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But then we couldn' t fart in his face那? 样 的? 话 我? 们 就 机? 会 朝 他? 脸 上 放屁 了
When I get finished with you...... you' il fart out your mouth and talk out your butt? 当 我 搞 定 你...... 你? 会 用 嘴 放屁 , 用 屁股??
I' m not finished with you, Zol- fart.- Have a nice halftime, girls我?? 没 完 呢 , 笨蛋?..- 享受 你? 们 的 休息?? 间 吧 , 小女 娃
Uh, that' s F- A- R- T – Fart... worthy那 是 放屁 我? 说 我 叫 放屁? 龟
Zol- fart, what kind of road kill did your mom feed you last night?哦, 太 臭 了, 你?? 妈 昨天 晚上 给你吃饭了吗? 你 吃? 了??
It’ s not true I don' t stink!It not true. 我 不 确 信 。 I don't stink! 我 不 臭 !
I don' t want to go back into my stinking book我 可不 想 回到 我 那 本 差? 劲 的? 书 里
It doesn' t stink anymore.- did I ask for your opinion?It doesn't stink anymore. 他 不再? 发 臭 。- did I ask for your opinion? 我 可以? 问 你的 看法? 吗?
It' s dinnertime, and we ain' t got no stinking entrées?..? 该 吃 晚? 饭了 我? 们 不能? 没 有? 发 臭的 主菜
However, when he refused to let them read his papers, the policemen threw him to the ground and handcuffed and kicked him, calling him a “stinking Gypsy” and a “dirty fag”但他不让警察读他的材料,警察一怒之下把他打翻在地,给他带上手铐,还用脚踢他,骂他是“臭吉卜赛人”和“肮脏的家伙”。
Sit on that or the car' il stink!坐在? 这 上面 否? 则 我的? 车 座 就? 该 臭 气 熏 天 了 !
Many Red Guards were recruited from middle schools and universities and their teachers were usually their first victims, “the stinking ninth category”, sent to the countryside to do manual labour, or worse许多红卫兵来自中学和大学,其教师通常是第一受害者。 他们被称之为“臭老九”,被送到农村干体力劳动或更惨。
It' s not working.- See, I stink at something too? 没 有用.- 想 一下 , 我 在 某些 事上 也 很差? 劲 的
Don' t stink up till I kill you? 别 弄? 脏 了? 这 里 否? 则 我?? 杀 了 你
We got us.- Yeah, we stink!我? 们 有 我? 们 自己.- 是 啊, 我? 们 太 臭 了!
Because if you do, it' il stink如果 你? 这 么 做了 就 要 糟糕 了
years on, it' s a bit late for a wife- beating charge.This stinks? 现 在 指控 ‧ 年前 的? 殴 打 妻子 案件 似乎 已??? 时 太晚 ,? 这 事 遭 透了
I bet the one you' re wearing stinks pretty bad我 敢打? 赌 你? 现 在 穿 的 一定 很 臭
Danny, look at it my way.- I stink and you know it丹 尼 , 看?? 这 儿.- 你 知道 的 , 我 很 臭
Life stinks.- Yeah, there goes my shot at the pros活得 太 失? 败 了.- 是 啊, 我 想到 我的?? 业 了
I only owed the bitch $‧, and I was going to give it to her stinking ass? 剐 赴? 笼 技 啊 ‧ 崔? 矾 牢? 单? 临 妨? 绊 沁 促? 绊 夸
This radio station has hosted a known anti-Semitic propagandist who denied Holocaust saying that “since the Holocaust has been on the school curriculum, everyone believes that Auschwitz was a death camp rather than a normal labour camp” and added that “in a Catholic country like Poland, as long as most ministers are Jewish and stink of onions, Poland will never be Polish”这一电台在节目中邀请了一个著名的反犹太宣传家。 他否认大屠杀,说“因为大屠杀出现在学校教科书中,所以大家都相信奥斯维辛是一个死亡营,而非一个正常的劳改营”。 他还说,“在波兰这样的天主教国家,只要大多数部长是犹太人和一股洋葱味,波兰就不是波兰”。
I tell you, Pumbaa.This stinks. Oh, sorry告? 诉 你, Pumbaa.? 简 真 臭不 可?
Rationalizations and excuses made after a fait accompli stink to high heaven在造成既成事实后编造的各种理由和借口臭不可闻。
In most police stations, including the police headquarters in Malabo, plenty of filled and stinking plastic bottles and bags had been thrown through the bars to the corridors and open yards在大多数警察局中,包括在马拉博市的警察局总部中,发现很多散发臭气的装满的塑料瓶和塑料袋被越过栅栏扔到走廊和开放的院子中。
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