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plural of chichón
Plural form of chichón.

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chichónswelling; ; dint; hump; lump; protuberance; bump

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Cuando contemplará el Chichón Itza lo catalogará como la octava maravilla del mundo.When you see the Chichen Itza you’ll register it as the eight wonder of the world.
No veo que tenga un chichónI don`t see a bump
Me duele el tobillo y tengo un chichónI' ve had my ankle busted and my head conked
Solo es un chichónThat' s just a bump
Y gracias por revisar mi chichónAnd thank you for checking my bump
¡ Vaya chichón!That' s quite a bump there, boy
No veo que tenga un chichónI don' t see a bump
Axel, ve al hospital y has que te revisen ese chichón en la cabezaAxel, go to the hospital and get that bump on your head checked out
¿ Y ese chichón?What' s that bump?
Tengo un chichónI got a bump here
Oye, cuida ese chichón.¿ De acuerdo?Uh, hey, you take care of that bump on your head
Gracias...... pero un chichón no es el problemaThanks...... but a bump is not the problem
Bonito chichón te hicisteThat' s some bump you got there
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