Translations into Mandarin:

  • renzhen 
  • 有良心 
    just and fair in dealings
  • 有義 
    having a strict sense of duty
  • 正大光明的 
    fair and square
  • 正直 的 
    fair and square
  • 謹慎 
    (adjv   )
    fair and square
  • 凭良心的 
    (Adjectival  )
  • 有良心的 
    (Adjectival  )
  • 本着良心的 
    (Adjectival  )
  • 正直的 
    (Adjectival  )
  • 認真 
    (Adjectival  )
  • 认真     
    (adjv   )
  • 认真的 

Other meanings:

thorough, careful, or vigilant
Thorough, careful, or vigilant; implies a desire to do a task well.

Similar phrases in dictionary English Mandarin. (2)

conscientious objector
服; 拒; 者; 兵役; 拒服兵役者; 良心反對者
誠心誠意; 老老實實; 认真

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