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After Moroe died on New Year 's Day of the ninth year of Tenpyo-shoho era ( 757 ) , his son TACHIBANA no Naramaro lost in the power struggle between him and FUJIWARA no Nakamaro , and died in prison in July 757 on the suspicion of conspiring a rebellion ( Revolt of TACHIBANA no Naramaro ) .
It says that Nyoho ( date of birth unknown - 815 ) , who visited Japan with a disciple of Jianzhen , had Kon-do Hall built , the FUJIWARA no Nakamaro family donated the Jikido dining hall to the temple , and the FUJIWARA no Kiyokawa family donated Kensaku-do .
Kokachi was FUJIWARA no Nakamaro 's son , and was killed in the tenth month of 764 during FUJIWARA no Nakamaro 's Revolt .
After the investiture of the Crown Princess to her daughter the Imperial princess Abe and her enthronement as Empress Koken ( 749 ) , Kogogushiki ( the Queen-consort 's Household Agency ) was renamed to Shibi chudai ( the office handled the principal empress Komyo 's affairs ) and her nephew FUJIWARA no Nakamaro was assigned to its chief to implement various measures .
Moreover , he was demoted to Tosa no kami ( Governor of Tosa Province ) due to a false accusation made by FUJIWARA no Nakamaro .
When EMI no Oshikatsu ( FUJIWARA no Nakamaro ) raised a rebellion , Makibi was promoted to Jusani ( Junior Third Rank ) to head a government army ( a punitive force to search and kill a rebel ) as Chue no daisho ( Major Captain of the imperial guard ) and succeeded in crushing the rebellion , after which Makibi was conferred ' Order of Second Class ' in 765 .
He was given a title of Sukune by the Yamato Court for his services in the Rebellion by Fujiwara no Nakamaro , thus became Musashi no sukune , and was appointed as Musashi no kun in omiyatsuko .
Triggered by the enforcement of the Yoro code soon after in 757 , FUJIWARA no Nakamaro , who was in power at the time , lectured on the new ritsuryo and personally made interpretation decisions .
There are various theories why Shigaraki became a capital even though it was too deep in the mountains one that he was connected to the Fujiwara clan including FUJIWARA no Nakamaro in opposition to the Tachibana clan that had their base around Kunikyo ; the Emperor selected Shigaraki in accordance with the advice from monks such as Roben ( Ryoben ) or Gyoki in pursuit of his own base of faith for Buddhism .
His waka is contained in " Manyoshu " ( Collection of Ten Thousand Leaves ) , and it is said that he was involved in the plot of Rebellion of FUJIWARA no Nakamaro .
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