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  • 传输规则   
    A concept that implements a single function point of a transport messaging policy. A transport rule contains conditions as to when to trigger this rule and an ordered set of actions as to what to do if the rule is triggered. Additionally, each transport rule can have exceptions that specify what to exclude from the condition. Exceptions typically identify a subset of criteria identified in the condition.
  • 傳輸規則   
    A concept that implements a single function point of a transport messaging policy. A transport rule contains conditions as to when to trigger this rule and an ordered set of actions as to what to do if the rule is triggered. Additionally, each transport rule can have exceptions that specify what to exclude from the condition. Exceptions typically identify a subset of criteria identified in the condition.

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The Federal Minister of the Interior issued the Rules of Procedure, regulating space, premises, technical equipment and the method of conducting anti-terrorist inspection at airports (“Official Gazette of the FRY” No ‧ ) and the Rules of Procedure on weapons-handling methods and the search of persons and their luggage in public air-transport (“Official Gazette” No联盟内务部长颁布了关于在机场进行反恐怖检查的空间、房舍、技术设备和方法的程序规则(“南斯拉夫联盟共和国政府公报”第 ‧ 号),以及关于在公共空运中的武器处置方法和人体与行李检查的程序规则(“政府公报”第 ‧ 号)。
In further support of the view that the limits of liability provided in the Hague or Hague-Visby Rules were satisfactory, it was said that the limitation levels of other transport conventions, such as the CMR or the COTIF/CIM conventions, were not directly comparable to those in the maritime transport conventions, since several of the unimodal transport conventions included only per kilogram limitation levels为进一步支持认为《海牙规则》或《海牙-维斯比规则》中规定的赔偿责任限额令人满意的观点,有与会者指出,《公路货运公约》和《国际铁路运输公约》/《铁路货物运输统一规则》等其他运输公约中的限额与海运公约中的限额并不具有直接的可比性,其原因是某些单种方式运输公约只列入单位公斤数的限额。
d) To support the development of safe and sustainable transport by assisting countries to develop and implement transport safety plans, rules and regulations; by adopting an integrated and interactive approach to urban transport planning and mitigating the impact of transport on the environmentd) 支持发展安全和可持续运输,方法是协助各国制订和执行运输安全计划、规则和条例;通过关于都市运输计划的综合与交互的办法;减轻运输对环境的影响
d) Governments should take the necessary initiative to adhere to relevant international conventions related to rail and combined transport, which provide internationally accepted rules for an efficient and safe environment of inter-country rail and combined transport operationsd) 政府应该采取必要的行动,遵守关于铁路运输和联运的国际公约;这些公约规定了国际接受的关于国家间铁路营运和联运的有效和安全环境规则
Under this provision, arbitration agreements, other than those falling within the draft convention's definition of non-liner (i.e. tramp) transportation, would be subject to the default provisions under this rule whereby a claimant has the ability to opt for judicial proceedings despite the existence of an arbitration agreement根据这条规定,仲裁协定--并非公约草案非班轮运输(即不定期货轮运输)定义所指的仲裁协定,将受这一规则所指明的默认规定的限制,根据这一规定,即使已经存在仲裁协定,索赔人仍可选择司法程序。
However, while the ‧ onvention has not generated much support within the transport industry, the UNCTAD/ICC Rules have clearly been quite successful and have been adopted by FIATA in their ‧ and by BIMCO in Multidoc然而,尽管 ‧ 年多式联运公约在运输业界未获得大力支持,贸发会议/国际商会的规则显然十分成功,货运承揽业协会联合会在其 ‧ 及海事理事会在其Multidoc ‧ 中都采用了这些规则
These negotiations may establish common working rules and remuneration, including provisions for risk prevention, hygiene and safety; the distribution of working hours; standards regarding food, transport, housing and nursing room facilities在商议过程中可以签订工作的共同规定,商定报酬,特别是应该包括预防危险、卫生和保险方面的问题;工作日的安排;饮食、搬迁、居住和托儿所的标准。
While it was generally agreed that the draft instrument should provide appropriate mechanisms to avoid possible conflicts between the draft instrument and other multilateral instruments (in particular those instruments that contained mandatory rules applicable to land transport), the view was expressed that avoiding such conflicts would not be sufficient to guarantee the broad acceptability of the draft instrument unless the substantive provisions of the draft instrument established acceptable rules for both maritime and land transport虽然普遍认为文书草案应当提供一种适当机制,以避免在文书草案与其他多边文书(特别是那些载有对陆路运输的强制性规则的文书)之间发生冲突,但有的与会者提出,如果文书草案的实质性条文不能确立可令人接受的海洋运输和陆路运输的规则,光靠避免此种冲突并不足以保证文书草案获得普遍的接受。
l) In addition to the unaccompanied shipment entitlements under this rule, the cost of transporting a privately owned automobile to one of the duty stations designated for that purpose may be partially reimbursed under conditions established by the Secretary-Generall) 除本规则规定的托运非随身行李的权利外,可按照秘书长规定的条件部分报销将私人汽车运到一个为此目的指定的工作地点的费用。
By way of presentation of the proposal by Italy ( ‧ ), it was stated that, whilst the best system applicable to a door-to-door contract of carriage performed partly by sea and partly by other modes of transport would clearly be a uniform system, a network system had been adopted in all multimodal transport instruments because it was impossible to derogate by contract from the mandatory rules applicable to the different modes of transport, whether they were uniform rules or national rules作为对意大利建议( ‧ )的介绍,据指出,虽然部分海运和部分其他运输方式的门到门运输合同最适用的制度将显然是一种统一的制度,但所有多式联运的运输文书都已采用了一种联网制度,因为不可能以合同的形式背离适用于不同运输方式的强制性规则,无论这些规则是统一规则还是国内规则
ENDORSES the operationalization of the Conference of African Ministers of Transport (CAMT) including its Rules of Procedure认可非洲国家运输部长会议(运输部长会议)的运作模式,包括其议事规则
Regarding the transportation of sensitive goods (nuclear, chemical and biological), it is incumbent upon the Ministry of Transport to define the rules and procedures applicable throughout the national territory关于敏感物质(核、化学和生物物质)的运输,由运输部制定适用于全国领土的规则和程序。
The Commission had devoted six years to developing a set of binding rules that responded to modern transport needs and established a uniform and predictable regime at the global level委员会花费六年时间制订了应对现代运输需要的一套约束性规则,并在全球范围内确立了统一且可预测的制度。
It is felt, however, that this might not be the case and that certain sections of the industry (e.g. shipowners, P&I Clubs, insurers) might be prepared to leave the safe grounds of a well tested, albeit old fashioned, system such as that of the Hague-Visby Rules only if the new instrument would really constitute an answer to the reality of modern transportation但是,人们觉得情况可能并非如此,只有当新的文书确实能够解决现代运输的现实问题时,业界的某些方面(如船东、保赔协会、保险人)才有可能愿意告别形式虽旧,但却久经考验的安稳可靠的制度,例如,《海牙-维斯比规则》制度。
Specifically, on ‧ pril ‧ the National Assembly adopted a law on the management of weapons, explosives and ammunition, which establishes rules for supply, transportation, repair and production of weapons, explosives, and ammunition, as well as penalties for non-compliance具体而言 ‧ 年 ‧ 月 ‧ 日,国会通过了一项有关武器、爆炸物和弹药管理的法律,规定了武器、爆炸物和弹药的供应、运输、修理和生产的条例以及对不遵守的惩罚。
It was stated that, whilst the work proposed to be done by UNCITRAL was of interest to UNCTAD, it was also of some concern in that it was considered that it would be inappropriate to extend the rules governing the carriage of goods by sea to inland transport有与会者指出,虽然提议由贸易法委员会进行的工作与贸发会议有关,但仍然存在着某种程度的担心,因为,据认为,将管辖海上货物运输的规则扩展到内陆运输上是不合适的。
The rules governing that transport document, however, are often not too well defined但是,关于运输单据的规则往往没有得到很好的界定。
The United Kingdom also welcomes and agrees with the policy of UNCITRAL that the instrument should introduce new rules governing current and anticipated developments in the transport industry, such as “door-to-door” transport and the use of electronic transport records英国也欢迎和同意贸易法委员会关于文书应当引入管辖运输行业当前和预期发展情况的新规则的政策,如“门到门”运输和电子运输记录的使用。
With regard to transport and communications, the Conference urged the creation of common transportation and communication infrastructure, including harmonized national traffic codes, road rules, railway technical specifications and telecommunications networks在运输和通讯方面,会议敦促建立共同的交通和通讯基础设施,包括统一的交通法规,公路规则、铁路技术规格和电信网络。
In this regard, concerns were reiterated from the earlier discussion (see para ‧ above) concerning the adequacy of draft article ‧ in dealing with general conflict of conventions issues as they may arise with respect to certain unimodal transport conventions and with regard to some regional unimodal transport instruments other than the CMR, such as the uniform rules on road carriage that had been formulated by the Organization for the Harmonization of Business Law in Africa (OHADA在这方面,有与会者重申了先前的讨论中提出的关切(见上文第 ‧ 段),即第 ‧ 条草案是否能充分解决一般的公约冲突问题,因为这些问题可能涉及某些单种方式运输公约和《国际货物公路运输合同公约》以外的一些区域性单种方式运输文书,如非洲商法统一组织制定的公路运输统一规则
In this sense, regional organizations and the international community needed to be particularly supportive of efforts towards the improvement of transport services and infrastructure, taking into account the need to develop an appropriate legal framework, based on internationally agreed rules and regulations, and the implications of security requirements for developing economies本着这一意义,各区域组织和国际社会应该支持各种改善运输服务和基础设施的努力,同时考虑到在国际议定规则和条例基础上建立适当的法律制度的必要性,以及安全措施对发展中国家经济的影响。
It was pointed out that the low limitation rate of the Hague-Visby Rules might not be considered sufficient in the case of, for example, heavy machinery cargo, which would not be subject to the per package rule, but would rather benefit from the higher per kilogram rates of the other transport conventions据指出,《海牙−维斯比规则》中的较低限额在重机械货物情况下可能会被认为不足,这些货物将不受每件赔偿规则的管辖,而是得益于其他运输公约中较高的每公斤赔偿限额。
It is proposed, accordingly, to establish an additional post at the ‧ level to enable the Movement Control Section to better support DPKO field missions with local transport and other related contracts and provide advice and guidance on procurement and financial rules related to internal transport因此,拟增设一个 ‧ 员额,使调度科能够更好地支持维和部外地特派团获得当地运输和其他有关合同,并就与内部运输有关的采购和财务细则提供咨询和指导。
Good programmes on competition law and policy, on market access (rules of origin in particular), on transport, trade facilitation and customs systems are on offer from many international agencies许多国际机构提出举办关于竞争法和政策、市场准入(特别是原产地规则)、运输、贸易便利化和海关制度等方面的良好方案。
i) Following the ordinary rule for non-negotiable transport documents: the document is prima facie evidence in accordance with article ‧ (a), or一) 依照不可转让运输单证的普通规则:该单证根据第 ‧ 条(a)款的规定是初步证据
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