Translations into Mandarin:

  • 我恨你 
    (Phrase  )
    expression of intense dislike
    expression of intense dislike

Other meanings:

Expression of hatred, or intense disdain or dislike directed at someone.
An affirmation of extreme dislike directed at someone.

Example sentences with "I hate you", translation memory

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"I believe you like your job" "On the contrary, I hate it".相信很喜歡的工作。」「不是的,其實很討厭這份工作的。」
I hate you.我恨你
I believe you like your job. On the contrary, I hate it.喜歡這份工作。正相反,恨死它了。
"You hit me out of hate." "No, I hit you out of love," answered the girl.是惭酷。」「不是啊,是酷爱!」女者回答。
I hate studying.讨厌学习。
I hate chemistry.讨厌化学。
I hate it when there are a lot of people.讨厌人太多。
I hate ticks!討厭壁蝨!
It is not because I hate him, but because I love him.这并不是因为我恨他,相反爱他。
I don't like him much, in fact I hate him.不太喜欢他,其实讨厌他。
I hate those spiders. They're always there to freak me out when I'm cleaning.讨厌那些蜘蛛,做家务的时候它们总在那里吓
I hate it when my clothes smell like cigarettes.讨厌的衣服有烟味。
I hate strong-minded women.討厭自我意識強的女人。
Lao Gan Ma and I have a love-hate relationship.和老干妈有爱交加的关系。
I hate snow!讨厌雪。
Better to be hated for who you are than loved for who you're not.宁愿做自己而被人讨厌,也不要因为虚假而被人喜欢。
Jesus hates you.耶稣恨你
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