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great intelligence may appear to be stupidity (idiom)大智若愚
it is no disgrace to be poor (idiom)貧不足恥; 贫不足耻
justice is to be found everywhere (idiom)义之所在; 義之所在
many things waiting to be done (idiom)百废待举; 百廢待舉; 百废待兴; 百廢待興
to be able bodied (idiom)有手有腳; 有手有脚
to be able to cope with all eventualities (idiom)智珠在握
to be adaptable to circumstances (idiom)拿得起放得下
to be advanced in both years and virtue (idiom)年高德劭
to be all alone (idiom)孤身只影; 孤身隻影
to be arduous and strict (idiom)从难从严; 從難從嚴
to be as good as one's word (idiom)說到做到; 说到做到
to be as kind and benevolent as heaven (idiom)恩比天大
to be ashamed into anger (idiom)恼羞成怒; 惱羞成怒
to be ashamed to be seen in public (idiom)愧难见人; 愧難見人
to be assured of success (idiom)左券在握
to be at loggerheads with sb (idiom)人说纷纭; 人說紛紜
to be badly mangled or mutilated (idiom)血肉模糊
to be blessed with rare and radiant beauty (idiom)容华绝代; 容華絕代
to be both mentally and physically exhausted (idiom)心力交瘁
to be brave and good at fighting (idiom)骁勇善战; 驍勇善戰
to be burning with anger (idiom)热血沸腾; 熱血沸騰
to be completely and utterly bad (idiom)坏透坏绝; 壞透壞絕
to be conceited and contemptuous (idiom)恃才傲物
to be corrupted by the ways of the world (idiom)沾染世俗
to be cramped in a corner (idiom)局促一隅
to be cut off from the rest of the world (idiom)與世隔絕; 与世隔绝
to be dazzled and stunned (idiom)目眩神迷
to be deaf and blind (idiom)眼瞎耳聋; 眼瞎耳聾
to be determined to win (idiom)势在必得; 勢在必得
to be dispirited and down hearted (idiom)嘗盡心酸; 尝尽心酸
to be eager for wealth and emolument (idiom)利禄薰心; 利祿薰心
to be effective (idiom)行之有效
to be either weak or strong both have their purpose (idiom)能弱能强; 能弱能強
to be evident at a glance (idiom)一望而知
to be extremely considerate towards guests (idiom)三茶六饭; 三茶六飯
to be extremely talented (idiom)三頭六臂; 三头六臂
to be famous far and wide (idiom)聞名遐邇; 闻名遐迩
to be fastidious but incompetent (idiom)眼高手低
to be flatfooted (idiom)平走漫步
to be forever filial (idiom)孝思不匮; 孝思不匱
to be full of praise (idiom)贊嘆不已; 赞叹不已
to be full of vigor (idiom)发扬踔厉; 發揚踔厲
to be generous in the extreme (idiom)磊落大方
to be gone forever (idiom)杳如黄鹤; 杳如黃鶴
to be gravely mistaken (idiom)大错特错; 大錯特錯
to be in a state of consternation (idiom)惶恐不安
to be in a thundering rage (idiom)咆哮如雷
to be in charge in one's own house (idiom)當家作主; 当家作主
to be in complete order (idiom)秩然不紊
to be invincible (idiom)所向披靡
to be itching to do sth (idiom)心里痒痒; 心裏癢癢
to be literate and numerate (idiom)能寫善算; 能写善算
to be observant and alert (idiom)眼觀六路耳聽八方; 眼观六路耳听八方
to be of humble origin (idiom)家世寒微
to be on intimate terms with sb (idiom)腹背相亲; 腹背相親
to be on the horns of a dilemma (idiom)介於兩難; 介于两难
to be open and respectful (idiom)剖肝沥胆; 剖肝瀝膽
to be outspoken and sincere (idiom)嘴快心直
to be overflowing with tears (idiom)眼泪横流; 眼淚橫流
to be persuaded to debase oneself (idiom)曲意俯就
to be pregnant (idiom)身怀六甲

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To be sure, our Organization is far from perfect, but how could it be otherwise in a world as complex and unequal as ours?诚然,我们的组织远非尽善尽美,但在我们这样一个复杂和不平等的世界里它怎能做到尽善尽美?
Where a receivable was assigned by a bank branch, the appropriate place to look for perfection in respect of false wealth requirements might still be the jurisdiction of incorporation of the bank在应收款通过一个银行分支机构转让的情况下,查看有关虚假财富要求是否完妥的适宜地点可能仍是该银行的组建管辖地。
The prospects for developing electronic equivalents of acts of transfer or perfection might be more positive where the law has at least in part dispensed with the strict requirement of physical delivery, for instance, by attributing to certain symbolic acts the same effect as the physical delivery of certain goods如果法律赋予某些象征性行为一定的效力,使之具备与某些货物的实际转让同等的效果,从而至少部分上免除了有关实际交付的严格要求,那么与转让行为或完善行为等同的电子手段的发展前景可能就会更为乐观些。
If these theories do not claim that there will be perfect equality, they do assert that there will be a tendency for global disparities to be reduced and that this will benefit developing countries and the poor如果这些理论没有宣称将会出现完美的平等的话,那么,它们的确宣称将出现减少全球差距的趋势,这会使发展中国家和穷人受益。
The draft was not a perfect solution and did not, of course, give every side everything it wanted but he considered it was a fair proposal that provided a solution to the dispute that would be satisfactory for all sides该草案不是一个完美的解决方案,当然也不会给予每一方它想要的一切,但他认为这是一个公平的提案,为解决该争端提供了可以使所有各方都感到满意的解决办法。
A properly implemented collective security system could be more effective and appropriate in tackling cases of proliferation than seeking to impose on all States general new restrictions on the right to develop and acquire technologies related to the peaceful uses of nuclear energy, including those States that are in perfect compliance with international norms on the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons正确推行的集体安全制度可更有效和更适当应对致使所有国家,包括忠实执行防止核武器扩散国际规范的国家发展和获取和平利用核能技术的权利受到新的限制的扩散事件。
While no targeting mechanism can ever be perfect, from a human rights perspective inclusion errors (providing the benefit to someone who is not in the target group) are not as problematic as exclusion errors (failure to provide the transfer to those targeted尽管没有任何目标选定的机制可以做到完美无缺,但从人权的角度来看,纳入方面的错误(向不属于目标群体的人提供津贴)的问题不如排除方面的错误(未能向目标群体提供转拨)那样大。
Obviously, some problems still exist, and it would be naive for anybody to expect perfect conditions in any peace process显然,仍存在某些问题,如果有谁期待任何和平进程中的十全十美的条件,那是天真的。
The very fact that we are gathered here today clearly shows the need to perfect this multilateral framework for security; that perfection continues, unfortunately, to be elusive in many ways, whether in traditional areas or in terms of the new challenges that are appearing今天我们聚会于此的事实清楚表现有必要使这一多边安全构架完善;而不幸的是这种完善在许多方面难以捉摸,不论是在传统领域还是在不断出现的新挑战方面。
Despite the fact that the text is not a perfect one, we believe that the amendments introduced to the text of the Declaration guarantee that nothing within the text shall be interpreted as redefining self-determination, territorial integrity, the political unity of sovereign States or the right of independent States to have full control over their own land and resources, as enshrined in the Charter of the United Nations尽管该文本不是完美无缺的,但我们认为,对《宣言》案文提出的修正意见保证,案文的内容不会被解释为重新确定了《联合国宪章》所载的自决、领土完整、主权国家政治统一或独立国家充分控制其本国土地和资源的权利的定义。
It does not require that the goods be perfect or flawless, unless perfection is required for the goods to fulfil their ordinary purposes它并不要求货物完美无瑕,除非货物要满足其通常的目的就必须具备该完美状态。
A further suggestion was that the phrase, “including perfection or enforcement of security interests”, could be deleted from (a) as the matter was dealt with by recommendation , which included a cross reference to recommendation再一项建议是,“包括担保权益的实现或强制执行”可以从(a)中删除,因为建议已经对这一问题作了处理,其中包括了参照建议。
It was aware that several years would be needed to perfect this method of budgeting, but in the long run it would make it possible to rationalize expenses and more effectively monitor the quality of results obtained by the Organization南非代表团意识到,可能需要若干年才能使这种制定预算的方法成熟起来,但南非代表团认为,到那个时候这种方法将可以使开支合理化,并且更好地跟踪联合国所取得的成果的质量。
The United States does not find this path forward to be perfect or easy美国不认为这一前进道路是完美的或轻松的。
This has been followed in practice, with vacancy announcements usually referring to two categories of language: the language of which a perfect command is expressly required and a language of which knowledge constitutes an advantage (may be the other working language or another official or non-official language of the United Nations在实际工作中遵守了这项规定,空缺通知提及两种语文:明确要求必须熟练掌握的语文以及作为一种优势的语文(可以是联合国的另一种工作语文和其他正式或非正式语文)。
Allowing human cloning for research purposes would have the undesirable result of perfecting a technology that could also be used to produce cloned babies允许以研究为目的进行人类克隆将会在完善技术的过程中产生不想要的结果,这种技术也可能被用于制造克隆婴儿。
It will be necessary to be able to call upon Court Officers assist the judges during hearings, including hearings in chambers; one of the Court Officers must have a perfect knowledge of IT, with a view to ensuring the development of the database, thus implementing analyses according to the needs of the Section在听讯时,包括在分庭听讯时,需要有法院干事来协助法官;其中一人必须精通信息技术,以便确保数据库的开发,从而根据该科的需要进行分析。
While suggesting a return to discussion of its previous proposals, the Russian Federation would like to draw attention to the fact that the widest possible criminalization of acts of corruption of itself should be considered an effective preventive measure in combating ingenious perpetrators of corruption, who abuse the process of globalization of the economy and the development of international trade in the perfection of ever more diverse crimes for personal gain俄罗斯联邦建议重新讨论其先前的提案,同时谨提请委员会注意到,尽可能广泛地对腐败行为予以刑事定罪本身应当被认为是打击智慧型腐败犯罪分子的有效预防措施,这类犯罪分子为了个人利益滥用经济全球化进程和国际贸易的发展,不断改进花样日益繁多的犯罪形式。
At its thirty-fourth session in ‧ the Commission established Working Group ‧ (Security Interests) and entrusted it with the task of developing “an efficient legal regime for security in goods involved in a commercial activity, including inventory, to identify the issues to be addressed, such as the form of the instrument, the exact scope of the assets that can serve as collateral, the perfection of security, the degree of formalities to be complied with, the need for an efficient and well balanced enforcement regime, the scope of the debt that may be secured, means of publicizing the existence of security rights, limitations, if any, on the creditors entitled to the security right, the effects of bankruptcy on the enforcement of security right and the certainty and predictability of the creditor's priority over competing interests.”委员会在其 ‧ 年第三十四届会议上设立了第六工作组(担保权益),并委托其拟定“一项关于商业活动中所涉货物(包括库存)上担保权的有效法律制度,查明有待解决的问题,例如文书的形式、可作为担保品的资产的确切范围、担保权的成立、履行手续的程度、建立一项有效和充分平衡的执行制度的必要性、可以担保的债务的范围、对所存在的担保权的公示方法、对有权持有担保权的债权人的任何可能限制、破产对执行担保权的影响以及债权人相对于竞合权益享有优先权的确定性和可预见性。”
From that standpoint, his delegation saw the High-level Dialogue on Financing for Development, to be held during the current session of the General Assembly, as the perfect setting for discussions on the establishment of a global economic framework for cooperation that would go beyond the national and regional levels and would be based on institutions that fostered equitable development从这个角度出发,智利代表感到,在发展筹资问题上的高水平对话--对话将在本届联合国大会中进行--正是讨论如何建立一个全球经济框架的最佳时机,这个框架的建立有利于进行超越国内和地区范围的合作,它所依托的是主张平等发展的机构。
It was all going to be so perfect, Lucy本? 来 一切 都 可以 很 完美 , 露 西
The perfect solution might not be within reach, but in that case we should be willing to accept less than perfect, as long as the overall purpose is served完美的解决办法也许难以达成,但在这种情况下,只要有利于整体目标,我们就应该愿意接受不那么完美的办法。
The timing of today's meeting, coming as it does immediately after the release of the report of the Security Council mission to the Democratic Republic of the Congo from ‧ to ‧ ay ‧ could not be more than perfect, and Zimbabwe regards it a privilege to pronounce itself over an issue of such import before the Council今天的会议是紧接 ‧ 年 ‧ 月 ‧ 日至 ‧ 日安全理事会访问刚果民主共和国的代表团的报告发表之后举行的,它的时机再恰当不过了,津巴布韦对于它能够在安全理事会就这一如此重要的问题阐述意见感到荣幸。
It examines the existing ways and means for cooperation which need to be revisited and perfected in order to recognize that CSOs are not only the end beneficiaries of social and economic projects, but have become increasingly identified as partners and players along the process of design, implementation and evaluation of technical cooperation programmes as well as in implementing rehabilitation projects in post-conflict situations本报告审查了目前的合作方式和方法,认为必须予以修订和完善, 以便确认, 民间社会组织不仅仅是社会和经济项目的最终受益者,而且越来越成为在设计、执行和估价技术合作方案方面以及在执行冲突后情况下康复项目方面的伙伴和角色。
Although the text was not perfect, it would be better for the international community to have a legal framework governing the suppression of acts of nuclear terrorism than a legal vacuum on that issue尽管案文并非完美无缺,但对国际社会来说,有一个规定制止核恐怖主义行为的法律体制总比在这个问题上存在法律真空要好。
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