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  • a rally   
  • to hold a rally   
  • to join forces   
  • unite       
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民族团结cooperation of ethnic groups
民族團結cooperation of ethnic groups
团结a rally; to hold a rally; to join forces; rally; unite
团结工会Solidarity (Polish worker's union)
團結工會Solidarity (Polish worker's union)

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我们的父母和祖父母是经历了历史上最严酷战争的现实的理想主义者,留给我们一个出色的想法,即各国能够团结起来为人民建设更美好的生活;能够团结起来保障大小国家的男女们的权力和尊严;并且能够团结起来使后代免受战祸。Our parents and grandparents, realistic idealists who experienced the worst war in history, bequeathed to us the extraordinary idea that nations could unite to build better lives for their people; that they could unite to safeguard the rights and the dignity of the men and the women of nations large and small; and that they could unite to save succeeding generations from the scourge of war
我们也谨向巴勒斯坦人民表示我们的团结和友谊之情。We also wish to express our feelings of solidarity and friendship to the Palestinian people
再次呼吁国际社会与难民署和其他国际组织合作,本着国际团结、合作、负担和责任共负,并认识到不足的保护或不当或不均分配援助可能增加妇女和女童所面临危险,调集必要的资金和其他资源,包括支持收容社区,以确保提供保护和物质援助,寻找持久的解决办法Reaffirming its call to the international community, in cooperation with UNHCR and other international organizations, to mobilize the financial and other resources necessary, including in support of host communities, to ensure the provision of protection and material assistance, and of durable solutions, based on international solidarity, cooperation, burden and responsibility sharing and the understanding that inadequate protection, or inadequate, inappropriate or poorly distributed assistance can increase the risks women and girls face
联合国是否有能力克服各大国不团结和进行破坏性竞争的困境,是否能够在实现国际和平与安全和发展方面发挥促进作用,人们对此产生了怀疑。A community of cynicism has formed regarding the ability of the United Nations to rise above the morass of disunity and disruptive competition among major Powers to fulfil its catalytic role in promoting international peace and security and development
与民族团结政府和苏丹南部政府就开发署管理的资金建立“第二窗口”举行了积极的初步讨论,目的是通过多方捐助者信托基金,加速付款并实施尽早恢复和重返社会举措。Positive preliminary discussions were held with both the Government of National Unity and the Government of Southern Sudan on the establishment of “second windows” to the funds administered by UNDP, intended to speed up the disbursement and implementation of early recovery and reintegration initiatives through the multi-donor trust funds
呼吁成员国根据它们的财力保证每年对伊斯兰团结基金预算认捐,为宗教基金资本作出贡献。Appeals to the Member States to pledge annual donations, according to their means to the ISF budget and contribute to the capital of the Waqf s Fund
作为双方在发展事务方面的合作的积极动向,预计一份民族团结政府-苏丹南方政府联合方案文件会重点关注向边境地区的边缘化社区提供联合支助。In a positive indication of cooperation between the parties on development matters, a joint Government of National Unity-Government of Southern Sudan programme document is expected to focus on joint support to marginalized communities in the border areas
赞同可持续发展问题世界首脑会议决定设立世界团结基金,以期根据《可持续发展问题世界首脑会议执行计划》 ‧ 的规定,消除贫穷并促进发展中国家的社会和人类发展,同时强调捐助的自愿性质,必须避免现有联合国基金的重迭,并鼓励相对于政府的私营部门和个别公民在资助这项事业方面发挥作用Endorses the decision of the World Summit on Sustainable Development to establish the World Solidarity Fund to eradicate poverty and to promote social and human development in the developing countries, while stressing the voluntary nature of the contributions, and the need to avoid duplication of existing United Nations funds, and encouraging the role of the private sector and individual citizens relative to Governments in funding the endeavours, as set out in the Plan of Implementation of the World Summit on Sustainable Development
d. 破坏国际团结政策的执行。d. Undermining the implementation of policies for international solidarity
政府已成立了一个民族团结委员会,以指导建设和平进程。For its part, the Government set up the Commission for National Solidarity to guide the peacebuilding process
一方面应该铭记,不能从外部将和解强加于一个社会,但另一方面,联合国已经成功地帮助冲突受害者处理困境,使分裂的社会团结在一起,并且找到办法,使各当事方找到共同点。While bearing in mind that reconciliation cannot be imposed upon a society from the outside, the United Nations has been able to help the victims of conflict to address their plight, bring estranged communities together and find ways for various parties to establish common ground
非洲妇女团结会将把它的两个方案:加强马诺河妇女和平网络和建设大湖区网络与其对非洲联盟两性均等和联合国第 ‧ 号决议的监测联系起来。FAS will link its two programmes: strengthening MARWOPNET and building the Great Lakes network to its monitoring of gender parity in the African Union and of UN Resolution
我认为,这象征着工业化的北方和发展中的南方之间的重要团结I believe that this symbolizes the essential solidarity between the industrialized North and the developing South
本届政府的另一项重要的创新性项目就是称之为三角团结的战略。Another important and innovative project of the current Administration is the strategy called the Solidarity Triangle
《哥本哈根宣言和行动纲领》的真正和持久的成功实施需要社会各方团结一致,为实现共同目标而协同努力。True and lasting success in implementing the Copenhagen Declaration and Programme of Action will require a coalition of all social actors, working together towards the same objectives
儿童权利委员会欢迎缔约国在防治艾滋病毒/艾滋病方面所作的努力,包括制定一项防治大流行性疾病的国家方案( ‧ 年),制定处理该问题的新的体制和组织框架,在 ‧ 年建立了一个帮助艾滋病孤儿的团结基金。CRC welcomed Djibouti's efforts to combat HIV/AIDS, including through, inter alia, the creation of a national programme to fight pandemics ( ‧ ); the setting up of a new institutional and organizational framework to address the issue; and the setting up of a Solidarity Fund in ‧ to assist AIDS orphans
安道尔的格言可以大致翻译为“我们团结则强大”。The motto of Andorra is Virtus Unita Fortior, which can be loosely translated as “United We Stand”
主席先生,我国代表团与组成“团结谋共识”小组的其他代表团一道,认为将在你的领导下开始的新谈判阶段应当利用不限成员名额工作组所提供的框架。My delegation, together with the other delegations that form the Uniting for Consensus group, considers that the new phase of negotiation to be started under your leadership, Mr. President, should use the framework provided by the Open-ended Working Group
消除贫困需要一个建立在合作和团结基础上的全球伙伴关系。Poverty eradication required a global partnership based on cooperation and solidarity
第二,安理会改革应体现妥协精神、维护团结Secondly, reform should reflect the spirit of mutual compromise and maintain our solidarity
在这些地区的就业政策由 ‧ 年 ‧ 月 ‧ 日的特鲁瓦政府研讨会开始实施,决定要集中各种就业政策,动员由省长领导的就业团结互助组。Urban neighbourhood employment policy was given a new impetus at a government seminar held in Troyes on ‧ ugust ‧ at which it was decided to pool employment policy resources and mobilize stakeholders in employment solidarity groups organized by the prefects
开发计划署署长将每隔两年向联合国开发计划署/联合国人口基金执行局并通过执行局向经济及社会理事会和大会提交关于世界团结基金筹资、管理、业务和结果的报告。The UNDP Administrator would report biennially on the funding, management, operations and results of the world solidarity fund to the Executive Board of the United Nations Development Programme/United Nations Population Fund, and through the Executive Board to the Economic and Social Council and the General Assembly
在政治领域,索马里政府应该提供帮助,采取具体措施来团结和加强其自身,并加强与反对派的关系。On the political front, the Government should help by taking concrete steps to unite and strengthen its own ranks as well as its relationship with the opposition
另一方面,已经对“伊斯兰团结”组织恐怖分子提出申诉,因为这些人企图谋杀埃塞俄比亚运输与通信部长阿卜杜勒迈吉德·侯赛因博士。On the other hand, a court case has been instituted against the Al-Ittihad Al-Islamia terrorists, who attempted to assassinate the Ethiopian Minister of Transport and Communications, Dr. Abdulmegid Hussien
他表示,朝鲜民主主义人民共和国政府与巴勒斯坦人民团结一致,支持他们根据联合国决议和国际法寻求解决办法,恢复他们的民族权利,包括返回故土和以耶路撒冷为首都建立独立国家的权利。He expressed his Government's full solidarity with the Palestinian people as they sought a solution, in accordance with United Nations resolutions and international law, that would restore to them their national rights, including the right of return to their homeland and the establishment of an independent State with Jerusalem as its capital
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