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a co to ma znaczyćwhat is this supposed to be
co przez to rozumiesz co to ma znaczyćwhat do you intend by that

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Sam nie wiem, co to znaczyI think it' s the highest honor they can bestow
Co to znaczy?Whatever does it mean?
Co to znaczy nieźle?What' s a " bundle "?
Czy zdajecie sobie sprawę, co to znaczy?Do you know what this means?
Co to znaczy, McGee?What does that mean, McGee?
To jest o tym co to znaczy być mężczyzną to jest o honorze i prawościIt' s about what it' s mean to be a man, it' s about honor, it' s about integrity
Co to znaczy?What does that mean?
Jak myślisz co to znaczy?What do you think that means?
Co to znaczy?It' s real hard to see
Co to znaczy niepoprawny?What' s " incorrigible "?
Co to znaczy " zakłopotana "?What mean " embarrassed "?
Co to znaczy?What do y ou mean?
Co to znaczy " zakończone "?Adjourned?What do you mean, " Adjourned "?
Wiem, co to znaczyI know what that means
Co to znaczy: " dobrze jest "?What do you mean, " It' s all right "?
Co to znaczy?It' s been requisitioned.Requi... what' s that mean?
Co to znaczy " nic "?What do you mean " nothing "?
Właśnie zobaczyliście co to znaczy, że prądu nie maYou just saw what it looks like when electricity is off
Co to znaczy?What does it mean?
Co to znaczy, być królem?What does it mean to be king?
Co to znaczy " jestem artystką "?What does that mean anyway- " I' m an artist "?
Wiesz, co to znaczy spokój?You know what pace means?
Co to znaczy?What does this mean?
Dalej nie iwem, co to znaczyI still don' t know what it means
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