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And , ( O Most Esteemed Beloved , ) they ask you about Dhul - Qarnain . Say : I recite to you an account of him now .
Another separate trial of CUD members -- including Kifle Tigeneh, an elected CUD Member of Parliament -- has been adjourned to 29 October.
The Extraordinary Summit will be preceded by a preparatory meeting of OIC Ministers of Foreign Affairs on 4 Dhul Qaida 1426H (6 December 2005).
Although most scholars identify Dhu'l-Kifl with the Prophet Ezekiel, Qadir explains that “Kifl” is the Arabicized form of Kapila, short for Kapilavastu.
Several defendants in the trial of Kifle Tigeneh and 32 other CUD members claimed in court that they had been tortured, but the judges refused to consider their claims.Prison conditions for most political prisoners were harsh. Conditions in most parts of Kaliti prison in Addis Ababa, where the CUD trial defendants and several hundred untried OLF suspects were held, were overcrowded and unhygienic.
Until he reached the boundary of ( a locality towards ) the West where he perceived the setting of the sun as if going down into a spring of ( muddy black ) hot water , and he found a people ( living ) there . We said : O Dhul - Qarnain , ( it is up to you ) whether you punish them or treat them nicely .
As of 30 Dhul Hijja 1421H(March 2001), IDB and twenty-nine member countries had subscribed to a total of 94,990 shares for a nominal value of ID 1,000 per share; equivalent of ID 94.99 million.
And ( also ) mention Ismail ( Ishmael ) and al - Yasa ( Isaaiah ) and Dhul - Kifl ( Ezekiel ) . All of them were of the chosen ones .
Ethiopia Siyoum Dagne, Kifle Getachew
Kifle Mulat, president of the Ethiopian Free Press Journalists Association, was charged in his absence and sought asylum abroad. Two other journalists, Solomon Aregawi and Goshu Moges, were tried in separate capital cases.
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