Translations into English:

  • how many     
    (Adverb  ) (pron, adjv   )
    what number
  • as many   
  • how much     
    (pron, adjv   )
  • of what number   

Other meanings:

how many

Similar phrases in dictionary Latin English. (4)

quot annos habeshow old are you
quot annos nata eshow old are you
quot capita tot sensusas many heads, so many opinions
quot homines tot sententiaehow many people, so many opinions

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Example sentences with "quot", translation memory

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Quot annos habes?How old are you?
Quot linguae in Europa sunt?How many languages are there in Europe?
Quot fratres habes?How many brothers do you have?
Quot milites vidisti?How many soldiers did you see?
Quot acetabula habemus?How many bowls do we have?
"Quot annos nata est?" "Duodecim annos nata est.""How old is she?" "She is twelve years old."
Quot libri tibi sunt?How many books do you have?
Quot annos filius tuus natus est?How old is your son?
Quot annos pater tuus natus est?How old is your father?
Quot mala?How many apples?
Quot linguis bene loqueris?How many languages do you speak well?
"Quot annos natus es?" "Sedecim annos natus sum.""How old are you?" "I'm sixteen."
Quot animalia omnium generum in arca Moysi erant?How many animals of each species were there on Moses' ark?
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