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  • audit policy   
    A policy that determines the security events to be reported to the network administrator.

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安全策略security policy
版本策略version policy
绑定策略binding policy
保护策略protection policy
保留策略Retention Policy; retention policy
本地组策略编辑器Local Group Policy Editor
策略to be tactful; tactics; policy; plot
策略地圖strategy map
策略更新标志policy update flag
策略模块policy module
策略筛选页面Policy Filter page
策略条码policy bar code
策略性合併或收購評估Strategic Merger or Acquisition Evaluation
代理参与策略agent participation policy
动态策略更新dynamic policy update
发送方策略框架sender policy framework
分散的策略diffused strategy
复制策略replication policy
高级组策略管理Advanced Group Policy Management
工作流策略workflow policy
故障回复策略failback policy
管理策略management policy
管理策略规则Management Policy Rule
广告活动审核ad campaign audit
恢复策略recovery policy
活动审核activity audit
基于策略的管理policy-based management
集中的策略focus strategy
健康策略health policy
解决策略resolution strategy
解決方案策略resolution strategy
具体审核策略Granular Audit Policy
可接受的使用策略acceptable use policy
类比策略analogy strategies
類比策略analogy strategies
漫游用户策略文件roaming user profile
密码策略password policy
密码策略选项Password Policy option
密码复制策略Password Replication Policy
灭火策略fire strategy
签入策略check-in policy
全局策略global policy
权限策略permission policy
审核to investigate thoroughly; ; audit; auditing; to audit; verify
审核历史记录audit history
审核模式audit mode
审核日志audit log
審核to investigate thoroughly; to audit
授权策略向导Authorization Policies Wizard
数据策略data policy
托管文件夹邮箱策略managed folder mailbox policy
网络策略network policy
网络策略服务器Network Policy Server
文件屏蔽审核File Screening Audit
无线组策略客户端Wireless Group Policy Client
隐私策略privacy policy
邮件策略Message Policy
有线组策略客户端Wired Group Policy Client
有效策略effective policy
远程桌面连接授权策略Remote Desktop connection authorization policy
帐户策略account policy
诊断策略服务Diagnostic Policy Service
证书策略certificate policy
终结点操作策略endpoint action policy
终结点操作数据策略endpoint action data policy
自助服务策略self-service policy
组策略Group Policy
组策略对象Group Policy object
组策略管理编辑器Group Policy Management Editor
组策略管理控制台Group Policy Management Console
组策略客户端Group Policy Client
组策略客户端扩展插件Group Policy client-side extension
组策略模板Group Policy template
组策略容器Group Policy container
组策略软件安装Group Policy Software Installation

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此外,教科文组织编制的所有策略材料专门描述了多族裔群体的形象(例如,关于科技教育的策略套件)。Furthermore, all resource material developed by UNESCO features images of multiple ethnic groups; (for example the resource kit on science and technology education
公共卫生司的港口卫生处的主要职责是审核有关进出口食品及医药产品的单证、检验、取样和放行。The Port Health Services of the Department of Public Health has the main responsibility of verification of documentation, inspection, sampling and release of imported and exported food and pharmaceutical products
任命国际会计公司对管理局的决算进行审计,符合《联合国海洋法公约》第 ‧ 条的规定。 该条要求,管理局的记录、账簿和账目,包括其年度财务报表,应每年交由大会指派的一位独立审计员审核The appointment of an international accountancy firm for the audit of the Authority's accounts would be consistent with the provisions of article ‧ of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea, which requires that the records, books and accounts of the Authority, including its annual financial statements, be audited annually by an independent auditor appointed by the Assembly
这种研究应包含区分性别和年龄的数据 从保护人权和包容性的角度认真审核所有发展方案 拟定政策和做法,确保易弱势群体有效获得教育、保健、粮食、土地和稳定就业的权利 企业应在与合资伙伴、供应商和承包商的所有合同中载明包括防止和打击强迫劳动规定的人权原则。This research should contain gender- and age-specific data. All the development programmes should be carefully audited from the perspective of human rights protection and inclusion. Policies and practices should be developed to ensure the effective access of vulnerable people to their rights to education, health, food, land and secure employment. Businesses should include human rights principles, including provisions on the prevention of and protection against forced labour, in all contracts with joint venture partners, suppliers and subcontractors
因此,现在应该是改变策略的时候了。Thus, the time has indeed come for a shift in approach
根据农业、渔业和粮食部“西班牙农业粮食部门和农村社会环境中的事实和数字”(第六审核、更新和修订版,马德里 ‧ 年)中的资料 ‧ 至 ‧ 年间,值得强调的是,妇女在农业发展中扮演着越来越重要的角色。According to a report by the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (Hechos y cifras del sector agroalimentario y del medio rural español (sixth revised edition, expanded and updated), Madrid ‧ ), the share of women in these rural development processes increased significantly during the period
在自愿遣返是可预见的或正在发生的情况下,提供财政援助和其他形式的支助,尤其铭记自愿遣返是优先的解决办法; 在融入当地社会是适当的和可行的情况下,为难民和收容难民的社区提供财政援助和其他形式的资助,包括发展援助,以协助庇护国将难民融入当地社会; 更加有效并更加策略性地使用重新安置作为负担和责任分担的工具,包括通过实施集体安置安排方法; 调动力量支持重建难民已经回返的收容国的受难民影响地区the provision of financial assistance and other forms of support in situations where voluntary repatriation is foreseeable or taking place, in particular bearing in mind that voluntary repatriation is the preferred solution
秘书处向与会者简要介绍了为改进通讯策略所做的努力,包括通过在人权事务高级专员办事处(高专办)设立一个通讯科。The Secretariat briefed participants on efforts undertaken to improve the communication strategy, including through the establishment of a Communication Section at OHCHR
在这方面,一项国家过境策略的主要目标包括:(a) 促进贸易,目的在于提高效率,降低过境费用;以及(b) 着眼于区域的经济一体化和贸易促进。In that context, the main objectives of a national transit strategy included (a) trade facilitation, with a view to enhancing efficiency and reducing transaction cost; and (b) economic integration and trade promotion with a regional perspective
德国航天中心行星研究所正在与德累斯顿技术大学合作研究使小行星和彗星改变轨道方向的可能技术,并在开发一个可确定某个特定撞击器最佳偏移策略的工具。The Institute of Planetary Research of DLR, in cooperation with the Dresden University of Technology, is investigating potential techniques for diverting asteroids and comets and is developing a tool that can determine an optimal deflection strategy for a given impactor
此外,由于进行转基因生物露地试验的公司所采取的法律策略极为复杂,因此很难找到应由谁负责。In addition, it is difficult to identify who is responsible, because of the complexity of the legal strategies used by companies to conduct open-field GMO trials
g) 国际货币基金组织为遭受粮食价格冲击的低收入国家弥补国际收支逆差,并就宏观经济方面的适当应对策略提出建议g) The International Monetary Fund plugged balance-of-payment gaps for low-income countries suffering from food price shocks and provided advice on appropriate macroeconomic policy responses
牙买加还重视改善妇女经济状况,通过消除贫穷、动员共同体承当责任、制定微型信贷方案和保障本国劳动者的权益等策略It had also been actively engaged in improving the economic situation of women by adopting poverty eradication strategies, promoting community empowerment and mobilization, establishing microcredit programmes and improving conditions for household workers
d) 保护全国人民的人身安全和行动自由,部署一支可信、有能力和专业的警察部队、充分的检察官和强有力的司法机关;依照国际人权法拟订严格的审核程序,务使犯有战争罪和危害人类罪者不能掌权d) Protect physical security and freedom of movement in the country by putting in place credible, capable and professional police forces, sufficient prosecutors and a strong judiciary, and to establish strict vetting procedures in accordance with international human rights law to ensure that those responsible for war crimes and crimes against humanity are not put in positions of power
还与总检察长办公厅的刑事事项国际合作司以及各专业警察局进行联络,以得到策略或调查方面的支助。Liaison is also made with the International Cooperation in Criminal Matters Division within the Attorney General's Chambers, as well as specialised police departments for tactical or investigative support
还据指出,鉴于根据拟议的新的第 ‧ 条之二的规定第一次诉讼对随后的诉讼有约束作用,可让承运人随意挑选诉讼地和就法域作出类似的策略性选择。It was further indicated that, given that the first action would govern subsequent actions under proposed new article ‧ bis, it could be open to forum-shopping and similar tactical jurisdictional choices by the carrier
重申在安全理事会关于联合国科特迪瓦特派团经费筹措的决定的范围内,《联合国宪章》第十七条规定大会为本组织预算的审核机关,并且本组织的经费应由会员国分摊Reaffirms, in the context of the decision of the Security Council with respect to the financing of the United Nations Mission in Côte d'Ivoire, the role of the General Assembly, as set out in Article ‧ of the Charter of the United Nations, as the organ to consider and approve the budget of the Organization, as well as the apportionment of its expenses among Member States
小组石油工程师对所有的报告均作了详细的审核All of the reports were reviewed in detail by the Panel's petroleum engineers
检察官委派高级出庭律师负责每宗审判进行,例如提出证据、提出法律文件和审判中采用的审判策略等。The Prosecutor delegates to the senior trial attorneys the responsibility for the conduct of each trial, in terms of the evidence to be led, the legal submissions to be made and the trial tactics to be employed during the trial
D. 补助金申请的审核程序Grant approval cycle
因为增加了所没收的药物,所以 ‧ 年阿富汗境内麻醉药物作物的总价值由于单纯的防堵策略,已减少至只值 ‧ 万至 ‧ 万美元,而非前几年内的 ‧ 亿美元。With the increase in confiscations of drugs, the overall value of the narcotic crops in Afghanistan in ‧ would, thanks to the simple strategy of containment, amount to US$ ‧ million, rather that US$ ‧ million as in previous years
可以按专家小组的建议进行一次审核,以期使安全理事会能够在明年五月就是否延长第 ‧ 号决议规定的制裁期限作出决定时,掌握有关这个问题的准确情况。An audit, as recommended by the Panel of Experts, might be performed with a view to enabling the Security Council to get exact information on this issue when it reaches a decision next May on a possible extension of the sanctions set forth in resolution
星际策略游戏NameGalactic Strategy Game
提案 ‧ 对技术合作经常方案进行审核Proposal ‧ udit of the regular programme of technical cooperation
秘书处在回答有关非洲发展新经济伙伴关系和全部门发展办法之间的关系问题时表示,非洲发展新经济伙伴关系拥护千年发展目标和减贫策略的各项原则,两者在全部门发展办法中经常地得到体现。To a question about the relationship between the New Economic Partnership for Africa's Development (NEPAD) and SWAps, the secretariat replied that NEPAD embraced the Millennium Development Goals and poverty reduction strategy principles, both of which were often reflected in SWAps
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