Translations into English:

  • it pleases   
    expression of assent.
  • gives pleasure   
  • is believed|settled|agreed|decided   
  • it is pleasing|satisfying   

Other meanings:

third-person singular present active indicative of placeō : "he pleases"

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Example sentences with "placet", translation memory

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Is mihi placet.I like him.
Hoc mihi valde placet.I like it very much.
Socolata mihi placet.I like chocolate.
Musica ei placet.She has a love of music.
Cantor ei placet.She likes the singer.
Potio Arabica mihi non placet.I don't like coffee.
Potio Arabica ei placet.She loves coffee.
Alex Marcelo mihi placet.I love Alex Marcelo.
Quis flos magis tibi placet?What flower do you like best?
Bellum placet solum eis, qui id non viderunt.The war is liked by only those who haven't seen it.
Hoc mihi non placet.I don't like that.
Placenta Neapolitana cum caseo mihi placet.I like cheese pizza.
Plurimis Chattorum hic placet habitus.Most of the Chatti delight in these fashions.
Lac Mariae placet.Mary likes milk very much.
Potio Sinensis Didymo magis quam potio Arabica placet.Tom likes tea better than coffee.
Hoc instrumentum photographicum mihi non placet.I don't like this camera.
Ars musica valde Annae placet.Ann likes music very much.
Potio Arabica ei non placet.He doesn't like coffee.
Caseus Didymo placet.Tom likes cheese.
Sucus puellae non placet.The girl doesn't like juice.
Hic mihi non placet.I don't like this one.
Socolata Annae placet.Ann loves chocolate.
Mathematica non valde mihi placet.I do not like mathematics very much.
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