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  • density   
    (noun   )

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saling sambung multicip ketumpatan tinggihigh-density multichip interconnect

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pengisytiharan ketumpatandensity declaration
Kumulatif = ‧ mengira fungsi ketumpatan; kumulatif = ‧ mengira taburanCumulative = ‧ calculates the density function; cumulative = ‧ calculates the distribution
Fail KetumpatanDensity File
K = ‧ mengira fungsi ketumpatan; K = ‧ mengira taburanK = ‧ calculates the density function; K = ‧ calculates the distribution
senarai ketumpatandensity list
Nombor ketumpatan % ‧ tak dijangkaUnexpected density number %
Ketumpatan TonerToner Density
Ketumpatan CetakPrint Density
pengisytiharan peta ketumpatandensity map declaration
Tidak dapat cari peranti untuk pemacu % ‧ dan ketumpatan %Cannot find a device for drive %‧ and density %
peta ketumpatandensity map
ketumpatan, ‧ = taburandensity, ‧ = distribution
Fungsi BETADIST () mengembalikan fungsi ketumpatan kebarangkalian beta kumulatifThe BETADIST() function returns the cumulative beta probability density function
Peta KetumpatanDensity Map
Senarai KetumpatanDensity List
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