”之后实现了民主制,但在 ‧ 年尼共(毛派)发动叛乱后便很快面临国内武装冲突。
Mr. Hodgkins (United States of America): In ‧ soon after the launching of Earth-orbiting satellites imparted new intensity to the cold war, the General Assembly acted to create the Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space (COPUOS) in the hope that the use of space could be channelled away from military application and harnessed instead for constructive gain霍奇金斯先生(美国)(以英语发言):在 ‧ 年,在地球轨道卫星的发射使得冷战陷入新的紧张状态之后不久,大会采取行动,建立了和平利用外层空间委员会(外空委),希望空间的利用能够避免军事用途,而是相反用于建设性的用途。
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