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  • Ars longa, vita brevis   
  • Life is short, learning is limitless   

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愛知Aichi; Aichi (prefecture in Japan)
北也门north yemen
测知to detect; to sense
測知to sense; to detect
大凡粗知a rough acquaintance with sth
故知a close friend over many years
旧知former friend; old acquaintance
民主也门democratic yemen
南也门southern yemen
全知omniscience; omniscient
人生短暂,学术无涯Life is short, learning is limitless; Ars longa, vita brevis
人生短暫,學術無涯Life is short, learning is limitless; Ars longa, vita brevis
任一字元,無或有符合Any Character, 0 or More Matches
受知recognized (for one's talents)
司马昭之心路人所知; Sima Zhao's stratagem is obvious to everyone
所知what one knows; known
梯也尔Adolphe Thiers
梯也爾Adolphe Thiers
天佑吾人基业annuit coeptis
天佑吾人基業annuit coeptis
推知to infer
无知是福ignorance is bliss
I; my; my (old); surname Wu
吾生也有涯,而知也無涯Ars longa, vita brevis; Life is short, learning is limitless
無知是福ignorance is bliss
border; horizon; shore
哑然无生silence reigns (idiom)
啞然無生silence reigns (idiom)
also; too; ; surname Ye
也不neither; nor
也不例外is no exception
也就是; that is
也门yemen; Yemen
一望而知to be evident at a glance (idiom)
已知known (to science)
有目无睹; blind (to sth great)
有目無睹blind (to sth great)
有无corporeal and incorporeal; to have or have not; surplus and shortfall; tangible and intangible
有无相通mutual exchange of assistance (idiom); to reciprocate with material assistance
有無to have or have not; surplus and shortfall; corporeal and incorporeal; tangible and intangible
有無相通mutual exchange of assistance (idiom); to reciprocate with material assistance
有缘无分destined to meet but not fated to be together (idiom)
有緣無分destined to meet but not fated to be together (idiom)
有征无战to win without a fight (idiom)
有征無戰to win without a fight (idiom)
有足夠的工作積點而可受保的fully insured
幼吾幼,以及人之幼to care for other's children as one's own
早知foresight; foreknowledge;
早知今日何必当初to regret vainly one's past behaviour
周知well known

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议事规则第 ‧ 条规定:“缔约方大会所设立的各委员会和工作组的会议均应以非公开方式举行,除非所涉会议另决定”。Rule ‧ of the rules of procedure provides that “[s]essions of the meeting and of committees and working groups established by the meeting shall be held in private, unless the meeting otherwise decides”
协会于 ‧ 年建立了设在美国的协会网址,还有几个国际性附属机构设立了自己的网址,极大提高了协会与世界各地人民沟通的能力。In ‧ developed its United States-based web site while several international affiliates established their own, greatly increasing ECAAR's ability to reach people worldwide
这项关于所有类型森林的法律约束力文书,是始于 ‧ 年在里约热内卢召开的联合国环境与发展会议的 ‧ 年复杂和艰难谈判的成果。The non-legally binding instrument on all types of forests is the culmination of ‧ years of complex and difficult negotiations dating back to the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development, held in Rio de Janeiro in
有关妇女及农村青年参与的政策必须化作得到充分供资的各项方案和项目,其中包括采取平权行动、使那些部门能够平等地获得资源和各项服务,而且其中还考虑到多文化特征。Policies for the participation of women and rural youth must also be translated into adequately funded programmes and projects which include affirmative action for giving those sectors equitable access to resources and services and which also consider the multicultural dimension
font color="‧ffa‧" > 在 芝加哥 我 是 一? 个 非常好 的 探? </font >< font color="‧ffa‧" > 后? 和 我的 上司 了 摩擦 </font > < font color="‧ffa‧" >? 使 我 下定? 决 心 收拾 行囊 改?" " 地?" </fontI was a damn good Detective in Chicago until a disagreement with my boss encouraged me to pack it up and make a change
对于越来越多的国家而言,亟需解决的困境是如何在既要以安全和尊严的方式接纳人员,又不鼓励那些并不需要国际保护,一心想绕过移徙限制的人滥用庇护的可能性之间达成适当的平衡。For a growing number of States the preoccupying dilemma lies in striking a proper balance between receiving people in a safe and dignified way, without encouraging misuse of asylum possibilities by those not in need of international protection who are seeking to bypass migration restrictions
她的战略包括设立一个关于少数群体问题数据库的计划。Her strategy also included plans to set up a database on minority issues
另据指出,担保协议的日期应写入最基本的内容。It was also suggested that the date of the agreement should be added to the minimum contents
这个直言不讳的文件妨碍气氛得到任何改善,阻碍着消除误解和不信任的尝试。This blunt instrument prevents any improvement in the atmosphere and impedes attempts to remove misunderstanding and mistrust
联合国组织和国际社会为处理这些事件和解决它们的根源采取行动的必要性已经被在此讲台上发言的先前发言代表详细论述过。The imperatives for action by the Organization and the international community to address those events and their causes have been eloquently articulated by leaders who have spoken earlier from this rostrum
了这些得到决议草案提案国支持的更多的改动和修改,我们希望大会将不经表决通过该草案。With those additional changes and modifications, which are supported by the sponsors of the draft resolution, we hope that the General Assembly will adopt the draft without a vote
该决议草案还涉及另一个对南共体而言重要的问题;我在此提及南共体为使南部非洲成为地雷区所作的持续努力。The draft resolution also addresses one other important issue for the Community; I refer here to the continued efforts of SADC to make southern Africa a landmine-free zone
例如,关于保留的实践指南中应否包括“解释性声明”或所谓“条件的解释性声明”尚存在疑问。It was, for example, doubtful whether there was a place for “interpretative declarations” or so-called “conditional interpretative declarations” in a practical guide on reservations
她欣见加纳民主的到来以及新政府所作的努力,欢迎塞内加尔在人权方面取得了进步,尤其是该国政府决心将进行酷刑和其他形式暴力者绳之以法。She welcomed the advent of democracy in Ghana and the efforts put forth by the new Government. She also welcomed the progress accomplished in respect of human rights in Senegal, particularly the Government's resolve in bringing individuals responsible for torture and other forms of violence to justice
年,战斗爆发以后,尼安萨湖的原住居民在坦桑尼亚避难,他们的财产被留下来的人(通常是他们的亲属)接管。In ‧ when the fighting broke out, the original inhabitants of Nyanza-lac took refuge in Tanzania and their property was taken over by those (generally relatives of theirs) who remained behind
代表建议为限制组群相邻性,可要求所有区块都位于纬度 ‧ 度的范围内(这可能比较麻烦,因为赤道地区的 ‧ 纬度与北纬 ‧ 度的 ‧ 纬度大不相同),更简单但不甚准确地说,这要求所有区块都位于“同一地理区域”内。Some suggested that limits on proximity of clusters might include a requirement that all blocks be located within a ‧ o square (although this may be cumbersome because ‧ o of latitude at the equator is significantly different from ‧ o of latitude at ‧ °N), or a more straightforward, but less precise, requirement that all blocks be located within “the same geographical area”
在相关的法律体系中,行为国本身从不认为它是为了建立法律的效力按拟定行动的。In the relevant jurisprudence, the actor State itself had never conceived of acting in terms of a formulation in order to create legal effects
在有些情况下,不采取行动的原因是工作人员在调查期间因辞职或全部门裁员离职或者已死亡。In certain cases, no action was taken because the staff member had separated from service during the investigation owing to resignation, office-wide downsizing and death
应该在机会的时候逐渐任命这些人,以矫正目前存在的职位地域分配不平衡问题。Such appointments should be made gradually, as the opportunity arose, to remedy the current imbalance in the geographical distribution of posts
如前面所提到,在希腊,既公有或市政所有和管理这种直接意义上的社会住房出租业,无私加上政府控制和补贴的这种间接意义上的社会住房出租业。As was already noted, there is no social-rental sector in Greece both in the direct sense of public or municipal ownership and management and in the indirect, of private ownership coupled with public controls and subsidies
特设委员会决定:社会发展问题委员会主席佐拉·斯克维伊亚(南非)为主席团的当然成员。The Ad Hoc Committee also decided that Zola Skweyiya (South Africa), Chairman of the Commission for Social Development, would serve as ex officio member of the Bureau
我们认为不可想象的是,并且我确信安理会成员也有同感,竟然把解决方法在违背一个民主国家意愿的情况下强加给它,更不用说强加威胁其得到国际承认的边界的解决方法。We find it inconceivable, as I am sure Council members do, that solutions should be imposed on any democracy against its will, least of all, solutions that threaten its internationally recognized borders
今天,这场战争打乱了一切。Today, this war has turned this situation upside down
除了待列入我刚才提及的名单的其余名字外,会员国还提交了 ‧ 份报告。In addition to the remaining names to be included in the list, to which I referred a moment ago ‧ reports have been received from Member States
人权委员会第 ‧ 号决议请高级专员设立一个自愿基金,专门用来支付世界会议筹备进程所方面的费用以及支助非政府组织,特别是来自发展中国家的非政府组织参加会议的费用,并请所有政府、国际组织、非政府组织和私人向基金捐助。In its resolution ‧ the Commission on Human Rights requested the High Commissioner to set up a voluntary fund designed specifically to cover all aspects of the preparatory process for the World Conference and the participation of non-governmental organizations, especially from developing countries, and requested all Governments, international organizations, non-governmental organizations and private individuals to contribute to the fund
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