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  • my     
    (pron, adjv, detr   )

Other meanings:

(possessive) my, mine

Similar phrases in dictionary Latin English. (9)

cathedra mea, regulae meae"My chair, my rules"
Deus Lux Mea EstGod is my Light
Dominus Illuminatio Meathe Lord is my light
ex mea sententiain my opinion
mea culpa; through my fault
mea navis aëricumbens anguillis abundatMy hovercraft is full of eels
mors tua, vita meayour death, my life
veritas lux meaTruth is my light.
vota vita mea

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Example sentences with "mea", translation memory

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Soror mea proxima aestate tredecim annos nata erit.My sister will be thirteen years old next summer.
Domus illa mea est.That house is mine.
Soror mea proximo anno Tokium ibit.My sister will go to Tokyo next year.
Familia mea magna non est.My family isn't such a big family.
Birota mea est.The bicycle is mine.
Ea birota mea est.This bicycle is mine.
Feles mea est.This is my cat.
"Cuius sella est?" "Sella mea est.""Whose chair is this?" "It is mine."
Amica mea est.She's my friend.
Alicia mater mea est.Alice is my mother.
Mater mea bene coquit.My mother cooks well.
Haec domus mea est.This house is mine.
Soror mea pulchra est.My sister is pretty.
Ecce inscriptio electronica mea.Here's my email address.
Soror mea infantes amat.My sister is very fond of children.
quin, si qua in parte lubricum adulescentiae nostrae declinat, revocas ornatumque robur subsidio impensius regis? non tua moderatio si reddideris pecuniam, nec quies, si reliqueris principem, sed mea avaritia, meae crudelitatis metus in ore omnium versabitur.Why not rather, if the frailty of my youth goes in any respect astray, call me back and guide yet more zealously with your help the manhood which you have instructed? It will not be your moderation, if you restore me your wealth, not your love of quiet, if you forsake your emperor, but my avarice, the fear of my cruelty, which will be in all men's mouths.
Domus mea magna est.My house is big.
Cui percontationi tuae respondere et tam magnae quaestionis pondus excipere, ut aut de ingeniis nostris male existimandum [sit], si idem adsequi non possumus, aut de iudiciis, si nolumus, vix hercule auderem, si mihi mea sententia proferenda ac non disertissimorum, ut nostris temporibus, hominum sermo repetendus esset, quos eandem hanc quaestionem pertractantis iuvenis admodum audivi.To answer this question of yours, to undertake the burden of so serious an inquiry, involving, as it must, a mean opinion either of our capacities, if we cannot reach the same standard, or of our tastes, if we have not the wish, is a task on which I should scarcely venture had I to give my own views instead of being able to reproduce a conversation among men, for our time, singularly eloquent, whom, when quite a youth, I heard discussing this very question.
id perniciabile reo et Caesar truci vultu defensionem accipiens, quam Cremutius relinquendae vitae certus in hunc modum exorsus est: 'verba mea, patres conscripti, arguuntur: adeo factorum innocens sum."This was enough to ruin the accused; and then too the emperor listened with an angry frown to his defence, which Cremutius, resolved to give up his life, began thus: - ""It is my words, Senators, which are condemned, so innocent am I of any guilty act; yet these do not touch the emperor or the emperor's mother, who are alone comprehended under the law of treason."
Ubi ocularia mea sunt?Where are my glasses?
'nam si legatus officii terminos, obsequium erga imperatorem exuit eiusdemque morte et luctu meo laetatus est, odero seponamque a domo mea et privatas inimicitias non vi principis ulciscar: sin facinus in cuiuscumque mortalium nece vindicandum detegitur, vos vero et liberos Germanici et nos parentes iustis solaciis adficite.Certainly if a subordinate oversteps the bounds of duty and of obedience to his commander, and has exulted in his death and in my affliction, I shall hate him and exclude him from my house, and I shall avenge a personal quarrel without resorting to my power as emperor. If however a crime is discovered which ought to be punished, whoever the murdered man may be, it is for you to give just reparation both to the children of Germanicus and to us, his parents.
Filia mea est.This is my daughter.
Hodie pluit. Ubi umbella mea est?It's raining today. Where is my umbrella?
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