Translations into Mandarin:

  • 聖母經 

Other meanings:

Ave Maria (prayer)
(American football) A long forward pass with little chance of completion, typically used when time is running out and no other play is practical.
A prayer calling for the intercession of the Holy Mother, for Catholics an essential element of the Rosary, and with use in certain other denominations.
(by extension) An act done in desperation, with only a very small chance of success.

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Example sentences with "Hail Mary", translation memory

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en Have you ever seen it hail?
cmn 你什么时候看见过冰雹吗?
en It's hailing.
cmn 正在下雹。
en Mari and Maki are sisters.
cmn Mari和Maki是姐妹。
en I introduced Mary to my parents.
cmn 我把玛丽介绍给我的父母了。
en No one knew how much Tom loved Mary.
cmn 没有人知道汤姆以前有多爱玛丽。
en Mary closed the door quietly.
cmn 瑪麗悄悄地關上了門。
en Tom doesn't know if Mary will come.
cmn 汤姆不知道玛丽会不会来。
en Mary Hat was in New Orleans this week.
cmn Maria Hat 本周在新奥尔良。
en Tom wants to marry Mary.
cmn Tom想和Marie结婚。
en Tom and Mary are at home today.
cmn Tom 和 Maria 今天在家。
en Tom is three years older than Mary.
cmn 汤姆比玛丽大三岁。
en Mari has been to Hungary.
cmn Mari已經在匈牙利了。
en Mary is tall.
cmn 瑪麗很高。
en Mary doesn't use salt in her cooking.
cmn 玛丽做菜不放盐。
en Mary paid for her lunch with five dollars.
cmn 玛丽用5美元买了午饭。
en Mary is a very pretty girl.
cmn 瑪麗是一個非常漂亮的姑娘。
en Was this letter written by Mary?
cmn 这封信是玛丽写的吗?
en Mary was chosen from among 500 applicants.
cmn 玛丽从500个候选人中脱颖而出。
en Tom didn't even look at the report that Mary gave him.
cmn 汤姆甚至都没有看过玛丽给他的报告书。
en Mary's eyes were filled with tears.
cmn Marie的眼中充满泪水。
en Mary's smiling face let everyone know that she was happy.
cmn Mary 微笑的臉上流露著喜悅的神情。
en Tom often lies to Mary.
cmn 汤姆经常对玛丽说谎。
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