Translations into English:

  • it pleases   
    expression of assent.
  • gives pleasure   
  • is believed|settled|agreed|decided   
  • it is pleasing|satisfying   

Other meanings:

third-person singular present active indicative of placeō : "he pleases"

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Example sentences with "placet", translation memory

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Cantor ei placet.She likes the singer.
Libum malorum uxori meae valde placet.My wife likes apple pie a lot.
Piscis felibus magis quam caro placet.The cat prefers fish to meat.
Socolata mihi placet.I love chocolate.
Hic color mihi placet.I like this colour.
Sucus puellae non placet.The girl doesn't like juice.
Potio Arabica mihi non placet.I don't like coffee.
Caseus Didymo non placet.Tom doesn't like cheese.
Hiems mihi placet.I like winter.
Socolata Annae placet.Ann loves chocolate.
Pluvia nobis non placet.We don't like rain.
Placenta Neapolitana patri placet.My father loves pizza.
Potio Arabica ei non placet.He doesn't like coffee.
Is mihi placet.I like him.
Potio Arabica tibi placet.You love coffee.
Ei placet.She loves him.
Feles tua mihi placet, sed ei non placeo.I like your cat, but she doesn't like me.
Illud mihi placet.I like that.
Si quis piorum manibus locus, si, ut sapientibus placet, non cum corpore extinguuntur magnae animae, placide quiescas, nosque domum tuam ab infirmo desiderio et muliebribus lamentis ad contemplationem virtutum tuarum voces, quas neque lugeri neque plangi fas est.If there is any dwelling-place for the spirits of the just; if, as the wise believe, noble souls do not perish with the body, rest thou in peace; and call us, thy family, from weak regrets and womanish laments to the contemplation of thy virtues, for which we must not weep nor beat the breast.
Bellum placet solum eis, qui id non viderunt.The war is liked by only those who haven't seen it.
Is mihi placet.I like it.
Puella quam heri tempore pomeridiano novi valde mihi placet.I like the girl I met yesterday afternoon very much.
Mons mihi magis quam mare placet.I like mountains better than seas.
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