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  • game       
    (verb, noun, adjv   )
    A class of computer program in which one or more users interact with the computer as a form of entertainment. Computer games run the gamut from simple alphabet games for toddlers to chess, treasure hunts, war games, and simulations of world events. The games are controlled from a keyboard or with a joystick or other device and are supplied on disks, on CD-ROMs, as game cartridges, on the Internet, or as arcade devices.
  • games   
    (noun   )
  • play         
    (verb, noun   )

Similar phrases in dictionary Malay English. (4)

arked permainan videoamusement arcade
pembekal permainangame provider
permainan daun terupcard game
taman permainanplayground

Example sentences with "permainan", translation memory

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Dia jauh seperti saya sendiri, tetapi tidak ada saya alam dan rasa belas kasihan permainan yang adilHe' s much like myself, but absent my merciful nature and sense of fair play
Papan kekunci permainanKeyboard game
Permainan GNOME KlotskiNameGNOME Klotski Game
Saya suka permainanI love games
Permainan Susun HurufGenericNameLetter Order Game
Permainan StrategiNameStrategy Game
Permainan Susun HurufGenericNameKDE Letter Order Game
Peranti % ‧ diberi bukan pedal permainanThe given device %‧ is not a joystick
Pilih Permainan Kolf yang DisimpanPick Kolf Saved Game
Permainan TersendiriCustom Game
Permainan sudah selesai!The game is over!
Bagaimana jika kita memainkan permainan tutup mulut?How about we play the quiet game?
Kita boleh meneruskan permainanWe can go on with the game
Australia bidang begitu baik bahkan dalam permainan videoAustralia fields so well even in video games
Modul Kawalan Pedal Permainan KDEKDE Joystick Control Module
Permainan Ala TetrisNameTetris-Like Game
Permainan TaktikalNameTactical Game
Permainan meningkatkan ingatanA memory enhancement game
Kau pernah mendengar permainan tutup mulut?You' ve heard of the quiet game?
Same Game-permainan mengalihkan bolaSame Game A little game about balls and how to get rid of them
Selesaikan permainan iniSolve Chemical Equations Viewer
Permainan Bola Lantun KDEKDE Bounce Ball Game
Permainan tamat. Tekan < Space > untuk permainan baruGame over. Press for a new game
Permainan golf mini KDEKDE Minigolf Game
Pedal permainan Modul ini membantu untuk memeriksa sama ada pedal permainan anda berfungsi dengan betul. Jika ia memberikan nilai yang salah untuk paksinya, anda boleh mencuba untuk menyelesaikannya dengan tentukuran. Modul ini cuba mencari semua peranti pedal permainan yang ada dengan memeriksa/dev/js[ ‧ ] dan/dev/input/js[ ‧ ] Jika anda mempunyai fail peranti lain, masukkannya dalam kekotak kombo. Senarai Butang memaparkan keadaan butang pada pedal permainan anda, senarai Paksi memaparkan nilai semasa untuk semua paksi. NOTA: pemandu peranti Linux semasa (Kernel ‧. ‧, ‧. ‧) hanya boleh autokesan pedal permainan ‧-paksi, ‧ butang pedal permainan ‧-paksi, ‧ butang pedal permainan ‧-paksi, ‧-butang pedal permainan Saitek Cyborg ' digital ' (Untuk perincian anda boleh memeriksa sumber Linux/Documentation/input/joystick. txtJoystick This module helps to check if your joystick is working correctly. If it delivers wrong values for the axes, you can try to solve this with the calibration. This module tries to find all available joystick devices by checking/dev/js[‧ ] and/dev/input/js[‧ ] If you have another device file, enter it in the combobox. The Buttons list shows the state of the buttons on your joystick, the Axes list shows the current value for all axes. NOTE: the current Linux device driver (Kernel ‧, ‧) can only autodetect ‧-axis, ‧-button joystick ‧-axis, ‧-button joystick ‧-axis, ‧-button joystick Saitek Cyborg 'digital ' joysticks (For details you can check your Linux source/Documentation/input/joystick. txt
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