Translations into Mandarin:

  • 坏的 
  • 收买   
    (verb   )
  • 腐败   
    (verb   )
  • 賄賂 
    (verb   )

Other meanings:

To damage, in regard to files or data.
(transitive) To make corrupt; to change from good to bad; to draw away from the right path; to deprave; to pervert.
To give, or offer a bribe.
With lots of errors in it; not genuine or correct; in an invalid state.
In a putrid state; spoiled; tainted; vitiated; unsound.
to change from good to bad
Willing to act dishonestly in return for money or personal gain.
in a depraved state
In a depraved state; debased; perverted; morally degenerate; weak in morals.
with lots of errors in it

Similar phrases in dictionary English Mandarin. (9)

Commission Against Corruption廉政公署
corrupted贪腐; 腐败; 贪污; 貪污; 貪腐; 腐敗
Corrupted Blood堕落之血
corruptibility堕落性; 墮落性; 易腐败的倾向; 腐敗性; 腐败性
corruption腐败; 貪污; 贪污; 腐敗
Corruption Perceptions Index貪污感知指數
Korea Independent Commission Against Corruption韓國國家清廉委員會
Million Voices against Corruption百萬人民倒扁運動
United Nations Convention against Corruption联合国反腐败公约

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Example sentences with "corrupt", translation memory

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The politician pushed for reform by denouncing the corruption of the government officials.政治家以揭露政府官员的腐败来推动改革。
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