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  • Ars longa, vita brevis   
  • Life is short, learning is limitless   

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愛知Aichi; Aichi (prefecture in Japan)
北也门north yemen
测知to detect; to sense
測知to sense; to detect
大凡粗知a rough acquaintance with sth
故知a close friend over many years
旧知former friend; old acquaintance
民主也门democratic yemen
南也门southern yemen
全知omniscience; omniscient
人生短暂,学术无涯Life is short, learning is limitless; Ars longa, vita brevis
人生短暫,學術無涯Life is short, learning is limitless; Ars longa, vita brevis
任一字元,無或有符合Any Character, 0 or More Matches
受知recognized (for one's talents)
司马昭之心路人所知; Sima Zhao's stratagem is obvious to everyone
所知what one knows; known
梯也尔Adolphe Thiers
梯也爾Adolphe Thiers
天佑吾人基业annuit coeptis
天佑吾人基業annuit coeptis
推知to infer
无知是福ignorance is bliss
I; my; my (old); surname Wu
吾生也有涯,而知也無涯Ars longa, vita brevis; Life is short, learning is limitless
border; horizon; shore
哑然无生silence reigns (idiom)
啞然無生silence reigns (idiom)
also; too; ; surname Ye
也不neither; nor
也不例外is no exception
也就是; that is
也门yemen; Yemen
一望而知to be evident at a glance (idiom)
已知known (to science)
有目无睹; blind (to sth great)
有目無睹blind (to sth great)
有无corporeal and incorporeal; to have or have not; surplus and shortfall; tangible and intangible
有无相通mutual exchange of assistance (idiom); to reciprocate with material assistance
有無to have or have not; surplus and shortfall; corporeal and incorporeal; tangible and intangible
有無相通mutual exchange of assistance (idiom); to reciprocate with material assistance
有缘无分destined to meet but not fated to be together (idiom)
有緣無分destined to meet but not fated to be together (idiom)
有征无战to win without a fight (idiom)
有征無戰to win without a fight (idiom)
有足夠的工作積點而可受保的fully insured
幼吾幼,以及人之幼to care for other's children as one's own
早知foresight; foreknowledge;
早知今日何必当初to regret vainly one's past behaviour
周知well known

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您一点关于加密的知识没有 ? 没问题, 只要简单地在密钥管理窗口中给您自己创建一对密钥, 然后将您的公开密钥发送给您的朋友们即可 。 让他们照这样做, 并导入他们的公开密钥。 最后, 对要发送加密的信件, 只要在 KGpg 编辑器里输入它, 然后点击“ 加密” 即可 。 选择您朋友的公开密钥, 再次点击“ 加密 ” 。 该信件将会被加密, 然后就能用电子邮件发送了 。You do not know anything about encryption? No problem, simply create yourself a key pair in the key management window. Then, export your public key and mail it to your friends. Ask them to do the same and import their public keys. Finally, to send an encrypted message, type it in the KGpg editor, then click & quot; encryptquot;. Choose your friend key and click & quot; encryptquot; again. The message will be encrypted, ready to be sent by email
这些动议中一项涉及“Dragomir Milošević案”,被驳回;两项动议由检方撤回。One of those motions, that of Dragomir Milošević, was denied and two were withdrawn by the Prosecutor
教师权参与教育机构的自我管理;获得国家保障的 ‧ 周带薪年假;按照内阁规定的程序根据助学发展协议获得最长 ‧ 个月带薪休假或最长 ‧ 个月不带薪休假;在三年时间内用 ‧ 个日历日进行职业升级,同时保留教师全职工作的教育机构的基本工资;获得教学工作所需经济支持。A teacher has the right to participate in the self-management of the education establishment; to receive a state-guaranteed paid annual leave of ‧ weeks; to receive in accordance with the procedure laid down by the CM a paid sabbatical of up to three months or an unpaid leave of up to six months on the basis of an agreement on the development of study aids; to use ‧ calendar days in the course of three years for the professional upgrade, retaining the basic salary at the education establishments where the teacher works on full time basis; to receive the financial support that is necessary for pedagogical work
b) 实行全面电子处理所需的某些商用软件产品(如语音识别)能足够改善,或能为目前未涵盖的语文研制出这类产品。b) Sufficient improvements are made in certain commercial software products that are needed to achieve full e-processing (e.g. voice recognition) or such products are developed for languages not currently covered
委员会各特别程序负责人对上述指控极为关注,他们在 ‧ 年 ‧ 月举行的年度会议上要求准许包括本报告作者在内的四名特别报告员一起尽快前往伊拉克、阿富汗、关塔那摩湾军事基地或其它地方探访因恐怖活动或其它据称罪行遭到逮捕、拘留或判刑的人,以便使每名特别报告员能够根据其各自的任务规定,确保就这些人而言,国际人权标准得到了适当尊重。Very concerned by the above allegations, at their annual session in June ‧ those responsible for the Commission's special procedures asked for four special rapporteurs, including the author of this report, to be authorised to visit, together and as quickly as possible, the persons arrested, detained or sentenced for terrorist or other alleged offences in Iraq, Afghanistan, at the Guantánamo Bay military base or elsewhere, so as to ensure, each in relation to their respective mandates, that international human rights standards were being properly respected in relation to those persons
委员会感到遗憾的是,代表团未能澄清《公约》在亚美尼亚法律中的地位,没有具体提及国内法庭援引《公约》的案例。The Committee regrets that the delegation has not been able to clarify the position of the Covenant in Armenian law, nor to provide any specific references to cases in which the Covenant has been invoked in national courts of law
依据《蒙特雷共识》,发达国家应当帮助发展中国家实现国际发展目标,包括《千年宣言》中所载的目标,其办法是:提供足够的技术和财务援助,为达到以下目标作出具体努力:向发展中国家提供的官方发展援助应占其国民生产总值的 ‧ %,为最不发达国家提供的官方发展援助应占国民生产总值的 ‧ %至 ‧ %。Consistent with the Monterrey Consensus, developed countries should assist developing countries in attaining international development goals, including those contained in the Millennium Declaration, by providing adequate technical and financial assistance and by making concrete efforts towards the targets for ODA of ‧ per cent of GNP to developing countries and ‧ per cent to ‧ per cent of GNP to least developed countries
最后,关于对妇女的暴力问题,政府应当对部族暴力法案给予适当重视,不只是顺便一带过。Lastly, the issue of violence against women should be given due prominence in the communal violence bill, rather than merely being mentioned in passing
但是,在这方面,与会者告诫说,为了能够被各国接受,此种法律在对待特别优先债权人、担保债权人和担保债权人的问题上必须做到适当兼顾。A note of caution was struck in that regard, however, to the effect that such laws needed to strike an appropriate balance in the treatment of privileged, secured and unsecured creditors so as to become acceptable to States
“关切地注意到国际恐怖主义与跨国组织犯罪、非法药物、洗钱、非法贩运武器、非法运送核、化学、生物和其他潜在致命材料之间的密切联系,在这方面并强调必须加紧协调国家、分区域、区域和国际各级的努力,以加强对国际安全所受到的这一严重挑战和威胁的全球反应”。“Notes with concern the close connection between international terrorism and transnational organized crime, illicit drugs, money-laundering, illegal arms-trafficking, and illegal movement of nuclear, chemical, biological and other potentially deadly materials, and in this regard emphasizes the need to enhance coordination of efforts on national, sub regional, regional and international levels in order to strengthen a global response to this serious challenge and threat to international security”
这一决定重申了联合国“永不再发生”的允诺,但我们必须言行一致,实际采取行动的决心。The decision represents a renewal of the United Nations promise of “never again”, but we must match our rhetoric with a real willingness to take action
见《法规的判例法》判例 ‧ 仲裁-汉堡商会仲裁庭 ‧ 年 ‧ 月 ‧ 日、 ‧ 月 ‧ 日](在讨论到第七十九条的适用问题时,法庭主张“只合同中的风险分担与此相关”) (见裁决书全文);《法规的判例法》判例 ‧ 德国联邦法院 ‧ 年 ‧ 月 ‧ 日](“《销售公约》第七十九条规定的免责可能性没有改变合同风险的分配”)。See CLOUT case No ‧ rbitration-Schiedsgericht der Handelskammer Hamburg ‧ arch ‧ une ‧ (in discussing application of article ‧ tribunal asserts “[o]nly the apportionment of the risk in the contract is relevant here”) (see full text of the decision); CLOUT case No ‧ undesgerichtshof, Germany ‧ arch ‧ (“The possibility of exemption under CISG article ‧ does not change the allocation of the contractual risk”
如果被要求引渡方大量理由认为,以普通刑事罪为由提出引渡请求的目的是因引渡对象的种族、宗教、国籍或政治观点对他进行起诉或惩罚,或认为他的地位可能会因上述任何原因受到损害,则被要求引渡方同样可不予引渡。The same rule is applied if the requested Party has substantial grounds for believing that a request for extradition for an ordinary criminal offence has been made for the purpose of prosecuting or punishing a person on account of his race, religion, nationality or political opinion, o that that person's position may be prejudiced for any of these reasons
我们严重关切的是,科省境内族裔罪行案件再度猛增。 报告清楚地说明了这一点。We are seriously concerned that the number of ethnically motivated crimes has again skyrocketed in the province, as the report makes clear
要感谢负责政治事务助理秘书长易卜拉希马·法尔先生,他再次非常清楚地为我们介绍了西非次区域动态的主要因素。I should also like to thank the Assistant Secretary-General for Political Affairs, Mr. Ibrahima Fall, who once again has presented to us in a very clear way the principal elements of the subregional dynamics in West Africa
建议加强并系统地关注有关土著民和部落民的现行国际标准和政策的实施情况。It is recommended that there should be an increased and systematic focus on the implementation of existing international standards and policies of relevance to indigenous and tribal peoples
关于以下指称,即根据《公民权利和政治权利国际公约》第九条第 ‧ 款的要求,拘留不合理,必要,不公正或不相称,工作组承认,人权事务委员会认为,在临时或审前司法性拘留的框架内,“第九条第 ‧ 款的起草历史确认,`任意'不应与`违法'相等,必须作更广义的解释,包括不适当、不公正和缺乏可预见性等要素。With regard to the allegation that the detention is not reasonable, necessary, just or proportionate as required by article ‧ paragraph ‧ of ICCPR, the Working Group recognizes that the Committee on Human Rights has considered, in the framework of a temporary or pretrial detention of a judicial nature, that: “The drafting history of article ‧ paragraph ‧ confirms that `arbitrariness' is not to be equated with `against the law', but must be interpreted more broadly to include elements of inappropriateness, injustice and lack of predictability
在 ‧ 月 ‧ 日第 ‧ 次会议上,委员会面前埃及代表在其代表主席协调的非正式协商后提出的题为“财务报告和已审计财务报表以及审计委员会的报告”的决议草案( ‧ )。At its ‧ th meeting, on ‧ ovember, the Committee had before it a draft resolution entitled “Financial reports and audited financial statements, and reports of the Board of Auditors” ( ‧ ), which had been coordinated by the representative of Egypt, on behalf of the Chairman, following informal consultations
我们认为,派代表出席这个会议室内会议的一些政府与我们的想法一样,但我们认识到,在不同区域以及广泛各种政治理念上,各方对这个问题存在着许多不同的看法。We believe that there are a number of Governments represented in this room that feel the same way as we do, but we also recognize that there are many views on this issue across the spectrum of regions and political viewpoints
临时报告着重于他在 ‧ 年中进行的国别访问,他为帮助执行《德班行动纲领》出席的主要会议,以及种族主义、种族歧视、仇外心理和相关的不容忍现象的当代表现形式,特别是体育运动中的种族主义、因特网上的种族主义宣传和与仇视伊斯兰教及反犹太主义有关的种族主义表现。The interim report focuses on the country visits which he undertook in ‧ the main meetings which he attended with a view to contributing to the implementation of the Durban Programme of Action, and contemporary manifestations of racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance, particularly racism in sport, racist propaganda on the Internet and manifestations of racism associated with Islamophobia and anti-Semitism
除了若干发展中国家提供的资金数额日益增加以外,一些新兴经济体正在成为重要的捐助者。Besides the increasing flows from several developing countries, several emerging economies were also becoming significant donors
可以设想,撤回一项保留改变了保留国或保留国际组织与其他所有缔约国或缔约组织之间条约义务的内容,撤回一项对保留的反对则一般来说仅仅改变保留国或保留国际组织与反对保留的国家或组织之间的双边条约关系。Whereas withdrawing a reservation hypothetically modifies the content of treaty obligations between the reserving State or international organization and all the other contracting States or organizations, withdrawing an objection to a reservation modifies in principle only the bilateral treaty relationship between the reserving State or organization and the objecting State or organization
当通信区域共同体成为一个国际组织时,通信区域共同体成员国在电信管理方面的互动将在法律方面得以强化,互动将处于更高的国际水平。When RCC becomes an international organization, the interaction among the telecommunications administrations of member States of RCC will be legally stronger and interactions will be at a higher international level
业务所需经费的减少,除其它外,将特别体现在以下方面:取消若干工程项目、把为更新数据处理设备进行的采购经费减少 ‧ %、空中业务经费削减 ‧ 万美元。The decrease in the provision for operational requirements will be carried out, inter alia, by cancelling a number of engineering projects, reducing the purchase of replacement data-processing equipment by ‧ per cent and reducing air operations by $ ‧ million
人口约三分之一居住在詹姆斯敦。Approximately one third of the population resides in Jamestown
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