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Jeg sagde, du skulle være topløsI said I want you topless
En aften i Moulin Rouge, en kabaret, dans, topløse danserinder, smykket med fjer.A night at the a cabaret, dance, topless dancers, with feathers as appropriate.
Jeg læste for nylig om en tandlæge i New Jersey med topløse sygeplejerskerI was reading the other day a dentist in New Jersey has topless nurses
Jim, hvis du tænker over det..- Hvem gav topløse en pistol?- Wow!Jim, if you think about it-- Who gave- Who gave topless a gun?
Det var ti minutter med topløse kvinderIt was just ‧ minutes of topless women
" Topløse lærere " var dødTopless Tutors was dead
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