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Cuius liber est?Whose book is it?
Mundus est liber; ii enim, qui non peregrinantur, unam tantum paginam legunt.The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.
Liber e charta factus est.Books are made out of paper.
Ubi est liber?Where is the book?
Hic liber eius est.This book is hers.
Liber Didymi est.This is Tony's book.
Liber tuus super mensam scriptoriam est.Your book is on the desk.
Ubi liber meus est?Where is my book?
Hic interim liber honori Agricolae soceri mei destinatus, professione pietatis aut laudatus erit aut excusatus.Meanwhile this book, intended to do honour to Agricola, my father-in-law, will, as an expression of filial regard, be commended, or at least excused.
Liber meus est.This is my book.
"Estne liber super mensam scriptoriam?" "Non est.""Is there a book in the desk?" "No, there isn't."
Ille liber Didymi est.That's Tony's book.
Cuius liber est?Whose is this book?
Hic liber quattuor dollariis constat.This book costs 4 dollars.
Liber magnus est.The book is big.
Is liber meus est.That is my book.
Ubi liber meus est?Where's my book?
Ecce liber tuus.Here is your book.
Quisque jus habet vivere , liber esse et in tuto vivere .Everyone has the right to life , liberty and security of person .
Liber facilis est.The book is easy.
Ubi sunt liber et plumbum?Where's the book and the pencil?
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