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  • 引誘   
  • 诱惑   

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The condition of being tempted.
something attractive, tempting or seductive
act of tempting
pressure applied to one's thinking
condition of being tempted
The act of tempting
Pressure applied to your thinking designed to create wrong emotions which will eventually lead to wrong actions.
the condition of being tempted.
something that shouldn’t be seen
Something attractive, tempting or seductive; an inducement or enticement.

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Mara (the demon of temptation)魔障

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We encourage the parties to continue in that process and to avoid the temptation to act alone or without Security Council authorization, as such a move could only do incalculable harm to our Organization and its ability to deal with future threats and situations我们鼓励各方继续这一进程,避免试图单独行动或未经安理会授权采取行动,这样的行动只会对本组织及其今后处理各种威胁和局势的能力造成难以估量的损害。
By giving the project a regional perspective, they will resist the temptation of withdrawing into themselves, while at the same time giving the international community a special responsibility it cannot, this time, avoid由于从区域角度开展这个项目,他们将抵制逃避现实的诱惑,同时赋予国际社会它现在不能推却的特殊责任。
Precisely in this context of democratic transition, the instrumentalization of the ethnic group in politics and the media constituted a temptation that politicians were unable to resist in their pursuit of power正是在此民主过渡时期,通过政治和媒体利用种族团体的手段成为政治家夺取政权的不能抗拒的诱惑
They must also resist the temptation to further donors' ulterior motives in developing countries它们还必须抵制在发展中国家推行捐助国不可告人的动机诱惑
That delegation was of the view that the first and foremost benefit was that space activities must be carried out freely but, at the same time, within a well-established and generally accepted legal framework, in order to avoid any temptation on the part of space-faring countries to engage in unilateral practices该代表团认为,最大的惠益是可以自由开展空间活动,但同时必须在普遍认可的既定法律框架内开展,以避免从事空间活动的国家受到任何诱惑而采取单方面的做法。
Weaknesses of, and lacunae in, international law may naturally invite temptations to excessive judicial activism by actually developing international law国际法的弱点和缺陷自然会引起由实际发展国际法而产生的过度司法能动性倾向。
It is difficult to address the issues of a culture of violence, of a people traumatized and accustomed to abuse by State law enforcement agencies for a quarter of a century, and it is difficult to suddenly drop the temptation to engage in violence很难解决暴力文化的问题,我们人民四分之一世纪以来受到国家执法机构的蹂躏并习惯于国家执法机构的虐待,很难突然放弃参与暴力的冲动。
However, out of our greatest respect for the presidency of the Assembly, we resisted the temptation to add to the resolution in a way that would make it easier for us to be able to support it但是,出于对大会主席的极大尊敬,我们克服了补充决议,使我们更容易支持决议的诱惑
It must exercise restraint, resisting the temptation to go beyond the scope of its mandate, which stretches it thinly, vitiates its effectiveness and undermines the other competent bodies它必须有所克制,抵挡住超越其任务范围的诱惑,因为这样做就会使它精疲力尽,降低它的效能,并损害其他主管机构。
Such an atmosphere is likely to lead to dangerous temptations, such as intolerance and complacency, on the pedagogical, social and political levels这种气氛很可能在教学、社会和政治各层面导致危险的诱惑,例如不容忍和自满自得。
Negotiations could also be prolonged by the temptation to adjust treaty language他们试图调整措辞,谈判也可能拖得很长。
As a close observer, I witnessed the extraordinary courage and determination with which President Ernest Bai Koroma, the chairman of the main opposition party, John Benjamin, and the leadership of the political parties resisted the temptation to ride rising emotions or give in to long-established patterns of behaviour that re-emerged during the outbreak of political violence我作为近距离观察者,看到欧内斯特·巴伊·科罗马总统和主要反对党主席约翰·本杰明以及各政党领导人表现出超凡勇气和决心,顶住了利用群情激昂的气氛或是屈服于政治暴力期间再次出现的既定行为模式的诱惑
Those who survive are often forced to live in camps and or in confinement as refugees or displaced persons and become susceptible to exploitation and temptations那些生存下来的儿童经常作为难民和流离失所者被迫生活在难民营或受限制的地方,容易受到剥削并面临着诱惑
Since the Convention is a package, States parties must avoid the temptation of emphasizing parts that they like while ignoring parts that they do not like因为《公约》是一个一揽子文书,缔约国必须避免强调它们喜欢的那些部分而无视它们不喜欢的那些部分。
Companies must weigh any corresponding temptations against the impact of declining public confidence in business, growing populism and an impending epochal shift in regulatory environments在相应诱惑与公众对企业信心减少、民粹主义增长和监管环境的世纪大变革之间,公司必须进行权衡。
Those two historic events have not only shaped the political landscape of the country, they have also diminished the temptation and scepticism that had surfaced to undermine the will of the Afghan nation to establish a free and democratic society这两个历史性事件不仅有助于形成该国的政治局面,而且削弱了一些人表现出来的损害阿富汗民族建立自由和民主社会的野心和怀疑主义。
Several ways to protect against temptations of isolationism and unilateralism are the North-South dialogue; the expansion of South-South cooperation, in particular through the strengthening of exchanges between Asia and Africa and through the improvement of technical cooperation among developing countries; the increase in initiatives supporting a multipolar world; the strengthening of development capabilities; and the development of the private sector supported by effective regional integration保护免受孤立主义和单边主义诱惑的一些办法是北南对话;扩大南南合作,特别是通过加强亚洲和非洲间的交流以及通过加强发展中国家间的技术合作来扩大南南合作;加强支持多极世界的倡议;以及在有效的区域一体化的支持下发展私营部门。
Hence the urgent need to establish a subsidiary body to hold discussions which would ultimately lead us to negotiations aimed at safeguarding outer space from any temptation to militarize it因此,迫切需要设立一个附属机构开展讨论,这些讨论最终会引导我们进行谈判,以保障外空不被军事化。
All sides should be encouraged to avoid the temptation to manipulate the electoral process or to create any incentives for intimidation before or during the polling day应当鼓励各方避免受诱惑而操纵选举进程或制造任何诱发选举日之前或当天采取恫吓行为的因素。
It is my hope that the temptation to make unhelpful statements or carry out certain actions that upset the other side will diminish after the heightened political moment brought on by the recent regional election我希望在最近的地区选举强化了政治机遇之后,双方不再试图发表毫无裨益的讲话或采取激怒另一方的一些行动。
Finally, I wish to express our appreciation for having kept all the African questions on the Council agenda, despite a strong temptation to marginalize them in favour of more burning current events最后,我要在将这些问题置于次要地位而探讨更紧迫的当前事件的强烈诱惑情况下对安理会将所有非洲问题保留在日程上表示欣赏。
Even in the aftermath of a crisis, the temptation to return to business as usual or to counterproductive turf wars can be considerable即使在发生危机之后,一切依旧或者造成反效果的机构间竞争的诱惑可能仍然相当大。
We must guard against any such temptation我们必须提防任何这种企图。
In situations such as ours, international goodwill and assistance are often accompanied by the temptation to ignore indigenous expertise largely in favour of expatriates在类似我们所处的环境,伴随国际良好意愿和援助的通常是忽视本地专业才能而倾向外雇人员。
The temptation, under such a scenario, of recruiting mercenaries to carry out such interventions is an inescapable reality在这种情况下,招募雇佣军进行这种干预的诱惑是不可避免的现实。
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