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It is an octagonal building in the Honkawarabuki tile-roofing style and considered to have been erected by FUJIWARA no Nakamaro to pray to the Buddha for the repose of the soul of his father , Muchimaro .
Shibichudai was a household agency of the Empress Komyo ( at the time when Shibichudai was established , she was already Empress Dowager Komyo since her husband the Emperor Shomu had abdicated the throne to his daughter the Empress Koken ) which was established by FUJIWARA no Nakamaro ( also referred as EMI no Oshikatsu ) in 749 .
Mitsuko 's paternal grandfather was FUJIWARA no Kosemaro who was executed during FUJIWARA no Nakamaro 's War .
Empress Dowager 's nephew FUJIWARA no Nakamaro ( later EMI no Oshikatsu ) was appointed as director general of the Shibi chudai and he rapidly extended his influence with the backing of Empress Dowager .
In 764 when Nakamaro raised a rebellion ( the Rebellion of FUJIWARA no Nakamaro ) , Sukunamaro was issued imperial rescript and defeated Nakamaro with leading several hundred troops and then gave Jushiinoge ( Junior Fourth Rank , Lower Grade ) .
In addition to them , it is recorded that Koden was granted for the great achievements to EMI no Oshikatsu ( FUJIWARA no Nakamaro ) who assumed the real political power during the middle of the Nara period , WAKE no Kiyomaro who prevented Dokyo from acceding to the throne , FUJIWARA no Hidesato who defeated TAIRA no Masakado , TAIRA no Kiyomori who established the Taira clan government , MINAMOTO no Yoritomo who defeated the Taira clan government and established the Kamakura bakufu , and others .
Also , it is thought that the reason why FUJIWARA no Nakamaro promoted ISHIKAWA no Toshitari was because he was Shoshi 's blood relative .
However , as the Southern House of the Fujiwara clan entered a terminal decline after FUJIWARA no Nakamaro 's Rebellion , the Ishikawa clan also failed to produce other kugyo ( court noble ) succeeding ISHIKAWA no Mamori ( Toshitari 's grandchild and the seventh generation of Umako 's grandchildren ) , who was Shoshiinojo ( Senior Fourth Rank , Upper Grade ) and sangi ( Councillor ) , died after the transfer of the capital to the Heian-kyo , and would vanish from history .
After Moroe died on New Year 's Day of the ninth year of Tenpyo-shoho era ( 757 ) , his son TACHIBANA no Naramaro lost in the power struggle between him and FUJIWARA no Nakamaro , and died in prison in July 757 on the suspicion of conspiring a rebellion ( Revolt of TACHIBANA no Naramaro ) .
On October 15 , 764 or September 12 on the old calendar in the Rebellion of Fujiwara no Nakamaro , Mino worked on the side of Emperor Koken .
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