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second-person singular present active indicative of faciō

Example sentences with "facis", translation memory

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Didyme! Quid facis?Tom! What are you doing?
Cur hoc facis?What are you doing that for?
Quid facis?What are you doing?
Quando opus facis?When do you work?
Quid facis?What are you up to?
Quid Solis die facis?What do you do on Sunday?
Quid libenter facis?What do you like to do?
Mediolani opus facis.You work in Milan.
Quid facis?What do you make?
Quid facis?What is your occupation?
Dominus Crouch, quid facis?Mr. Crouch, what are you doing?
Quid Solis die facis?What do you do on Sundays?
Quid facis?What're you doing?
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