pronunciation: IPA: /sunt/

Translations into English:

  • there is   
    (Verb  ) (verb   )
    third-person singular simple present indicative form of there be
  • are       
    (noun   )
  • there are   

Other meanings:

third-person plural present active indicative of sum "they are" "they exist"

Similar phrases in dictionary Latin English. (15)

Caedite eos. Novit enim Dominus qui sunt eius.Kill them all. For the Lord knows those who are his.
entia non sunt multiplicanda praeter necessitatementities must not be multiplied beyond necessity
hic sunt draconeshere there are dragons
hic sunt leoneshere there are lions
naturalia non sunt turpiaWhat is natural is not dirty
Omnes homines sunt asini vel homines et asini sunt asiniAll men are donkeys or men and donkeys are donkeys
Omnia Bona Sunt Quae Bonum Finem HabeantAll’s Well That Ends Well
pacta sunt servandaagreements must be kept
quaecumque sunt verawhatsoever is true
sunt lacrimae rerumthere are tears for things
sunt omnes unumthey are all one
sunt pueri pueri, pueri puerilia tractantChildren are children, and children do childish things
ubi suntwhere are they?
ubi sunt latrinawhere is the toilet
verba ita sunt intelligenda ut res magis valeat quam pereatwords are to be understood such that the subject matter may be more effective than wasted

Example sentences with "sunt", translation memory

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Ubi claves tuae sunt?Where are your keys?
Quae sunt potiones, quae tibi non placent?Which drinks don't you like?
nam haud procul tentorio eius non ignobilis barbarus cum telo repertus ordinem insidiarum seque auctorem et socios per tormenta edidit, convictique et puniti sunt qui specie amicitiae dolum parabant.Near his tent, a barbarian of no mean rank was discovered with a dagger, who divulged under torture the whole method of the plot, its contrivance by himself, and his associates. The men who under a show of friendship planned the treachery, were convicted and punished.
studia illi ut plena vaecordiae, ita inania et fluxa sunt; nec quicquam grave ac serium ex eo metuas qui suorum ipse flagitiorum proditor non virorum animis sed muliercularum adrepit.His productions are as empty and ephemeral as they are replete with folly. Nothing serious or alarming is to be apprehended from the man who is the betrayer of his own shame and works on the imaginations not of men but of silly women.
Ex America Foederata oriundae sunt.They are from the United States.
Bracarum tendiculae maxime certae suntSuspenders are safest.
Quinquaginta minuta post septimam horam antemeridianam sunt.It's 7:50 in the morning.
Ei oculi pulchri sunt.She has pretty eyes.
Tres raedae tibi sunt.You have three cars.
Quamquam matrimonio coniuncti sunt, in diversis cubiculis dormiunt.They sleep in separate bedrooms even though they're married.
Ubi alae meae sunt?Where are my wings?
Commoratus fere in omnibus civitatibus quae maiore sunt dignitate, praemia bene meritis et viritim et publice tribuit, de controversiis veteribus cognoscit ac statuit; reges, tyrannos, dynastas provinciae finitimos, qui omnes ad eum concurrerant, receptos in fidem condicionibus impositis provinciae tuendae ac defendendae dimittit et sibi et populo Romano amicissimos.He made a short stay in most states of note, distributing rewards both publicly and privately to such as deserved them, settling old controversies, and receiving into his protection the kings, princes, and potentates, as well of the provinces as of the neighboring countries. And having settled the necessary regulations for the defense and protection of the country, he dismissed them, with most friendly feelings to himself and the republic.
auxitque copias Caesar missis ex Germania duobus legionariorum milibus, octo auxiliarium cohortibus ac mille equitibus quorum adventu nonani legionario milite suppleti sunt.The emperor strengthened the forces by sending from Germany two thousand legionaries, eight cohorts of auxiliaries, and a thousand cavalry. On their arrival the men of the ninth had their number made up with legionary soldiers.
sed nobis quoque paucae primum fuere, deinde additae sunt.At first too our alphabet was scanty, and additions were afterwards made.
non ad bellum vos nec ad periculum voco: omnium militum arma nobiscum sunt.It is not to war or to danger that I invite you; the swords of all Roman soldiers are with us.
Hae bracae sordidae sunt.These trousers are dirty.
Quis nunc feret oratorem de infirmitate valetudinis suae praefantem? Qualia sunt fere principia Corvini. Quis quinque in Verrem libros exspectabit? Quis de exceptione et formula perpetietur illa inmensa volumina, quae pro M. Tullio aut Aulo Caecina legimus? Praecurrit hoc tempore iudex dicentem et, nisi aut cursu argumentorum aut colore sententiarum aut nitore et cultu descriptionum invitatus et corruptus est, aversatur [dicentem].Who will now tolerate an advocate who begins by speaking of the feebleness of his constitution, as is usual in the openings of Corvinus? Who will sit out the five books against Verres? Who will endure those huge volumes, on a legal plea or form, which we have read in the speeches for Marcus Tullius and Aulus Caecina? In our day the judge anticipates the speaker, and unless he is charmed and imposed on by the train of arguments, or the brilliancy of the thoughts, or the grace and elegance of the descriptive sketches, he is deaf to his eloquence.
Oritur ab Helvetiorum et Nemetum et Rauracorum finibus rectaque fluminis Danubi regione pertinet ad fines Dacorum et Anartium; hinc se flectit sinistrorsus diversis ab flumine regionibus multarumque gentium fines propter magnitudinem adtingit; neque quisquam est huius Germaniae, qui se aut adisse ad initium eius silvae dicat, cum dierum iter LX processerit, aut, quo ex loco oriatur, acceperit: multaque in ea genera ferarum nasci constat, quae reliquis in locis visa non sint; ex quibus quae maxime differant ab ceteris et memoriae prodenda videantur haec sunt.It begins at the frontiers of the Helvetii, Nemetes, and Rauraci, and extends in a right line along the river Danube to the territories of the Daci and the Anartes; it bends thence to the left in a different direction from the river, and owing to its extent touches the confines of many nations; nor is there any person belonging to this part of Germany who says that he either has gone to the extremity of that forest, though he had advanced a journey of sixty days, or has heard in what place it begins. It is certain that many kinds of wild beast are produced in it which have not been seen in other parts; of which the following are such as differ principally from other animals, and appear worthy of being committed to record.
Et panis et lac boni cibi sunt.Bread and milk are good foods.
Duobus his unius diei proeliis Caesar desideravit milites DCCCCLX et notos equites Romanos Tuticanum Gallum, senatoris filium, C. Fleginatem Placentia, A. Granium Puteolis, M. Sacrativirum Capua, tribunos militum et centuriones XXXII; sed horum omnium pars magna in fossis munitionibusque et fluminis ripis oppressa suorum in terrore ac fuga sine ullo vulnere interiit; signaque sunt militaria amissa XXXII.In the two actions of this day, Caesar lost nine hundred and sixty rank and file, several Roman knights of distinction, Felginas Tuticanus Gallus, a senator's son; Caius Felginas from Placentia; Aulus Gravius from Puteoli; Marcus Sacrativir from Capua; and thirty-two military tribunes and centurions. But the greatest part of all these perished without a wound, being trodden to death in the trenches, on the ramparts and banks of the river by reason of the terror and flight of their own men.
Thomas Ioannesque amici boni sunt.Tom and John are good friends.
Didymus et Maria hodie domi sunt.Tom and Mary are at home today.
Quindecim minuta post octavam horam sunt.It’s a quarter past eight.
Haec ideo praedixi, ut si qua ex horum oratorum fama gloriaque laus temporibus adquiritur, eam docerem in medio sitam et propiorem nobis quam Servio Galbae aut C. Carboni quosque alios merito antiquos vocaverimus; sunt enim horridi et inpoliti et rudes et informes et quos utinam nulla parte imitatus esset Calvus vester aut Caelius aut ipse Cicero."I have made these preliminary remarks to show that any credit reflected on the age by the fame and renown of these orators is common property, and is in fact more closely connected with us than with Servius Galba or Caius Carbo, and others whom we may rightly call ""ancients."" These indeed are rough, unpolished, awkward, and ungainly, and I wish that your favourite Calvus or Caelius or even Cicero had in no respect imitated them."
Sed eisdem de causis, quae sunt cognitae, quo minus dimicare vellet, movebatur, atque hoc etiam magis, quod spatii brevitate etiam in fugam coniectis adversariis non multum ad summam victoria iuvare poterat.But for the reasons already known, he was dissuaded from wishing to engage, and the more especially, because the short space between the camps, even if the enemy were put to flight, would not contribute much to a decisive victory; for the two camps were not distant from each other above two thousand feet.
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