pronunciation: IPA: /ˈeijus/

Translations into English:

  • her       
    (Adjective  ) (pron, noun, adjv, detr   )
    belonging to
  • hers       
    (Pronoun  ) (pron, adjv   )
    that which belongs to her
  • his       
    (Pronoun  ) (pron, noun, adjv, detr   )
    that which belongs to him
  • its     
    (Pronoun  ) (detr   )
    that which belongs to it

Other meanings:

his, hers, or its; genitive of is, ea, or id

Similar phrases in dictionary Latin English. (5)

Caedite eos. Novit enim Dominus qui sunt eius.Kill them all. For the Lord knows those who are his.
cuius est solum eius est usque ad coelum et ad inferosWhose the land is, all the way to the sky and to theunderworld is his.
cuius regio, eius religiowhose region, his religion
hoc est Christum cognoscere, beneficia eius cognoscereTo know Christ is to know his benefits
Iohannes est nomen eiusJohn is his name

Example sentences with "eius", translation memory

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Liberi eius sumus.We are his children.
"Ubi liber eius est?" "Super mensam est.""Where is his book?" "It is on the table."
Filius eius octo annos habet.His son is eight years old.
Uxor eius Galla est.His wife is a Frenchwoman.
Caedite eos, novit enim Dominus qui sunt eius.Kill them, for the Lord knows those who are His.
Filius eius advocatus esse optat.His son wants to be a lawyer.
Calcei eius fusci sunt.His shoes are brown.
Soror eius medica facta est.His sister became a doctor.
Domus eius prope flumen est.His house is near a river.
Familia eius me amabat.His family loved me.
Canis crus eius momordit.A dog bit her leg.
Libri eius iuvenibus placent.Young people like his books.
Liber eius studium valde excitat.Her book is very interesting.
Mater eius Italice loquitur.His mother speaks Italian.
Cor eius fractum erat.He was heartbroken.
Hae imagines photographicae eius sunt.Those photos are hers.
Hic liber eius est.This book is hers.
Canicus et frater eius valde similes sunt.Ken and his brother are very much alike.
Vir plus panis habet quam uxor eius.The man has more bread than his wife.
Pater eius procerus est.Her father is tall.
Didymus et avia eius ad bibliopolium iverunt.Tom and his grandmother went to the bookstore.
Ea et amici eius musicam amant.She and her friends love music.
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