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When the Fujiwara no Nakamaro 's War occurred in 764 , his family members were executed one after another .
Due to these situations , Fujiwara Shikike had been subordinate to the so-called Fujiwara Nanke ( Southern House of the Fujiwara clan ) led by FUJIWARA no Toyonari and FUJIWARA no Nakamaro , as well as the Fujiwara Hokke ( Northern House of the Fujiwara clan ) led by FUJIWARA no Nagate , during the eras of Emperor Koken and Emperor Shotoku .
FUJIWARA no Nakamaro 's Revolt broke out the following month .
In the beginning of his career , Shimanushi served FUJIWARA no Nakamaro , and was then appointed the shojo ( junior secretary ) of Mino .
Afterward , he won the confidence of FUJIWARA no Nakamaro by working hard in events including the Imperial funeral for Empress Dowager Komyo , and came to be promoted as if nothing had happened .
One of his achievements were to bring the TACHIBANA no Naramaro 's War and FUJIWARA no Nakamaro 's War under control .
The 1st son of FUJIWARA no Nakamaro ( some books say that FUJIWARA no Kusumaro is the 1st son of Nakamaro , but the theory that Mayori is the 1st son is chronologically correct ) .
He was accused of complicity in the revolt of FUJIWARA no Nakamaro and was exiled to Iki Province in 764 .
He was said to be the seventh son of FUJIWARA no Nakamaro ( " Sonpi Bunmyaku " [ a text compiled in the fourteenth century that records the lineages of the aristocracy ] ) .
He was promoted to Jugoinoge ( Junior Fifth Rank , Lower Grade ) from Gejugoinoge ( Jugoinoge granted to a local government official ) in recognition of his great work for the suppression of the Rebellion of Fujiwara no Nakamaro , which occurred in 764 .
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