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  • cuckold   
    (Noun  ) (verb, noun   )
    man married to an unfaithful wife
    man married to an unfaithful wife

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ar "... ادعى الدفاع، بدعمه الدفع بأن المدعى عليه تصرف دفاعاً عن شرفه، فيما يتعلق بوفاة زوجته، بأن المدعى عليه، الذي أصيب بصدمة أخلاقية واجتماعية عنيفة للغاية، تملّكه غضب شديد عندما قالت له يا ديوث" أثناء مشادة كلامية معه
en Significant arguments: “The defense, by supporting the plea that the defendant had acted in self-defense of the honor, claimed that, in relation to his wife's death, the defendant, who was experiencing an extremely violent moral and social trauma, was taken by intense emotion when, during an argument with her, he was called a “cuckold
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