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  • 传输规则   
    A concept that implements a single function point of a transport messaging policy. A transport rule contains conditions as to when to trigger this rule and an ordered set of actions as to what to do if the rule is triggered. Additionally, each transport rule can have exceptions that specify what to exclude from the condition. Exceptions typically identify a subset of criteria identified in the condition.
  • 傳輸規則   
    A concept that implements a single function point of a transport messaging policy. A transport rule contains conditions as to when to trigger this rule and an ordered set of actions as to what to do if the rule is triggered. Additionally, each transport rule can have exceptions that specify what to exclude from the condition. Exceptions typically identify a subset of criteria identified in the condition.

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In addition, it was reiterated that the liability limits in the Hague-Visby Rules were often much higher in practice than might appear at first sight, and that given the volume of container traffic and the “per package” liability limit set out therein, they were often much higher than those in the unimodal transport regimes, where the liability limits for recovery were based only on weight此外,有与会者重申,《海牙-维斯比规则》中的赔偿责任限额实际上往往比第一眼的印象高出许多,而且由于集装箱运输量和其中规定的“每件”赔偿责任限额的原因,往往比单式运输制度中的赔偿责任限额高出许多,在单式运输制度中,追偿的赔偿责任限额仅按重量计算。
national legislation could or should be concerned with regulating the provision of military assistance abroad, and the conditions under which arms are exported and transported; prohibiting the hiring, or any basis, of mercenaries who, through the firms, are sent to participate in armed conflicts, and supervising the activities of those firms with a view to renewing or suspending their authorizations and licences to operate, depending on whether or not they comply with the rules governing their activities国内的立法可以并应该规范向外国提供军事援助,同时规范出口和运输军火的条件;禁止私营公司以任何形式聘用雇佣军,将他们派去参与武装冲突;检查这些公司的行为,根据其遵守行为规则的情况延长或取消其营业执照和证明。
Reform measures have included the liberalization of transit and transport services, accession to relevant international conventions, the establishment of regional intermodal transport corridors and the development of transparent, streamlined and common rules and standards that have strengthened private and public sector dialogue to address the bottlenecks that exist at different segments of transit services改革措施包括过境和运输服务自由化、加入有关国际公约、建立区域联合运输走廊和制定透明的简化通用规则和标准,以此加强私营和公共部门之间的对话,解决过境服务不同部门的瓶颈问题。
The United Nations Convention on the International Multimodal Transport ‧ had not received the required number of ratifications to enter into force and the UNCTAD/ICC Rules for Multimodal Transport Documents ‧ was a set of contractual rules and as such its usefulness in achieving international uniformity was limited年《联合国国际货物多式联运公约》没有达到所要求的批准数,因而未能生效 ‧ 年《贸发会议/国际商会多式联运单据规则》是一套合同规则,因而对实现国际统一的作用有限。
The purpose of the Convention is to facilitate the movement of goods by establishing uniform rules concerning liability for loss of or damage to or delay in handing over such goods when they are in the charge of operators of transport terminals该公约旨在通过制定港站经营人接管货物时所发生的灭失、损坏或交货延迟的赔偿责任的统一规则,以期有利于货物的流动。
Such a resort to national law was said to be a dangerous move that would be contrary to the need for harmonization of the international rules governing the transport of goods, thus resulting in fragmentation of the overall regime and creating disharmony and a lack of transparency regarding the applicable rules据指出,管辖货物运输的国际规则需要统一,而这样诉诸国内法的举动有违这一需要,因而是危险的,会导致整个制度零散分裂,在适用规则问题上造成不协调和不透明。
In order not to decrease the scope of application from what is applied according to the Hague and the Hague-Visby Rules, there is a need to include a certain part of non-liner transportation in the scope of application of the draft convention为了不缩小根据《海牙规则》和《海牙--维斯比规则》而应予以适用的范围,必须把非班轮运输的某些方面列在公约草案的适用范围以内。
The Working Group heard the view that whilst a provision on delay was a novel one at least if compared with the text of the Hague and Hague-Visby Rules, it was however dealt with in the Hamburg Rules and in a number of transport law instruments of a contractual nature, such as the UNCTAD/ICC Rules and the FIATA bill of lading有与会者认为,至少与《海牙规则》和《海牙-维斯比规则》的案文相比,关于迟误的规定是一项新的规定,但这个问题已在《汉堡规则》和其他一些合同性质的运输法文书中论及,例如《贸发会议/国际商会规则》和货运承揽业协会联合会的提单,工作组听取了这一看法。
Inadequate infrastructure in rail transport, road transport, ports, inland waterways, pipelines, air transport and information and communications technology, missing links, few harmonized rules and procedures, little cross-border investment and private-sector participation are the major problems faced by landlocked developing countries内陆发展中国家面临的主要问题是铁路运输、公路运输、港口、内陆水道、管道、空运以及通信和信息技术基础设施不足,联系环节脱节,协调统一的规章制度寥寥无几,跨界投资和私营部门参与极少。
The Customs Code (Act No ‧ ) granted full powers to that Office to inspect, seize and confiscate any goods presented for clearance, in the case of physical persons through rules on border tourism or local frontier traffic and, in the case of transport vehicles, when the goods have not been declared or information on the customs declaration has been omitted or tampered with《海关法》(第 ‧ 号法)赋予海关广泛权力检查、封存和没收任何提交发运的商品,只要在人员通过旅游或在边境使用交通工具运输这些商品时不予以申报,或在海关报关单上漏填或涂改资料。
UNCTAD conducted and disseminated its research and analysis on transport costs, liner shipping connectivity, fleet and seaborne trade developments, inland transport, maritime and supply-chain security, national implementation of internationally agreed rules and standards, administrative and legal issues affecting trade logistics and transport, the situation of landlocked developing countries, containerization and information and communications technology use in cross-border trade贸发会议就下列事项进行并传播开展的研究和分析:运输成本、班轮航运衔接、船队和海运贸易发展、内陆运输、海上安全和供应链安全、国家实施国际商定的规则和标准、影响贸易后勤和运输的行政和法律问题、内陆发展中国家的情势、集装箱化和跨界贸易所用的信息和通信技术。
d) Unaccompanied shipments shall normally be made in one consignment, and shall be reimbursed on the basis of the maximum entitlement provided under this rule for transportation by the most economical means, as determined by the Secretary-General, between the places of departure and destination of the authorized travel of the staff member or his or her family membersd) 非随身行李通常应一次托运,并应依照本条细则所规定的权利极限,按照秘书长所确定工作人员及其家属获准旅行的启程地点和目的地点之间,最廉价的运输方式,报销运费。
Furthermore, various segments of the international trade transaction, such as sale, transport, insurance and payment, are normally supported by relevant rules and regulations而且,国际贸易交易的各部分,如销售、运输、保险和支付等,通常依赖相关规则和条例的支持。
If the delay occurs during this transport leg, the carrier will be liable for delay limited to one times the freight according to the CMR convention or to four times the freight according to the COTIF/CIM rules如果这个运输段上发生迟延,根据《公路货运公约》,承运人对迟延承担的赔偿责任限于运费的一倍,而根据《国际铁路运输公约/铁路货运合同统一规则》的规定,其所承担的赔偿责任为运费的四倍。
It was also pointed out that different liability limits for localized damage and non-localized damage had been used in other instruments, for example in the ‧ onvention on International Multimodal Transport of Goods which contained a similar provision on localized damage, as did the UNCTAD/ICC Rules另据指出,对于已确定事发地的毁损和未确定事发地的毁损,其他文书中使用了不同的赔偿责任限额,例如 ‧ 年的《国际货物多式联运公约》,该公约如同贸发会议/国际商会通则一样,在已确定事发地的毁损问题上载有类似的规定。
Since nuclear materials are particularly vulnerable during transport, their movement requires special protection rules核材料在运输过程中非常易受损害,因此核材料运输需要特别的保护规则
He also commended the Commission's progress in the areas of procurement, arbitration and conciliation, transport law and insolvency law, noting in particular the revision of the UNCITRAL Model Law on Procurement to reflect new practices, especially the use of electronic communications in public procurement, and the revision of the UNCITRAL Arbitration Rules他还称赞委员会在采购、仲裁和调解、运输法和破产法等领域取得的进展,并特别注意到,对《贸易法委员会采购示范法》的修订,以反映新的做法,尤其是在公共采购中使用电子通信的做法,并注意到对《贸易法委员会仲裁规则》的修订。
The restoration of the rule of law, the protection of the right to life and personal security, the right to property, and the right to move freely and transport goods throughout the country are critically necessary for the economy to be regenerated, for agriculture to revive, for trade to resume, for markets to function, for employment opportunities to be promoted and for access to be afforded to housing, education and health facilities在全国范围内恢复法治、保护生命和人身安全权、财产权,以及移徙自由和货运权,都是至关重要的举措,有助于重新启动经济、振兴农业、恢复贸易、市场动作、增强就业机会和提供可承担得起的住房、教育和卫生设施。
Delegations entitled to reimbursement of transportation costs, in accordance with the provisions of the Rules Governing Payment of Travel Expenses and Subsistence Allowance in Respect of Organs or Subsidiary Organs of the United Nations ( ‧ ev ‧ of ‧ arch ‧ ) may submit claims on form ‧ (Reimbursement voucher for official travel of representatives of Member States有权要求报销旅费的代表团,可按照支付联合国机构或附属机构成员旅费和生活津贴规则( ‧ 年 ‧ 月 ‧ 日 ‧ ev ‧ )的规定填写 ‧ 表格(会员国代表公务旅行报销凭单)要求偿还。 报销时必须附上账单、收据、票根。
It was noted that paragraph provided a general rule that the absence of one or more contract particulars referred to in article ‧ or inaccuracy of those particulars did not of itself affect the legal character or validity of the transport document or the electronic transport record有与会者注意到,第款提出了一条一般性规则:合同细节中缺少第 ‧ 条中提到的一项或几项内容或者是一项或多项内容不准确,这一点本身并不影响运输单证或电子运输记录的法律性质或有效性。
Participation by Mission personnel in training activities at the United Nations Logistics Base and other locations includes engineering, procurement, air transportation, movement control, security, aviation safety, rule of law, HIV/AIDS and medical care特派团人员在联合国后勤基地和其他地点参加的培训活动包括:工程、采购、空运、调度、安保、航空安全、法治、艾滋病毒/艾滋病和医疗保健。
If a State imposed such a requirement on its shipping agents and airlines without first addressing the question of the time taken to make licensing decisions, it would effectively be ruling them out of participation in the transport of arms如果一个国家对其货运代理人和航空公司作出这一规定而不先解决决定发放许可证需要时间的问题,这实际上是使这些代理人和公司不能参与武器的运输。
The steamer Vega ‧ committed a gross violation of the legislation of Georgia, including the Penal Code (illegal crossing of the State frontier and violation of customs rules), and also Decree No ‧ of ‧ anuary ‧ of the President of Georgia, which is in force, on the closure of the Sukhumi seaport, the port facilities, the marine waters and a sector of the State frontier with Abkhazia, Georgia, to all forms of international transport, which was duly notified to the Russian side韦加一号轮船严重违反了格鲁吉亚立法,包括《刑法》(非法跨越国界和违反海关规则),并违反了正在实施的 ‧ 年 ‧ 月 ‧ 日格鲁吉亚总统第 ‧ 号法令,这项法令规定对一切形式的国际运输关闭苏呼米海港、港口设施、海域以及格鲁吉亚阿布哈兹一段的国界。 我们已将该法令适当地通知了俄罗斯一方。
“ ‧ eaffirms the right of access of landlocked countries to and from the sea and freedom of transit through the territory of transit countries by all means of transport, in accordance with the applicable rules of international law“ ‧ 重申按照适用的国际法规则,内陆国有权出入海洋和享有利用一切运输工具经由过境国领土过境的自由
sea transport operations between Algeria, Germany, Ireland, Israel, Monaco, Portugal, Romania, Turkey and Yugoslavia are exclusively subject to the Hague Rules (however, in its Commercial Code, Germany has altered the liability limits foreseen by the Hague Rules by replacing them with those of the Visby Rules• 阿尔及利亚、德国、爱尔兰、以色列、摩纳哥、葡萄牙、罗马尼亚、土耳其和南斯拉夫之间的海运业务只受《海牙规则》的约束(然而,在德国商法典中,德国改变了《海牙规则》规定的责任限制,以《维斯比规则》的责任限制加以取代)。
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