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third-person singular perfect active indicative of habeō "he (she, it) has had, he (she, it) had, he (she, it) has held, he (she, it) held" "he (she, it) has owned, he (she, it) owned" "he (she, it) has possessed, he (she, it) possessed" "he (she, it) has retained, he (she, it) retained, he (she, it) has maintained, he (she, it) maintained" "he (she, it) has conducted, he (she, it) conducted, he (she, it) has presided over, he (she, it) presided over" "he (she, it) has regarded, he (she, it) regarded, he (she, it) has considered a person or thing as something, he (she, it) considered a person or thing as something" "he (she, it) has accepted, he (she, it) accepted, he (she, it) has borne, he (she, it) bore, he (she, it) has endured, he (she, it) endured"

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Tom pecuniam non habuit.Tom had no money.
Fratrem non habuit.She didn't have a brother.
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