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  • audit policy   
    A policy that determines the security events to be reported to the network administrator.

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安全策略security policy
版本策略version policy
绑定策略binding policy
保护策略protection policy
保留策略Retention Policy; retention policy
本地组策略编辑器Local Group Policy Editor
策略to be tactful; tactics; policy; plot
策略地圖strategy map
策略更新标志policy update flag
策略模块policy module
策略筛选页面Policy Filter page
策略条码policy bar code
策略性合併或收購評估Strategic Merger or Acquisition Evaluation
代理参与策略agent participation policy
动态策略更新dynamic policy update
发送方策略框架sender policy framework
分散的策略diffused strategy
复制策略replication policy
高级组策略管理Advanced Group Policy Management
工作流策略workflow policy
故障回复策略failback policy
管理策略management policy
管理策略规则Management Policy Rule
广告活动审核ad campaign audit
恢复策略recovery policy
活动审核activity audit
基于策略的管理policy-based management
集中的策略focus strategy
健康策略health policy
解决策略resolution strategy
解決方案策略resolution strategy
具体审核策略Granular Audit Policy
可接受的使用策略acceptable use policy
类比策略analogy strategies
類比策略analogy strategies
漫游用户策略文件roaming user profile
密码策略password policy
密码策略选项Password Policy option
密码复制策略Password Replication Policy
灭火策略fire strategy
签入策略check-in policy
全局策略global policy
权限策略permission policy
审核to investigate thoroughly; ; audit; auditing; to audit; verify
审核历史记录audit history
审核模式audit mode
审核日志audit log
審核to investigate thoroughly; to audit
授权策略向导Authorization Policies Wizard
数据策略data policy
托管文件夹邮箱策略managed folder mailbox policy
网络策略network policy
网络策略服务器Network Policy Server
文件屏蔽审核File Screening Audit
无线组策略客户端Wireless Group Policy Client
隐私策略privacy policy
邮件策略Message Policy
有线组策略客户端Wired Group Policy Client
有效策略effective policy
远程桌面连接授权策略Remote Desktop connection authorization policy
帐户策略account policy
诊断策略服务Diagnostic Policy Service
证书策略certificate policy
终结点操作策略endpoint action policy
终结点操作数据策略endpoint action data policy
自助服务策略self-service policy
组策略Group Policy
组策略对象Group Policy object
组策略管理编辑器Group Policy Management Editor
组策略管理控制台Group Policy Management Console
组策略客户端Group Policy Client
组策略客户端扩展插件Group Policy client-side extension
组策略模板Group Policy template
组策略容器Group Policy container
组策略软件安装Group Policy Software Installation

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A. 正视有问题的反恐策略创新Confronting problematic innovations in counter-terrorism tactics
感到遗憾的是,尽管有第 ‧ 号决议第五节第 ‧ 段的规定和秘书处内部监督事务厅关于人力资源管理厅征聘过程的后续审核报告 第 ‧ 段,一些管理人员仍不愿意征聘通过国家竞争性考试选出的候选人,致使有许多 ‧ 职位出现空缺;并请秘书长采取具体措施,从速征聘被选上现有名册的候选人填补这些空缺Regrets that despite section V, paragraph ‧ of its resolution ‧ and according to paragraph ‧ of the report of the Office of Internal Oversight Services of the Secretariat on the follow-up audit of the recruitment process in the Office of Human Resources Management, some programme managers are still reluctant to recruit candidates selected through national competitive examinations, leaving many ‧ posts vacant, and requests the Secretary-General to take concrete measures to fill those posts expeditiously from the existing roster of successful candidates
必须为水资源管理、防止沙漠化、尊重和维护生态系统和同环境污染作斗争制订仔细的策略Careful strategies must be developed for water-resource management, combating desertification, respecting and preserving ecosystems and combating environmental pollution
自 ‧ 年代初期以来,由于采取重点放在诊断和治疗的新的防治策略上,巴西在这方面取得了显著进展,与P. falciparum 相联系的疟疾重病症有所下降,反映在疟疾死亡率的下降上,十年中下降幅度约为 ‧ %。From the early ‧ s onwards, with the introduction of new control strategies focused on diagnosis and treatment, a significant achievement was noted in Brazil, consisting of a drop in the more severe types of malaria associated with the P. falciparum, which is reflected in the drop in malaria mortality rates, down by some ‧ per cent over the decade
继 ‧ 年通过两项特别条例之后,去年通过的欧共体扫雷策略以及 ‧ 年多年度方案,代表了对在此领域由欧洲资助的各个项目进行协调并区分优先次序的恰当的中期业务框架。Following two ad hoc regulations adopted in ‧ the EC Mine Action Strategy and multi-annual programming for ‧ endorsed last year, represent the appropriate mid-term operational framework to coordinate and prioritize European-financed projects in this specific field
人口基金与开发署和联合国项目事务厅一起,拟订了一项预防舞弊策略,其中包括在 ‧ 年就提高对舞弊的认识的各项原则对工作人员进行培训并出版一份有关预防舞弊的手册,在 ‧ 年 ‧ 月底前开通一条舞弊举报热线。UNFPA, in conjunction with UNDP and the United Nations Office for Project Services, had compiled a fraud prevention strategy, which included training staff on principles of fraud awareness and the publication of a handbook on fraud prevention in ‧ and establishing a fraud hotline by March
策略涉及区域中恐怖主义的根本性质及其对各国的影响。That strategy relates to the very nature of terrorism in the region and its impact on States
长期以来,贸易一直是布雷顿森林机构的优惠对象,作为对付粮食不安全的一种策略,但是,强调全球效力而不是自给自足,在出现危机时就行不通了,这个时候粮食生产国强制实行出口禁令。Trade had long been favoured by the Bretton Woods institutions as a response to food insecurity, however a focus on global efficiency rather than self-sufficiency was not viable in times of crises when food-producing countries imposed export bans
对电台的审核结果显示,土著广播的基础建设情况良好,各项技术指标均满足其顺利运行的需求。External audits of the stations concluded that they had been properly installed and the technical parameters required for optimal operation had been met
尤其是当受害者提出权利主张时要求保密,这与非政府组织的观点是不一致的,非政府组织认为公开是最佳策略,它可向国家施加压力,迫使其开展适当的调查,并对国家代理人的侵犯人权行为提供补救。This was particularly true when the victim's desire for confidentiality in pursuing a claim was inconsistent with a non-governmental organization's view that publicity would be the best strategy to bring pressure to bear on the State to adequately investigate and provide a remedy for human rights violations by State agents
应鼓励和加强反恐怖主义委员会执行局和反恐执行工作队以及其他方案和机构之间目前正在进行的互动,争取使联合国行动和应对恐怖主义挑战的策略产生协同效应。The ongoing interaction between the Counter-Terrorism Committee Executive Directorate and Counter-Terrorism Implementation Task Force, as well as other programmes and agencies, should be encouraged and intensified with a view to synergizing United Nations action and responses to the challenges of terrorism
“谈性健康”有助于提高年轻人的性知识、技能和策略,使他们在社会生活和自我决策时,正确应对艾滋病毒/艾滋病、性传播感染和血液传播病毒。Talking Sexual Health assists young people to develop the knowledge, skills and strategies they need to respond to HIV/AIDS, sexually transmissible infections and blood-borne viruses in the social context in which they live and make decisions
亚洲组呼吁所有有关国家履行其对工发组织的章程规定的义务,并吁请秘书处为达到这一目的制定可行的策略The Asian Group appealed to all the States concerned to meet their constitutional obligations towards UNIDO and called upon the Secretariat to draw up a workable strategy for attaining that objective
在第 ‧ 号案件(Young诉澳大利亚)中,委员会认为,提交人第二十六条下的权利遭到了侵犯,因此有权获得有效补救,其中包括在不对其性别或性倾向进行歧视的情况下重新审核其养恤金申请,如有必要可修订相关法律。ovelace (in Selected Decisions, vol ‧ ); for State party's follow-up reply, see Selected Decisions, volume ‧ annex I
我们可以把这些成绩理解为针对主要武装力量所采取的各种策略的成果。 这些策略包括:与准军事组织进行谈判,加强公安力量,加大对哥伦比亚武装革命军的军事压力,当然也包括人权政策的制定和实施。This decrease should be seen more as the outcome of strategies pursued in relation to the chief armed actors, including negotiating with paramilitary groups, increasing the presence of security forces and increasing pressure on the FARC-EP, rather than a human rights policy
迄今的经济表明,发展一个全面性、广泛策略是十分复杂和耗时的,重要的是,确保预期切合实际,在将减少贫穷策略同债务减免相连系时,灵活性更大,特别是如果一国在执行经济和社会政策方面过去业绩值得信赖。The experience to date made it clear that the development of a comprehensive, broad-based strategy was tremendously complicated and time-consuming. It was important to ensure that expectations were realistic and that ways were found to be more flexible in linking poverty reduction strategies to debt relief, particularly if the country had a solid track record of implementing economic and social policies
在帮助推行该高级别小组建议的过程中,工发组织将密切跟踪即将在不同级别启动的审核程序,包括将由大会主席所主持的协商,现任秘书长及其继任者提出的观点,行政首长理事会所形成的共同立场,具有相似利益的专门机构之间的协商,以及工发组织成员国之间的对话。In helping take the Panel's recommendations forward, UNIDO would closely follow the review processes shortly to be initiated at various levels, including the consultations to be led by the President of the General Assembly, the views presented by the present Secretary-General and his successor, the common position developed by the Chief Executives Board, consultations among specialized agencies with similar interests and dialogue among UNIDO Member States
年期间,金伯利进程主要的工作是审核金伯利进程证书制度,因为参与国商定将在该制度执行三年内对其进行审查。During ‧ a major preoccupation of the Kimberley Process was the review of the KPCS, as agreed by Participants that the Scheme would be reviewed within three years of its implementation
本报告讨论的备选方案与策略以及其所涉重要问题,旨在促进深入讨论主要问题;而每个主要问题都可能包含技术、社会、经济及环境等几个方面,并可能构成不同的挑战。The options and strategies, as well as their principal implications, discussed in this report are intended to facilitate further discussions of the key issues, each of which may have several technical, social, economic and environmental dimensions and may present diverse challenges
一些委员会已经采用了定期审核待决问题的方法,对此在B小节中进行了讨论,这是一种解决有关透明度问题的措施。 委员会对会员国和他们所代表的个人以及团体的请求做出反应的问题在C小节进行了讨论。Some committees have adopted periodic reviews of pending issues, considered in subsection B, a step that addresses concerns about the general transparency and responsiveness of committees to the requests of Member States and the individual and entities they represent, considered in subsection C
这些报表业经审核并附有审计委员会审计意见。The practice helped in maintaining an ongoing dialogue with the Administration on audit issues
此信件将不被签名 。 发送不签名的信件可能破坏站点策略 。 对信件签名吗 ?This message will not be signed. Sending unsigned message might violate site policy. Sign message instead?
外交部还对男女职位等级进行了系统的监测审核,这也是一个积极的方面,以前不是这样的,因而也就不可能做出比较说明。It is also positive that the Ministry undertook systematic monitoring and overview of ranks from the position of gender, which was not the case earlier and due to that fact it was not possible to make a comparative presentation
大会 ‧ 年 ‧ 月第五十七届会议续会请秘书长通过内部监督事务厅,对征聘国际文职人员执行外勤任务的政策与程序进行后续审核,并就此向大会第五十八届会议续会提交报告(第 ‧ 号决议)。At its resumed fifty-seventh session, in June ‧ the General Assembly requested the Secretary-General to conduct, through the Office of Internal Oversight Services, a follow-up audit of the policies and procedures for recruiting international civilian staff for field missions and to submit a report thereon at its resumed fifty-eighth session (resolution
农业部审核了其培训材料和课程,以适应更多的女青年,还创办了农业性别地位小组。he Ministry of Agriculture reviewed it training materials and curriculum to accommodate more girls and created an agricultural gender roles unit
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