pronunciation: IPA: /sunt/

Translations into English:

  • there is   
    (Verb  ) (verb   )
    third-person singular simple present indicative form of there be
  • are       
    (noun   )
  • there are   

Other meanings:

third-person plural present active indicative of sum "they are" "they exist"

Similar phrases in dictionary Latin English. (15)

Caedite eos. Novit enim Dominus qui sunt eius.Kill them all. For the Lord knows those who are his.
entia non sunt multiplicanda praeter necessitatementities must not be multiplied beyond necessity
hic sunt draconeshere there are dragons
hic sunt leoneshere there are lions
naturalia non sunt turpiaWhat is natural is not dirty
Omnes homines sunt asini vel homines et asini sunt asiniAll men are donkeys or men and donkeys are donkeys
Omnia Bona Sunt Quae Bonum Finem HabeantAll’s Well That Ends Well
pacta sunt servandaagreements must be kept
quaecumque sunt verawhatsoever is true
sunt lacrimae rerumthere are tears for things
sunt omnes unumthey are all one
sunt pueri pueri, pueri puerilia tractantChildren are children, and children do childish things
ubi suntwhere are they?
ubi sunt latrinawhere is the toilet
verba ita sunt intelligenda ut res magis valeat quam pereatwords are to be understood such that the subject matter may be more effective than wasted

Example sentences with "sunt", translation memory

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Quot linguae in Europa sunt?How many languages are there in Europe?
Ubi sunt liber et plumbum?Where's the book and the pencil?
Hoc ipso tempore et casu Germani equites interveniunt protinusque eodem illo, quo venerant, cursu ab decumana porta in castra irrumpere conantur, nec prius sunt visi obiectis ab ea parte silvis, quam castris appropinquarent, usque eo ut qui sub vallo tenderent mercatores recipiendi sui facultatem non haberent.At this very time, the German horse by chance came up, and immediately, with the same speed with which they had advanced, attempt to force the camp at the Decuman gate, nor were they seen, in consequence of woods lying in the way on that side, before they were just reaching the camp: so much so, that the sutlers who had their booths under the rampart had not an opportunity of retreating within the camp.
cohortium alarum legionum hiberna subversa cremataque, iis tantum relictis quae Mogontiaci ac Vindonissae sita sunt.The winter encampments of the auxiliary infantry and cavalry and of the legions, with the sole exception of those at Mogontiacum and Vindonissa, were pulled down and burnt.
Equi animalia utilia sunt.Horses are useful animals.
Ubi acta diurna sunt?Where is the newspaper?
"Quota hora est?" "Triginta minuta post decimam horam sunt.""What time is it?" "It is ten-thirty."
Equi animalia sunt.Horses are animals.
non ad bellum vos nec ad periculum voco: omnium militum arma nobiscum sunt.It is not to war or to danger that I invite you; the swords of all Roman soldiers are with us.
Nam quod invicem se obtrectaverunt et sunt aliqua epistulis eorum inserta, ex quibus mutua malignitas detegitur, non est oratorum vitium, sed hominum.Grant that they disparaged each other (and certainly there are some passages in their letters which show mutual ill-will), still this is the failing, not of the orator, but of the man.
Triginta minuta post septimam horam sunt.It is 7:30.
Qui illarum partium fautores essent, conveniunt in domum quo erat delatus, qui arbitrati sunt clanculum venisse, ut ab eo quae vellent de bello requirerent.The litter came, and when he entered the town, those of his party waited on him privately, to receive his orders about the management of the war.
Hae imagines photographicae pulchrae sunt.These pictures are beautiful.
sin flagitia et facinora sine modo sunt, suppliciis ac remediis principis moderatio maiorumque et vestra exempla temperat et vana a scelestis, dicta a maleficiis differunt, est locus sententiae per quam neque huic delictum impune sit et nos clementiae simul ac severitatis non paeniteat.But though vice and wicked deeds have no limit, penalties and correctives are moderated by the clemency of the sovereign and by the precedents of your ancestors and yourselves. Folly differs from wickedness; evil words from evil deeds, and thus there is room for a sentence by which this offence may not go unpunished, while we shall have no cause to regret either leniency or severity.
Quae sunt potiones, quae tibi non placent?Which drinks don't you like?
Omnes homines aequales sunt.All men are equal.
Et ea insecuta sunt rei publicae tempora, quae sileri Agricolam non sinerent: tot exercitus in Moesia Daciaque et Germania et Pannonia temeritate aut per ignaviam ducum amissi, tot militares viri cum tot cohortibus expugnati et capti; nec iam de limite imperii et ripa, sed de hibernis legionum et possessione dubitatum.And then followed such days for the commonwealth as would not suffer Agricola to be forgotten; days when so many of our armies were lost in Moesia, Dacia, Germany, and Pannonia, through the rashness or cowardice of our generals, when so many of our officers were besieged and captured with so many of our auxiliaries, when it was no longer the boundaries of empire and the banks of rivers which were imperilled, but the winter-quarters of our legions and the possession of our territories.
Columbarum pennae albae sunt.The pigeons' feathers are white.
Quadraginta quinque minuta post septimam horam sunt.It is 7:45.
Reperti sunt complures nostri qui in phalanga insilirent et scuta manibus revellerent et desuper vulnerarent.There were found very many of our soldiers who leaped upon the phalanx, and with their hands tore away the shields, and wounded the enemy from above.
Didymus et Maria nunc in officio sunt.Tom and Mary are at work now.
Per idem tempus gladiatores apud oppidum Praeneste temptata eruptione praesidio militis, qui custos adesset, coerciti sunt, iam Spartacum et vetera mala rumoribus ferente populo, ut est novarum rerum cupiens pavidusque.During the same time some gladiators in the town of Praeneste, who attempted to break loose, were put down by a military guard stationed on the spot to watch them, and the people, ever desirous and yet fearful of change, began at once to talk of Spartacus, and of bygone calamities.
Alexandrini eo loco castellum magnis munitionibus multisque tormentis confirmarunt atque egestis ex mari lapidibus libere sunt usi postea ad mittenda navigia.The Alexandrians secured the fort by strong works, and a great number of engines; and having cleared away the stones with which Caesar had blocked up the port, enjoyed henceforward a free and open navigation.
Nono decimo aetatis anno L. Crassus C. Carbonem, unoetvicesimo Caesar Dolabellam, altero et vicesimo Asinius Pollio C. Catonem, non multum aetate antecedens Calvus Vatinium iis orationibus insecuti sunt, quas hodieque cum admiratione legimus.We still read with admiration the speeches in which Lucius Crassus in his nineteenth, Cæsar and Asinius Pollio in their twenty-first year, Calvus, when very little older, denounced, respectively, Carbo, Dolabella, Cato, and Vatinius.
Hae capsae magnitudinis eiusdem sunt.These boxes are the same size.
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