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  • a rally   
  • to hold a rally   
  • to join forces   
  • unite       
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民族团结cooperation of ethnic groups
民族團結cooperation of ethnic groups
团结a rally; to hold a rally; to join forces; rally; unite
团结工会Solidarity (Polish worker's union)
團結工會Solidarity (Polish worker's union)

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危地马拉民族革命团结组织与国家 ‧ 年谈判和签署的《危地马拉和平协定》,包括《土著人民身份和权利协定》,已提交危地马拉政府进行公决,由于几个世纪的种族主义和边缘化,结果注定失败。Important terms of the Guatemala Peace Accords, including the Accord on the Identity and Rights of Indigenous Peoples, negotiated and signed by the Guatemalan National Revolutionary Unity (UNRG) and the State in ‧ were submitted by the Government of Guatemala to a public referendum, where centuries of racism and marginalization assured its failure
数字团结基金确定了两个优先行动事项,涉及卫生和教育。DSF has set two priorities for action geared to health and education
我们突尼斯奉行平衡的战略政策,其基础是人权的普遍性原则以及民主、多元化和团结的价值和协调促进经济的需要同社会进步的需要。We in Tunisia have followed a balanced strategic approach based on the principle of the universality of human rights as well as on the values of democracy, pluralism and solidarity, and on reconciling the requirements of promoting the economy with those of social progress
此次活动巩固了社区团结,结果普遍改善了对儿童的看法,使性伴侣的人数减少。This activity enhanced community solidarity and resulted in generally improved outlooks for children as well as decreases in numbers of sexual partners
当然,国际社会的最大王牌仍然是联合国组织,正如针对美国的恐怖主义袭击发生之后联合国大会和安理会通过的决议所证明的那样,联合国的团结力量是唯一能够联合所有国家的力量。The international community's greatest asset was naturally still the United Nations, because it alone had the unifying force to win over all nations, as was evidenced by the resolutions adopted by the General Assembly and the Security Council the day after the terrorist attacks against the United States
领土、团结、苗条的女神Territory, unity, slim goddess
国际社会团结一致,对制造这一悲剧的人以及他们所代表的恐怖主义进行一致的谴责。The international community is united in the universal condemnation of those responsible for the tragedy and the terrorism that they represent
这些是实现和解与社会团结的重要步骤。These are important steps towards reconciliation and integration
该协会既建议进行人道主义接待,也开展“通过互助、团结和公民行动进行安置行动”。It offers both humanitarian aid and “integration work through mutual assistance, solidarity and civic action”
我们也知道所有那些个人组织和机构所拥有的巨大团结的力量,他们过去现在和将来都将不懈地与艾滋病毒/艾滋病展开斗争,使它不致成为迫使病人隐藏其病情的一个歧视因素。We also know the enormous strength of the solidarity of all those groups of persons and organizations that have fought, are fighting and will continue to fight so that HIV/AIDS does not become a factor of discrimination forcing the ill to hide their condition
我们赞成让世界可持续发展首脑会议建立的世界团结基金更为有效的义务。We espouse the obligation to make the World Solidarity Fund, established by the World Summit on Sustainable Development, more efficient
我们必须开始构想必须从我们历史的这一悲惨时期产生的新世界--一个组织更加完善并展示更加团结的世界。We must start to envision the new world that must emerge from this tragic period in our history- a world that is better organized and that shows more solidarity
尤其令人感到不安的是,叙利亚、黎巴嫩、伊朗和伊拉克正在继续支持反以色列的恐怖行为,即使是在全世界团结一致打击恐怖主义这一共同威胁时也是如此。It is particularly distressing that the support of Syria, Lebanon, Iran and Iraq for anti-Israel terror has continued, even as the world has united to combat the common threat of terrorism
人权及基本自由最高委员会还注意到:通过执行相互依存、互补和不可分割的人权原则,突尼斯在防止贫穷和保护社会弱势群体方面取得的成果不可否认。 特别是为此实施的方案,即 ‧ 国家团结基金会,导致了将贫困率降低到低于 ‧ %。The Higher Committee on Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms also noted that, in accordance with the principle of the interdependence, complementarity and indivisibility of human rights, Tunisia has made undeniable gains in the fight against poverty and the protection of vulnerable social groups, which has led, inter alia, to a reduction of the poverty rate to less than ‧ per cent, thanks to special programmes, notably the National Solidarity Fund
这一反应和空前团结的原因是清楚的。The reason for this response and unprecedented unity is clear
安全理事会是承担维持国际和平与安全首要责任的中心机构,我们希望安全理事会团结一致地采取行动,确保伊拉克立即执行其各项决议。We hope that the Security Council, as the central organ entrusted with the primary responsibility for the maintenance of international peace and security, will act in a unified manner in ensuring immediate compliance by Iraq with its resolutions
委员会在审议该答复时,一个代表团注意到,该答复证实了该代表团在讨论申请案时曾指出的,即该组织与基督教团结国际相同,在联合王国内有相同的登记号码。When the Committee reviewed the replies, one delegation noted that the responses confirmed what the delegation had pointed out during the earlier discussion of the application-- that the organization was the same as Christian Solidarity International (CSI), with the same legal registration number in the United Kingdom
我们,来自世界各地的青年人,承诺在所有人类关系中维系和促进团结We, young people from all regions of the world, commit to living and promoting solidarity in all human relationships
着重指出,如果没有一个基于各项人权据以确立的各项基本原则的框架,诸如平等、参与、负责任、不歧视、尊重多样性、容忍以及国际合作和团结一致,全球化将继续沿着其固有的不对称的道路发展下去Underlines that, in the absence of a framework based on the fundamental principles that underpin the corpus of human rights, such as equality, participation, accountability, non-discrimination, respect for diversity, tolerance and international cooperation and solidarity, globalization will continue on its asymmetrical course
社会将变得安定,不再有歧视,人们将享有参与经济、社会和政治活动的各种机会,而这又将进一步促进社会的公平和国家的团结Communities will live in safety without discrimination and people will enjoy opportunities to actively participate in economic, social and political development that promotes social equality and national unity
近些年来,团结和志愿行动青年咨询实体为自然灾害和社会灾难提供帮助,诸如 ‧ 年在卡奇(古吉拉特)发生的地震和 ‧ 年在古吉拉特发生的乡村暴动。In recent years YUVA Consulting has worked to provide aid for natural and social disasters such as the earthquake in Kutch (Gujarat) in ‧ and the communal riots in (Gujarat) in
然而,应指出,民族团结和过渡政府已经在正规军队和警察中启动了上述清查;但鉴于解除武装和整编过程尚未完成,清查工作仍在继续。However, it should be noted that the Government of National Unity and Transition has already begun such an inventory among regular army and police units. The inventory is still in progress because the disarmament and integration process has not yet been completed
在其 ‧ 年题为“团结起来消灭恐怖主义:关于制定全球反恐战略的建议”的报告( ‧ )中,秘书长表示有效反恐和保护人权不是相互矛盾而是相辅相成的目标,故而捍卫人权对反恐战略的全面实施至关重要。In his ‧ report entitled “Uniting against terrorism: recommendations for a global counter-terrorism strategy” ( ‧ ), the Secretary-General described human rights as essential to the fulfilment of all aspects of a counter-terrorism strategy and emphasized that effective counter-terrorism measures and the protection of human rights were not conflicting goals, but complementary and mutually reinforcing ones
回顾所有有关的伊斯兰决议,特别是第九届伊斯兰国家首脑会议通过的第 ‧ (IS)号决议和在土耳其共和国伊斯坦布尔举行的第三十一届伊斯兰外交部长会议通过的关于支持苏丹努力实现和平和民族团结的第 ‧ 号决议Recalling all the relevant Islamic resolutions, in particular Resolution No ‧ (IS), adopted by the Ninth Session of the Islamic Summit and Resolution No ‧ adopted by the Thirty-first Session of the Islamic Conference of Foreign Ministers held in Istanbul, Republic of Turkey, on supporting Sudan's efforts to achieve peace and national unity
突尼斯共和国总统于 ‧ 年 ‧ 月 ‧ 日给秘书长写信,对秘书长支持设立世界团结基金的努力表示感谢,并保证突尼斯继续支助该基金。The President of the Republic of Tunisia wrote to the Secretary-General on ‧ ecember ‧ expressing his appreciation for his efforts in supporting the creation of the World Solidarity Fund and pledging the continuing support of Tunisia for the Fund
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