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  • atmosphere     
    (noun   )
  • common practice   
  • general mood   

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風氣general mood; atmosphere; common practice
蜂起to swarm; to rise in masses

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由于智利国内传统性的家长制风气仍颇为盛行,抑制儿童表达自己的意见,而且在家庭、学校、社区乃至整个社会生活方面凡涉及儿童的决定,基本都不听取儿童的意见,也不给予儿童意见应有的考虑,对此委员会感到关注。The Committee notes with concern that, due to traditional and paternalistic attitudes still widespread in the country, children are not encouraged to express their views and that, in general, their views are not heard nor given due weight in decisions affecting them in the family, at school, in the community and in social life at large
儿童基金会还需大力支持权力下放、以社区为基础的做法,探讨更有效的方法使学校共同采取加强生活技能训练从而改变行为的做法,并着重促进校内兼容并蓄的风气UNICEF also needs to intensify its support to decentralized community-based initiatives, explore more effective ways of ensuring convergence in schools by intensifying the life skills approach for bringing about behavioural changes, and focus on promoting inclusive practices in schools
为建立理解和相互尊重的风气,确保工作人员之间拥有最理想的交流条件,必须采取措施,促进在内部交流中使用多种语文。In order to create a culture of understanding and mutual respect and to ensure the conditions for optimum communication among staff members, it is important to put in place measures to promote multilingualism in internal communications
又重申不同文化和文明之间的对话有利于提倡容忍和尊重多样性的风气,在这方面欢迎曾在国家、区域和国际三级举行了几次关于不同文明之间对话的会议Also reaffirms that dialogue among cultures and civilizations facilitates the promotion of a culture of tolerance and respect for diversity, and welcomes in this regard the holding of several conferences and meetings at the national, regional and international levels on dialogue among civilizations
因此,研讨会决定,要求中心在全国范围内推动执行这些原则,树立遵守这些原则的风气,并且设立确认和奖励良好治理的适当机制。It was therefore agreed that the Centre would create the national capacity to implement those principles; install a culture of compliance; and create a suitable mechanism to recognize and reward good governance
虽然存在这些挑战,专家组仍然认为,苏丹政府没有采取必要步骤,以有效地处理达尔富尔侵犯人权的指控,处理达尔富尔客观上和主观上普遍存在的有罪不罚风气,追究在达尔富尔实施侵犯人权行为的人的责任。Those challenges notwithstanding, the Panel maintains that the Government of the Sudan is failing to take the necessary steps to effectively address allegations of human rights violations in Darfur, to address the actuality and perception of a pervasive culture of impunity in Darfur, and to enforce accountability on individuals who have committed human rights violations in Darfur
上述一切行动都源于加拿大所作的承诺,即铲除诸如灭绝种族罪、危害人类罪和战争罪等罪行不受惩罚的现象,并树立起责任制的意识风气All of the initiatives outlined above stem from Canada's commitment to the elimination of impunity for crimes such as genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes, and to the creation of a culture of accountability
d) 采取一切有效措施,防止和制止一切酷刑和残忍、不人道或有辱人格待遇的行为,确保所有被告受普通羁押并根据国际公认标准接受迅速、公正和公平的审判,调查提请其注意的所有举报的侵犯人权、包括施加酷刑的行为,并起诉需对这些行为负责者,结束这些人逍遥法外的风气d) To take all effective measures to prevent and to end all acts of torture and cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment, to ensure that all accused persons are held in ordinary custody and receive prompt, just and fair trials under internationally recognized standards, to investigate all reported human rights violations, including acts of torture, brought to its attention and to prosecute those responsible for these acts, bringing an end to the climate of impunity
要了解和分析索马里境内暴力侵害儿童的模式,就必须了解民间武器随手可得、法律和秩序崩溃、侵害儿童罪行和侵犯儿童权利不受惩罚的风气盛行的情况。Appreciation and analysis of the patterns of violence against children in Somalia requires an understanding of the ready availability of weapons in civilian spheres, the breakdown of law and order and the climate of impunity for crimes against children and violation of their rights
严格执法可以协助社会中其他一些正在开展的教育进程,扭转社会态度,力争树立起容忍、同情和正义的风气The strict enforcement of the law can assist the other ongoing educational processes in society to bring about attitudinal changes in the direction of tolerance, compassion and justice
重申不同文化和文明对话有利于提倡容忍和尊重多样性的风气,在这方面欢迎举行了关于不同文明对话的国家、区域和国际会议Reaffirms that dialogue among cultures and civilizations facilitates the promotion of a culture of tolerance and respect for diversity, and welcomes in this regard the holding of conferences and meetings at the national, regional and international levels on dialogue among civilizations
尽管这种做法会带来不利于健康的后果,但社会风气决定了这种做法为什么长期存在以及男女都支持继续保留这种做法。Social dynamics determine why the practice persists and why women as well as men still support the continuation of the practice despite harmful health consequences
它重申,有必要对被控的侵犯问题进行彻底调查以结束这种罪而不罚的风气并保证法律和秩序。It reiterated the need for a thorough investigation into alleged violations in order to end the culture of impunity and guarantee law and order
尽管多年来国际社会制定了各种标准,建立了各种机构,但还是应当清醒地看到腐败风气日益猖獗。Despite the fact that for many years the international community had had standards and there had been institutions in place, there was a sense that corruption was gaining ground
与此同时应当培养一种竞争的风气,改善竞争管理部门之间的合作。This should be supplemented by the promotion of a culture of competition and improved cooperation between competition authorities
我欢迎联刚特派团、欧洲联盟和其他方面为支持安全部门改革作出各项努力,并重申必须确保把保护儿童方面的关切问题纳入各项培训和提高认识方案之中,并优先改变目前对虐待儿童和平民行为不予惩戒和予以容忍的风气I welcome the efforts to support the reform of the security sector undertaken by MONUC, the European Union and others and reaffirm the need to ensure that child protection concerns are integrated in training and awareness-raising programmes and that priority is assigned to altering the prevailing culture of indiscipline and tolerance of abuses against children and civilians
将有罪不罚的风气转化问责的文化,是成功转变和可持续和平的关键。Transforming a climate of impunity into a culture of accountability will be essential to a successful transformation and sustainable peace
敦促缅甸政府纠正有罪不罚的风气,对所有招募和使用儿童兵的事件展开调查,并作为优先事项,根据刑法、指示或命令,对此种行为的责任人提起公诉。The Government is urged to redress the prevailing culture of impunity, to launch investigations into all incidents of recruitment and use of children, to prosecute persons responsible for such acts under the Penal Code, or via instructions or orders, as a matter of priority
除了开展增强学生自尊和价值观的活动外,指导咨询局还重点在体制上进行努力,以解决暴力和吸毒等问题,这些问题是导致青年人生活腐化和整个社会风气败坏的主要原因。In addition to activities to enhance students' self-esteem and values, the Department has focused on institutional efforts to address problems such as violence and drug abuse, which largely account for the deterioration in young people's lives and that of society in general
与这些国际文书内容一致,人权教育在行动计划中被定义为“进行教育、培训和宣传,以期通过传播知识、传授技能和塑造正确的态度,”尤其是对加强尊重人权和基本自由、增进可持续发展和社会正义的态度,“从而营造普遍崇尚人权的风气”。Consistent with the content of these instruments, human rights education was defined in the plan of action as “education, training and information aiming at building a universal culture of human rights through the sharing of knowledge, imparting of skills and moulding of attitudes directed to”, inter alia, the strengthening of respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms and the promotion of sustainable development and social justice
开创一种根据事实开展行动的风气Nurturing a culture of evidence-based action
必须采取措施将这些罪犯绳之以法。 否则,有罪不罚的风气就会愈演愈烈,带来惨痛的后果。Measures had to be taken to bring the perpetrators of such crimes to justice; otherwise the culture of impunity would grow with disastrous consequences
欧洲会议还承认任意拘留寻求庇护者和无证件人员助长了仇外风气的抬头。It furthermore recognises the effect arbitrary detention of asylum-seekers and undocumented persons has on the growth of a climate of xenophobia
人权行动对黑山尊重人权规定总体情况的一项特别关切是,对有争议的谋杀、战争罪、酷刑事件、针对非政府组织活动分子和记者的威胁和人身攻击存在着有罪不罚的风气A special concern for HRA in view of overall respect for human rights in Montenegro is a climate of impunity surrounding controversial murders, war crimes, torture incidents, threats and physical assaults on NGO activists and journalists
我们担心的是,在面对一再出现不合规定之处时不采取行动,可能会形成有罪不罚的风气We fear that failure to take action in the face of repeated irregularities could give rise to a culture of impunity
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