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He met another woman whose rapists had cut her belly open with a knife after raping her, and another who had been raped by ‧ soldiers and then shot in the lower abdomen, having told her attackers beforehand that she was three months pregnant他见到另一位妇女被强奸之后,强奸者用刀剖开了她的腹部,和另一位妇女遭到十名士兵强奸,之后,士兵向她的下腹开枪,因为她事先告诉这些强奸她的士兵,她已经怀孕三个月了。
There was a cut on the left side of the abdomen measuring ‧ centimetres, made by a sharp object腹部左侧有 ‧ 至 ‧ 公分长的利器切割伤痕。
One mother described being faced with one of her children with an open skull wound while trying to help another son as he scooped his intestines back into his abdomen一位母亲描述说,她一边眼看着她的一个孩子头颅开裂受伤,一边忙着帮另一个儿子把他的肠子放回肚子里。
Palestinian witnesses said that Hazem Falah Natche ‧ had been shot in the abdomen when two men dressed in civilian clothes opened fire at him with ‧ assault rifles in one of the alleys near Police Square in central Hebron巴勒斯坦目击者说,在Hebron中心地带警察广场附近一条小巷中两个身穿便衣的人用 ‧ 型突击步枪向 ‧ 岁的Hazem Falah Natche射击,子弹击中他的腹部。
Today, a ‧ year-old, died of bullet wounds to his abdomen that he suffered yesterday in the same incident at the hands of the Israeli occupying forces今天,一名 ‧ 岁孩子死于腹部枪伤,他是在昨天同一事件中被以色列占领部队开枪打中的。
The victim also received injuries to the face and abdomen because she attempted to resist the act因为极力反抗,受害人的脸上和腹部还挂了伤。
Pressing the abdomen to force the baby out, pulling the baby out by force, giving a very hot bath to the delivering mother or even inserting certain herbs into the woman's vagina to accelerate the birth and isolating mothers who have just given birth are some of these practices其中一些做法有:挤压产妇的腹部把婴儿挤出来,用力将婴儿拉出,让产妇在很烫的水中洗澡,或是甚至将某些药草塞入产妇的阴道以加快分娩,以及将刚刚分娩的产妇隔离起来等。
Most of the injuries suffered by Palestinians were in upper body parts, mainly the head, chest and abdomen, according to medical reports provided by hospitals in Gaza and the West Bank根据加沙和西岸的医院提供的医疗报告,巴勒斯坦人受伤的位置大部分是在身体上部,主要是头、胸和腹部。
On ‧ ctober ‧ the Special Rapporteur sent a joint urgent appeal together with the Special Rapporteur on extrajudicial, summary or arbitrary executions regarding the assassination attempt, on ‧ ctober ‧ against Mr. Zeljko Kopanja, editor in chief of the Bosnian Serb independent Nezavisne Novine, which resulted in the loss of both his legs and serious injuries to his abdomen年 ‧ 月 ‧ 日,特别报告员与法外处决、即审即决或任意处决特别报告员一道就 ‧ 年 ‧ 月 ‧ 日对波斯尼亚塞尔维亚独立Nezavisne Novine报的总统辑Zeljko Kopanja先生进行的谋杀未遂行动发出一项联合紧急呼吁,这次谋杀行动使他失去双腿,腹部受重伤。
The medical certificates of ‧ une ‧ stated that he had a haematoma under his left arm and he was advised to see a specialist for an examination of his abdomen年 ‧ 月 ‧ 日的医疗证明称,他的左手臂有一处血肿,医生建议他寻求一名专家检查其腹部。
The author was then arrested again by members of the military in civilian clothes, who questioned him, beat him and stabbed him in the abdomen. He was seriously injured and had to go into hiding again在此,他强调说欧洲人权法院进一步采纳了这一原则,清楚说明对《欧洲人权公约》的解释应参照其确保有效保护人权的最终目的。
His report found injuries to the lower abdomen, bladder and right femur, as well as a fracture of the right pelvic bone他的报告指出,死者的小腹部、膀胱和右侧大腿骨都有受伤痕迹,而且右侧骨盆碎裂。
The total injuries are roughly categorized as resulting from shooting to the head ( ‧ per cent), the chest ( ‧ per cent), abdomen ( ‧ per cent), extremities and back ( ‧ per cent受伤的原因基本上是枪伤,受伤部位包括:头部( ‧ %)、胸部( ‧ %)、腹部( ‧ %)、四肢以及背部( ‧ %)。
Of the other Palestinians admitted to Ichelov in recent weeks, only two remained ‧ year-old boy who had been shot in the abdomen was still undergoing treatment, while a boy who had been blinded in both eyes was scheduled for surgery, the spokesperson said发言人说,在最近几周到Ichelov医院住院治疗的其他巴勒斯坦人中,只有两人还留在医院,一名是 ‧ 岁的男孩,他被子弹击中腹部,还在治疗之中,另一名是双目失明的男孩,已排定手术日期。
He argues that the infliction of a knife wound of ‧ to ‧ centimetres in length in the abdomen of Mrs. Amirova, is an act which also clearly rises to the threshold of torture他说用刀子在Amirova女士腹部割了 ‧ 至 ‧ 公分长的伤痕也显然是酷刑行为。
he forensic report of ‧ ovember ‧ confirms that Mr. Sparman's corpse displayed a lacerated wound on the right cheek below the right eye and a small wound on the left abdomen, and states as cause of death: “Haemorrhage and shock due to perforation of blood vessels in abdomen and perforation of intestines by stab wound.”年 ‧ 月 ‧ 日的法医报告确认,Sparman先生尸体显示出右眼下脸颊有一处割裂伤,左下腹有一处小伤口,并阐明死因是:”因腹部脉管戳穿造成内出血和震荡,以及内肠被刺穿透。”
The medical diagnosis indicated “intense abdominal pain, blood in the urine and internal trauma to the abdomen医疗诊断上说,“腹部剧烈疼痛、小便出血、腹部受内伤”。
The Special Rapporteurs were informed on ‧ ctober that Zeljko Kopanja, editor in chief of the Bosnian Serb independent newspaper Nezavisme Novine, lost both his legs and suffered serious injuries to his abdomen in an assassination attempt两位特别报告员 ‧ 月 ‧ 日得知,波斯尼亚塞族独立报纸《Nezavisme Novine》总编辑Zeljko Kopanja在一次未遂暗杀中失去了双腿,腹中受重伤。
he complainant also claims to have been subjected to the “chair” torture, in which the victim is stripped and tied to a chair, with his hands behind his back, and beaten across the face, chest and abdomen申诉人还声称遭到了“椅子”酷刑,即受害者被剥光衣服,绑在一张椅子上,双手绑在背后,殴打他的脸部、胸部和腹部。
The evening before the interview, Major Ekofo had been severely injured by a gunshot to his lower abdomen by an ‧ round约谈的前一晚,埃科弗少校被 ‧ 枪的一发子弹击中下腹,受了重伤。
Article ‧ further prescribes that it is forbidden to employ pregnant women in: (a) jobs which are physically demanding, strenuous or prolonged or which specifically involve carrying items on the head; (b) jobs which involve postures or positions that may endanger the pregnancy; (c) jobs in which the body, in particular the abdomen, may be jolted, shaken or subjected to vibration; (d) industrial or other activities in which toxic, hazardous or unhealthy products are handled此外,第 ‧ 条规定禁止让孕妇从事以下工作:a) 要求付出大量体力的劳动或长时间的体力劳动,尤其是用头顶东西;b) 要求采取对妊娠造成危险的姿势;c) 劳动时身体、特别是腹部受到冲击、震动和颤动;d) 操作有毒、危险和不健康产品的工业劳动。
That route broadly cuts into the territories occupied in ‧ and opens the way to the confiscation of Palestinian territories, thus contravening international humanitarian law and in particular the Fourth Geneva Convention, as well as the agreements signed between Israelis and Palestinians这条路线在很大范围内切入了 ‧ 年被占领的领土,因此为没收巴勒斯坦领土开辟了道路,从而违反了国际人道主义法,尤其是《日内瓦第四公约》以及以色列和巴勒斯坦间签署的各种协定。
Nevertheless, widespread intimidation from hard-line Kosovo Serb elements, including open threats to cut off pensions or inflict physical injury as well as fears about security, dissuaded the vast majority of Kosovo Serbs from participating in the process然而,科索沃塞族强硬分子到处进行恐吓,还威胁停发养恤金,或殴打致伤,再加上人们对治安情况心存恐惧,这都使科索沃绝大多数塞族人没有参加登记进程。
The United StatesUnited States and Australia (where coal-mining accounts for the majority of fugitive emissions), both noted that a market-driven shift from deep mines to open-cut cast mines had restrained or reduced fugitive ‧ emissions from coal-mining美国和澳大利亚(煤矿开采占散逸性排放量的大部分)都表示,市场驱动的井下开采朝露天开采转变的情况遏制或减少了煤矿开采行业的散逸性 ‧ 排放量。
Even though this did not lead to the adoption of a programme of work or to the opening of negotiations on a fissile material cut-off treaty, we note with satisfaction that the debate on these two subjects was substantial and that the Conference has never before been so close to finding a compromise尽管我们担任主席国并未导致某项工作方案的通过,也未启动关于《裂变材料禁产条约》的谈判,但我们满意地注意到,与会代表在这两个问题上的辩论很有实质内容,并且裁军谈判会议从没有像现在这样接近找到妥协方案。
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