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  • Itatiaia Thistletail   

Similar phrases in dictionary Portuguese English. (5)

chorá-boigreat antshrike
chorões dos jardinslove lies bleeding
Chorona-cinzaCinereous Mourner
Fuinha-choronaWailing Cisticola
salgueiro chorãoweeping willow

Example sentences with "Garrincha-chorona", translation memory

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Não tenciono chorá- loI' ve no intention of grieving
Sorte da Eva, a choronaLucky for Eva, the cry- baby
São monstrinhos chorõesThey' re mewling little monsters
Por favor diga que a missão é matar um desses bebês chorõesWhat do you say after the mission we kill all those floating babies?
Detesto choronasI can' t stand a crier
Nós chamamos- lhe Willows choronaWe call her Weeping Willows
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