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to omit (a character when writing)脱落; 脫落
to write characters in simplified form简写; 簡寫
to write wrong character

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In particular, the rules governing: (a) the capacity of parties to the contract; (b) the specific character and modalities of the obligation secured; (c) the objects upon which the acquisition financing right might be taken; (d) evidentiary obligations such as a writing and signature; and (e) the time of effectiveness of the agreement between the parties would have to be closely coordinated so as not to favour one type of acquisition financing transaction over another (see recommendation特别是,管辖(a)合同当事人的能力;(b)所担保的债务的具体性质和形式;(c)哪些物品上可以取得购置款融资担保权;(d)证明义务,例如文书和签名;以及(e)当事人之间协议的生效时间等的规则必须高度协调,使购置款融资交易的一种类型不会得到优于另一种类型的待遇(见建议 ‧ )。
Mr. Morán Bovio (Spain) said that his delegation welcomed the proposal put forward by the representative of the United States, although it had some reservations about the somewhat broad character of the exclusion relating to assignments of receivables evidenced by a writing transferred by delivery, book entry or control of electronic recordsorán Bovio先生(西班牙)说,西班牙代表团欢迎美国代表提出的提案,然而认为排除以书面形式证明的、通过交割、记帐或电子记录控制进行的应收款转让,范围多少有些太广,对此持有一些保留。
This will insert a text field, where you may write text. The text you write will be matched literally. (i. e. you do not need to escape any characters这将插入一个文本编辑框供您书写。 您所写的文本将被逐字匹配 。 (也就是说您无须回避任何字符
Another widespread practice employed is the change of the architectural details of different monuments, as the Saatly mosque and Khanlyg Mukhtar caravanserai in Shusha town, as well as replacement of the Azerbaijani-Muslim elements of the monuments with alien ones, such as the Armenian cross and writings, which have been engraved on the Arabic character of the nineteenth century Mamayi spring in Shusha town所采用的另外一种普遍做法是:改变不同历史遗迹的建筑细节,如Shusha镇的Saatly清真寺和Khanlyg Mukhtar旅舍;以及用外来元素代替历史遗迹的阿塞拜疆-穆斯林元素,例如在Shusha镇具有阿拉伯特征的十九世纪Mamayi起拱面上雕刻亚美尼亚十字架和文字。
Thematic units of intercultural character were elaborated, such as shadow theatre, music, dance, costume, embellishment, religion, time perception and organization, writing, ceramics安排了具有跨文化特点的主要内容,如皮影戏剧场、音乐、舞蹈、服装、装饰、宗教、时间的感受和组织、写作、陶瓷。
In north-western Somalia, UNDP is supporting a land survey (cadastral) project that seeks to meet the need for land and collateral, and employs a process that is conflict resolving in character开发计划署在索马里西北部支持一个土地测量项目,该项目设法满足土地和担保品方面的需要并采用一种解决冲突性质的程序。
The Subcommittee recalled that the General Assembly, in its resolution ‧ had endorsed the recommendation of the Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space that the Legal Subcommittee, at its forty-first session, taking into account the concerns of all countries, in particular those of developing countries, consider matters relating to the definition and delimitation of outer space and to the character and utilization of the geostationary orbit, including consideration of ways and means to ensure the rational and equitable use of the geostationary orbit without prejudice to the role of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU小组委员会回顾大会在第 ‧ 号决议中赞同和平利用外层空间委员会的建议,即法律小组委员会第四十一届会议应在考虑到所有国家,特别是发展中国家所关注问题的情况下,审议下列有关事项:外层空间的定义和定界以及地球静止轨道的性质和利用,包括审议在不妨碍国际电信联盟(国际电联)职能的情况下确保合理和公平地使用地球静止轨道的方式和方法。
The establishment of refugee camps at a reasonable distance from the border is essential to preserving the civilian and humanitarian character of these camps在离边境距离合理的地方建立难民营对维护这些营地的平民和人道主义性质非常重要。
You have chosen to encode attachment names containing non-English characters in a way that is understood by Outlook(tm) and other mail clients that do not support standard-compliant encoded attachment names. Note that KMail may create non-standard compliant messages, and consequently it is possible that your messages will not be understood by standard-compliant mail clients; so, unless you have no other choice, you should not enable this option您选择了将包含非英语字符的附件名按照 Outlook(tm) 和其它不遵从标准编码附件名的邮件客户程序可理解的方式进行编码 。 请注意, KMail 可以创建不遵从标准的信件, 但这将造成遵从标准的邮件客户程序无法读出这些信件; 所以, 除非您没有其它选择, 您不应该启用此选项 。
However, this has to be further deepened through a better understanding of the country-specific character of transition issues, the identification of strategic interventions, their sequencing and consensus-building around them, leading to more coherent, coordinated and harmonized inter-agency assistance at the country level但是,还需要通过更好地了解各国在过渡阶段面临的具体问题,确定要采取哪些战略性干预措施,按部就班地采取这些措施并就其达成协商一致,和加强各机构国家一级援助的协调统一,来进一步开展这一工作。
Rather, it has made repeated attempts to alter the demographic and legal character of the area by establishing new settlements and imposing its laws on Syrian citizens in contravention of all relevant Security Council resolutions它一再企图改变该地区的人口和法律特征,并且违反安全理事会的所有有关决议,在那里设立新的定居点,对叙利亚公民强制实行它的法律。
Reaffirms the unified character of the Convention and the need to preserve its integrity重申《公约》的统一性和保持其完整性的需要
For purpose of expediency, the Working Group wishes to concentrate its attention on the allegation that the condemnation by a military tribunal of Mr. Cheam, who is a civilian, gave his deprivation of liberty an arbitrary character作为权宜之计,工作组希望集中注意军事法庭对平民Cheam先生的定罪使对其自由的剥夺具有任意性的指称。
While welcoming the interest of UNA/USA, the Committee is of the view that in order to better reflect the international character of the Organization, efforts should be made to expand the number of potential contributors to the project by including United Nations associations of other countries委员会虽然欢迎美国联合国协会表示的兴趣,但认为为求更好地反映联合国的国际性质,应努力扩大可能成为该项目捐助者的数目,将其他国家的联合国协会也包括在内。
In the case of outsourcing, officials stated that they prefer offshoring to outsourcing because of strategic and security concerns, citing the need to retain in-house control of their data and security, to minimize risks, as well as to retain staff and maintain the international character of the organizations关于外包问题,有关官员说,出于战略和安全方面的关注,他们倾向于离岸外包,而不是一般外包。 他们提到,数据和安全必须由组织内部控制,以便尽可能减少风险,留住工作人员和保持组织的国际性质。
The objective should be to come up with guidelines of a general character, bearing in mind the difficulty of identifying hierarchical structures between norms考虑到分辨规范之间等级结构的困难,目标应是制订一个一般性的准则。
By virtue of the proprietary character of security rights, a secured creditor is presumptively entitled to follow the assets into the hands of a third-party buyer who acquires title under an unauthorized sale by the grantor (droit de suite凭借担保权的所有权性质,有担保债权人被推定有权追索资产一直到根据让与人未经授权的销售取得所有权的第三方买主那里(“追索权”)。
The draft amendment to article ‧ of the Penal Code forbids any party “to mock anyone publicly for reason of belief or religious function; to prevent or disturb a religious ceremony or the practice of a religious denomination; to vilify publicly an act or object of a religious character”, and envisages different penal measures in accordance with the gravity of the crime《刑法》第 ‧ 条修正草案禁止任何一方“由于信仰或宗教职务的原因公开嘲笑任何人;阻碍或扰乱宗教教派的宗教仪式或活动;公开诋毁具有宗教性质的某项行为或物品”,并按照罪行的严重程度规定了不同的刑事措施。
The interlinked goals of protecting our citizens, providing assurance to our partners and allies and preserving the character of our free, democratic and diverse society have guided the actions and decisions of Prime Minister Chrétien and the Canadian Government throughout this crisis在这一危机的自始自终,是保护我们的国民、为我们的伙伴和盟国提供保障以及维护我们自由、民主和多样化社会这些相互联系的目标指导着克雷蒂安总理和加拿大政府的行动和决定。
Having established its jurisdiction, the Court will consider the second preliminary objection, which it found to be not of an exclusively preliminary character, when it reaches the merits of the case法院在确定了管辖权之后,对于法院裁定不是纯粹属于初步性质的第二项初步反对意见,将会在进入案情实质阶段时加以审议。
In this connection, it should be emphasized that the supranational character of WAEMU, of which Benin is a member, does not allow it to take strictly national measures in the area of commercial policy, in general, and in the banking area, in particular在这方面,有必要强调,贝宁所属的西非经货联盟,其超国家性质不允许在一般商业政策领域特别是在银行领域采取纯属国家一级的措施。
• Strengthen interministerial coordination within the framework of an adequate response to the cross-sectoral character of the problems of sexual exploitation of children● 在横向适当应付对儿童色情剥削问题和现象方面加强各部委之间的协 调
Strongly reaffirms the fundamental importance and the purely humanitarian and non-political character of the function of the Office of the High Commissioner of providing international protection to refugees and seeking permanent solutions to refugee problems, and recalls that these solutions include voluntary repatriation and, where appropriate and feasible, local integration and resettlement in a third country, while reaffirming that voluntary repatriation remains the preferred solution, supported by necessary rehabilitation and development assistance to facilitate sustainable reintegration强烈重申高级专员办事处向难民提供国际保护和谋求持久解决难民问题的职能极为重要而且纯属人道主义和非政治性质,并回顾这些解决办法包括自愿遣返,以及在适当和可行的情况下采取的就地安置和在第三国重新定居的办法,同时重申自愿遣返仍是最可取的办法,但同时应有必要的复原和发展援助加以支持,促进可持续的重返社会
She recalled that following the Conference, she had informed the Committee that the outcome reflected the transitional character of the current situation in the climate area- an important transition from negotiations to implementation她回顾说,在那次会议后她曾向委员会指出,会议结果表明目前关于气候的谈判具有过渡的性质,即谈判正在发生重要的变化。
All of these three regional arrangements have a supranational character, as in the case of the EU (which provides for common regional competition rules to be enforced by both the EU Commission and national competition authorities如欧盟那样(规定欧盟委员会和国家竞争管理机构执行共同的区域竞争条例),所有这三项区域安排都具有跨国的性质。
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