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  • bodhi (Sanskrit)   
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挤提bank run
卡斯提橡胶树castilla elastica
免提; Hands Free
哪壶不开提哪壶; to talk about sb's weak point
哪壺不開提哪壺to talk about sb's weak point
帕提侬神庙the Parthenon, Athens
帕提儂神廟the Parthenon, Athens
carry; lifting brush stroke (in painting); to mention; to carry (hanging down from the hand); to put forward; upwards character stroke; mention; to raise (an issue); scoop for measuring liquid; lifting; to lift
提笔to take up one's pen; to start to write
提筆to start to write; to take up one's pen
提词to prompt; a cue
提詞to prompt; a cue
提灯a portable lamp
提燈a portable lamp
提调to select and assign; to appoint (officers); to supervise (troops)
提調to select and assign; to supervise (troops); to appoint (officers)
提尔Tyre (Lebanon)
提爾Tyre (Lebanon)
提告to raise a legal plaint; to sue
提婚to propose marriage
提拉米蘇; tiramisu
提列a bookkeeping entry; to make provision (against a loss)
提领to withdraw (cash from an ATM)
提領to withdraw (cash from an ATM)
提溜to carry
提摩太后书Second epistle of St Paul to Timothy
提摩太後書Second epistle of St Paul to Timothy
提摩太前书First epistle of St Paul to Timothy
提摩太前書First epistle of St Paul to Timothy
提赔to make a claim (for damages etc)
提賠to make a claim (for damages etc)
提起to lift; to arouse; mention; to pick up; to mention; to speak of;
提挈to foster; to bring up; to hold by the hand; ; to support
提任to promote and appoint
提述to refer to
提味to make sth palatable; to improve taste
提现to withdraw funds
提現to withdraw funds
提薪to receive a raise in salary
提讯to bring sb to trial
提訊to bring sb to trial
提掖to recommend sb for a promotion; to guide and support sb
提制to extract; to refine
提製to refine; to extract
提子grape; to capture stones (in Go); raisin
伊瑞克提翁庙the Erechteum, Athens
伊瑞克提翁廟the Erechteum, Athens

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第三委员会:伊拉克的哈米德·巴亚先生Third Committee, Mr. Hamid Al Bayati of Iraq
还有人表示,既然委员会和大会已决定将这一专题列入委员会的议程,说明这一专题的相关性已不成问题,因此也就不必再了。The view was also expressed that the relevance of the topic did not have to be raised any longer since the matter had been settled when the Commission and the General Assembly had decided to inscribe the topic on the Commission's agenda
会费委员会就根据第十九条提出豁免申请的其他七个会员国的问题所建议也应包括布隆迪。Burundi should also be included in the recommendation that had been made by the Committee on Contributions with respect to the other seven States that had requested exemptions under Article
大多数发言者都同意这种观念,其中包括难民署的代表,他到一些原难民的情况,这些人自愿返回了原籍国,通过将身为难民时所掌握的技能和经验加以改造应用,协助了经济的发展。This vision was echoed by most speakers, including the UNHCR representative, who evoked the case of former refugees who have voluntarily returned to their country of origin and have been able to assist economic development by adapting the skills and experience they had acquired while refugees
在这种情况下,委员会建议核准增设 ‧ 个新员额的请求,以履行第 ‧ 至 ‧ 段所之医疗和行政职责。Under the circumstances, the Committee recommends approval of the request for ‧ new posts to perform the medical and administrative functions referred to in paragraphs ‧ to
到我们的活动、标准、成就和目标--对这一切,我们都有强烈的体会。It refers to our activities, standards, achievements and objectives, about all of which we feel very strongly
由于苏丹实施的这些耸人听闻的行径,更不用苏丹境内发生的道义方面的其他问题,乌干达因而不能支持苏丹获得提名。Uganda cannot, therefore, give backing to Sudan in the light of these incredible acts even if it did not go into other moral questions that are internal to Sudan
我想他指的是第四点,到一伙参议员谋划阻挠托雷斯·兰热尔和多德的法案,并对克林顿为挽救该法案所做的努力表示赞扬。I think he said that with reference to the fourth point, which describes a group of senators conspiring to block the approval of the Torres-Rangel and Dodd bills and expresses appreciation for Clinton's efforts to salvage them
俄罗斯联邦认为,在“违反义务的情况”后面应该加上句号,因为她认为,该条中只“受益人”而不国家是不对的,它要求至少事先对这个问题进行讨论,并将此概念列入第 ‧ 条和第 ‧ 条。Referring to article ‧ which defined the scope of international obligations covered by that Part, he said that there should be a full stop after the words “circumstances of the breach”, since the reference in that article to beneficiaries other than a State was questionable and required at the very least more discussions on the issue and the inclusion of the concept in articles ‧ and
我要到美国代表刚才就撤回决议草案 ‧ 所作的发言。I should like to refer to the statement just delivered by the representative of the United States concerning the withdrawal of draft resolution
表 ‧ 审计委员会就 ‧ 两年期所建议按主要领域分列的执行情况Table ‧ tatus of implementation of the recommendations of the Board of Auditors for the biennium ‧ by thrust area
为此,儿童基金会在本乌帮助培训了一个儿童兵确认和登记小组,并在联合州的尼亚拉举办了一个为期三天的家人下落追查和家庭团聚讲习班,以便为预计近 ‧ 名儿童从苏丹人民解放军复员作准备。To that end, UNICEF helped to train a child soldier identification and registration team in Bentiu and conducted a three-day family tracing and reunification workshop in Nyal, Unity State, for the expected demobilization of nearly ‧ children from SPLA
然而,普遍的看法是,在口头同意进行仲裁中,提到仲裁规定和条件,或到一套标准的仲裁规则,则应视为已满足书面形式的要求,因为这种口头同意已相当具体地表明仲裁该如何进行。The prevailing view, however, was that, in an oral agreement to arbitrate, a reference to arbitration terms and conditions or to a standard set of arbitration rules should be taken as satisfying the written form requirement because it expressed in a sufficiently specific way how the arbitration was to be conducted
对人员实行全面管理的建议被了出来,这涉及到在预算章节之间的职位互换,对此,加纳表示质疑的是,这种人员全面管理将会对空缺率一直较高的部门产生何种影响。Ghana also wondered about the effect that the proposed global staff management (which meant exchanging posts between different budget sections) would have on sectors where the vacancy rates were regularly high
图 ‧ 审计委员会就 ‧ 两年期所建议总体执行情况:联合国开发计划署Graph ‧ verall status of implementation of the recommendations of the Board of Auditors for the biennium ‧ nited Nations Development Programme
月 ‧ 日,安理会举行非正式协商,以便审议关于其派往中部非洲代表团和派往西非代表团的报告的后续行动。 ‧ 月 ‧ 日,安理会通过了一项主席声明( ‧ ),赞同这两个代表团的报告( ‧ 和 ‧ )所属于安理会职责范围的建议。On ‧ uly the Council held informal consultations to consider the follow-up to the reports of the missions of the Council to Central Africa and West Africa, and on ‧ uly the Council adopted a presidential statement ( ‧ ) endorsing the recommendations made in the reports of the missions ( ‧ and ‧ ) which fell within its area of responsibility
如果提出的是本条规则(b)款第(一)第 ‧ (a)分则项所述的异议或意见,预审分庭应分开这些问题,暂停确认指控的听讯,对所问题作出裁判。If the objections raised or observations made are those referred to in paragraph (b) (i) above sub-rule ‧ (a), the Pre-Trial Chamber shall separate these issues, adjourn the confirmation hearing and render a decision on the issues raised
在对出版物建议的事先调查中,一些政府将TDR评为最有用的贸发出版物。In an ex-ante survey on publication proposals, governments rated TDR as the most useful UNCTAD publication
惟有这一目标具体到国际经济环境;因此它涉及到众多外部因素,而这些因素在针对国家政策的其他“千年发展目标”中缺席,或者说与之无关。This is the only goal that specifically refers to the international economic environment; therefore, it entails numerous external factors that are not present, or not as relevant, in other Millennium Development Goals targeting national policies
由于相关实践不多, 看来可能难以明确回答能否将被继承国具的反对移Given the scarcity of practice in this area, it may seem difficult to give a definitive answer to the question of whether or not objections formulated by a predecessor State are transmissible to a newly independent State
安全理事会成员希望, 在针对您 ‧ 年 ‧ 月 ‧ 日的信中所的延长四位非选举产生的卢旺达问题国际法庭常任法官任期的请求采取适当行动之前,皮莱庭长能就上述所有问题进行说明。Before the Security Council takes appropriate action on the requests of extensions of the terms of office of the four non-elected permanent judges of the International Tribunal for Rwanda as contained in your letter dated ‧ pril ‧ the members of the Security Council would appreciate clarification from President Pillay on the above-mentioned issues
看来,三位委员会主席中没有人希望对本次会议上所的问题或所发表的意见作出答复。It appears that none of the three Committee chairmen wishes to respond to questions or comments made in the course of the meeting
年 ‧ 月 ‧ 日 ‧ 时 ‧ 分至 ‧ 时 ‧ 分,敌方以色列军用飞机飞越卜宁和宾特朱拜勒地区。On ‧ ay ‧ between ‧ hours and ‧ hours, enemy Israeli military aircraft overflew the Tibnin and Bint Jubayl areas
如果我们对此的理解是正确的,而这是最有可能的,我们要问怎么会在这一情况下忽略不巴勒斯坦?If our understanding of this is correct, and this is most likely, we wonder how this lapse in referring to Palestine occurred in this context
对其他方面包括巴勒斯坦人的责任,往往强调不够,而且避而不以色列的安全需要。The responsibilities of other actors, including Palestinians, are often not sufficiently emphasized, nor are references to Israeli security needs
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