pronunciation: IPA: ˈɑmpiɑine̞n [ˈɑmpiɑine̞n]

Translations into English:

  • wasp     
    (Noun  ) (noun   ) []
    A flying stinging insect related to the bee, which is usually coloured yellow and black.
  • waspish   
    (adjv   )
    suggestive of the behaviour of a wasp

Other meanings:

A wasp.

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Example sentences with "ampiainen", translation memory

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Luulen että ampiainen lensi nenääniHal, what happened?
Pistä kuin ampiainenLet the sting on a wasp
Ampiainen on onnellinen, ja minä enThe bee is happy, and I am definitely not
Mehiläisen/ampiaisen myrkyn siedätyshoito ACE-estäjiä saaneilla potilailla on satunnaisesti esiintynyt anafylaktoidisia reaktioita pistiäisten (Hymenoptera, esim. ampiainen, mehiläinen) myrkyn siedätyshoidon aikanaBee/wasp venom desensitization Occasionally, patients receiving ACE inhibitors during desensitization with Hymenoptera (e. g. wasp, bee) venom have experienced anaphylactoid reactions
Ampiainen varmaan kuoli pistettyään sinuaYou know, the bee probably died after he stung you
Ampiainen, hoida rekka!Black Wasp, take out the truck!
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